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By Dominik Seiboldreleased on:2010-09-16T02:51:49Z

Bubbling, which was the first app of its kind, is still the best and fastest way to create "bubbled" pictures. Choose the pic of your desire, mark the area that should be invisible and and the app will automatically generate the bubbled picture.

Simple, fast and easy.

NOTICE: In contrast to the competing bubbling apps, you don't have to to draw each bubble on your own! A smart and carefully designed algorithm will do the job and calculate the perfect bubble picture. If you're not satisfied with the result, you can repeat the computation by pressing the "Regenerate" button until you are.

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BYU Studies App for the iPhone

By BYU Studiesreleased on:2010-06-18T10:51:23Z

BYU Studies, the premier Mormon Studies journal, has been published continuously for over 50 years. In this quarterly journal, you will find articles from experts in a variety of disciplines--from LDS Church history and ancient scripture to art, music, and literature. BYU Studies also contains personal essays, poetry, and review of books, films, and other media.

This iPhone application puts each of those journals in the hands of the user at the swipe of a finger. Full PDF versions of each article or review in each journal are available through the BYU Studies iPhone app.

Also included is the ability for current subscribers of BYU Studies to log in to their web account and access the PDFs of the last two years of journals, which are restricted as premium content for current subscribers only.

Our developers are currently working on the second version of the BYU Studies App for the iPhone. This app will include the following new features:

- Ability to save content for offline viewing
- Search functionality

Stay tuned for version 2.0!

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