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By PayPal, an eBay Companyreleased on:2008-07-11T07:00:00Z

Send money to your friends, manage your account, and more, with the PayPal app. It's free, secure and more convenient than going to the ATM, writing checks, or sending gifts the traditional way.
Send money as gifts, collect money for a group gift, or repay a friend for FREE*
Snap a photo of a check to add money directly from your iPhone, no fees apply
"Bump" to exchange contacts and send money
Check your balance, withdraw funds, or view past transactions - anytime, anywhere
As always, your information is secure with PayPal

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eBay, eBid, Amazon, & PayPal Auction Calculator Lite

By logicworksreleased on:2010-11-09T09:32:16Z

Auction Calculator Lite is a comprehensive and user-friendly set of fee calculators and "reverse" calculators for 5 top auction sites: Amazon, eBay, eBid, and PayPal. We created this app to help you save time and money. The fee calculators provide you with all the tools you need to calculate fees for all combination of listing upgrades, categories and auction types, while the reverse calculators let you know the minimum price at which you need to sell your item in order to make your desired profit.

This app contains advertisements but the full version of this app does not. If you would like to upgrade use the "i" button on the the main menu for a quick upgrade link.

This app is universal. It includes an iPad & iPhone version, which means you get two applications in one. It also includes Retina Display textures. The clean, crisp high-resolution textures make the application look stunning.

*This app only provides US Site Calculators & requires iOS 4.0+. The full version supports iOS 3.2.



The eBay with PayPal Fee Calculator allows you to calculate the fees for an eBay listing, given the closing price, item cost, other eBay costs and any shipping costs, while the eBay with PayPal Reverse Calculator lets you enter your desired profit and quickly calculate your optimal selling price. (Reverse Calculator not available for eBay Motors items due to eBay's tiered fee structure.)

Notable features:

* Auction and Fixed Price
* Reserve and Buy It Now
* All Categories
* Power Seller Discounts
* eBay Store, Motors & Real Estate
* All Listing Upgrade Fees
* Integrated PayPal Fee Calculator
* Reverse Calculator


The eBid with PayPal Fee Calculator allows you calculate the fees for an eBid listing given the closing price, item cost, and any shipping costs. This calculator also contains an eBid Reverse Calculator which lets you enter your desired profit and quickly calculate your optimal selling price.

Notable features:

* Seller or Seller+ Account
* All Listing Upgrades
* Integrated PayPal Fee Calculator
* Reverse Calculator


The Amazon Fee Calculator allows you calculate the fees for an Amazon listing given a closing price, item weight, item cost, shipping cost and the shipping credit. This calculator also has an Amazon Reverse Calculator which lets you enter your desired profit and quickly calculate your optimal selling price.

Notable features:

* Individual or Professional Account
* Includes All Categories
* Includes All Shipping Types
* Includes The Latest Shipping Credits
* Reverse Calculator


The Fee Calculator allows you calculate the fees for a listing given a closing price, item cost, shipping cost. This calculator also has an Reverse Calculator which lets you enter your desired profit and quickly calculate your optimal selling price.

Notable features:

* Includes All Categories
* Includes All Shipping Types
* Includes The Latest Shipping Credits
* Reverse Calculator


The PayPal Fee Calculator allows you calculate the fees for receiving a payment from someone locally or internationally. The PayPal Reverse Calculator lets you enter your desired payment and quickly calculate the amount you need to be sent in order to receive that desired payment after PayPal deducts its fees.

Notable features:

* Domestic Rates
* International Rates
* Custom Rate Override
* Reverse Calculator

These calculators' fee structures are current through September 2010 and any future changes to the fee structures will be incorporated promptly.

If you find any inaccuracies with the calculator please send us a email with all the data and settings you entered.

Please email with suggestions for future features, improvements or bugs.

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Pageonce - Money & Bills

By Pageonce, Increleased on:2008-07-11T07:03:36Z

Pageonce automatically organizes and tracks your money and bills. See your banks, credit cards, bills and investment accounts in one simple place. Control where your money goes and get important real-time alerts and reminders about your accounts. You can even track your frequent flyer miles, rewards, mobile minutes, text and data usage. Pageonce is safe and secure, and was chosen by over 3 million people to simplify their daily financial lives.

