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New Jersey 101.5

By AirKast, Inc. released on: 2010-04-20T11:09:21Z

New Jersey 101.5 - Proud To Be New Jersey

New Jersey 101.5 has made it even easier to listen live. But, more than that, you can check out lyrics as the songs play, see artist and album information, discover fresh new music, add favorites, buy songs, and more.

The New Jersey 101.5 interactive radio player, powered by AirKast, gives you the freedom to listen - and interact - with New Jersey 101.5's programming anytime and anywhere.

No registration required.

Listen Live and More
In addition to listening live to New Jersey 101.5,you can check out lyrics as the songs play, and see artist and album information. Go ahead and "touch" the CD for full view, rotate it to the back like a real CD, view other songs on the CD, and even read reviews.

Need to check email or send a text message? Simply touch the "Background" button. When you're done, touch the "Return To full player" button.

You can also watch videos and listen to samples of recently played and most popular songs. Did you discover a new song that you like? We've also given you the ability to add to your favorites and buy them on the spot.

- Listen live
- Check out lyrics as the songs play
- See artist and album information
- Watch videos
- Review recently played and most popular songs
- Discover fresh new music
- Add to favorites and buy songs

About New Jersey 101.5
New Jersey 101.5 "Talks Jersey" with weather every 10 minutes, traffic every 15 minutes, and the latest New Jersey news. New Jersey 101.5...Proud To Be New Jersey!

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7Online - New York news, weather & sports

By LSN, inc. released on: 2009-10-20T07:00:00Z

7Online - New York news, weather & sports is the new application from WABC, offering local news, weather, and other content. We cover New York with:

- News that is time stamped for up-to-date content
- Weather (including radar, animated radar and severe weather warnings)
- Sports (including scores and news for professional and college sports)
- Flight tracker
- Horoscope
- Lottery
- Local movie times
- News video
- Photo slideshows
- School closings

If there is a video or slideshow with the story, then we let you know. Weather images provide constant access to your current weather, and sports scores are current with game play info where available.

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Jersey Me!

By BrennanMoyMedia released on: 2010-11-20T03:03:06Z

Wanna look like you've been down the shore!

Then get "Jersey Me!" it's a shore thing!

Puff your hair!

Put some cool shades on your face!

It's perfect for any situation!

Just take a pic (or choose one from your library) then click the "+" to add an asset!

Then take your finished pic and share it via Facebook. Twitter, e-mail, and more!

Comes with a few free items and get all the items as an in app purchase for only 99"u00a2

Get it now! It's Shore to be a good time!

Get your Jersey on!

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FindIt NJ

By New Jersey Monthly, LLC released on: 2010-12-12T06:22:03Z

The best shopping deals in New Jersey can soon be in the palm of your hand for FREE! At New Jersey Monthly, we know New Jersey that's why we developed the FindIt NJ iPhone application. FindIt NJ is your 24/7 resource for local listings designed to deliver the most relevant New Jersey info around from the New Jersey experts. Unlike Google, FindIt NJ ranks everything based on the discounts they're offering, how close they are to you, how highly rated they are online and what your social network thinks of the services they deliver. So when you're looking for a good restaurant... or electrician... or dry cleaner... you'll only get the best of the best on New Jersey Monthly's mobile app, FindIt NJ. Try it once, save a few bucks... and it'll be the most valuable app on your phone!

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Grenade Whistle Free

By Sean Farrell released on: 2011-03-01T01:45:09Z

Sometimes you need to sound the alarm and let your boys know WE'VE GOT GRENADES. Select from 4 different sounds for your Grenade Whistle.

Fend off grenades, landmines, hippos, anything headed your way with this loud app.

Also play the grenade whistle game. Catch grenades falling from the sky in your grenade whistle.

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Lotto Results

By My Lottos LLC released on: 2010-08-26T12:35:43Z

Quick and easy access to the latest state lottery results in the US. Features include jackpot information and up to one year of drawing history plus prize level/payout information.

