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Disney Epic Mickey Digicomics

By Disney Publishing Worldwide Applicationsreleased on:2010-10-22T01:31:12Z

Welcome to Wasteland! Visit directly on your iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad the world where long-forgotten Disney icons of animation can find new life inspired by the Disney Epic Mickey videogame.


Select one of the six Disney Epic Mickey - Tales of Wasteland Digicomics and discover Disney Epic Mickey's world in a prequel to the videogame storyline. Read it on autoplay or tap into the panels to move throughout the page. Downloading the Disney Epic Mickey app, costumers will in plus have the chance to take a look at the map of Wasteland, the trailer of the videogame and the character files.


~ Includes the 6 Disney Epic Mickey - Tales of Wasteland digicomics: 1 digicomics for free and 5 digicomics bundle for just 2.99$

~ Read your digicomics, bookmark them and share them with your friends

~ Discover the characters section and read about Disney Epic Mickey's main icons

~ Offers also the map of Wasteland and the videogame trailer

~ Brand New Graphic Novel of The Videogame

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Dance Star Mickey

By Fisher-Pricereleased on:2010-10-01T01:30:47Z

The newest dance sensation has arrived and this mouse has moves you've never seen before! Dance Star Mickey wants you to be his dance instructor! C'mon join the party and create your own dance for Mickey and see if he really is a dancing star.

* Play: Choose Mickey's cool dance moves in any order you want...can you create the best combination? Press play and watch Mickey groove to your customized dance. Then, watch the judges determine if he's a dancing star!
* Shake: Create a mash-up of different moves that Mickey grooves to at any time during the game.

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Disney Digicomics

By Disneyreleased on:2009-12-21T07:36:40Z

"Highly recommended to Disney comic book fans everywherefilled with the same amount of detail and color we've all grown to love in Disney comic books."

Introducing Disney Digicomics — a collection of the most successful Disney comic books from around the world!

Choose from dozens of comics including Mickey Mouse's epic adventures in Wizards of Mickey; enjoy parodies of classic stories such as War and Peace, Casablanca, and The Adventures of Tom Sawyer starring your favorite Disney characters; have a quick laugh with Donald Duck and his friends in a series of adventures and short stories; and look for new comics available every week!


~ Disney Digicomics includes two free downloads from the Digistore: Disney's A Christmas Carol featuring Scrooge McDuck, and SuperDuck!

~ Purchase and download additional comics from the Digistore. It's loaded with dozens of comics including complete sets and volumes — look for new comics every week! Search characters and categories or browse Featured and Top Rated comics. Prices range from $0.99 to $1.99

~ Digicomics is tailor made for the collector. Collect complete sets of comics by character or category. You can even share pictures of your comics with friends!

~ Read your comics by scrolling pages or choose the Autoplay function and custom set your reading speed. Includes a handy Bookmark feature.

~ Comics from acclaimed writers and artists such as Stefano Ambrosio, Lorenzo Pastrovicchio, Giorgio Cavazzno, and many more!

***PLEASE NOTE: The Disney Digicomics application version 1.0.1 will temporarily be unavailable to you; this is because we are in the final stages of completing a new and improved Disney Digicomics version 2.0. This updated version will offer an enhanced user experience and improve upon the feature set that is currently offered however, DO NOT DELETE VERSION 1.0.1 or else you risk losing all your previously purchased Disney content. In order to consolidate your purchase history Disney Digicomics version 2.0 will automatically, upon download completion, ask you to transport your purchased content from your old "My Comics" section to the new one free of charge! Once this is completed you are free to enjoy this new magical reading experience.

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Disneyland Guide FREE

By LagoPixelreleased on:2011-02-08T02:42:58Z

Enjoy and experience Disneyland!

The Disneyland guide not only shows all visitors and day trippers interesting information around the park but also acts as a location based helper to navigate around the park.

* Browse entries by category
* Keyword search for all titles and descriptions
* Attractions sorted by categories, which can be searched separately
* All attractions (or categories) can be displayed together on one map and clicked to get to that item
* Search for entries "in the near" of the selected item
* Bookmarks
* History (display of recently accessed entries)
* Viewing of the attractions on the map without having to leave the application
* Sorting of the attractions by distance or alphabetically
* Display the distance to the attractions from your current position in both the list view and in the detail view
* Preview image for each entry in the list view
* A meaningful picture for each entry
* Automatic updating of data in order to use it online then offline.
* Leave comments for each attractions for others to see

Have fun and welcome to Disneyland!

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ezCricketScore LE

By t100software.comreleased on:2010-12-29T03:24:11Z

If you are looking for a better way to keep score while playing Cricket, this app is for you!

Engineered to run on your iPod Touch, iPhone, and iPad, this app will follow you wherever you go. This app keeps score for two players with points (including cut-throat point mode). Also, the Rules tab will help the beginner know how to play Cricket but it is also an extremely useful reference for the experienced player--especially the dart board set-up details.

This Lite Edition of the app is the same as the full version but has a small banner add at the bottom and does not include the 4-Player mode.

Finally, we need your help to make the app better! Development requires continual improvement, so please provide your feedback to help make that happen.

**If you are interested in playing a game with several friends, you can get the full version of the app called ezCricketScore! Get it in the app store or follow the link from within this app.

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