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By released on: 2009-12-15T04:31:42Z


Finalmente sul tuo iPhone, tutto il meglio dal mondo di Panorama magazine - gratis!

Troverai tanti approfondimenti e foto gallery sugli argomenti attuali e tutte le breaking news in una sola applicazione - quando e dove vuoi!

Suddivisa per canali dettagliati, l'applicazione potr"u00e0 soddisfare la tua voglia di essere sempre aggiornato sugli argomenti di maggiore interesse per te: economia, cultura, sport, cronaca italiana e estera.

Ti invitiamo a provarla e darci il tuo feedback

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Panorama FM

By MBC Group released on: 2011-04-11T11:36:12Z

"u0627"u0644"u0622"u0646 "u0639"u0644"u0649 "u0627"u0644"u0623"u064a"u0641"u0648"u0646. "u0625"u0633"u062a"u0645"u0639 "u0645"u0628"u0627"u0634"u0631"u0629"u064b "u0625"u0644"u0649 "u0628"u0631"u0627"u0645"u062c"u0643 "u0648"u0623"u063a"u0627"u0646"u064a"u0643 "u0627"u0644"u0645"u0641"u0636"u0644"u0629 "u0639"u0644"u0649 "u0628"u0627"u0646"u0648"u0631"u0627"u0645"u0627 FM.

Now on iPhone, Tune in now to listen to your favorite shows and singers on Panorama FM.

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Find the Coin: The 3rd Dimension Space Challenge

By Panorama Concepts released on: 2011-05-26T06:14:19Z

---Free for limited time only---

Experience a revolutionary award-winning addictive game that sets a new standard for the iPod Touch / iPhone / iPad platform!!

Find The Coin is an exciting arcade simulation game that offers timeless pleasure on your iPhone, iPod touch & iPad. A coin is hidden under of the the three cups and you are required to find it after the cups have been shuffled. With this Premium Version, you will immerse yourself in a full 3D experience and put your eyes to the ultimate test with 50 challenging levels! Watch your score climb to the top as you unlock new tables and blow away the competition as you compete with other players around the world.

"u25ba Unleash your eye & mind power to its maximum potential!
"u25ba Improve your attention & memory capabilities!
"u25ba An entertaining game suitable for all ages!


"u2736 Awesome 3D graphics, excellent music, sound effects and superb physics.
"u2736 50 original levels with 10 sets of beautifully designed 3D tables to unlock and explore.
"u2736 Challenge people from all over the world through integrated Game Center service.

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Pig City: The Quest For Freedom

By Panorama Concepts released on: 2011-05-27T12:52:41Z

---Free for limited time only---

Pig City is a fun and exciting game for the whole family. Experience this fast pig-rolling action!

Help! Help! Pigs are being slaughtered for food in a very cruel way. Can you navigate the pig quick enough in the city streets so as to receive enough support from residents in the city to ban cruelty to pigs?

Pig City is a addictive racing platform game where you help the pig escape from the farm and venture to the city. Tilt your iPhone/iPod/Pad forwards, backwards, left and right to guide Pig through the city streets, avoiding cars and other obstacles on your way to the finish line. Collect bonus stars and fruits in order to finish this awesome adventure!

How fast can you go? Let the race begin!


★ Universal App (supports iPhone, iPod Touch & iPad)
★ Game Center Leaderboards and Achievements
★ Progressively gameplay with 10 3D levels to unlock
★ Amazing sound and 3D graphics using Unity Engine
★ More updates, achievements and unlockables coming soon!

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Panorama Free

By Free the Apps! released on: 2010-12-17T08:00:00Z

Free The Apps brings you Panorama! Now you can take spectacular panoramic photos with your iPhone camera! This simple, easy to use camera app will allow you to take professional panoramic photos of anything you want.

Just take a few shots of your desired panorama and let the merger technology take care of the rest. In a matter of seconds, you will have an awesome panoramic photo! This app is great for those who want to take advantage of their camera's abilities.

Features include:
- Take panoramic photos with simple camera shots
- Automatically merge captures together into one panoramic shot
- Save and share your photos with friends and family
- Easy and simple to use

Of course, Panorama is FREE so check it out and get the most out of your iPhone/iPod Touch camera by taking some amazing panoramic shots today!