Lottery results and jackpot information for Mega Millions, Powerball, Hot Lotto, Wild Card 2, 2by2, Win for Life and state lottery games:
* Arizona (The Pick, Fantasy 5 (Pick 5), CA$H4, 2by2, Pick 3)
* Arkansas (Cash 4, Cash 3)
* California (SuperLOTTO Plus, Fantasy 5, Daily 4, Daily 3, Daily Derby)
* Colorado (Lotto, Cash 5, MatchPlay)
* Connecticut (Classic Lotto, Cash5, Lucky-4-Life, Play3, Play4)
* Delaware (Multi-Win Lotto, Cash 5, Play4, Play3)
* District of Columbia (DC Daily 6, DC-5, DC-4, DC-3)
* Florida (Florida Lotto, Mega Money, FANTASY 5, PLAY 4, CASH 3)
* Georgia (Decades of Dollars, Win For Life, Fantasy 5, Georgia FIVE, Cash 3, Cash 4)
* Idaho (Wild Card 2, Double Play Daily, Pick 3)
* Illinois (Lotto, Little Lotto, Pick 3, Pick 4)
* Indiana (Hoosier Lotto, Mix & Match, Lucky 5, Daily 4, Daily 3, Quick Draw)
* Iowa ($100,000 Cash Game, Pick 4, Pick 3)
* Kansas (Super Kansas Cash, Pick 3)
* Kentucky (Decades of Dollars, Win For Life, Pick 3, Pick 4, Cash Ball, 3 Line Lotto)
* Louisiana (Lotto, Easy 5, Pick 4, Pick 3)
* Maine (Tri-State MegaBucks Plus, Tri-State Weekly Grand, Tri-State Pick 4, Tri-State Pick 3)
* Maryland (Multi-Match, Bonus Match 5, Pick 4, Pick 3)
* Massachusetts (CASH WINFALL, Megabucks Doubler, MASS CASH, Numbers Game)
* Michigan (Classic Lotto 47, Fantasy 5, Daily 3, Daily 4, Keno!)
* Minnesota (Gopher 5, Northstar Cash, Daily 3)
* Missouri (Lotto, Show Me Cash, Pick 3, Pick 4)
* Montana (Montana Cash,10 Spot)
* Nebraska (Pick 5, Pick 3, MyDaY)
* New Hampshire (Tri-State MegaBucks Plus, Tri-State Weekly Grand, Tri-State Pick 4, Tri-State Pick 3)
* New Jersey (Pick-6 Lotto, Jersey Cash 5, Pick-4, Pick-3)
* New Mexico (Roadrunner Cash, Pick 3)
* New York (New York Lotto, Pick 10, Take 5, Sweet Million, WIN 4, NUMBERS)
* North Carolina (Carolina Pick 3, Carolina Pick 4, Carolina Cash 5)
* North Dakota (Wild Card 2, 2by2)
* Ohio (Classic Lotto, Rolling Cash 5, KICKER (retired), Pick 3, Pick 4, Ten-OH!)
* Oklahoma (Cash 5, Pick 3)
* Oregon (Megabucks, Win for Life, Pick 4, Lucky Lines)
* Pennsylvania (MATCH 6, The Daily Number, BIG 4, Quinto, CASH 5, Treasure Hunt, Super 7 (retired), mix & match (retired))
* Rhode Island (Wild Money, The Numbers Game)
* South Carolina (Palmetto Cash 5, Pick 4, Pick 3)
* South Dakota (Wild Card 2, Dakota Cash)
* Tennessee (Tennessee Cash, Cash 4, Cash 3)
* Texas (Lotto Texas, Texas Two Step, Cash Five, Daily 4, Pick 3)
* Vermont (Tri-State MegaBucks Plus, Tri-State Weekly Grand, Tri-State Pick 4, Tri-State Pick 3)
* Virginia (Decades of Dollars, Win For Life, Cash 5, Pick 4, Pick 3)
* Washington (Lotto, Hit 5, Match 4, The Daily Game, Daily Keno)
* West Virginia (Cash 25, Daily 4, Daily 3)
* Wisconsin (Megabucks, SuperCash!, Badger 5, Pick 4, Pick 3)

* Tap Info icon on top left to change your location
* Tap Winning Numbers row to view drawing history
* Tap Next Drawing row to view prize level/payout information

For full-featured and ad-free lotto apps, search "my lottos" for other apps from My Lottos.

