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Mammal Stew

By Matt Strasser released on: 2009-11-06T01:07:17Z

Have you ever wanted to ride bare-back on a dinosaur? Spell "Mississippi" without using the letter "i"? Gain the power of personal space-flight and tour the universe in a bathrobe?

Mammal Stew can't help you do any of those things. What it CAN do for a few minutes out of every day is to take your mind off of your disappointing life. You may experience an ego boost as you play one of the hottest games around.

Throughout history, this most ancient and legendary game has been known by many names: "Hermit's Bluff", "My Pungent Son", "Mistress May I", and "Waste of Time" just to name a few.

The Guru Moji, a famous monk who lived over 3000 years ago, once instructed: "To become a master of life, you must first master Mammal Stew". Guru Moji was always right.

We simulated reviews by hundreds of players just like you. These are just a small sampling of our favorites:
+ "Without a doubt Mammal Stew is hands down a game. For sure."
+ "Easily the best version of Mammal Stew I've ever played."
+ "Because of this game, I am marginally happier."
+ "I cried, but then Mammal Stew told me not to cry anymore. Thank you, Mammal Stew!"

* NOTE: the above description is nonsense. Mammal Stew is actually a collection of 5 classic mini-games.

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Twitter & Tweet Bird Calls

By released on: 2009-11-04T08:00:00Z

Hold bird twitters, tweets, and other bird calls in the palm of your hand. Tweet to your friends the old fashion way, just like birds do! Simply shake to release a cute baby bird tweet and other type of bird call.

Great play toy for kids keeping them busy with your iPhone or iPod Touch! If you use an iPhone, make sure your ringer isn't set to vibrate only, otherwise you won't hear the bird tweets.

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Guinea Pig Prank

By LOLriffic Stuff released on: 2010-02-10T08:00:00Z

Introducing a funny prank to play on others. Fool around and make them believe there's a guinea pig in your closet or hiding in your desk. Meanwhile, no matter how hard they look for it, they can't tell exactly where the sounds are coming from as the screen looks innocently turned off. Fool your friends!

To end the prank, simply tap on the black screen to return to the prank settings.

BONUS! You can set the prank to start up to 60 minutes in advance, so simply select a time and how often the sounds should come out of your device and then hide your device in a secret area, like under your sibling's bed waiting until they fall asleep to wake up to a bizarre sounds coming from under their bed. Prank others with this fun prank!

Download for free today from iTunes!

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WildObs Observer

By Neukadye released on: 2009-04-08T02:25:34Z

Encounters with wildlife are wonderful experiences to preserve and share. Record your encounters and help others find nature through collaboration.

WildObs Observer captures the what/where/when automatically, allowing you to describe the encounter or take a photograph. Mammals, birds, snakes, bugs, plants, sea-life ... record all your valued encounters.

Encounters are automatically uploaded to your account for inclusion in your life-list, and for sharing with others through maps, by species or by tag (keyword).

Your encounters can be private (for you only) or syndicated through the Internet. WildObs supports personal feeds, Twitter time-lines and posts to the National Wildlife Federation's Wildlife Watch program.

Connect yourself - and others - more with nature.

Note: A WildObs sign-up is required to use this application. See

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Beautiful Dolphins FREE! : Extreme Expose It!

By Oxegen Entertainment LLC. released on: 2010-08-26T03:59:38Z

One of the most elegant mammals that play in the sea is the beautiful, intelligent and so playful Dolphin! Its been a dream for so many people to be able to swim, touch and share a moment with these great creatures. FREE and this is dedicated to all you dolphin lovers out there!

Gameplay is very simple and easy to learn in the first 10 seconds! Great for everyone!

You must reveal the image hidden behind the mask.
You control the icon by swiping up, down, left or right anywhere on the screen. Create and connect your exposure lines to other ends of the frame.
There are BADDIES in the area so watch out! Avoid them when drawing your exposure line across the screen.


If you love Extreme Expose It! Then you will love all the other editions of Extreme Expose It! Check them out, you will love' em!

