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LOLCats Free

By GreenRobot LLCreleased on:2008-09-01T03:02:12Z

Is it Caturday yet?

Everyday can be Caturday with LOLCats Free. Browse our huge collection of hilarious LOLCat images right from your iPhone or iPod Touch!

LOLCats Free Features Include:
- Over 10,000 LOLCats in our database.
- Downloads next LOLCat in the background to maximize your lulz.
- Add and browse your personal favorites.
- Save LOLCats to your photo album.
- Supports portrait and landscape mode.

LOLCats Free is an advertising supported application. Upgrade to LOLCats Premium for an advertisement free version!

Follow LOLcats on Twitter:

Like LOLcats on Facebook:

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Best LOLz 2.0 - 1500+ Funny Pics!

By SilentLogic Studiosreleased on:2010-03-11T12:29:47Z


Enjoy the best hilarious pictures around the internet.
Features images from lolcats, loldogs, lol celebs, lol objects, lol news, lol comix Fail Blog, and Engrish.
Images are randomly gathered.
Tons of images to go through.

Network connection required.

View many at a time or view one zoomed in individually.

lol pics - funny and cute pictures with a caption
Fail Blog - pictures of stupid incompetence
Engrish - humorous foreign translation errors

* content from icanhascheezburger

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Daily LOL Cats

By OMGmode Software Inc.released on:2010-05-21T07:00:00Z

**Fix on the way for the crashes!**
Need your daily fill of LOL Cat pictures? Now you can have it... for FREE!

Every day you iPhone will be loaded with the funny LOL Cats of the day. You will also get to catch yesterdays, if you missed them.

There is a save feature, so the pictures can be saved onto your iPhone / iPod Touch. They work well as your wallpaper!

Contains only the best of the best!


Note: Send your sweet car pics to to be included!

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Happy Pics FREE!

By FroYoSoftreleased on:2009-11-17T01:55:16Z


Happy Pics FREE! has the largest collection of funny pictures presented to you in a beautiful, responsive, and easy to navigate interface. Currently featuring pictures from the following sites, with many more being added daily:


You have the option of voting on the pictures which will help the system figure out which pictures you like best, and will intelligently show you pictures that are tailored to your tastes.

You can view the pictures in their full glory horizontally or vertically, zoom in/out, or see thumbnails of all the pictures and choose the ones that you like.

You can share any pictures you like via Twitter, Facebook, or Email.

Furthermore, you can participate in the discussion and view or post comments on the picture, or save the picture to your photo album to be sent in an MMS.

Simply put, Happy Pics is the only funny pictures application that you will need. FREE for a limited time.

If you like Happy Pics FREE, be sure to check out Happy Pics Pro.

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LOLcatMaker Free

By Rich Olsonreleased on:2009-03-27T01:55:07Z

OMG!!! Make your LOLZ world famous! LOLcatMaker can now submit directly to!

LOLcatMaker lets you easily create your own LOLcats right from your iPhone or iPod Touch.

Just take a photo or select an existing one, add a caption and then let the LOLZ begin.

Using the Safari web browser, you can even download photos from the web - and then caption them.

After you've finished and saved your LOLcat, emailing your creation to friends from your photo gallery is easy.

LOLcatMaker can also be used to make hilarious images involving dogs, walruses and even humans.

Some fonts used by this program are provided under license from (see LOLcatMaker support site for details).

Have questions or problems regarding this app? We want to hear from you!


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LOL Studio

By 10 Million Appsreleased on:2010-12-08T07:22:04Z

Create funny meme pics and upload them to your favorite websites to share with others. Features include adding captions to pictures and editing fonts and colors. You can also turn your photos into funny demotivational posters. Browse online LOL galleries to see what memes are lighting up the web.

Purchase LOL Studio Plus to use the application ad free and gain access to popular image templates ready to be captioned.

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Billboard Maker

By Awesome Gamereleased on:2010-06-23T05:04:58Z

Make customized billboard messages. Put inspiring quotes or funny one liners.