Key features of Pageonce:
Track all your money and bills in one place
Receive bill due date reminders
Get important account notifications
Protect your account with real-time alerts
Monitor credit card & bank transactions
View detailed bill & account statements
Track your investment portfolio
Track frequent flyer miles and rewards
Track mobile minutes, text and data usage
Add an unlimited number of accounts
Safe and secure - trusted by over 3 million people
Enjoy well deserved financial peace of mind

Trust us - the New York Times, CNN, Fox News, CNET, TechCrunch and many more do!

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eBay Deals

By eBay Inc.released on:2009-11-21T06:59:32Z

The eBay Deals application is your tool for finding and buying the best deals on eBay. Swipe and flick through all of the best deals imaginable! Check out the Daily Deals and deals ending soon or create your own deal search just for you!

You can create, edit, and save your personalized searches so that you won't miss out on that must have item. The eBay Deals application even lets you share the items you find on your favorite social network. Upcoming releases will enable you to set alerts for the deals that mean the most to you.

The eBay Deals app puts the best deals in your pocket wherever and whenever you want to shop.

To make the most out of your deal hunting, make sure you've downloaded eBay Mobile as well. Our main app is designed to run natively on the Apple iPhone and the iPod Touch. eBay members can search, bid, pay, and check all of their activity on the go. Buyers can sneak in that last-minute bid on a hard-to-find item, sellers can check on their sales, and act on time-sensitive information on the spot without a computer. eBay is open for business anytime and anywhere on the Apple iPhone and iPod Touch.

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Warranty for iPhone

By SquareTrade, Inc.released on:2009-12-07T07:49:10Z


In celebration of the launch we are taking 35% off!! Making the price $81 Use code VPHONE

25% of iPhones break because of drops and spills - issues that are not covered by the iPhone manufacturer warranty or by AppleCare. A SquareTrade warranty costs just $99 and provides you 2 years of coverage from all normal use and accidental damage issues.

SquareTrade's best-in-class service is rated 5-stars on NexTag and 4.5 stars on the App Store.

Signing up takes 2 minutes. Download this application - it validates your iPhone's eligibility. Then use the application to purchase the iPhone warranty.


Gizmodo: "SquareTrade's iPhone warranty covers Clumsiness, Stupidity and Human Nature"

Today in iOS: "SquareTrade warranties cover much more than AppleCare. Such as the dreaded urinal drop"

MacWorld: "If you want a safety net, SquareTrade has rolled out a new iPhone protection plan"

iPhoneLife: "A square deal on warranty coverage because Stuff Breaks"

iPhoneHacks: "The warranty may be seen as a highly cost-effective alternative to AT&T's insurance plan"

iPhoneFAQ: "The pricing and features of the MobileProtect iPhone insurance plan just don't compare"


SquareTrade gives your iPhone TWO years of coverage from accidents (drops, broken screens, spills, liquid damage) and normal use issues (battery, buttons, cameras). There is a $50 deductible per claim. We even cover iPhones older than 30 days for a small incremental fee.


AppleCare does not cover accidents (80% of iPhone failures).

Verizon's iPhone insurance costs $10.99 / month (>$250 over 2 years) AND has up to a $199 deductible.


You can always cancel your warranty at any time. It is fully transferable if you sell/gift your iPhone.

For a limited time, get a free black silicone case with the purchase of a SquareTrade Warranty!

* Some differences exist between SquareTrade and iPhone insurance (including loss/theft coverage) and AppleCare (technical support). AppleCare is a registered trademark of Apple. SquareTrade's iPhone program is not available in WI or ME. Details at

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Invoice2go Lite

By Invoice2go.comreleased on:2009-08-06T05:21:40Z

Invoice2go is the fast and easy way to invoice, estimate, bill, collect and report.

With over 20 built-in invoice styles to choose from it's actually fun going through and choosing your template and designing your invoice. Even better if you install the Desktop Version all these templates can be customized to your own needs. Add logo's, move fields you can even create your very own business forms. No other solution available gives you this flexibility.

Invoice2go has been the leader in desktop invoicing software for the past 5 years. The best of this functionality is now rolled into a convenient iPhone App to make your life easier.

This free version of Invoice2go only lets you create and manage up to 3 invoices at a time. To create and manage as many invoices as you like, without any limitations, please purchase the paid version.


Create professional Invoices, Estimates, Credit Memos, Purchase Orders and more instantly on your iPhone or iPod Touch.

Choose a template that suits your business from over 20 professional designs.

Easily customize invoices for your own purposes.

What you see is what you send. Preview all your invoices before you send them as PDF documents with pinch to zoom functionality.

