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i Manga X Free + (Manga web browser)

By Brandon Gray released on: 2009-12-10T06:41:04Z

iMangaX Free Plus is a simple way to read manga for free.
This version of the app is the same as the paid app but has ads.
iMangaX is the true #1 manga app in the app store and on the iPhone & iPad.

iMangaX is the fastest most reliable manga reader available in the app store. We hope that you enjoy the app.

If you don't know, manga are comics from Japan. This app is a comic book reader.

Manga owned by Viz Media and Yen Press have been removed at their request.

iMangaX is the most feature rich manga reader available.

Quickly read your favorite manga instantly, no waiting for an entire chapter to download.

Features include:
- Favorites browser, now you can bookmark your favorite manga.
- Swipe through menus (no nave buttons)
- Fast chapter load, loads pages fast.
- Screen dimmer, for reading at night.
- Pinch Zoom
- Rotation lock (for reading laying down).
- Fast UI loading.
- Forum for all things manga.
- Smooth screen transitions.
- Great UI for simple and fast navigation.
- Over 1000 manga to read and counting.
- Landscape and portrait modes..
- Use with Anime Update to get instant updates for all manga and anime.

- iMangaX doesn't host any manga or scanlations, it was built merely to provide a friendly and optimized interface for iphone users.

- iMangaX is a web browser and all manga that is viewed is online and is not stored on the iPhone.

- iMangaX is a web application, internet connection is needed.


All manga, characters, and logos belong to their respective copyright owners.

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Manga Pix (Lite)

By Swipeware released on: 2010-05-19T02:03:25Z

Manga Pix is the best app for sharing, viewing and rating images of your favorite Manga and Anime characters.

Save all of your favorite images to your device, and use them as wallpaper backgrounds!

One of the coolest features of this app is that you can share your favorite images!
Just upload your images that you have on your iPhone/iPod and watch your images be rated by others!

Main features:
+ Access thousands of pictures!
+ New pictures brought to you every hour in an ever-growing collection!
+ Rate images to keep your favorites on top!
+ Share images and have them rated by others!

NOTE: This app requires an Internet connection. To avoid high usage charges it's recommended to set your device to use WiFi.

Lite version (free)
Unlimited viewing
500 ratings
100 images/hour
10 uploads

Pro version (paid) (*1)
Unlimited viewing
Unlimited ratings
No Ads!
200 images/hour
2000 uploads (*2)

(*1) See the App Store for current pricing in your area.
(*2) Images that do not receive enough votes/ratings from the users will be removed from the app after 6 months. Please see the Usage Policy in the Message Center for more details.

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Manga Rock - The ultimate manga viewer

By Not A Basement Studio released on: 2010-04-20T06:25:46Z


" Manga Rock is a great way to view and download manga ... and every otaku should at least download the free version."
- ★★★★ -

"Manga Rock .. streams and downloads issues beautifully, and is probably the best comic reader on the iPhone — bar none."

"iPhone-using manga-enthusiasts, rejoice! Manga Rock is a fantastically superb resource for any manga reader .. even the free version. Heavy users might want to consider investing in the in-app purchase."
- ★★★★ -

A spanking new version of Manga Rock featuring:

"u2714 An extensive manga library from with over 3000 manga
"u2714 Multiple reading modes (landscape & portrait) with pinch to zoom, double tap to zoom make reading on the iPhone easier than ever
"u2714 Multiple & background manga downloads
"u2714 Recent keeps track of what you read & let you get back right where you left off
"u2714 Favorites lists all of your beloved manga
"u2714 Share your manga via Facebook, Twitter, or emails
"u2714 The best reading experience on the iPhone. Hand down.
Note: premium features such as Download, Favorite, Recent requires in-app purchase.
Like us on Facebook http://www.facebook/notabasement
Follow us on Twitter @notabasement
Read our blog

Remember to check out our other apps:
"Manga Rock MF" for iPhone
"Manga Rock Unity" for iPad

