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QRANK - Your Social Trivia Addiction

By Ricochet Labsreleased on:2010-03-23T03:40:45Z

★ "The quick-hit, wildly addictive current-affairs trivia game." -- Esquire magazine, Sept. 2010
★ "One of our five favorite games of 2010" -- G4's Attack of the Show
★ "An American obsession." -- Austin Chronicle, Dec. 2010

QRANK is a daily quiz game you play with friends. Each and every day QRANK injects your phone with new questions -- many pulled straight from the day's headlines -- on a range of topics, from movies to sports, pop culture to politics.

Match wits with your friends and earn achievements. Plus, see how you stack up against players in your town, city, state and nation. Download it now and see why MacWorld calls it "terrific" and players around the world call it a daily addiction. (Don't take our word for it. Check out our reviews!)

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By Zuercher Technologiesreleased on:2010-01-04T08:00:00Z

What's better than exclusive deals on local spots? Say, 50% off that hot new restaurant or 40% off a trendy boutique near you? Well, how's about getting those free local deals sent straight to that handy iPhone of yours?

How this goes down:

We're out scouting the city to bring you the best local deals on the best local places. Every day, we send one of those hard-to-pass-up deals to our email followers. The deal is sent straight to your Scoutmob app, so you get the goods without doing a thing.

Think of it as incentive to be curious, to explore new favorite spots in town, and tell your friends about all your finds. We work deals with the best local businesses, so if you like being a savvy city-adventurer, you best have some Scoutmob in your pocket.

-"tWe scout the town, creating exclusive deals with local spots.
-"tEach new deal is automatically sent to your app (no need to claim or confirm anything).
-"tSort deals by newest, nearby, and hurry-you-fool-it's-about-to-expire.
-"tReturn-perks give iPhone users EXCLUSIVE incentive for repeat business at deal-spots.
-"tUse the camera to snap curious mustache pics while you're out and about. Share your shots with friends and send "u2018em our way!
-"tTo get your deal, simply head to the deal location, open the Scoutmob app, click "USE THE DEAL" button and - lookee there! - you got yourself a discount. Just like that.

To make sure this app is operating at full potential, be sure to sign up for the FREE Scoutmob email, packed with content from our Local Scouts and the full rundown on all our exclusive deal locations. Get it free and easy at

***REMEMBER: This app is currently only good for those in ATLANTA, NEW YORK CITY and SAN FRANCISCO. But never fear, young Scout. We're expanding. So there's a good chance we'll be in your city soon enough.***

Where else you can find us:
Looking to feature your business as a Scoutmob feature deal? Contact us at

Have some general questions? Reach out to us at

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Severe Weather Alerts Notification (SWAN)

By Brent Betzreleased on:2010-05-10T06:45:52Z

Severe Weather Alerts Notification (SWAN) is a simple iPhone application that attempts to discover severe weather alerts based on your current location. It returns the number of alerts and offers the option to view more information about them by launching Safari to the appropriate weather-related web page.

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Urban Signals

By Urban Signalsreleased on:2010-01-08T02:27:01Z

Urban Signals lets you see people around you, if they're available, interested and even ready to meet up... right there on the spot! Meet new friends, love interests or neighbors in real time!

No more seeing someone on the street, sharing a smile, feeling a spark and walking away wishing you would have said hello.... no more missed connections.

So Go about your day. Turn on the radar and see who is out and about. See someone you like? Good. Send them a signal and see if they like you too! Feeling spontaneous? Then meet up right then and there.

Urban Signals is taking love back to the streets!

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Ich war hier!

By MASPwarereleased on:2009-11-30T11:26:14Z

What ist "I was here!"?

Imagine, you are at a great location anywhere in the world and you would like to inform others about this great location and that you have been there. In the past, you left carvings in a tree or so.

Today, use your iPhone and leave a "Drop"!

Start "I was here!" app anywhere you are, enter a note and drop it! Thats it! Thats called a "Drop"!
Your "Drop" is connected with your current postion.

Everyone can see your Drop at its location. And you can see, who was there before you.