Email invoices for faster payment using the iPhone mail client.

Add PayPal buttons onto your Invoices so customers can click and pay you instantly using PayPal.

Ideal for both product and services businesses.

Calculates totals and taxes automatically for you.

Links directly to your iPhone Contacts for selecting customers and suppliers.

Keep track of customer payments and how much you're owed.

Export your documents to the desktop version of Invoice2go to access over 50 reports and sales charts, or to sync with head office.

Automatically configures your currency and tax settings based on your country i.e:

Australia ($) GST
Canada ($) GST & PST
New Zealand ($) GST
Ireland ("u20ac) VAT
Singapore ($) GST
South Africa (R) VAT
United Kingdom ("u00a3) VAT
United States ($) TAX

Invoice2go for the iPhone has everything you need to run your business while your on the go!

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By Shopping.comreleased on:2009-09-09T01:06:11Z

In today's cluttered online world, smart consumers demand simple and easy comparison shopping features that take the stress out of online shopping, lead them straight to the products they're seeking, while saving them time and money. At our mission is to help consumers easily find, compare and buy anything online - in less time and for the best price. Now with our iPhone app you can enjoy's unique shopping experience anywhere!
With the world's largest product catalog we have a comprehensive set of products from thousands of trusted stores across the Web. offers shoppers easy-to-use search tools and engaging content to help you find exactly what you are looking for. We have millions of unbiased product reviews from the Epinions community and consumers, all in one place.

Help us serve you:
We are committed to delivering the world's ultimate shopping experience. You can help us serve you better by telling us your own experiences. You can reach us by sending feedback to
Thanks again for using iPhone App. Happy shopping!
- Your Team

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PayPal Free Fee Calculator

By Black&White Photostore LLC.released on:2010-12-18T11:50:27Z

"u272d"u272d"u272d"u272d"u272d Great companion and fully compatible with Your native PayPal application, Swipe Credit Card Terminal, Pay Mobile PayPal Manager, eBay Deals,, FeePal US, PayShield or any other iPhone apps that using PayPal for mobile payment.

This PayPal Fee application allows You:

"u2766 Calculate PayPal Fee for each transaction when You send or receive money. Just in seconds!

If any seller ask You for PayPal payment, each time You need to calculate what amount exactly You need to send.

"u2766 Re-checking invoice from seller's side. Ensure that invoice is right!

If you need to receive money or some funds from eBay, other auction buyer, friends or family, this PayPal Fee calculator are really fastest way to calculate how much they need send to You and how much You need to send.


"u2766 Using are quite simple and pretty intuitive: just select what You need to do - sending or receiving money, then enter amount and immediately see PayPal fee that would be on that transaction.


"u2766 The fastest way to make profit with this PayPal Fee application!

"u2766 Forgot manuals and on-screen text instruction! Fastest way to use application - not to try it and getting errors and issues, but see HowTo™ videos!


If You
- are a professional buyer or seller;
- dealing with lots of transactions;
- use PayPal as the fastest and safety way to make payment;
- pay or receive payment from abroad;

Are You want to completely control Your PayPal payments and transaction "on-the-fly" ?

"u2766 We suggest You our tool for professionals: PayPal Pro Fee Calculator, look it on AppStore.

"u2766 Make smarty payments on Holidays ! God bless You and Your family!

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By Concentric Skyreleased on:2009-03-06T06:28:49Z

GoldMoney for the iPhone enables you to exchange units of digital gold and silver. It's quick and secure, allowing you to make transactions with ease. Check your balance, make payments and review your transaction history all from one easy to use interface.

Since 2001, thousands of individuals have used GoldMoney to buy gold & silver to protect their wealth from today's financial uncertainties. GoldMoney's industry-leading procedures set new standards for governance and customer protection.

GoldMoney has established a patented currency, goldgrams"u00ae (1 goldgram = 1 gram of gold), to give customers the ability to make gold payments to each other electronically. Your gold and silver are stored securely in specialised bullion vaults in Zurich and London. All metal is owned directly by you and is fully insured and audited.

You must have a GoldMoney account to use this application. You can set up an account at in as little as 10 minutes.

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iPay POS Credit Card Terminal

By Rapadev, LLCreleased on:2010-04-19T06:23:06Z

The development company behind many of the other mobile processing applications in the AppStore brings you iPay POS, a multi-gateway credit card processing application for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. With iPay POS, you have a wide selection of gateways to choose from. Shop around for the best rates AND the best gateway, and chances are, you will still be able to use iPay POS.