Please help us spread the word by giving us friendly feedback and rating our application. We appreciate all your support!

Free The Apps! brings you the quality of paid apps for FREE. Check out our other apps to see for yourself!

Give us a shout at:

Follow us on Twitter:

Like us on Facebook:

We hope you enjoy yet another FREE application from us. Cheers!
Free The Apps!

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Ultra Alarm Security

By Panorama Concepts released on: 2011-05-12T11:05:36Z



Featured on iPhone & iPad The Essentials and The 2011 iPhone app guide!

"Just activate it and put it in your handbag! You won't have your iPhone stolen"
"The ideal tool to stop your girlfriend from checking your SMS! BUT, make sure she does not have a heart problem!

Prevent strangers, friends, parents and your jealous boyfriend / girlfriend from unauthorized use of your device by activating Ultra Security's advanced motion and sound activated alarm system.

When activated, Ultra Security utilizes its proprietary Advanced Motion Detection (AMD) system to detect, quantify and analyze motion and nearby sounds and will produce a sequence of extremely loud alarm sound to ward of any unauthorized person. Choose from the following ultra alarm sound sequences:

- Alien Invasion
- Cyber Robot
- Fire Alarm
- Horror Scream
- Police Siren
- Restricted Access
- Smoke Alarm

Stop a thief, get you Ultra Security app and minimize your precious device from being stolen!

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Rotary Ring

By Panorama Concepts released on: 2011-03-30T07:26:05Z

Why do you need Rotary Dial Telephones?

---Ranked Top 10 Free app in over 20 countries!---

In this age of cellular technology where we have video conference calls, 3G, an old rotary dial phone is about as useful as morse codes.

Though, we should not forget that a phone's major task is still: place and receive calls. This is one task the Rotary Ring does quite well and in a stylish and elegant fashion. Also, with this mechanical dialling, you can think twice whether or not to make that call!

Travel back in time and experience the mechanical dialing era!!


- Authentic dial sound effects to bring back the lost memories rotary phones

- Accurate dialling of phone numbers

- Retro-Stylish Themes (10 Themes to choose from)

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Bayern-Panorama - virtuelle 360\u00b0-Touren & Applications

By Bayern-Panorama released on: 2010-10-19T01:56:44Z

360"u00b0 Panoramen und virtuelle 360"u00b0-Touren f"u00fcr unterwegs!

Mit unserem App sind unsere virtuellen 360"u00b0-Touren und interaktive 360"u00b0 Panoramen nun auch virtuell auf dem iPhone/iPod verf"u00fcgbar. Selbstverst"u00e4ndlich schon in iPhone4 Qualit"u00e4t.

Wir erstellen Ihr pers"u00f6nliches iPhone/iPod App im Handumdrehen.
Durch die Erstellung und Einbindung von 360"u00b0 Panoramen und virtuellen 360"u00b0-Touren, Fotos, Videos und Lagepl"u00e4nen sind unsere Apps sehr kosteng"u00fcnstig und wirtschaftlich.
Erreichen Sie "u00fcber 1,5 Millionen iPhone/iPod User in Deutschland und sogar "u00fcber 8 Millionen in ganz Europa.

Egal ob als Firmenportrait, Hotelprospekt oder Informationsblatt, Ihr Interessent hat das App unterwegs immer mit dabei.

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Mosquito Rush: Swimsuit Beach Party Girls Attack

By Panorama Concepts released on: 2011-07-24T10:44:12Z

★☆"u2764 It's SUMMER and it's time for Mosquitos to PARTY! "u2764☆★

---Free for limited time only---

You are the King of all mosquitos and summer is the time which you show-off your fellow mosquitos some bloodsucking skills by targeting beautiful bikini girls in the beach. Things will not go smoothly though, as you will have to steer away from insect repellents, poison pills and avoid enemies such as dragonflies, spiders, butterflies and many more.

"u2714 Enjoy action-packed gameplay, amazing graphics and electrifying sound effects.
"u2714 9 beautiful girls in 27 stages for you to challenge & conquer.
"u2714 3 gameplay slots provided for you to save the game.

Enjoy this Summer with Mosquito Rush!!!