Please send questions/comments/requests to or visit

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By released on: 2011-02-14T10:15:06Z

Get the latest New Jersey news, weather, sports, jobs and entertainment info on your iPhone or iPod Touch with The Star-Ledger and 11 other leading newspapers across the state.

Customize the app's front page to show the news that you're most interested in. Use the app to quickly share headlines and articles via email, Facebook and Twitter. Then capture photos and video and send them directly to!

The app is produced in alliance with The Star-Ledger, The Times of Trenton, The Jersey Journal, Gloucester County Times, The News of Cumberland County, Today's Sunbeam, The News of Cumberland County, The Messenger-Gazette, The Warren Reporter, Independent Press, Suburban News and the Cranford Chronicle.

Download the app today!

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By CBS Interactive released on: 2010-01-12T09:43:21Z

Up-to-the-minute tri-state news updates from the CBS 2 newsroom
Hourly, daily, and extended weather forecasts customized for your neighborhood
Live Doppler radar images for your city and state
Updated videos from the latest CBS 2 HD News newscasts
Latest consumer reports and tips from CBS 2 Consumer Reporter Kirstin Cole
Detailed health reports from CBS 2's on-staff Drs. Holly Phillips and Max Gomez
New York political reports from CBS 2 Political Reporter Marcia Kramer
Follow WCBSTV and our reporters on Twitter

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WFMU Radio

By WFMU released on: 2009-08-01T11:49:51Z

WFMU, the freeform station of the nation, is now rocking a full-service app for your iPhone.

- Tune into our live stream in either 128k or mobile friendly 32k format as well as all our additional web-only channels including Ichiban Rock 'n' Soul, UbuWeb Radio, Do or DIY and Give The Drummer Radio.

- Listen to archives and podcasts of your favorite shows and download them for offline listening (via wifi only)

- Live commenting + Playlists! (Note: not all DJs enable this feature)

- Share your favorite songs via Twitter, Facebook or email

- Last.FM scrobbling

- Background play (via iOS4 for phones that support it or via Safari for older phones)

- Bookmark your favorite songs and purchase them directly from the iTunes store.

- View WFMU's Twitter feed, Station News, Beware of the Blog, Upcoming Specials and up to date schedule information

- Rewind live radio. Did you love that last song and want to hear it again? Rewind it without losing track of the live stream.

- Adjustable buffer settings to improve mobile listening.

- Free!

About WFMU
WFMU is a listener-supported, non-commercial radio station broadcasting at 91.1 FM to the greater New York City area. It is currently the longest running freeform radio station in the United States.

WFMU's programming ranges from flat-out uncategorizable strangeness to rock and roll, experimental music, 78 RPM Records, jazz, psychedelia, hip-hop, electronica, hand-cranked wax cylinders, punk rock, gospel, exotica, R&B, radio improvisation, cooking instructions, found sound, interviews with obscure radio personalities and notable science-world luminaries, spoken word collages, Andrew Lloyd Webber soundtracks in languages other than English as well as Country and western music.

Data for this app is served from / KenzoDB which was developed by Ken Garson.

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By CommuniqSoft Co. released on: 2010-10-22T01:32:03Z

iNJTransit puts the New Jersey Transit system schedule and stop locations in users' pocket. Look up the next bus arrival time with a few clicks!

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Weird N.J. Hauntings

By Tiki Interactive released on: 2009-10-31T01:46:25Z

Download WEIRD NJ HAUNTINGS NOW and be the first to go "weirding" with the first ever Weird N.J. iPhone/iPod touch App, a mobile version of the classic magazine!