Impress friends with a billboard with your own name on it.

Comes with over 25 billboards for you to customize. Your custom messages can be in any font and one of 7 colors!

Your custom message will be drawn with a spectacular drop shadow, adding elegance to your unique picture.

Quotes and messages can be placed anywhere on the picture! You're not limited to billboards. Customize shirts, postcards or any image in the catalog.

Easily share your photo with friends on Facebook! Impress them with the billboard with your joke on it.

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LOLApp Lite

By Rade Ecclesreleased on:2010-05-20T09:45:55Z

An endless stream of lolcats, dogs, celebrities, and other funny pictures from the Cheezburger Network.

★★★★★ Favourite app
"Awesome app, my favourite!"
-- Viperdream

★★★★★ I Can has funny?
"So great! Tons and tons of lolcats make me laugh right out loud!"
-- Nyria

★★★★★ Love it
"I love how EVERY TIME u finish u can exit then enter the app and there r different pics. love that! keep up the good work!"
-- Lol

Enjoy lighthearted pictures of kittens, puppies, bunnies, babies, celebrity look-a-likes, and other funny creatures found on Earth. The warm fuzzies created by using this app will wipe the scowl off of any angry old face.


* New Feeds!

* Minor UI Enhancements

* Privacy Policy

NOTE: You MUST have a network connection for this app to work correctly. Pics are downloaded from the internet.


LOLApp uses content from the Cheezburger Network. It includes official content from some their best humor sites: I Can Has Cheezburger, I Has A Hotdog, Totally Looks Like, Graph Jam, and Daily Squee.

LOLApp connects to the vast Cheezeburger Network to serve fresh, new content at random from their collection of millions of images every time the app is launched.


* Access a new random stream of the internet's cutest creatures served hot off the internet every time you start the app.

* Enjoy quality, official content from I Can Has Cheezburger and other excellent sources of internet memes

* Save lolz to your photo library

* Save photos to the camera roll

* Share via Facebook, Twitter, and email

* By far the best looking source of lolz with a luxurious and intuitive user interface

* It's FREE!


* I Can Has Cheezburger (Lolcats)

* I Has A Hotdog (Loldogs)

* Happy Chair Is Happy

* Daily Squee

* Totally Looks Like

* Graph Jam

* Historic Lols


I Can Has Cheezburger? (ICHC for short) is the name of a weblog featuring lolcats, which are comical pictures of cats with captions, and other animal images. I Can Has Cheezburger has grown to include 51 sister sites under the Cheezburger Network banner and include:

I Can Has Cheezburger, I Has A Hotdog, Totally Looks Like, Graph Jam, and Daily Squee

Apart from these sites, other sites exist from the makers of "I Can Has Cheezburger", which can be found at


* Please check the status of known issues or submit any questions or issues through the Settings -> Tech Support option in the app or visit our website support page at We respond to every question or issue submitted in this manner.

* We cannot contact you or provide any assistance if you simply leave a comment in the app store.


The content on this application comes from the Cheezburger Network. This content is not a production of nor does it represent the views or policies of Rade | Eccles LLC. Registered trademarks, logos, and copyrighted materials are the property of Pet Holdings, Inc.

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Cats Prank

By LOLriffic Stuffreleased on:2010-02-11T08:00:00Z

Introducing a funny prank to play on others. Fool around and make them believe there's a bunch of cats in your closet or hiding in your desk. Meanwhile, no matter how hard they look for it, they can't tell exactly where the sounds are coming from as the screen looks innocently.

To end the prank, simply tap on the black screen to return to the prank settings.

Plus, with a bonus timer feature, you can set the prank to start up to 60 minutes in advance, so simply select a time and how often the sounds should come out of your device and then hide your device in a secret area, like under your sibling's bed waiting until they fall asleep to wake up to a bizarre sounds coming from under their bed. Prank others with this fun prank!