Collect as many heart points as possible within the time limit to get money and finish the required target. During gameplay, you can acquire items such as invisible force field, fast-action pills, energy replenishing pills etc.

Avoid colliding with other insects, sprayed by repellents and accidentally obtaining poison pills that temporarily decreases your flying speed or deducts your energy bar represented by "HP".

Purchase defensive items at the shop. The Helmet is for collision with other insects and the gas mask is for repellent. Once purchased, these items will be automatically activated when under attack.

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By Microsoft Corporation released on: 2011-04-18T02:51:31Z

Interactive Panorama Capture and Sharing - Now in Version 1.1

"Crazy amazing", David Pogue, technology columnist for the New York Times
Gizmodo's App of the Day, April 18th, 2011
Over 3.5 Million Downloads, 4.73 Out of 5 Stars in the App Store

Photosynth v1.1 is now available and better than ever! We listened to the 3,500,000+ users who've downloaded our app and added some of the most requested features. We've streamlined the sharing experience and added the option to share via email. We added functionality to save cropped versions of panoramas to the phone's camera roll. And you can check out the best panoramas others are creating from across the planet in the Best of Bing Maps.

Photosynth for iOS is the panorama creation app that makes it easy and fun to capture and share interactive panoramas of the places, people, and events that are important to you. Using the latest in computer vision techniques, Photosynth allows you to not only make a panorama from left to right, but also up and down, enabling you to capture a full "sphere".

Once you've created a Photosynth you can share it as an interactive panorama experience to Facebook (via the free service) or as a simple image. You can also publish your panoramas to Bing Maps where millions of people can see your panoramas, both on the a map itself and in search results for the places you've captured. We've also added a "Best of Bing Maps" feature where we'll be showing off the best of what you and your fellow users create.

During summer 2011, we'll be giving away an Xbox with Kinect prize package to the best panorama entered every week as part of the Best of Bing Maps 2011 Contest. Winning panoramas will be featured on the Best of Bing Maps page of the app for the whole world to see and enjoy. Find details on the contest and how to enter in the app's Best of Bing Maps feature.

See your panoramas take shape as you capture them with INTERACTIVE CAPTURE
Look and capture in all directions with FULL-SPHERE PANORAMAS
See the final panorama right away with fast ON-DEVICE PROCESSING
Sharp, seamless results with the ADVANCED IMAGE STITCHING ENGINE
Panoramas are always available to view and share from the ON-DEVICE LIBRARY
Explore the world's best panoramas every day with BEST OF BING MAPS
Zoom, pan, and rotate your panorama in any direction with our IMMERSIVE VIEWER
Save your panoramas to the cloud and view them online at PHOTOSYNTH.NET
Share to Facebook with images or interactive panoramas
Share to Bing Maps to see your panoramas throughout Bing
Share to Email to send images of your panoramas directly to friends
Your panorama images are available to any app from the Camera Roll
Photosynth's unique capture experience requires an iPhone 3Gs, iPhone 4, iPad 2, or iPod Touch (Fourth Generation).

What's New:

Best of Bing Maps - See the very best panoramas from around the world (and submit your own!)
Summer Xbox Contest- The best panorama entry each week wins an Xbox with Kinect
Email Sharing - Crop and send images of your panoramas via email
Streamlined Sharing - Publish to Facebook and Bing Maps at the same time
Camera Roll - Crop your panoramas inside the app and save them to the device
Bug Fixes - Multiple fixes from v1.0 including Windows Live ID sign in issues
Flexible Licensing - Change the third-party sharing rights of your panoramas
More Places - Choose from a wider variety of places to associate with your panorama

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By Dermandar released on: 2011-06-08T02:25:12Z

DerManDar for iOS lets you capture and share panoramas in just seconds. It's easy to use and its fun interface will change the way you take photos!