Get INSTANT LOCATIONS AND DRIVING DIRECTIONS, check out real-time maps, take and email pictures, keep track of bizarre places you discover and get the
latest on new weird findings!

For over a decade Weird N.J. has been the best selling magazine and books detailing weirdness all across the U.S. Now with WEIRD NJ HAUNTINGS you can hit the highways and back roads of New Jersey in search of the odd, offbeat,
and just plain strangeness that makes the Garden State the truly bizarre place that it is. Through In-App purchase, you with Weird NJ you can also get Florida, Pennsylvania, and California!

WEIRD NJ HAUNTINGS includes these awesome features:


WEIRD GPS - Plan your trips to the bizarre using Google Maps and get locations and directions for driving to the most infamous cemeteries, apparitions and haunted dwellings in the Garden State!"t

BROWSE MODE - Browse through dozens of locations, photographs and stories for New Jersey's most haunted places including "Annie's Road", The "Devil's Tea Table", the infamous "Union Hotel" and the spirits that haunt New Jersey's legendary Colleges and Universities!

NEAREST WEIRDNESS - With this feature instantly locate all the weirdest stuff nearest to you!


WEIRD PASSPORT - The Passport feature AUTOMATICALLY keeps track of every place you actually visit and rewards you with a Weird Stamp!


MY WEIRD PLACES - Mark locations, photograph, and make notes about the strange and bizarre stuff you find!

WEIRD POSTCARDS - Share your road trips and pictures with your friends!


NEWS AND EVENTS - Get alerts for newly discovered locations and stay directly connected with Weird N.J. news and upcoming events!

Look for more locations through In-App purchase including:

WEIRD NJ - Travel to the most bizarre places in the Garden State!

WEIRD NJ VOL 2 - Find even more bizarreness in Jerzey!

WEIRD PA - Tour the oddities of the Keystone State!

WEIRD CA - Surf California's freeways in search of the weird and bizarre!

WEIRD FL - Search out Florida's roadside weirdness!

Visit Weird N.J. at

Visit Tiki Interactive at

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NJ Traffic Info

By Enter.Net, Inc. released on: 2010-02-21T12:38:27Z

NJ Traffic Info is New Jersey's #1 iPhone Application for instant streaming traffic cameras. By Downloading this application for the iPhone or iPod Touch you can create a list of your favorite NJDOT Traffic Cameras allowing you to check live traffic conditions 24/7!

*Please note, Enter.Net assumes no responsibility for the accuracy and availability of this information. Enter.Net also reminds you to always obey your local traffic laws and do not use a mobile device while operating a motor vehicle.

"I love this App!!! Easy to use and informative, I use it every day before I go home from work! A must have App for any NJ Driver or commuter! - Walter W.

I love having my own favorites list and the 'find closest cam feature', its one of the coolest things I saw on the iPhone" - SJM

NJ Traffic App Features:
- Up-to-the-second traffic camera images from cameras located in New Jersey
- Create a favorite list of your daily commute
- Access to hundreds of NJDOT traffic cameras across New Jersey
- "Find the closest" camera to your location with one touch


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NJ Lottery

By The Lottery Company released on: 2011-02-25T02:38:42Z

Check your results using the New Jersey Lottery Checker App free on your iPod, iPad, iPhone or iTouch and you'll have the information to hand, literally. With no cost and just a quick download this app makes checking to see if your numbers are winning ones fast and accurate!

You'll be able to check the Pick 6 Lotto results instantly as the details are updated as soon as the draw has taken place. The app also holds a database of previous draws back to 18th May 2009.

If you like to use random numbers for the New Jersey Lottery then let the free app pick for you - it will generate six random numbers every time you use the Random Number Generator.

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WRAT 95.9

By Stormy Productions released on: 2008-11-23T03:36:43Z

Snag this app and you'll set your ears to the fast paced rock music and sounds of 95.9 The Rat... from The Jersey Shore!