So, what are you waiting for? Tag the world! And tell the world about your favorite locations.



You can uses grouped Drops with you Friends now! Simply create a "Group-Tag" and drop all your items within this group. All your Drops will appear in this group only!


Facebook and Twitter Connect!

If you want, your Drops will show up in your Facebook or Twitter account. So all your friends can see your favorite locations.


What is the difference between Free and Premium Edition?

Using the Free Edition, you can take part in this fun completely! You can drop everything. You can use all filters, post comments, etc.

In addition, the Premium Edition brings you the opportunity to view images/videos, listen to audios and remove any drop.


Using the text filter feature, you can recover your messages! Simply Tag (maybe with a hashtag #NICKNAME) your messages and filter for this hashtag!


"I was here!" loads data dynamically and uses a limiter.
This means, if the current map zoom returns too many Drops, it will show the latest Drops only.
If you zoom in, all other Drops are loaded automatically.


"u2714 Drop notes, images, audios and videos
"u2714 Timeline
"u2714 Favorites
"u2714 Comments for each Drop
"u2714 Remove option
"u2714 Textfilter and Favoritefilter
"u2714 Facebook and Twitter Connect
"u2714 ...


This app uses the service of quoox|IWH:


This app is COMPLETELY free! No extra charges via telephone bill etc.
Only if you choose to upgrade to the Premium Edition, you pay a ONE-TIME fee via your iTunes for upgrade. Nothing more.
NO extra charges, its completely free!


Found a bug? Ideas or suggestions?
We take great care in all our products and its reliability. With years of experience!
Nevertheless, if you found a bug or if you have any ideas or suggestions to make it better still, we would appreciate contacting us!
Unfortunately, we cannot react on reviews here in AppStore, so we would like to ask you contacting us via our website before posting bad reviews.
"u00a9 MASPware - All rights reserved.

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Seek it Local

By Inergize Digitalreleased on:2010-07-29T06:20:53Z

Want to find the closest and best local businesses? Searching for coupons and deals? Seek it Local"u00ae partners with TV and radio stations to ensure you search and find the nearest and best restaurants, bars, auto dealerships, lawyers, dentists, plumbers and more. Search it Local on Seek it Local today!

In Seek it Local, you'll find business listings with:

-Business Descriptions
-Hours of Operation
-Services and Products Offered
-Contact Details
-Driving Directions
-Photo Galleries
-User Ratings
-Best of Seek it Local Award Winners [1]
-and more

-Automatically geo-locates to your current location [2]
-Arrange searches by best match, location and alphabetically
-View user ratings and Best of Seek it Local Award winners1
-Contact businesses directly from your phone
-View maps with driving directions
-Watch videos and photo slideshows
-Tap Nearby to quickly search dining and entertainment
-Automatically populate keywords and phrases when searching
-Save coupons
-Bookmark businesses and people
-Share with friends via e-mail, text message, Facebook"u00ae and Twitter™

[1] Best of Seek it Local Award winners are not available in all areas.
[2] The Seek it Local mobile app respects individual privacy by prompting the consumer to accept or deny geo-location services, and the geographic location can be changed by the consumer at any time directly in the app.

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Urban Quiz

By Tobias Basedowreleased on:2009-04-29T08:24:38Z

Do you know what bridge you can see looking north from Tower Bridge?
No? Maybe it helps to visit Sacramento, CA and have a look for yourself?

Urban Quiz is a social-networking location-based Trivia game.

Questions can be created by users at every place they chose.

The solution of the question should only be accessible if the answering player is at the same place as the question was created at.

Answering foreign questions and getting one's own questions answered by other people will reward the player with points, the exact amount depending on his own achievements so far.

For more information please visit the official Website for Urban Quiz:

Or follow us on Twitter:

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By Foound Pte. Ltd.released on:2010-05-26T09:22:55Z

Foound is a fun and easy way to organize hangouts with friends and follow their activities.

Frustrated by endless text messages and emails whenever you want to meet your friends for a coffee, beer, or just to hang out at the park? Foound makes it incredibly easy for you to create and share hangouts with your friends, while keeping you updated on their latest activities from your own customized newsfeed. Foound also helps you discover the latest happenings around you with our Nearby and Trending hangouts!