- Fully automated capture system
- Blazing fast stitching, see the results in no time
- Immersive 3D viewer, pinch or double tap to zoom, autoplay...
- Full 360 panoramas
- On- device local gallery
- Web gallery to enjoy thousands of public panoramas
- "Near me" gallery, see panoramas near your location
- No need to register anywhere to save your panoramas on your device
- Sign up/sign in and upload for free to

- Without a DerManDar account:
* Facebook, share an image
* Twitter, tweet a link to an image
* Email the pamorama as an image
* Save to your Photo Album
- With a free DerManDar account:
* Facebook, share a link to an immersive 3D viewer page (HTML5 and Flash)
* Twitter, tweet a link to an immersive 3D viewer page (HTML5 and Flash)
* Copy the link (to paste it somewhere else, like in an SMS)

Quick-start guide:
- Hold the device in portrait mode and avoid tilting it
- Tap the camera button
- Rotate the device to the left or right
- When the two shapes on top form a circle, an image will be taken automatically
- Keep rotating the device in the chosen direction
- Tap the camera button again or put the device in landscape orientation to stitch and view the panorama
- If you want to keep the panorama, tap the save button on the viewer page and go back to your gallery
- Tap the home button anytime to cancel shooting

Coming soon:
- iPhone 3GS support
- Favorite panoramas
- Geotagging
- Improved shooting UI

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Rock Paper Scissors RPS Mania

By Panorama Concepts released on: 2011-03-04T07:10:22Z

Why play Rock, Paper, Scissor against a computer when you can play with not one, but three attractive elite models, Vico, Yumi and Miya in RPS Mania!

RPS Mania is the premier, RPS game for iPhone and iPad that utilizes state of art video interactive A.I system, whereby the girls, Vico, Yumi, Miya's playing pattern has been integrated to the app. User's playing pattern are also monitored to ensure maximum addiction and playability.

"Eye-popping" bonus pictures of Yumi, Vico and Miya will be displayed when you fully beat them, so monitor your cashpot, choose your move carefully and let the show begin!

So what are you waiting for? Download RPS Mania, and test your RPS skills. Vico, Yumi and Miya are eagerly waiting for you! Be warned, they are not easy to beat!

This is a universal app, so one purchase is sufficient for use on the iTouch, iPhone, iPad!


★ Great graphic design and crystal clear video gameplay brings you hours of pleasure
★ Innovative A.I programming that ensures you will always get a challenging game
★ Great sound effects plus automatic save feature function







★ "u7d20"u6674"u3089"u3057"u3044"u30b0"u30e9"u30d5"u30a3"u30c3"u30af"u30c7"u30b6"u30a4"u30f3"u3068"u30af"u30ea"u30b9"u30bf"u30eb"u30af"u30ea"u30a2"u30fc"u306a"u30d3"u30c7"u30aa"u30b2"u30fc"u30e0"u30d7"u30ec"u30a4"u3067"u4f55"u6642"u9593"u3067"u3082"u904a"u3079"u307e"u3059
★ "u9769"u65b0"u7684"u306aA.I"u30d7"u30ed"u30b0"u30e9"u30df"u30f3"u30b0"u3067"u3044"u3064"u3067"u3082"u30c1"u30e3"u30ec"u30f3"u30b8"u30f3"u30b0"u306a"u30b2"u30fc"u30e0"u3092"u30d7"u30ec"u30a4"u51fa"u6765"u307e"u3059
★ "u7d20"u6674"u3089"u3057"u3044"u30b5"u30a6"u30f3"u30c9"u30a8"u30d5"u30a7"u30af"u30c8"u3068"u81ea"u52d5"u4fdd"u5b58"u6a5f"u80fd

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White Wedding

By Panorama Concepts released on: 2011-03-02T05:36:40Z

Every girl dreams of her perfect wedding day, when she is a princess for a day in a beautiful white gown, walking on rose petals and dancing with her prince charming. Make all your wedding dreams come true with White Wedding! Plan every tiny detail of this special day!

Imagine you are the bride and dress her up choosing the most amazing bridal gown, hairstyle, jewelries to match her dream look, a perfect flower bouquet, wedding cake, and more.

Do not forget that every bride has to go down the aisle with a perfect groom. Choose the outfit for your partner and watch your wedding unfold in front of your very eyes! When the time to tie the knot will come you'll be 100% ready!

This is a universal app, so one purchase is sufficient for use on the iTouch, iPhone, iPad!


★ Start by selecting your fantasy groom. Then choose a tuxedo and a nice hairstyle for him.