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Manga Fox

By End of Time Studios, LLC released on: 2010-11-01T10:22:02Z

MangaFox Online Community

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Pure Love Comics Free Manga

By DML.Inc released on: 2010-04-15T07:00:00Z

Enjoy both tales of lighthearted romance and mature love stories in this comic series that mixes pure love and sexy!
Virgin 100V
One Waitress'Dilemma
The Frog Prince of Erotica
Grown-Up Love

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Real Maid Free Manga

By released on: 2010-03-10T08:00:00Z

Twenty-five year-old Yuichi Sato lives the life of a plain-old businessman.That would all change with the discovery of a peculiar ad online..."Treat with care and it cares for you back?""You'll swear it's the real thing?""No way this is real. You gotta be kidding me"Skeptical yet tempted, Yuichi clicks on the order button for a "Real Maid" free trial kit.Week by week, new parts of the kit are sent to Yuichi's place, beginning with the hands and feet, then the torso, then finally the maid parts.As Yuichi puts them all together, he is astonished to find a "real" maid walking and talking before his very eyes.All was good until that one fateful day
"u3010Short story/full color"u3011
"u3010G2comix"u3011"u300aKawaii Series"u300b

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OZ: The Manga #1

By iVerse Media released on: 2008-11-01T05:10:12Z

OZ: The Manga #1

Black and White | 89 Screens

From the mind of Dragon Arms and Junction 17 creator David Hutchison comes this remarkable re-imagining of L. Frank Baum's timeless classic! Presented for the first time as a digital comic for the iPhone and iPod Touch by iVerse Media in conjunction with Antarctic Press!

Dorothy longs for something more than the gray plains of Kansas, but when her wish is granted, she gets both her fondest dreams and her worst nightmares! With stunning art by fan-favorite David Hutchison, this fantasy adventure of Harry Potter caliber is sure to amaze readers of all ages!

THIS COMICS IS FREE FOR A LIMITED TIME!!! Also look for OZ: The Manga #2 and other digital comic applications from iVerse Media and Antarctic Press in the App Store!

***Application Instructions***

The iVerse Comic Reader Software is easy to use. Simply slide your finger across the screen to move through the story. You can also tap the screen to bring up an options icon that will allow you to quickly slide through all the screens, and select from 3 transitions. Slide, Fade, or Curl - try them all to determine the best reading experience for you.

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@POUCH Free Manga Vol.1

By DML.Inc released on: 2009-12-10T08:00:00Z

"u3010Free Manga"u3011

"u25a0Host☆Taxi"u301cGlamorous Ride"u301c

She finally lands a job at the Hosuta Taxi company, where all the
suave young chauffeurs provide escort-like services to an upscale
female clientele.
This is a love comedy filled with charming characters.

"u25a0First Crush - First Love

Love had never crossed Misaki's path... Until she saw Daichi from
afar and it awoke uncontrollable emotions.
Soon after, she is asked to tutor a young girl from the neighborhood,
who declares that "first love can't be true love"...!?
Can Misaki overcome that jinx? does her first love stand a chance!?

"u25a0My boyfriend the homeboy

My boyfriend is sick, he suddenly stopped going to work and never leaves home.
So he jokingly calls himself a "homeboy"
but while I try to laugh with him I am actually really concerned.
We live together but only talk through a computer chat!?
Through force or charm, I'll drag him out of there!

"u25a0Venus Report

An accident changed Shinozaki life.
First he started the fortune-telling site "Venus Report" while recovering,
second the plastic surgeon turned him into a babe-magnet.
When a broken heart asking for love advice on his site turns out to be a stuck-up girl who once rejected him,
he decides to abuse his new weapons to manipulate her like a puppet.