Bringing the World Closer, One Hangout at a Time

INTUITIVE INVITATIONS: Foound lets you easily specify and convey all the information you need for your hangouts with one single invite so your friends can easily respond to your invitations. These include the activity, start and end times, place (populated with addresses and maps), and people invited.

TOTAL PRIVACY CONTROL: Foound gives you 100% control on who to share your hangouts with, be it a completely private affair with a special someone, or a huge party that you want to share with your friends on Facebook and Twitter. Do it all from within Foound!

NO MORE RELAYING OF MESSAGES: With Foound, all your friends can RSVP directly to your hangouts and keep everyone updated on their replies. You can also leave notes on your hangouts to coordinate details such as "who's bringing the sandwiches?" or "I'm gonna be late..."

KEEP UPDATED ON ACTIVITIES: Follow your friends' hangouts through the activities feed, or discover interesting hangouts and people around you through our Nearby and Trending features.

AND MUCH MORE: Import Facebook events, send invites through emails and test messages, sync hangouts to calendars, send reminders, check-in, create groups, share photos (soon), and much much more!


As we continue to build more functionalities, we would really like to hear what you think about Foound so send your suggestions, feedback or questions to:


Many thanks!

The Foound Team

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Nulaz app

By M2Mobireleased on:2009-09-18T12:06:48Z

With Nulaz you can see where your friends are, share locations and view local info. A cool party or the newest movie: Nulaz tells you what's happening!

Nulaz offers: chat, friends, people around you, pictures, wikipedia info, restaurants, clubs, augmented reality, and much more.

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JumpTask - Location-based favors, errands and outsourcing

By Grow20 Corporationreleased on:2011-01-21T01:27:31Z

JumpTask lets you ask for favors from friends (or strangers!) without overly inconveniencing them. You can even offer a tip in order to show your gratitude.

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GeoTour: GPS Tour Guide

By Geovative Solutionsreleased on:2010-06-22T02:41:05Z

GeoTour turns your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch into a personal GPS tour guide by allowing you to search, download, and display GeoTours, or GPS tours. Along the way, you can map, get directions, and view the multimedia (video, audio, image, and text) associated with each location.

- Search our repository of over 20,000 GeoTours
- Search by keywords or find GeoTours near your current location
- Easily download and save GeoTours to your device
- Each tour location can include video, audio, images, or text
- Multimedia content can be streamed or downloaded to your device (great for use at locations with limited network access)
- View all locations on a map, as well as your current location
- Click on any location name to preview that location's multimedia content
- Easily get directions to any tour location using Google Maps
- Leave your device on and when you are close to the tour location, it will automatically trigger and play the audio for you!

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By Coffeeshopped LLCreleased on:2009-05-27T06:33:18Z

360,000 spheres scattered around the world, waiting to be found.

Sphericle is a game you play by exploring your neighborhood, your city, and beyond. The goal: get the most Spheres.

Using your iPhone's location awareness, you can follow a map to find Spheres and post Signs.

Checking in just got a lot more fun!

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By Shopbeereleased on:2010-12-04T08:00:00Z

Shopbee brings you in-store sales promotions, nearby, right now. Shopbee has street and mall map features that help you locate those sales, wherever you are. And, Shopbee also shares 1/3 of its independent retailer revenues with charities such as St. Jude's Research Hospital for Children, and Lighthouse for the Blind. Available in the San Francisco Bay area, Atlanta, and the NJ/NY Metro area. More on the way!

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By Repudo B.V.released on:2011-02-05T06:15:02Z

Repudo is a location-based messaging service. You can drop messages (Repudo's) on a GPS-specific place. Only when you're there you can view the content and pick it up.

Once you've picked it up, it's off the street and into your phone. You literally own Repudo's.

Join the Trophy Hunt by Heineken.

1. Download the application and look for virtual trophies, which Heineken has dropped them everywhere. Pick them up by going to real life places.