★ Choose the best wedding dress ever, your favorite shoes, necklace and a hairdo. Create your own inimitable style!

★ Select from 4 magical locations including secret garden, farmland, tropical beach or the traditional terrace with a 180 degree sea view.

★ Pick your wedding cake, the best drinks and choose your favorite flowers. Decorate your wedding location to make it look like in your dreams!

★ Share your dream wedding via Facebook with your friends and your special loved one! It will be automatically posted under the White Wedding album. Enjoy it!

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Fotopedia Heritage

By Fotonauts Inc. released on: 2010-08-10T07:00:00Z

Celebrate the beauty of our world!
This app was recently selected as one of the top 50 apps of all time in Apple's new Hall of Fame. With 25,000 awe-inspiring photos, this much loved app has been called the world's largest photo book, an inspiring travel guide, an entertaining teaching device and even a bed-time relaxation tool.
Created in cooperation with the UNESCO World Heritage Centre, Fotopedia Heritage provides a virtual passport to the hundreds of sites that constitute the world's collective cultural and natural human legacy.

Enjoy and share a daily dose of stunning views with these fun features:
Point-of-Interest Descriptions - Learn about each World Heritage site with thorough descriptions by the UNESCO and Wikipedia.
Travel Planning - Keep track of destinations in Favorites and save time with direct access to TripAdvisor.
Instant Slideshow - Transform your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch into an endless, beautiful photo frame.
Wallpaper - Choose from thousands of high-resolution photos for use on your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch.
Social Media - Share your favorite images via email, Facebook and Twitter.
Search & Navigation - Explore the beauty of our world effortlessly with Smart Tags, Smart Previews, Search boxes and Interactive Maps.
Shuffle - Shuffle and your journey will never be the same. Shaking your device may be the fastest way to travel the world.
Retina Display - Experience the beauty of our world as a spectacular visual experience.

With our thanks to the Fotopedia community of photographers who created or contributed so many of the world's most beautiful and representative photos, while curators carefully sorted and selected them to provide a stunning experience.

Let's be friends: or @fotopedia on Twitter.

★ "I love the app because it lets me dream about traveling to places around the world. It also lets me show my kids different historic sites around the world. It's like a new kind of atlas with thousands of photos at your fingertips." - Robert Scoble
★ "The Fotopedia photo book app goes well beyond what any conventional coffee table photo book can offer, making more than 20,000 high quality images of World Heritage sites available literally at your fingertips." - Erick Schonfeld (TechCrunch)
★ "The photography is inevitably stunning and the information included easily means the app is -- probably without even trying -- one of the best travel guides currently available." -
On Twitter:
★ @wildpeeta Fotopedia...Travel without moving ;-)
★ @paukee if you ask me, Fotopedia is one of the best and most interesting iPhone/iPad apps ever!
★ @woischnik Another great app that makes me want to buy an iPad."u2028
★ @frankguillen: Fotopedia launched a delicious and user-friendly iPad app. It's a joy... too cool to be free ."u2028

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Click Sushi

By Panorama Concepts released on: 2011-02-24T02:28:20Z

What is your favorite Sushi? Is it the Sweet Shrimp, California Roll or Fresh Water Eel? Click Sushi is the ultimate Sushi matching game that showcases the most popular Sushi around the world.

In each level, you have just 1 min and 30 secs to match the type of Sushi based on the icons displayed on the screen to unlock new categories of Sushi!

--- Features ---

★ Sushi for you to unlock in 30 levels. Do you know them all?
★ Automatic Game Save feature when you quit the app. You won't lose your achievements!
★ Global Leaderboard with scores to compete with friends and players around the world!

Gain the lead! Meet the challenge, pass this ultimate test and prove to everyone that you are a true lover of Sushi!

May 2011 Top 10 Global Scores:


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Natural Sleep

By Panorama Concepts released on: 2011-04-15T04:23:02Z

Natural Sleep utilizes sequences of binaural tones combined with soothing ambient nature sounds to stimulate your brain to achieve different states of mind: "Deep Sleep", "Relaxation" and "Meditation" by focusing on generation of Theta and Delta brainwave frequencies.