Download for free today from iTunes!

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LOL Lite

By WizardAppsreleased on:2010-12-17T02:36:27Z

Get ready to view some of the funniest user submitted pictures on the Internet and laugh your head off. LOL is a fast and incredibly convenient way to flip through thousands of different comical pictures. LOL is a great way to burn five minutes of free time or spend an hour or two browsing through the countless images uploaded every day.

Casually view pictures in portrait or landscape and save your favorites to a personal list for easy retrieval. You can even share photos with friends via email or post them to your Facebook wall. LOL provides a wonderful viewing experience which has been optimized for the IPhone, IPad and IPod Touch.

LOL gives you direct and instant access to nine different user supported sites through their public RSS feeds, including:

I Can Has Cheezburger
Engrish Funny
Up Next in Sports
Must Have Cute
Totally Looks Like
Daily Squee

Be sure to check out the full version of LOL to access over thirty seven different sites, ranging from Cyanide and Happiness to Garfield and FAIL Blog. In addition to having over four times the content of the Lite version, the full version of LOL does not have ads.

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Cat Contest

By Free Facebook Gamesreleased on:2010-06-15T06:26:20Z

We are looking for the most popular cat of 2010!

Cat Contest is the best application for cat lovers. Post pictures of your cat, add comments on other people cat and rate the best cat of 2010.

Everyday a most popular cat is voted by our members! Your cat could be the next winner!

The application is completely FREE. It was done for cat owners to share their passion for cats.

Please note that Apple is not affiliated with, and does not endorse this contest.

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By Alberto Garc00eda Hierroreleased on:2009-12-11T08:00:00Z

Did you know..

* ... that the Romans are currently looking for the one they call Spartacus?
* ... that Cup stacking can be fun for all of 5 minutes?

Find the funniest articles, check the unnews and share all of them with your friends using Facebook.

- I use Uncyclopedic on a daily basis
* Oscar Wilde on Uncyclopedic

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Funny Cats - Best Funny LOLcat Vids, Pics, and Jokes

By LOLriffic Stuffreleased on:2009-04-16T09:49:48Z

Relax with funny cat pictures, videos, and even lolcat jokes!

Included is a collection of the best lolcat jokes and pictures plus a YouTube collection of funny lolcat videos! Just use the Next and Prev buttons to browse through the best cat pics, jokes, and vids!

Laugh at the best cute kitten pictures or kitten jokes all included for free, plus watch a collection of funny lolcat or other hilarious cat videos that you can see fullscreen on your iPhone or iPod Touch.

Simply press Previous or Next to move up the countdown to the funniest cat video. Press the Watch button to go see the video or press the e-mail button to email the video to a friend and send over some lols to them!

Best of all, it's all free! So when you're bored, why not laugh with a collection of funny cats pictures, videos, and cute kitten jokes!

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CatsAndCaptions Free

By Tergimaxreleased on:2010-02-20T08:00:00Z

CatsAndCaptions : simplest way to add fun cats and captions on top of your photos.

With just a few seconds, take a photo, cover it with cats and fun captions, and send it by mail to your friends or publish on your facebook profile.

FREE VERSION contains only few samples, give it a try; upgrade to full version if you want more animals.

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Squishable: The Daily Squish!

By Squishablereleased on:2010-09-12T06:52:22Z

Bite-sized portions of Squishy, Squishy cuteness! This app gives you hourly doses of your Squishable fix: adorable Squishable animals and their very attractive humans, all annotated to make you giggle inappropriately. Nervous about a test? Browse the most recent Squishy pictures! You'll still be nervous, but now you'll be warm and fuzzy, too. You can also browse through current designs and spy on Chief Squishers Zoe and Aaron through their Twitter feed. Indeed! So cute! Ahh!

All photos come from the galleries at The Fuzzy Five comics are also available at

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Disapproving Rabbits

By James Bryan Gravesreleased on:2010-08-17T04:46:26Z

Who knew that an unwanted $15 rabbit would live the internet dream of getting her own book deal from her website, and now her own iPhone app?