2. Form your team by inviting 2 friends to the competition. Make sure they pick up their virtual trophies! The 3 of you have a chance to go to Switzerland and Malaysia with the UEFA Champions League Trophy!

3. You want to accompany the Trophy?
Tell us the first thing you will do when arriving in Malaysia!
(boring answers are not eligible to win!)

For more information visit

For more information on Repudo. Visit

You can drop a Repudo for everyone or for one of your Facebook Friends

Get started & enjoy! "Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life."

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By Millform Ltdreleased on:2010-08-11T07:34:44Z

Become the Mafioso of your neighborhood! With Gbanga, you will conquer your favorite real-world places, collect items, make new friends and participate in exciting quests. Gameplay happens on the streets and anywhere in the world, with real bars and nightclubs being taken-over by you on the move.

Conquered establishments become the property of the Famiglia and, in this way, whole cities can be captured. The more you explore the more points you can score.

Gbanga, virtually everywhere.


- Uses GPS to locate you in the game world at your real-life location
- Take-over real-world establishments such as bars, restaurants and clubs
- Collect virtual items such as wallets, diamonds and Mona Lisa paintings
- Chat with other players around the world
- Pick and drop virtual characters at real-world locations
- Discover new places and create a colorful flag for them
- Use the friend radar option in the map mode
- Trade the items in your inventory with friends and other players
- Challenge your arch-rivals and ally with other players
- Innovative real-time effects like day/night cycle and real current weather conditions
- Numerous quests on a weekly base
- It's multiplayer, mixed-reality, location-based, augmented-reality, LBS, AR, MMRPG, MMO and MMTRG


Player guide and stats:
Tweet about us:
Become a fan on Facebook:
Watch videos on YouTube:

Gbanga has a check-in functionality similar to Gowalla and Foursquare. It takes location into consideration like MyTown, InCrowd and Nightclub City. It is a real-time simulation where you build virtual stuff to earn points like farms in We Rule and GodFinger. Gbanga also offers quests and a map mode like in Parallel Kingdom and SCVNGR.

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By Bluemapiareleased on:2009-10-14T03:55:56Z

Founded by sailors who wanted to share their experiences with the world, Bluemapia is a web-based open cruising guide and mobile platform, to do just that. Through Placemarks and Points of Interest, boaters are able to discover more about specific nautical areas, or upload their own photos and text to the public map.

With Bluemapia boaters can now use their GPS enabled iPhone to send pictures and location information straight from the cockpit of their boats, or even view localised photos and information contributed by fellow users.

GPS - see the current latitude and longitude as well as speed and direction.

UPLOAD - take a photo, add a title and some text to describe the place and then upload your content to the public map to share this place with all the other boaters. Good descriptions such as the type of bottom for an anchorage or the services available in a marina will be highly appreciated by the rest of the community.

NEARBY - find places near you visited and uploaded by other sailors: Placemarks and Points of Interest in the range of 1, 5, 10 or 50 nautical miles with distance and direction from your current position.

SEARCH - enter the name of a place to find Placemarks and Points of Interest in the Bluemapia public map.

SETTINGS - change the measurement system from Imperial to Metric and select between different coordinate formats.

Through Creative Commons licensing, everything you upload to Bluemapia is yours.

We simply provide the platform, and hope it inspires you and your friends to keep sailing and share your adventures with the world!

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By Intelegenciareleased on:2010-11-24T06:56:12Z

MeetingWave was created with the strong belief that networking with new people is important if you are looking for a new opportunity. Our tool connects you with real people over coffee, lunch or other meeting activity, allowing you to build real, valuable relationships with new business contacts near you.

MeetingWave's iPhone app allows you can set up business networking meetings on the fly! Meet new clients, new customers, fellow alumni or new business contacts where ever you are.
Download the app and create a profile with some background information and one or more verified email domains and edit your Settings. It's Free.

Create an invite describing the type of people you'd like to meet. This is also Free.