"u25ba Theta Brain Waves: occur between 4 - 7 Hz. Mental activity includes daydreaming, fantasy, imagination, ideas, inspirational thinking.

"u25ba Delta Brain Waves: occur below 3.5 Hz. This is total unconsciousness, deep, dreamless sleep.

Note: If you have any prior medical conditions such as seizures consult your physician before using Natural Sleep. The app should never be used while driving or operating machinery.


"u263c Click and tap on a set of 25 predefined programs and just sit back and enjoy the visual and audio paradise:

"u272e Accoustic Guitar
"u272e Amazon Jungle
"u272e Bondi Beach
"u272e Chill Out
"u272e Country Music
"u272e Digital Frontier
"u272e Dreamy Night
"u272e Forever Fantasy
"u272e Happy Birds
"u272e Jungle Frogs
"u272e London Subway
"u272e Morning Forest
"u272e Mystic Temple
"u272e Nostalgic Reflections
"u272e Romantic Evening
"u272e Rome Morning
"u272e Sea Lion
"u272e Sweet Memories
"u272e Synthetic Sunrise
"u272e The 3rd Dimension
"u272e Tibetan Mediation
"u272e Tokyo Street
"u272e Tropical Thunderstorm
"u272e Waterfall
"u272e Zen

"u263c Quick Night Timer for setting various time intervals to allow you to peacefully fall asleep in hassle free way. Fade Out function provided.

"u263c Wakeup Timer allows you to wake up to the sounds of nature or ambient music. Just set your preferred time and favorite sound theme. Snooze feature provided.

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Tour Wrist

By SPARK LABS released on: 2010-03-29T08:18:22Z

Featured by Apple! Winner of the 2011 Communication Arts Interactive Annual!
Experience what some are calling the #1 Free App of All Time.
"One of the most spectacular virtual-tour user experiences I've seen" - Fast Company Design
"It just blows me away You will love this, I guarantee it." - Adam Curry's The Big App Show
"One of the slickest iPhone apps on the planet I cannot sing its praises enough" - The Next Web

With Tour Wrist"u00ae, iOS devices become portals. So when you point your device up, you'll truly appreciate a new property's grand staircase. Turning around will give you the full stadium seating experience. And looking down will reveal just how much leg space a vehicle has to offer. And even if you don't have an iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPad or newer iPod Touch, you can still view "tours" through our intuitive, touch-based controls. Check out travel destinations one minute, hotels and restaurants the next, or even look inside new homes. With powerful search, sort and sharing tools, Tour Wrist"u00ae gives you the power to travel, remotely.

Creating tours is just as fun and easy too! Check out to learn more about the professional options available, or to do it yourself, try using a panoramic photography app. With the Tour Wrist API (released July 8, 2011), any panoramic photography app developer can now include a free "Publish To Tour Wrist" function. And if you're not sure whether your favorite panoramic photography app will be including this feature, be sure to let them know you want it. Soon, you'll be able to seamlessly shoot, share - and even market - your surroundings with the rest of the world!

Breakthrough, 3D-viewing technology tracks your device movement to show corresponding views on-screen.
Intuitive, touch-based navigation as well.
Access to beautiful imagery from some of the world's most talented photographers.
Powerful filtering allows you to search by keyword, geography, popularity, and more.
Supporting descriptions, maps, and web links give you a broader understanding of each area you explore.
Bookmark your favorite tours, and even share them via email, Twitter, or Facebook.
Tour Wrist"u00ae is entirely free!

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Wallpaper Factory HQ

By Pocket Books released on: 2010-08-31T10:49:57Z


Now Wallpaper Factory at your fingerprints with the most remarkable wallpapers collection so far.
Create a personalized background in your iPhone and iPod Touch with more than 1 million and high quality outstanding wallpapers from wallpaper factory.


*Best of Limitless collection, with more than 100 categories!
*A lot of astonishing, comprehensible and high resolute pictures.
*Very Easy navigation- swipe, zoom, and pinch.
*Updated regularly by User and Content mgmt. team
*Super Fast-loading.
*Select your favorite one & save it.
*Add to contact and share it.
*Rating facilities are included with other more attractive features.
*Outward show available with popular, recent, random options.
*Unlimited Download.
*All the pictures are stored on multiple servers for the most favorable performance of the Wallpaper Factory.
*Uploading Facility for the user with "u2018Upload from Library' and "u2018Upload from Camera'.