(WRAT-FM) 95.9 The Rat is a real terrestrial radio station, broadcasting over the air, online, and on your iPhone.

The Rat features a killer morning show featuring two comedic characters named "Carl and Marty" from 6 'til 10... and then it's huge slabs of Rat Rock from Metallica, Pearl Jam, Jimi Hendrix, Guns n' Roses, Led Zep, Nirvana, AC/DC, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Ozzy, STP, Aerosmith, Alice in Chains and tons more... plus some of today's greatest rock too... dished out by people who really love the music.

The Rat plays over 40 years worth of kicked up, guitar rock and roll. The Rat's listeners are the best! And their website,, is a great resource for all things "Rat Radio".

Do yourself a favor: Rock with The Rat today!

This app works with Edge, 3G and WiFi.

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By BEYOND.COM INC released on: 2009-10-23T07:00:00Z

The app allows you to instantly search and share highly targeted jobs in Philadelphia from top employers anytime, from anywhere! Designed to meet and exceed your needs as you search for your next great job on the go, this app will ensure that you are up-to-date with the latest job opportunities in your area of interest. Download the app to start searching jobs in Philadelphia instantly.

Search thousands of Philadelphia jobs by industry, keyword, and company.
Learn about new opportunities before the competition does via push notifications.
Use the built-in GPS to find jobs near you.
Save jobs and job searches to your list of favorites.
Review detailed job descriptions.
Share jobs through SMS and email.
Start the job application process on-the-go.
Access valuable career articles and videos for advice related to your job interests.

For more information about's unique approach to the job search, visit the website. In the meantime, download the app—after all, it's free!

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RE/MAX Mobile

By Smarter Agent released on: 2010-10-02T06:14:25Z

REMAX Mobile brings the New Jersey real estate market to your iPhone! For the first time, you have access to all homes for sale in the Garden State anytime, anywhere. From the New Jersey suburbs outside NYC to shore homes along the coast, REMAX Mobile lets you search thousands of listings and compare home prices from the convenience of your iPhone.

With RE/MAX Mobile:

Search thousands of listings in all nine New Jersey MLSs.

Utilize the GPS feature to search for homes near you.

Save favorites to quickly access properties later.

Send a property to a friend via text or email, or send the app using the "Send to a Friend" feature.

Utilize the "Call" feature to connect with a RE/MAX of New Jersey Professional in your area.


Already working with a REMAX of New Jersey Agent? Download the NJ app to stay connected with your Agent.

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Jewish Music

By WFMU released on: 2009-09-24T12:33:59Z

Great Jewish Music 24 Hours a Day Live on Your Phone. Jewish Moments in the Morning (JM in the AM), hosted by Nachum Segal. Visit us online 24/6 at Also broadcasting live 6-9 AM at 91.1fm in New York / New Jersey and at 90.1 fm in the Hudson Valley.

With this app you can:

- listen to JM in either 128k or mobile friendly 32k format and also
- hear archives of the show from the past month and download them for offline play
- Share your favorite songs via Twitter, Facebook or email
- Bookmark your favorite songs and purchase them directly from the iTunes store.
- Rewind live radio. Did you love that last song and want to hear it again? Rewind it without losing track of the live stream.
- Adjustable buffer settings to improve mobile listening.
- Free!

Jewish Moments in the Morning (JM in the AM),
hosted by Nachum Segal.

Visit us online 24/6 at
Also broadcasting live 6-9 AM at 91.1fm in New York / New Jersey
and at 90.1 fm in the Hudson Valley.

Remember The Past, Live The Present
And Trust The Future.

Both 128k and 32k streams are available

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New York City Tickets

By Mobile Ticket App, LLC. released on: 2010-04-12T08:37:51Z

The New York City Tickets Mobile Ticket App makes buying tickets to any event in New York City or any location easy. You can buy Broadway tickets, concert tickets, sporting event tickets or theater event tickets fast and easy. New York City Tickets has a huge selection of tickets with prices ranging from below face value to premium seats and selection.
The New York City Tickets Mobile Ticket App provides you with the power of the Internet in the palm of your hand with the intelligence of an iPhone app.

