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Easy Cooking

By B@ Solutions released on: 2010-11-15T08:00:00Z

EasyCooking is a cookbook App made specifically for the iPhone. It provides a simple and friendly way to browse through 70 delicious recipes from people who enjoy cooking. Once you have downloaded the App, you won't need access to the Internet to the recipes.

- SCROLL through the recipes and spot a recipe that takes your fancy, or use the INTERACTIVE SEARCH to find a recipe to satisfy your taste buds!

- Be lured by the many quality pictures - including PICTURES IN THE STEPS to help you along the way.

- A brief description of the recipe which goes onto STEP BY STEP instructions.

- Save FAVOURITES into a separate list for quick and easy access.

- Change the UNITS so that the recipes are displayed in measurements you like to work with.

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TiltMeter - Advanced Level and Inclinometer - Free

By IntegraSoftHN - Carlos E. Hern00e1ndez P00e9rez released on: 2010-10-09T07:00:00Z

If you like our application, please help us posting a review on how you use it, or what it helps you accomplish.

TiltMeter is a professional grade angle measurement tool. Some common uses are:

"u2714Picture Alignment
"u2714Measuring angles of elevation, slope, or incline
"u2714Showing the inclination of an aircraft or ship relative to the horizontal
"u2714Measuring the "look angle" of a satellite antenna towards a satellite
"u2714Measuring the slope angle of a tape or chain during distance measurement
"u2714Indicating roll of vehicles, sail boats, and aircraft
"u2714Roof pitch calculation and angle measurement
"u2714iOS 4 Support( Fast App Switching )
"u2714Retina Display Support
"u2714and much more...


"u2714Bubble Level
Now you can also use the new bubble level. Swipe your finger and you will change from the Inclinometer to the Bubble Level.

"u2714Motion sensitive lock
You can now set an approximation value, and when active, if you don't move the device for 2 seconds, it will lock the current reading automatically

"u2714Reference Angle
With a swipe of your finger, you can set a reference angle, and when measuring, the application will let you know when you are near the reference angle, or when you are on the exact angle

"u2714Logging measurements
This is the first level/inclinometer application to offer logging of valuable data. You can store individual values, or you can set an interval and let the application record every movement. You can even send the results to any email you want, using an in-app email client.

"u2714Sound feedback
Autolock and reference angle use audio feedback to let you know when the application has locked the current angle, or when you are near the reference angle you have set.

"u2714Calibration mode
The calibration process was revamped, again. We think we got it right this time. It should be easy and fun.

"u2714Different precision modes
The application can display the value in angles, percentages, rise over run, roof pitch and radians.

"u2714Full screen mode
With double tapping, you can hide all the interface elements, and leave just the gorgeous image of the TiltMeter animating as you move your device.

"u2714Personalize your TiltMeter
With 8 different beautiful backgrounds, you can set the mood you want. If you have a background you would like to see in the app, send us an email, and we will be glad to add it to a feature release.

"u2714Sleep mode disabled
For your convenience this application disables the auto sleep mode, when you enter this application, the device won't go to sleep.

"u2714Gorgeous graphics
This application has the most gorgeous graphics ever seen in a level app.

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By Thornberry Consulting, LLC released on: 2010-02-05T08:10:12Z

The GeoEstimator application allows users to leverage the power of their iPhone or iPod touch. With this application users can place orders, check statuses, and utilize the pitch gauge.

* Easily order a roof report from your iPhone or iPod touch.
* Use the integrated pitch gauge to obtain pitch values from the ground or the roof.
* Get up-to-the-second order status.
* Get turn-by-turn directions from your current location instantly.
* Uses your current username and password so you can place your orders while on the go and review back at the office.

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Clarity Health Journal: Food Diary

By Clarity Health Journal released on: 2010-08-18T02:58:21Z

The Clarity Health Journal: Food Diary is a consumer health application that allows you to record body measurements (weight, girth etc.); Calculate Body Mass Index (BMI) and keep track of meals and calories. Graphing results of ongoing body measurements over time.

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Workout Diary Lite

By Sun Shaman Solutions released on: 2011-01-21T01:32:33Z

Workout Diary Lite is the iPhone and iPod Touch solution for recording all of your workout details. From casual exerciser to professional athlete - plan, track and record all of your exercises. It's ease of use and flexibility provides fast data entry and modifications for your workout, as you workout.

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iConverter Lite \u2014 Measurement Unit Converter

By BainthaBrak released on: 2010-12-23T03:37:37Z

Convert commonly used measurement units and currency rates with the help of this free app.
iConverter is a unit and currency converter application that provides quick conversion results and is very easy to use. It is an elegant unit and currency converter that features commonly used categories, units and currencies with all unit and currency conversion results available at a glance.