Cower under regularly updated images and captions from the RSS feed at

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Cat Years to Human Years Conversion Spinnner: Starring Miss Marples

By Sugar Coded Appsreleased on:2010-12-30T07:52:33Z

Cat Years to Human Years: Cat Age Calculator
Perfect for the curious cat lover!

iOS 4.0 or higher only... sorry. We are trying to fix an annoying bug that crashes devices iOS 3.

A portion of all revenue this app generates will go to local animal causes.

This is a simple, colorful, helpful app that converts Cat Years into Human Years. Knowing your cat's age in human years can help get a better understanding of their antics.

All the cats pictured in this app were lovingly saved from the street. Indoor kitties, obviously, have a much longer lifespan than outside kitties so do what you can to help support local animal shelters & programs that keep stray animals safe.

Sugar Coded Apps

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Silly Cats FREE

By Snoobo the Elephantreleased on:2011-01-04T03:48:06Z


Cat fans rejoice! More of the best cat videos, jokes, and images than you can shake a paw at. No dogs allowed here!

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The Kitten Conveyorbelt

By Seb Lee-Delislereleased on:2010-08-13T10:39:03Z

Feeling grumpy? Stressed? Need some down-time? Let Kitten Conveyorbelt's cute kitties and mellow music cheer you up! Don't forget to stroke the kittens as they ride by. Aaaah.

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Cat Piano Jr

By George Talusanreleased on:2009-03-05T07:35:38Z

Cat got your tongue? Break out Cat Piano Jr and play us a tune!

Guaranteed to provoke a smile in even a joyless curmudgeon, Cat Piano Jr aims to entertain your brain. It's like having a sack of angry cats — in your pocket. Dazzle your friends. Start a band with drum and guitar apps. Serenade your pets. Pacify your children. This app is the cat's meow.

"u2713 Just over one octave (14 notes per voice)
"u2713 Tuned: no sourpusses
"u2713 Highly responsive keyboard
"u2713 Excellent playability
"u2713 High quality, 16-bit meows
"u2713 Polyphonic chords (plays sounds simultaneously)
"u2713 Glissando (drag your fingers across the keyboard)
"u2713 Remembers your last used voice
"u2713Option to display notes on keys
"u2713 Easy-to-use interface
"u2713Cats respond to the sounds — especially Furball
"u2713 Meow at business associates over the phone
"u2713 Purr along to your music

★ Angelic Meow
★ House Cat
★ Furball

UPGRADE TO CAT PIANO (full version)
"u2713Features 10 hilarious voices
"u2713 Includes 2 Meow Mix voices (multiple voices)
"u2713 BONUS Grand Piano voice
"u2713Special SECRET MODE "u2665

"As rad as it sounds" - Mac|Life
"Just plain loony" - TUAW
"Extremely entertaining" - Webomatica
"Crazy" - iLounge

"Purrfect application" - United States
"Viagra for cats" - United Kingdom
"Both my cat and my dog really like this application!" - Canada
"Funny" - Portugal
"Is healing" - Japan
"Katzenjammer" - Germany
"I seriously love the cat" - Korea
"Marrant" - France
"Very silly indeed" - United Kingdom
"Our cats give this app 4 paws up!" - United States
"Quite possibly the finest musical instrument ever crafted" - United States

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Texts From Jesus - FREE

By MobileTutor.orgreleased on:2010-08-28T08:46:30Z

Who hasn't wanted to hear from Jesus once in awhile? How about every day? Now you can, and not just in the King James version but with three more choices of diction: Modern English, Hip Hop and LOLJesus.

All messages come from the New Testament.

This version of the app is free but ad-supported. An ad-free version of this app is also available.

- Receive daily quotes as notifications.
- Share your favorite quotes with your friends on Facebook, or via email or SMS.
- Supports iOS 4 multitasking and provides higher resolution graphics for the new iPhone 4.