For all ages:
***Totally Cute Kitties!
***Beautiful Dolphins!
***Oh sooo Cute Puppies!
***Oh sooo Cute Kittens!
***Awesome Mustangs 2005~2010!
***Legendary Nissan 350/370Z
***Ultimate BMW E46 M3
***Epic BMW E93 M3
***Legendary Corvette C6

And sooo many more!

Enjoy all the entertainment applications out there from your favorite developer
----Oxegen Entertainment---

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Animal Life - LITE

By Laughing Software, LLC released on: 2011-02-19T01:15:15Z

This is a LITE version of the Animal Life series - Vol.1, Vol.2 and PRO
It is fully functional i.e you will find the same functionality in Vol.1, Vol.2 and PRO versions, the only difference is the number of included animals, data and images.

This Application is about the wonderful creatures living on our planet. It will show you in beautiful way this wonders. Here is what you can find inside the application:

Unique collection of wildlife animals, images and facts, with a special focus on the world of mammals.
"u26ab Amazing collection of 7 mammals species.
"u26ab Gallery for every mammal.
"u26ab Facts and comprehensive information.
"u26ab 157 breathtaking images.
"u26ab Gorgeous Gallery.
"u26ab Sophisticated mammals search.
"u26ab Browse the photography Author's Photostream.

And this are only the main functionalities of the application. For every animal you can read about:

"u2609 Geographical Location
"u2609 Habitat
"u2609 Gestational period
"u2609 Life span
"u2609 Special Anatomy
"u2609 Conservation Status

There are two kinds of galleries inside the application. The first one is only for selected animal. The second gorgeous gallery will show you all images for all animals inside the application (with some beautiful transitions when you are changing the images). You also have the option to view the online version of the image and to browse the photography Author's photostream. You can also search all available animals, and if you like you can narrow the search criteria by - Conservation Status.

Animal Life - LITE - is providing information for the following mammals:
Snow leopard "u26ab American Red Squirrel "u26ab Guinea pig "u26ab Water Buffalo "u26ab Chipmunks "u26ab Tasmanian Devil "u26ab Greater Kudu


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Search Life Forms Sampler of the World - eLifeFormsW

By Search Life Forms released on: 2010-01-19T03:17:22Z

eLifeFormsW, a Search Life Forms Sampler of the World is a member of the Search Life Forms family of products designed to provide easy to use and powerful tools for accessing, displaying and exploring the world's diverse life forms.

Presenting over 500 life forms (counts by class are below), eLifeFormsW presents sample life forms by common name, scientific name and taxonomy.

A geography browser provides drill down by major geographical regions.

Thumbnail images may be toggled on and off for browsing.

The standard presentation views of each life form are the summary, image, narrative and taxonomy views.

Taxon Class Counts

Class"t"t"t English "t"t"t"t Count

Amphibia Salamanders And Frogs 1
Anserinae Bird - Geese And Swan 56
Arachnidae Spiders And Scorpions 7
Crustacea Crabs And Allies 6
Decapoda Squids 4
Fagaceae Oaks And Beeches 107
Filicinae Ferns - True And Allies 7
Gymnospermae Conifers & Allies 16
Lycaenidae Blues And Coppers (tiny Butterflies) 158
Mammalia Mammal 60
Monocotyledoneae Monocot 32
Reptilia Reptiles 38
Teleostomi Fish - Boney 13
Viruses - Misc Viruses - Misc 1

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Field Guide to Victorian Fauna

By Museum Victoria released on: 2011-03-10T02:58:40Z

The animals found in the south eastern Australian State of Victoria are unique and diverse. Detailed descriptions of animals, maps of distribution, and endangered species status combine with stunning imagery and sounds to provide a valuable reference that can be used in urban, bush and coastal environments. The content has been developed by scientists at Museum Victoria, Australia's largest public museum organisation.

The app holds descriptions of over 700 species encompassing birds, fishes, frogs, lizards, snakes, mammals, freshwater, terrestrial and marine invertebrates, spiders, and insects including butterflies. From animals found in rockpools, minibeasts in your garden, to wildlife you might see in the bush. We've put in a lot of species, but it's still a fraction of the complete fauna of Victoria. Our scientists will continue to add additional species and refine descriptions over time.

