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By Netflix, Inc. released on: 2010-04-01T08:41:34Z

Get Netflix on your iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch. Just download this free app and you can instantly watch TV shows & movies streaming from Netflix.
It's part of your Netflix unlimited membership. Not a Netflix member? Start your FREE trial today.
Watch as often as you want
Resume watching where you left off on your TV or computer
Browse movies and manage your instant Queue right from your device

Note: Video out is supported on the iPad, iPhone 4, and iPod Touch 4G

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PhoneFlicks - Netflix Queue Manager

By Next Mobile Web released on: 2008-09-22T08:05:00Z

Remember the last time someone mentioned a movie and you just had to add it your Netflix queue? Then PhoneFlicks is the app for you!

PhoneFlicks is a FREE program that makes quick work of using Netflix on the go:

- Search a catalog of over 100,000 movies.

- Browse all the hottest New Releases, Instant streaming movies, Blu-Ray discs, favorite TV Shows, and more.

- Add, remove, reposition movies in your Netflix Queue with ease.

- Keep track of your rental history, recommendations, and reviews.

PhoneFlicks requires a Netflix account. PhoneFlicks is an approved Netflix, Inc third-party developer.

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iQueue Free - Netflix Queue Manager

By Elaydin Tech released on: 2010-10-30T06:52:09Z

iQueue provides easy and quick management of both your disc and instant queues.
Features include:
- Moving, Adding and Deleting Movies from DVD queue
- Adding and Deleting Movies from Instant queue
- Browsing and adding movies from Netflix recommendations
- Browsing and adding movies from various top movie lists
- Search feature provides movie matches as you type

iQueue uses the official Netflix APIs and OAuth standard for authentication. On first use, you will be asked to securely log in at a Netflix site. Once authenticated by Netflix, you will not have to log on again.

The app is split into 4 "tabs".
DVD Queue:
Shows your disc queue, with seperate sections for the discs you have at home, in the queue, and saved. Selecting a disc will show a window with more information. The "Reorder" button will allow you to delete or move any disc in your queue. Drag a movie by the three grey bars on the right side to move it to the desired location.

Instant Queue:
Shows the content of your "Watch Instantly" queue. Again, selecting a movie will reveal more information.

Allows you to browse the Netflix library, including a list of recommended movies, the Netflix Top 100, new releases, Top 25s in a variety of movie genres and instant movies by genre. Selecting a movie will reveal more information, as well as the available formats for the movie. The "Add" button will add the movie to a queue (either disc, instant or both, depending on the movie).

Allows you to search for any movie title. Results will be displayed as you type. Again, selecting a title will display more information and the option to add to a queue.

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WhichFlicks - Manage your Netflix Queue and Fin...

By RocketTools released on: 2010-09-23T05:10:47Z

WhichFlicks is a robust filtering tool that helps you find the best movie to watch. Pairing with Netflix, Netflix subscribers can easily add movies that they are interested in to their DVD or Instant Watch queue. Clicking on a movie lets you view a trailer in-app. If you have the Netflix app installed on your device, you can click to start watching Instant Watch movies immediately.

Filters include: Netflix Instant Watch, Blu-Ray, Netflix Ratings, Rotten Tomatoes Ratings, Movie Release Date, MPAA Rating, Genres, Awards and Actors.

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CineTap Mini for Netflix

By Imaginary Spinor LLC released on: 2010-12-15T09:22:38Z

CineTap Mini is a front-end interface for Netflix on iPhone/iPod touch.
"... amazingly fast and absolutely gorgeous ..." - The Unofficial Apple Weblog (TUAW)

Why CineTap Mini when one already has Netflix app?
Because CineTap Mini offers many unique features. In addition to the basic features available to Netflix app, you can:

- Watch thousands of high quality trailers and clips and YouTube movie trailers

- Sort movies by title, star rating, release year, maturity rating, and availability end

- Rate movies easily by tapping the stars

- Browse and manage your entire instant queue and disc queue with ease

- Play Netflix movies by seamlessly invoking Netflix app

- Search the entire Netflix catalog by title, actor, director

- Browse movies by over 400 detailed genres

- Browse movies by release year from 1927 to 2011

- Browse New York Times 1000 best movies ever made

- Browse hundreds of actors and directors information and movies

- Perform unlimited pivoting from movie to movie via similars, actors, and directors

Not convinced? See it for yourself: experience CineTap Mini risk-free since it is FREE!