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Real Maid 3 Free Manga

By released on: 2010-05-15T12:51:49Z

Anxious to take the next big step with Miyu, Yuichi continues to be dismayed about her clothes being an irremovable part of her android body.Then, one day, Miyu discovers a certain "secret technique" on Maid-to-Order's website to trigger the long-awaited next stage in her evolution.An ecstatic Yuichi treats Miyu to some hip new clothes and a trip to a hot springs resort to celebrate the occasion. Little did they know how their trip would turn out!
"u3010G2comix"u3011"u300aKawaii Series"u300b

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Real Maid 2 Free Manga

By released on: 2010-05-15T12:52:13Z

Three years passed since Yuichi and the "Maidroid" known as Miyu began their peculiar but joy-filled life together.However, Yuichi getting more and more wrapped up in his busy job caused him to neglect Miyu, which prompted the Maid-to-Order Company to come knocking at his door demanding Miyu's return.With Miyu gone and the Maid-to-Order website gone without a trace, a despondent Yuichi found himself awash in regret - until one day, a new Maid-to-Order kit is delivered to his doorstep!Apparently, Yuichi had the foresight to order himself a backup kit before Miyu was recalled.Thus, Yuichi and Miyu were able to start their life together anew, with both of them gradually reaching new heights in "human" interaction.Will Miyu's "hidden function" allow them to take that big last step?
"u3010G2comix"u3011"u300aKawaii Series"u300b

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Real Maid 5 Free Manga

By released on: 2010-06-17T06:27:54Z

Using a secret trick, Shingo gets Yuichi to order him his very own Real Maid. The one that shows up, however, is a little bit different than Miyu
Forceful, overbearing, and giving new meaning to "hot and cold," Ruri puts Shingo to the test. An exasperated Shingo continues to persevere, convinced that love and time will make Ruri "less cold" and "more hot."
Then, one day, Shingo gives her a well-intentioned kiss in her sleep -- and gets a whole lot more in return!
"u3010G2comix"u3011"u300aKawaii Series"u300b

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Real Maid 4 Free Manga

By released on: 2010-06-17T11:13:18Z

A sudden appearance at the hot springs resort by Yuichi's older workmate Shingo forces Yuichi and Miyu to put their romantic getaway plans on hold. Neither of them expected that Shingo would suddenly show up again after returning home too! Still oblivious to Miyu's true nature, Shingo comes in accidental contact with her upon his unannounced visit -- only to cause her to short circuit! The series of hijinks that follows forces Yuichi to disclose Miyu's biggest secret to a suspicious Shingo -- who reacts as only he can!
"u3010G2comix"u3011"u300aKawaii Series"u300b

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Hetalia - TOKYOPOP Manga

By Tokyopop released on: 2010-09-24T03:31:33Z

Welcome to the TOKYOPOP Hetalia Axis Powers Manga iPhone app!

Get ready to brush up on world history like never before -- in the palm of your hand, Hetalia-style! In six fantastic issues, explore the untold, historical events that took place from the fall of the Roman Empire all the way to the dawn of World War II with these handsome and hysterical personifications of the Axis Powers.

Preview the first issue, manga trailer and cosplay photos for free, and buy issues 2-6 on the comiXology storefront!

The first six issues consist of the entire first volume of the

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The Avatar Diaries: Love or Bust!? Free Manga

By released on: 2010-03-10T08:00:00Z

Following her graduation from a big-name, all-girls university, 27-year-old Akane Hazuki has worked diligently at a top ad agency as a database assistant to Kazuhito Goda, an overseas returnee and account exec who is the same age as Akane and has good looks and popularity in spades.
Little does anyone know that Akane leads a double life every night as "Avatar Yuka," a sexy online avatar who has cultivated quite the Internet following with her flashy sense of fashion.
One day, Akane finds herself shocked to learn that not only did an avatar she met online turn out to be Goda, but that Goda is apparently a fan of busty girls!
Presented with a miraculous opportunity to "endow" herself,
Akane goes on the hunt for Goda, only to find a surprise waiting for her
Hot on the heels of the popular "Real Maid," enjoy the second entry in Kenjiro Kakimoto's series of hand-drawn comics!
"u3010En 1 "u00e9pisode / Tout en couleurs"u3011

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01RIKA Free Manga

By released on: 2010-04-27T07:00:00Z

A mysterious CG life form from the year 2050 called YUA suddenly appears before Kenichi Hiraga, programmer extraordinaire. Her mission: to use her ability to slip back in time through computer networks in order to prevent the devastated future that awaits! Kenichi gets caught up in a plan to transfer YUA to an android body and send her to foil the bombing plot that starts it all. However, it isn't long until Kenichi's troublesome CG creation, 01-RIKA, shows up

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Cake House vol. 1

By Manga BlackBox released on: 2009-03-27T02:03:14Z

Welcome to KAORU'S CAKE HOUSE, an anthology of tales set in, around, and regarding a small, anonymous cake shop that somehow manages to become the place for people to find more than good food; forgiveness, a few laughs, and even love are the ingredients in this graphic novel from famaous Malaysian comic artist Kaoru.