"u2713 Attractive and easy-to-use interfaces
"u2713 No internet connection needed for measurement units' conversions
"u2713 Long list of useful measurement units under 7 measurement categories
"u2713 Long list of useful currency rates
"u2713 Currency rates are updated automatically as well as you can refresh them at any time
"u2713 Calculator to perform extra calculations
"u2713 Add-to-favorites option
"u2713 Validation checks with useful messages to avoid invalid data input
"u2713 Shows the multiplier factor along with the resultant value(after conversion)
"u2713 Resultant value(after conversion) is rounded-off and shown in scientific notation to make it more readable


"u2713 Area
"u2713 Currency
"u2713 Data Storage
"u2713 Length
"u2713 Mass
"u2713 Temperature
"u2713 Time
"u2713 Volume

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By Hydro Pro released on: 2010-09-25T12:38:15Z

HydroPro is an interactive hydroponics app. This app has been designed with the grower in mind; choose from numerous veg and bloom formulas, research new products, and have conversion charts at your finger tips.

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Crisco Mobile

By The J.M. Smucker Company released on: 2011-02-28T05:34:05Z

Crisco"u00ae Mobile, presented by The J.M. Smucker Company, helps both the experienced and novice home chef create memorable mealtime moments with family and friends. Use Crisco Mobile on your iPhone"u00ae or iPod touch"u00ae mobile digital device to:
Select delicious, homemade recipes
Watch Recipe Videos
Create a grocery shopping list
Use the Tools menu to find helpful conversion guides, ingredient substitutions, and the perfect olive oil for your recipe
Receive promotion news

My Crisco
Use your My Crisco account to access your personal Recipe Box and Grocery List in the Crisco Mobile application or on the Crisco website. New users can create a My Crisco account for free!

Recipe Box
Store your favorite recipes in your Recipe Box for quick access. Add recipes to your Recipe Box from 15 recipe categories available in the Recipe Corner.

Grocery List
Select your favorite recipes and the Grocery List will organize your shopping list of ingredients either by items needed or by store department, i.e., baking items, dairy items, vegetables, etc. With your customized My Crisco account preparing meals has never been easier or more convenient.

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By Advansis Media released on: 2010-12-21T12:50:38Z

ContraCalc is a fraction calculator. It allows you to perform standard calculations using fractions and integers and decimals.
It is great for on the fly calculations such as how many 5 3/8" pieces can i split a 96" board?

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By DAVA Consulting released on: 2008-07-18T06:00:23Z

With a single touch your iPhone turns into a top accurate ruler.

Over 1,000,000 of people downloaded the Ruler and find it useful!

How does it work?
You can measure any object by simply placing it on the device screen or just next to it. By moving each line limiter one after another you can get the most accurate measurement. Feel like measuring in centimeters? No problem! Just switch from inches to centimeters on the information screen. Ruler saves your latest measurement and you can get back to it anytime.

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By Unitron Hearing Limited released on: 2009-05-05T08:44:18Z

Hearing Loss Myth: Hearing loss affects only "old people" and is merely a sign of aging.

Actually it is the reverse of what most people think. The majority (65%) of people with hearing loss are younger than age 65. There are more than six million people in the U.S. between the ages of 18 and 44 with hearing loss, and nearly one and a half million are school age. Hearing loss affects all age groups.

uHear™ is a hearing loss screening test which allows you to test your hearing to determine if it is within normal range, or if you have a potential hearing loss.

uHear lets you assess your hearing on any one or all three of these tests:

1. Hearing Sensitivity is used to determine the quietest sounds you can hear.

2. Speech in Noise is a measurement of your ability to understand speech in the presence of noise.

3. Questionnaire is a series of twelve questions regarding your performance in common listening situations.

If you do suspect a hearing loss, please seek the advice of a professional.

uHear was designed by Donald Hayes, Ph.D. Director of Audiology for Unitron Hearing.

Test yourself! Test your friends! Test your kids! Test your parents!

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What's My Size

By Girish Chavan released on: 2010-07-31T03:11:23Z

Dear Ladies,

Have you ever wondered why your size was different for different brands? And how are you supposed to figure this out without having to try out several different sizes, just to buy one piece of clothing? Have you wondered, when shopping online, what particular size would fit you? Have you ever wanted to buy something for your girlfriend, friend, sister or mother but were unsure of her size?

An article published by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) in 2002 says, "there are no longer any [industry-accepted] standard body dimensions that equate to standard garment sizes." This is why, for one brand you might be a size XS, while for another you might be a size S or a size 4. Isn't this confusing!?!

Well, fret no more, because we have just the App for you!! What's My Size? takes your own personal measurements and compares them to over 85 brands/stores, giving you your own custom size in each store. What's more, if you do not know your specific measurements, it lets you pick your favorite fit and compares this fit to other brands giving comparable sizes!

All you need to input are your chest, waist and hip measurements, and only once! What's My Size will do the rest!

All you men out there, we are working hard on supporting you too! :-)

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