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Penguins of the World

By Lan Man released on: 2010-08-19T10:37:17Z

Penguins!!! They are so cute, adorable and funny. Don't you just wanna give them a big hug? Do you know that ...... 1) All of the species live in the Southern hemisphere. Many live at the South Pole on Antarctica. But some don't live in such cold places. They are found on the coasts of South America, Africa, Australia, New Zealand and the Galapagos Islands. 2) The Emperor penguin is the only species that breeds and nests in Antarctica through the frigid winter. This app attempts to cover as many species of Penguins as possible and we will constantly provide free updates on new species. We hope you checkout the screenshots and start downloading to learn more about Penguins.

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Wildlife Album

By Santpal Dhillon released on: 2009-12-18T08:00:00Z

We have now 2010 Calendar app with wildlife/Art&paintings Theme

" Wildlife Calendar 2010"

"Calendar 2010 Art-Paintings"


A great app containing 100's of high quality images of wildlife - mammals, birds, trees, plants, flowers, marine animals and landscapes for your personal use.

You could use these free images for a variety of purposes e.g., generating advertising campaigns, handling project work, using them as icons for iphone apps etc. or save them as wallpaper and mail it to yourself.

Searching the Internet for wildlife images would be a thing of past with this app !


More images to follow ! Updates would be free !


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By Bernard Krummenacher released on: 2010-10-21T02:00:22Z

The SCS application is a guide of the cetacean species.

For each species is shown a picture of an individual, a short description as well as a map of the presence of the species in the oceans.

Choice is made by selecting the common name in a list in the current language of the device (at this time English and French), the scientific name in latin or by selecting an icon.

Pictures preloaded in the application are optimized of the iPhone 3G and 3GS. For the iPhone4 and the iPad, the program proposes at launch time to download optimized pictures for these devices. The download is proposed only if a network connection is available (Wifi or cell network). The download is processed in background without disturbing the behavior of the application. If not all the optimized pictures have been downloaded, the downloading of the missing pictures will be proposed again the next time the application will be launched.

The animal drawings were made available by the SCS (Swiss Cetacean Society). This association aims to promote knowledge of cetaceans to favor their protection. The SCS application allows to send emails directly to the SCS and to access to its web site.

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BeastFace MashUp LITE

By Mosa Motion Graphics LLC released on: 2009-05-08T09:29:11Z

★★★★Best MashUp app in the iTunes Store. Are you a prankster? Would you like to make a friend look like an Ape, Hippo, Marmot? Well you came to the right place!

"u2730BeastFace MashUp does just that. This is a guaranteed laugh-maker!

"u2730Take a photo and drag an animal head over the face of a friend. Presto, instant laughs!

"u2730Voila! you are the merry prankster.

"u2730Try it at a party, at a bar, at Christmas dinner. Dare to use it at work or school!

"u2730This one is an ice-breaker, a great come-on for pick-ups.

"u2730The laughs go on and on, this makes iPhone the great entertainment device was destined to be.

"u2730Unleash the prankster within you! Entertain your friends, share with email.

"u2730BeastFace MashUp is a winner!

"u2730There are 72 mashable images in the full version of this app, or start with the free Lite version.

"u2730Also check out our other free app, "Balloon Boys". It's another mashup application inspired by the balloon boy of Colorado. Another great prank maker!

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By ming li released on: 2010-07-29T06:26:15Z

This app will allow you to take and submit photos of dead and live stranded marine mammals in Alaska. Together with your photo, the location of the marine mammal is pinpointed with a GPS code generated by your phone. Your submissions are reviewed by wildlife experts and will mobilize an effort to recover the sick or orphaned animal for rehabilitation and the dead animal for testing. You can also directly contact the stranding hotline through this app, thereby facilitating immediate rescue and recovery efforts by trained responders.

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Animal Wallpapers Free

By Huisheng Ye released on: 2010-11-18T06:58:54Z

Thousands of cool animal wallpapers, FREE!

- Dog
- Cat
- Mammal
- Reptile
- Insects
- Bird
- Marine life

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