There are 3 volumes for Cake House. Volumes 2 and 3 can found by search for ''Cake House' in the app store.


Cake House features:
- 6 short stories
- 38 pages of comic
- Page Listing
- "Last Read" feature

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Real Maid 6 Free Manga

By released on: 2010-07-15T09:53:30Z

Yuichi's older workmate Shingo gets a Real Maid of his own in the form of Ruri.
However, Ruri's sudden and unexpected transformation sends Shingo running for the hills!
Apparently bound by a rule that keeps a maidroid from leaving the side of its original owner, Ruri finds herself beginning a new life as roommates with Yuichi and fellow maidroid Miyu.
However, between Ruri's borderline selfish demeanor and Miyu's gentle personality, it seems that no two Real Maids are created alike!
"u3010G2comix"u3011"u300aKawaii Series"u300b

"u3010Art by"u3011"u3000Kenjiro Kakimoto
"u3010Story by"u3011"u3000Leo
"u3010Translation by"u3011"u3000SHO

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Sabrina: Manga #1

By iVerse Media released on: 2009-06-08T12:53:32Z

Full Color | 73 Screens | Ongoing Series

By Tania del Rio


When fellow witch Shinji does a charm school project on mortals living without magic, he ends up an exchange student at Sabrina's high school. Thus the Sabrina, Harvey, Shinji "love triangle"is born! Further complicating matters, Sabrina uses the forbidden "Spellfreeze"in the mortal world!

Originally published as Sabrina the Teenage Witch #58

Find more great titles from Archie Comics and iVerse Media available for the iPhone and iPod Touch!

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Real Maid 7 Free Manga

By released on: 2010-07-30T06:16:08Z

Ruri heads on a fishing expedition and wows the locals by reeling in giant tuna after tuna with her trusty chain scythe! She returns to Yuichi's place with one of them in hand to surprise him for his birthdayonly to end up surprised herself with what awaits her.
A dejected Ruri finds herself solitary and alone in the local park, where she is discovered by none other than her would-be master, Shingo! Taken by Shingo kindness, Ruri finds herself at ease once more -- but not for long
What fate awaits our two maidroid heroines Miyu and Ruri? Find out in the final chapter of "Real Maid!"
"u3010G2comix"u3011"u300aKawaii Series"u300b

"u3010Art by"u3011"u3000Kenjiro Kakimoto
"u3010Story by"u3011"u3000Leo
"u3010Translation by"u3011"u3000SHO

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Daisuki (Free)

By Manga BlackBox released on: 2009-08-04T02:00:22Z

Daisuki- Japanese for 'I love you'. An apt title for this collection of comics by Malaysia's mistress of illustrated romance. Explore the various quirks and foibles of lovers, as well as the trials true love must face. Sure, it might not always work out in the end, but there's always hop for that next happy ending, made real by that one simple word- 'Daisuki'.

There are 3 short stories in this free version:
20cm Gap Part 1
20cm Gap Part 2
10cm Gap

The full version Daisuki features 16 stories:
20cm Gap Part 1
20cm Gap Part 2
10cm Gap
Pinocchio's Love
New Friends
The Joke
Tess's Mission
Condemn + Bully = Like (I)
Condemn + Bully = Like (II)
Coke, Tea or Me?
Poisonous Coffee
Thief of heart
Circle of Fate Part 1
Circle of Fate Part 2
Lady in Red


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Manga Top10 Catalog (with iAd)

By Team Jun released on: 2010-08-03T07:53:57Z

Are you Manga lover?
OK. This app brings you the latest Top 10 of the Japanese Manga.
And you can get the Manga viewer from this app.
You use the viewer of Manga, you can see all of the chapters.
Please enjoy the Japanese Manga!!

