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Lines to Addiction

By Good Apps UG released on: 2009-12-09T08:26:37Z

Skill & Strategy & Speed: Are you tired of always the same gameplays? 'Lines to Addiction' offers you a completely new gameplay we have developed especially for the touchscreen. Try out this challenging game of skill and strategy!

There are numbers arranged on every level. Connect the numbers by lines - with your finger. After every connection it's getting harder because there are more and more lines you can't cross (points are deducted for this). But you can cross through the numbers. It sounds simple but it's not! You have to play precise, clever and fast to reach all levels.

You get twelve nasty levels with increasing difficulty partly with treacherous obstacles. Only if you solve a level within a certain time you reach the next level. Are you going to solve all levels?

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By MobilEaZe LLC released on: 2009-07-04T08:24:37Z

Need a creative way to get that special someone's phone number? Tired of lame and unoriginal approaches? The key to the game is to be memorable.

DigitMan is based on the classic game Hangman, but with a twist. Finally, an exciting and unique way of approaching people of the opposite sex. DigitMan will even provide you with fun and easy to deliver pickup lines to help break the ice. It's an interactive way of getting that somebody's phone number that you have had your eye on.

No more awkward moments of nothing to say while searching for a pen and paper. Play a game, make it fun, and get to know each other in the process.

With a touch of humor throughout the application, it provides a great conversation starter. DigitMan even has you covered if you are worried about fake numbers! For iPhone users, a built in Lie Detector feature will let you verify the number right then and there. When all goes well, DigitMan will easily help you add your "New Friend" to your contacts. However, DigitMan can only do so much... after that, the rest is up to you!

DigitMan supports phone numbers in the following format: 555-555-5555. We are currently working on adding additional formats for other regions.

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