If interested in meeting new contacts, set your status to "Available". We don't disclose your identity, contact info or specific location. If someone sends you a Meeting Request or Accepts your Invite and you approve confirming the meeting, the other member gets charged $0.99. You can also decline or ignore the Meeting Request or Acceptance if not interested in meeting.

Run a Search to see who is nearby. If you see someone you'd like to grab a coffee or lunch with, send them a Meeting Request or Accept their Invite. If they approve, you'll get charged only $0.99 for the opportunity to meet with a potential new client, customer, or business contact.

Members can have their work or alumni email addresses "verified" by MeetingWave and display an indication of that verification on their profile page. A "verified" email address is one that has been confirmed as authentic and valid. When someone sees verified email domains (e.g., or on a user's profile, they will know the user must be associated with the university or company identified in the email domain. Verification promotes trust and confidence in the information posted on a profile.

Double-blind messaging is available after the members agree to meet to facilitate meeting planning.
It's free to try out and members only get charged for confirmed meetings.

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By Lab Zero Innovations Inc.released on:2010-07-29T06:07:11Z

Swapp is a simple way to find things offered by people around you. Think of it as a simple tool advertising garage sales, events, special offers, or anything you can think of. Get online, browse, and chat with people around you. Swapp works with your iPhone GPS or iPod touch Wi-Fi to connect you to people around you.

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By Akemboreleased on:2010-08-27T10:39:02Z

Akembo is a location-based chat platform for facilitating communication within groups of people.

Basic Concepts:

- (Rooms) Users create rooms that are tied to a specific GPS location.

- (Onsite/Offsite) Chat participants are classified as either onsite or offsite depending on their proximity to the room in which they're chatting.

- (Public/Private) Users can create either public rooms or private, password-protected rooms depending on their individual needs.

- (Registered/Anonymous) Users can participate as either registered or anonymous users. Anonymous profiles (no email required) are tied to a specific device, while registered profiles (email required) can be moved between multiple devices.

These simple concepts enable a large range of possible uses. For example:

* Meet new people at bars, restaurants, parks, etc.
* Coordinate with friends where speaking is impractical (concerts, clubs).
* Engage in discussion with classmates.
* Commiserate with coworkers at company meetings.

What uses will you discover? Download Akembo and find out!

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PoKos Chat

By PoKos Communications Corpreleased on:2010-11-10T09:00:56Z

PoKos Chat™ provides free text/instant messaging to your current contacts, and allows you to meet people you can see or are close to but don't know.

Using the exclusive MeetMe™ feature of the new PoKos Social Messaging™ platform, introductions are easy, instant and genuine.

The user simply types out their message to nearby PoKos Chat™ users and taps send. PoKos does the rest, delivering the message without any contact data or the burdens of a social network's slow page turns and cluttered websites. Both sender and recipient preserve their anonymity and privacy while chatting and making new friends.

PoKos Chat™ is the first social media app to combine the three keys to mainstream use in everyday life: making new connections; enhancing existing social behaviors while enabling new ones; and respecting the user's intimate and private mobile phone experience. Because it is tightly integrated with consumers' mobile lifestyle and activities, people will use it as their go-to messaging app, and use its MeetMe™ feature to meet new people at events including conferences, sporting events, concerts, movies, nightclubs, or the neighborhood bar restaurant or block party. Unlike other social media, PoKos Chat™ limits intrusion by unwelcome advertisers

MeetMe—Only PoKos has an App for that™!

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There are more than 300,000 iphone/ipad apps for just about any category you can think of including Location-based you looking for.

We belive for every paid Location-based app out there there is a equivalent free Location-based app that can be downloaded from itunes free of charge. If you do not like that app you can always uninstall it without paying for it or worring about losing the money you paid for app you do not use.

Try out the free Location-based apps to see if you like it before purchasing the more expensive versions of it.
- There are thousands of iphone developers daily release free iphone apps.
- Explore different Location-based apps with free iphone apps and see if you like it before you pay for it.
- Just like trial software for non mobile operating systems, free iphone Location-based apps let you explore similar tools before you purchase the more expensive version.
- For those of you looking for particular Location-based app specific to a professional decipline search apps by Apps Popular Among Professions.

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