Disclaimer :
This app is only specific site web viewer.
This app contains no pictures or no movies in it.

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Meet Cupid (Free)

By Manga BlackBox released on: 2009-08-21T12:55:53Z

Here it is, Kaoru's First Collection! Witness the best of Malaysia's Mistress of Romance as they came out for the first time. With stories ranging from flighty fantasies, sad tragedies and heartwarming comedies, this collection shows one thing most of all, which is that, for better or worse, love... needs to be expressed.

There are 3 short stories in this free version:
A Minor Detail
The Key

The full version Meet Cupid features 16 stories:
A Minor Detail
The Key
One Wild Ride
Unknown, Live in KL
Letter #305
April Fooled
A Trick of the Heart
Love's Little Helper
If Only For A Moment
Protego, Servio Et Adamo
A Strange Lovesickness
Old Story, New Ending
Coming Home
The Ugly Swan Prince
LoveNeeds An Artist

Search for 'Meet Cupid' in the AppStore.


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Manga Factory

By John Henry released on: 2011-01-11T01:02:32Z

You only use this app, you can dowload this app for Free.
You can see all manga in your iPhone/iPod Touch.
You don't need for seeking the site where the manga is.
You only use this app, you can always new manga in your hand

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Manga Balloon Maker (Lite)

By POOL Inc. released on: 2010-01-18T08:07:43Z

Turn an Everyday Photo into Something Fun!
Manga Balloon Maker LITE
Manga Balloon Maker (Lite) is simply the quickest and easiest way to caption photos with manga-style speech or thought-balloons.

The look on people's faces often gives away what they are really thinking. Capturing those thoughts - real or imagined - is what Manga Balloon Maker is all about. But why limit it to people? Adding manga balloons to animals, cars, trees - almost anything - is great fun!


* Use photos from your Photo Album or take a new picture

* Choose from a variety of balloon styles

* Easily Resize, rotate and move balloons

Upgrade to the full version of Manga Balloon Maker and share your Manga Balloon photos via email or Twitter directly in the app!

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Ubunchu manga ltr

By Robot Media SL released on: 2009-06-12T07:00:00Z

The manga of the world's cutest Linux distro: Ubuntu!

The Sysadmin Club has bought a shiny new awesome computer. Will it run Windows? A CLI-based Linux? Mac? Risa may have another answer...

Originally published by ASCII Media Works Inc., "Ubunchu" is remixed by Robot Comics to create a version specifically designed for mobile devices.

Presented in Western left-to-right format. The original Japanese right-to-left version is also available.

Ubunchu ltr
Written and drawn by Hiroshi Seo
Tanslated by Fumihito Yoshida & Hajime Mizuno
Translation edited by Martin Owens & Arturo Silva
Remixed by Yael Duckwen
1 of 1 | 43 screens | Comedy | Creative Commons


Move forward by fling right or bottom left corner tap. Move backwards by fling left or bottom right corner tap. Double tap to zoom in and double tap again to zoom out. Tap outside corners for more options.

Comic viewer based on iRobot Comic Viewer by Robot Comics.

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Jungle Dad Vol. 1

By Manga BlackBox released on: 2009-03-02T07:28:50Z

The Jungle Dad comic series began when a ship carrying a modern family, sank in the middle of the ocean. This family was later marooned on an inland in the middle of nowhere, with the jungle natives as their new neighbors. This comic makes very light reading and is extremely funny to boot, and at the same time it actually nudges your conscience and makes you think hard on life's issues.

The Mandarin version of Jungle Dad was published in 2002 for Online Search engine, Yahoo! Kimo (a Taiwanese portal site acquired by Yahoo! in February, 2001). Jungle Dad later become the most popular 4-panel comic in Yahoo! Kimo with the highest readership enquiry.


Jungle Dad vol. 1 features:
- 25 hilarious full color 4-panel comics
- 100 jpegs
- Stories Listing
- "Last Read" feature

Application instruction:
- Tap left area to go to previous comic
- Tap center area to bring out the on screen menu
- Tap right area to go to next comic

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