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Nickelodeon ParentsConnect FunOnTheRun

By Nickelodeonreleased on:2010-04-05T10:36:39Z

Parents need all the help they can get, and now you can carry Nickelodeon's's encyclopedic info in the palm of your hand! We've got over ten years of stroller-pushing, playground-pondering, restaurant-vetting, on-the-ground experience in more than 50 major cities and countless suburbs and smaller towns. And we're growing every day (so even if we haven't yet inspected the monkey rings in the park down the street from you, we want to - tell us where you are and we'll make sure you're covered!).

We're parents, too, and we built this for ourselves, but it's nice to share!

Features include:

*Auto-identify your location via GPS, or plug in a zip code or city and state
*Local categories - including Events, Indoor and Outdoor Fun, Restaurants, Stores, and Parent Escapes (because sometimes we all need "me" or "us" time)

*Look up addresses, phone numbers, and urls for thousands of local places to go and things to do
*Check store and restaurant hours, to make sure they're open before you go
*Descriptions and tips to help you decide if something's worth the trip
*Find great local events happening near you... or wherever you're headed
*Mark your favorites
*Email great finds to friends (or yourself!)

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Spongebob Marbles & Slides Lite

By Nickelodeonreleased on:2010-12-08T08:23:38Z

Try out 10 FREE levels from the #1 SpongeBob app, Marbles & Slides!

SpongeBob Marbles and Slides is a drawing-meets-physics puzzler that lets you play with SpongeBob and the rest of the Bikini Bottom gang as you never have before!

Help SpongeBob and friends foil Plankton's plot to steal the Krabby Patty recipe! Navigate crazy obstacles and Plankton's diabolical traps through various Bikini Bottom locations, rolling their marble-shaped bodies through level after level by drawing slides, using the environment, and tilting your device.

Earn bonus points based on how skillfully and quickly the levels are completed. Unlock achievements and more levels of play!

SpongeBob Marbles and Slides includes the following features:
* Explore 10 free levels.
* Use in-app purchase to unlock up to 60 levels of varying difficulty across Bikini Bottom.
* Draw lines to create slides and guide SpongeBob and his friends to safety
* Use a variety of special tools—flippers, cannons, teleportals, etc.—to solve each puzzle
* Compile a Spectacular Collection of Stuff: rack up achievements and collect tons of SpongeBob memorabilia

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SpongeBob Tickler Lite

By Nickelodeonreleased on:2009-07-01T07:27:48Z

Who lives in a pineapple under the sea and now on your iPhone? SPONGEBOB SQUAREPANTS!

The SpongeBob SquarePants Tickler is the virtual underwater iPhone buddy who lives in your pocket. Shake him, poke him, stretch him... you can even make him dance! With the SpongeBob Tickler you can take SpongeBob and Bikini Bottom with you wherever you go!

* Tap, shake and tilt to make SpongeBob talk and react to you!
* Hold your phone sideways and see your snail buddy slide by!
* Change the background scenes to all your favorite Bikini Bottom locations

Upgrade to the full version and enjoy additional features including:

* See other characters from the show like Patrick and Plankton!
* Explore an interactive Bikini Bottom environment.
* Play exciting mini-games, like Krabby Patty flipping, and Jellyfishing!
* Dress up SpongeBob with outfits and accessories and save your creations as wallpapers!
* Blow musical bubbles through your iPhones microphone!
* An all new set of sponge-tastic animations to discover, like splitting him in half and spinning him around!
* Tilt your phone to guide bubbles in a musical Squidward game.
* Keep track of all the amazing things you find with your secrets tab.

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SpongeBob Diner Dash Lite

By Nickelodeonreleased on:2009-10-12T07:50:22Z


SpongeBob™ Diner Dash"u00ae, the hit time-management game, is now available on your iPhone or iPod Touch! Mr. Krabs is expanding his Krabby Patty kingdom one restaurant at a time. In five unique undersea restaurants, it's up to you and SpongeBob to seat, serve and satisfy even the squirmiest of Bikini Bottom's patrons.

Try the Lite version for free and then Upgrade to the Full Version.

In the full version SpongeBob SquarePants fans can enjoy 50 levels of culinary chaos.

* 50 fast-paced levels
* 5 types of customers
* 2 modes of play
* Surprise guest appearances

How to Play

The key to the game is to keep your customers satisfied. SpongeBob can perform 5 basic actions: seat customers, take orders, serve food, settle bills, and bus tables. Faster service means happier customers, bigger tips, and a more glorious restaurant. Taking too much time results in customers getting up and leaving. Earn enough tips to win each level!

This family-friendly title is recommended for fans of Time Management and Casual Games such as Diner Dash"u00ae, Wedding Dash"u00ae, Sponge Bob Tickler, Supermarket Mania, and Cake Mania.

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d\u00e9Lire with Nickelodeon

By Ave!Comics Productionreleased on:2010-01-28T01:12:26Z

Previews of the best comics and graphic novels of 2009 and 2010 : it's in your pocket ... now !
Discover the youth selection ("S"u00e9lection Jeunesse") of the 37th Festival International de la Bande Dessin"u00e9e d'Angoul"u00eame on your iPhone or iPod Touch.
Get ready to be moved, excited, entertained by the albums (in French) that have been chosen by Nickelodeon and the jury of the festival for all ages (as young as 3yrs old).
Experience the revolutionary Comic Book reading technology designed for Ave!Comics ( and dive like never before into these stories.
Last but not least, vote for your favourite album : the album with the most votes will be awarded the "Prix Jeunesse" during the festival.

- Download sample pages (4 or 5) of all the comic books as they are made available.
- Beautiful shelf view to display the books.
- A revolutionary reading experience using motions that create an animated path through the stories.
- Easy and intuitive navigation between pages and animations.
- Full support for multi-touch, swipe, portrait and landscape mode.
- Vote for your favourite comic.

Application is translated in both English and French.
Comics and Graphic Novels available in French only.

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Gir invader Zim Dib Gaz sounds free

By Silvano Fern00e1ndez Garc00edareleased on:2010-12-21T08:00:16Z

Gir, Zim, Dib, Gaz and all the other characters sounds and quotes mega collection, free version, over 100 free sounds.

(buy the full version with over 880 sounds for only 0.99 on the appstore)

profesional recorded and selected.

totally free, get today !

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Laurie Berkner Band

By Mobile Roadiereleased on:2010-12-03T10:49:36Z

The Laurie Berkner Band is an American-based children's music band featured on Nickelodeon's preschool channel, Nick Jr.

Grab your F-A-M-I-L-Y, put a Pig on your Head, and join us for music, news, videos, tour dates, inside info, discussions with the whole LBB community, and much more! You can find all kinds of exclusive Laurie Berkner Band offers and a forum for families with lots of fun tips, ideas, and musical adventures!

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