Now you can search and buy tickets from anywhere. You can search for venues, sports, and theater events based on your geographic location, or you can change your location in the settings menu. You can also search for any event through the easy to use search tool.

Ticket listings include a venue map that you can enlarge and shrink or simply hide. The results are easy to sort by section, row, quantity, and price.

All tickets purchased through the New York City Tickets App are 100% guaranteed authentic and genuine. The New York City Tickets Mobile Ticket App is safe and secure, protected by a privacy policy, encrypted data, PCI compliance, and secure keychain on your iPhone. Place your ticket request by phone or complete your entire ticket purchase through the app in minutes.

Thank you for using the New York City Tickets Mobile Ticket App.

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New! Big Buttons Box

By SpankMeApps released on: 2011-02-22T01:05:58Z

Big Buttons Box 3D

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America Radio

By Permeative Technologies Pvt Ltd released on: 2009-11-03T12:52:04Z

Have you ever seen rewinding Radio, going back and listening radio again and again. All these can be done with America Radio (Same engine of Time-Shift Radio).

America Radio is your fun and personalized radio. You can pause, listen live, rewind, seek back to any available position on the go with any radio station.
We give access to our entire America radio station library (which we keep on updating daily with new and better stations). If a radio station is not available in our library, you can add manually and listen to it, and also can be shared to public.

1. Lots of America Radio stations
2. Rewind to listen Radio again.
3. Pause/Continue Radio
4. Listen live Radio
5. Customize Seekback duration setting
6. Add and share custom radio stations
7. Manage your personalized favorite radio station list.
8. Supports .pls, .m3u, .asx(MP3 and AAC+), .xspf, raw MP3 and AAC+ urls
9. Can stream more than 96 kbps in Carrier network by customizing settings

Please do not get disappointed, if you don't see your favorite station. You can share your favorite station from the application or please mail us to and we will add to our library.

Enjoy Time shifting.

Our applications in AppStore
1. Time-Shift Radio
2. ClearIt
3. LinkIt
4. Peg Solitaire Pro
5. Beleaguered Castle Solitaire
6. Romantic greetings
7. iEggs
8. News Radio Pro
9. India Radio
10. Typing Class (Games)
11. Cricket Dart Pro
12. Dairy Pro
13. Hide N Seek
14. Sticky Balls
15. German Radio
16. Spanish Radio
17. 70s 80s 90s Radio
18. Sports Radio Pro
19. Adult Contemporary Radio
20. Clipboard pro
21. Arabic Radio
22. Christian Radio
23. Classical Radio
24. French Radio
25. Hits Radio
26. Dance Radio
27. Jazz Radio
28. Latin Radio
29. Local Radio
30. Lounge Radio
31. Oldies Radio
32. Pop Radio
33. Reggae Radio
34. Student Radio
35. Talk Radio
36. Rock Radio
37. Top40 Radio
38. England Radio
39. America Radio

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There are more than 300,000 iphone/ipad apps for just about any category you can think of including New Jersey you looking for.

We belive for every paid New Jersey app out there there is a equivalent free New Jersey app that can be downloaded from itunes free of charge. If you do not like that app you can always uninstall it without paying for it or worring about losing the money you paid for app you do not use.

Try out the free New Jersey apps to see if you like it before purchasing the more expensive versions of it.
- There are thousands of iphone developers daily release free iphone apps.
- Explore different New Jersey apps with free iphone apps and see if you like it before you pay for it.
- Just like trial software for non mobile operating systems, free iphone New Jersey apps let you explore similar tools before you purchase the more expensive version.
- For those of you looking for particular New Jersey app specific to a professional decipline search apps by Apps Popular Among Professions.

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