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Cat Captions Free - Fun For Facebook and Email

By Angry Chicken Inc.released on:2010-07-09T09:47:54Z

Are you a fan of funny cat pictures? Would you like to have the power to make hilarious pictures in the palm of your hand?

The answer is here: "Cat Captions" lets you add captions to your own photos or photos that you download from the Cheezburger Network. Browse through an endless selection of funny pictures from the Cheezburger Network and if you have a better idea, replace the caption with your own!

Share your masterpiece with your friends by email, on Facebook or even post them on - all from within "Cat Captions"!

We aren't affiliated with, but we're big fans and you should be too! Take a load off, and laugh your .. er .. whatever off.


This app is free - no strings attached. This app has every feature of the paid version. The only difference is that the free version has unobtrusive ads.

Go ahead and download it. What do you have to lose?


If you are having any problems with the app at all, please drop us a note at We promise to answer any and all emails - we will get you sorted out.


"u00b7 Add thought bubbles, speech bubbles and text shapes to your Photo.
"u00b7 Works in portrait or landscape orientation.
"u00b7 Zoom and scroll your image.
"u00b7 Need a laugh? Browse pictures created by other members of icanhascheezburger.
"u00b7 Download images from - cats, dogs, other animals, and objects.
"u00b7 Choose an image from your photo library or use your camera from within "Cat Captions".
"u00b7 Shapes rotate 360 degrees.
"u00b7 Re-size your shape, words wrap and resize automatically.
"u00b7 Drag the pointer on speech or thought bubbles.
"u00b7 Choose your font style.
"u00b7 Use the "copy" tool for an efficient way to create multiple shapes.
"u00b7 You have full control over text and background color, opacity, and brightness.
"u00b7 You can adjust your shape's transparency for a watermark effect.
"u00b7 Publish to icanhascheezburger - either to your account or anonymously.
"u00b7 Publish your image with in-app email, save it to your photo album or upload to Facebook.
"u00b7 Comprehensive help screen.
"u00b7 Change default settings in the Settings application.

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We Love Cats

By Entropycsreleased on:2010-02-08T10:31:03Z

We Love Cats is a social application where you can write funny, interesting, or curious questions about cats and kittens, and share them with your friends and other people.

* Which is your favorite cat name?
* Is my apartment big enough for a cat?
* What kind of toys are best for cats?

With We Love Cats you can also make polls and surveys: ask people their opinions about something, for example to find out how cute is your cat or how people solve any cat related problem.

* How many cats do you have in your household?
* Do you buy your cat a gift for holidays?

Attach images to your 'meows' ;) or share your lolcats. Allow anonymous comments to make them even funnier (don't worry, we block spam/offensive content). Make the application more social by sharing your cats on Facebook and Twitter!


- Add new 'meows' about your cats and view everyone else cats and comments.
- Attach pictures of your cats taken directly from your camera or your library.
- Use Facebook to share the most adorable/funniest cats.
- Receive comments from your Facebook friends directly to your phone.
- Make polls and view statistics.
- You can also follow @iaskcats on Twitter to read the latest 'meows'.

Join our We Love Cats community and have fun!

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There are more than 300,000 iphone/ipad apps for just about any category you can think of including LOLCats you looking for.

We belive for every paid LOLCats app out there there is a equivalent free LOLCats app that can be downloaded from itunes free of charge. If you do not like that app you can always uninstall it without paying for it or worring about losing the money you paid for app you do not use.

Try out the free LOLCats apps to see if you like it before purchasing the more expensive versions of it.
- There are thousands of iphone developers daily release free iphone apps.
- Explore different LOLCats apps with free iphone apps and see if you like it before you pay for it.
- Just like trial software for non mobile operating systems, free iphone LOLCats apps let you explore similar tools before you purchase the more expensive version.
- For those of you looking for particular LOLCats app specific to a professional decipline search apps by Apps Popular Among Professions.

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