NOTE: After the uploading, each image will be moderated by our team and then only the perfect wallpaper will turn up in Wallpaper factory.


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Camera HD Jr - Widescreen Photos

By George Talusan released on: 2009-09-25T07:00:00Z

Shoot widescreen photos. Camera HD Jr lets you customize your camera's aspect ratio so you can expertly compose your pictures. Capture spectacular panoramas in 16:9 widescreen. Shoot to match your video project. Create portraits in a perfect square. Fully customizable aspect ratio gives you complete control over the shape of your photos. Camera HD Jr automatically crops your pictures giving them the professional look of a high-end camera. Perfect for anyone using Flickr, Facebook, Twitter or MySpace.

"u2713 Fully customizable aspect ratio
"u2713 Live preview (what you see is what you get)
"u2713 Includes popular standards like 16:9, 4:3, 3:2, 1:1
"u2713 Quick and easy to use
"u2713 Supports landscape and portrait
"u2713 Remembers your last used setting
"u2713 Crops images (doesn't just add black bars)
"u2713 Shoots photos at your camera's highest quality
"u2713 Far more aspect ratios included than most cameras
"u2713 View and share your photos

★ 1:1 Square
★ 1.10:1 Boxy
★ 1.25:1 Stubby
★ 4:3 Standard
★ 1.43:1 IMAX
★ 3:2 35 Millimeter
★ 1.56:1 TV Commercial
★ 1.66:1 European Theater
★ 16:9 Widescreen HD
★ 1.85:1 US Theater
★ 2:1 SuperScope
★ 2.20:1 70 Millimeter
★ 2.39:1 Panavision
★ 2.59:1 Cinerama
★ 2.75:1 Ultra-Panavision 70
★ 3:1 Super Widescreen
★ 3.5:1 Extreme Widescreen
★ 4:1 Polyvision
★ 5:1 Ultra Widescreen
★ 10:1 Thin Strip

Photos may not appear to be cropped in your camera roll since they are automatically zoomed to fill the iPhone's screen. Just zoom out to see your cropped photos. Full quality photos downloaded to your computer will also be properly cropped.

Upgrade to Camera HD (the full version) now to get crystal clear photos with no ads.

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Shanghai Party Girls

By Panorama Concepts released on: 2011-02-03T04:28:37Z

Shanghai Party Girls, the no. 1 mosiac style puzzle game that captures real attractive and elegant Shanghainese girls from the Oriental Pearl's night scene.

It is the ultimate VIP access to Asian beauty at the access of your fingertips.


★ 30 challenging mosiac style puzzles to improve your concentration and memory skills.
★ Saved Image function for puzzles solved for future viewing pleasure.
★ Includes dynamic and energetic Techno based music during gameplay.

Note: The pictures are not obtained on internet search engines, but captured from by an expatriate living in Shanghai.





★ 30"u306e"u30c1"u30e3"u30ec"u30f3"u30b8"u30f3"u30b0"u306a"u30e2"u30b6"u30a4"u30af"u30b9"u30bf"u30a4"u30eb"u30d1"u30ba"u30eb"u3067"u96c6"u4e2d"u529b"u3068"u8a18"u61b6"u529b"u3092"u9ad8"u3081"u307e"u3059"u3002
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Pangea VR

By Pangea Software, Inc. released on: 2008-07-11T07:00:00Z

Now with iPhone 4 retina display support!

Pangea VR is a utility for viewing interactive VR panoramas on the iPhone. It allows you to download and view 360"u00ba images and interact with them in 3D!

This utility is great for panoramic photographers who want to be able to view their work anywhere they go, or for people who are simply curious about panoramic photography. It is also useful for real estate agents who have virtual tours of their properties, since they can use PangeaVR to show their tours right on their iPhone!

Hundreds of panoramic photographers from around the world have contributed to PangeaVR's built-in database, so you can immediately view hundreds of panoramas from across the globe.



Billy Frontier
Bugdom 2
Enigmo 2
Cro-Mag Rally
Nanosaur 2
Otto Matic
The Finger

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