Netflix account requirement:
* Most of the CineTap Mini features are now available to non Netflix members, making CineTap Mini a perfect way to preview on iPhone/iPod touch what Netflix has to offer
* Netflix account is required for movie playback, queue access and management, and rating movies.

Problems and Suggestions:
We are here to help resolve issues you encounter with the app and welcome any suggestions: Just email us at

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Dijit Universal Remote with TV and Netflix Listings

By Dijit Media, Inc. released on: 2010-09-15T06:28:10Z

IMPORTANT: To function as an infrared remote, this app requires the Beacon (coming in May) from Griffin Technology.

Turn your iPhone or iPod touch into the remote control you've always wanted. More than just device control, Dijit gives you easy setup, an interactive program guide, social networking with check-in and sharing, and the ability to walk from room to room and control everything in each room. Your iPhone and iPod touch have never been this useful.

Dijit works perfectly with your Griffin Beacon. Download it for free, pair via Bluetooth with the Beacon, and you are connected with your home entertainment system as well as your friends.

Using Dijit is incredibly simple. Add each device you want to control with just a few taps using our included device library. Add activities in just a few more taps to program multiple activities into a single button. Put in your zip code, pick your channel provider, and check out every program that you can watch. A few more taps and you can instantly tell your Facebook friends and Twitter followers what you're watching.


* Social networking built in so you can share your viewing status with your friends
* Program guide that works with every channel provider in the US
* Manage your Netflix instant streaming queue. Great for Roku and other Netflix-enabled devices
* WiFi support for Roku. No need for IR.
* Best-in-class search, including predictive search and genre search
* Activities to let you program multiple events from one button
* Built-in device code library for instant programming
* Integrated learning feature for unusual devices
* Customizable button layout
* Locations lets you set up multiple systems in different rooms or homes
* Gestures to simplify changing channels and volume

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FlicksMan - Netflix Queue Manager

By CMart Studios released on: 2011-02-24T03:30:52Z

FlicksMan is a Netflix queue manager that lets you manage your Netflix queue and browse the Netflix catalog like never before.

==== Netflix Queue Management ====

FlicksMan includes all the basic queue management functions:

- Move titles manually
- Move titles to the top of the queue
- Delete titles from your queue

In addition, FlicksMan allows you to sort your queue by the following criteria

- Star Rating (Highest to Lowest)
- Release Year (Newest to Oldest)
- Reverse Order (Flips the order of your queue)

And if you feel like shaking it up a bit, give your device a shake to randomize the order of your queue.

===== Netflix Catalog Browsing =====

FlicksMan provides a few powerful tools that enable you to search Netflix's extensive catalog of over 100,000 Movies and Televisions shows.

== Quick Search ==
Know exactly what you're looking for? Use the quick search option to search Netflix using the title of the movie you want.

== Super Search ==
Want to know the highest rated movies of the 90's available for instant watch, or maybe you're in the mood for a cheesy Horror movie with less than 2 stars?

Super Search allows you to customize your Netflix catalog search using the following filters:

- Title
- Genre
- Actor/Director
- Available Format (DVD, BluRay, Instant)
- Star Rating (Min and/or Max)
- Release Year (Min and/or Max)
- MPAA Rating

You can also order your search results by the following fields:

- Star Rating
- Release Year
- Netflix DVD Release Date
- Netflix BluRay Release Date
- Netflix Instant Release Date

For support, visit

*A Netflix account is required to use FlicksMan.

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Flicks Watcher - Netflix Instant View Listing

By Nelsotech released on: 2010-07-26T03:24:19Z

Have you ever wanted to know when Netflix releases a movie to be viewed instantly online?

This application simply provides an instantly updated list of the movies that Netflix releases online and when.

Never doubt when Netflix releases a new movie to be viewed online.

Enable Push and Badge Notifications to notify you when Instant View movies become available.

Includes Netlix Integration to "Add to Queue" directly from the application.

NEW! Flicks Watcher has been converted for use in Canada! Look under Region in the settings.

Please review, if you like. Contact me with any or all bugs.

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There are more than 300,000 iphone/ipad apps for just about any category you can think of including Netflix you looking for.

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