ALREADY HAVE A MERCHANT ACCOUNT? All you need is gateway access. Contact iPay POS for information on gateway only access for only $7.50/month!

UNIMAG SUPPORT! This remarkable device interfaces through your iPhone's audio jack and can capture complete track data! Available at

IMAG SUPPORT! iPay POS supports the iMag card reader. Available at

P25-M SUPPORT! Now print receipts directly from iPay POS! This unit has both a card swipe unit and a thermal receipt printer. The receipts will even capture the customers signature they input into iPay POS!

DS-247i SUPPORT! Another elegant printer/swiper solution! Dock your iPhone/iPod directly into an integrated printer/MSR!

INCORPORATES APPLE'S IN-APP PURCHASE OPTION. Download iPay POS AT NO CHARGE for 10 free live transaction. In-App purchase of $29.99 to perform unlimited live transactions with no additional software transaction fees! Or you can purchase 10 more real transactions for $0.99 - your choice.

*PA-DSS CERTIFIED! iPay POS HAS undergoing intensive PA-DSS testing with a QSA to insure the application fully complies with all security issues. If you are using another app that is not PA-DSS certified, you may be putting your merchant account and your clients credit card numbers at risk.
*PCI Compliant: PIN protection, field masking, secure credential storage in Keychain, no storage of credit card info/exp. date/CVV/track data, secure data transmission via 256bit SSL, pin required when wake from sleep.
*Multi-Gateway support. No pre-existing requirement to use a specific merchant account service to use iPay POS.
*Card Reader Support: UniMag Card Reader connected through the audio jack. iMag attached through dock connector, either directly with sled or with cable. P25-M attached through dock connector with cable.
*Advanced Fraud Protection: Full address verification, CVV support.
*International support: Fields to enter currency codes, country codes and international postal codes.
*Accepts all major credit cards.
*Captures digital signatures.
*Apply tips/gratuity
*Complete database support for customer information, shipping information and order information.
*Advanced transaction log/history for captures, refunds and voids.
*Email transaction information and include recorded signature as attachment.
*Geo mapping to show location of transaction.
*Fast and convenient: single screen entry, simple number pad with auto format of amount, credit card, and exp. date
*Real time verification of valid credit card number entry with feedback
*Full and Partial Refunds
*Full and Partial Captures
*Customer Tip Selection
*Sales Tax calculation
*Subscription entry for
*Audio alerts for successful/failed transactions
*Dual account capability
*Help Files
*Email Developer in-app
*ACH functions for supported gateways
*Add-Tip function for supported gateways

Gateway compatibility: Card Not Present Card Present emulator (gateway redirect)
Bluefin QuickSwipe
Inspire Commerce
iPay POS
Moneris eSELECT Canada
NDMS ePay Plus
PayPal Website Payments Pro
Payscape Advisors
Planet Authorize
Prolific Gateway
Quantum Gateway
Renaissance Associates
Swoosh ePay
TPI Payment Server (url redirect)
United Payment Systems
USA ePay
Vault Wireless POS

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Zuujit for Online Selling

By Zuujitreleased on:2009-12-09T11:23:02Z

If you are an eBay user and have items you want to sell easily and effortlessly, then this is the App for you! Think of Zuujit as your very own "Mobile Money-Maker"!

Listing items from your iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad is a snap! Simply take a few pictures, type in what your item is, and one of Zuujit's online selling assistants will guide you through the automated process—recommending a price, selecting a category, writing a description, and even helping you ship your item once you sell it!

No other service, application, or professional suite of tools makes it as easy to sell online as Zuujit! Here's why:

Photos: Just take a few pictures from your device, or upload images from a digital camera. You can use as many images as you want for free!

PriceFinder™: Zuujit's amazing PriceFinder shows you the best price for your listing based on historical sales data, enabling you to price your item based on the best data to help you make the most money!

Messaging: Read and respond to your incoming eBay messages.

Shipping: Zuujit takes the pain out of the shipping process! Simply enter the dimensions and weight of your package, and Zuujit will figure out the rest.

Zuujit is THE money-making App that turns all of your unwanted clutter into cash!

For more information check us out at

Created, published and distributed by Zuujit, LLC.

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By msw loopreleased on:2010-12-17T11:56:06Z

THIS APP PAYS YOU - Earn Money for Taking Surveys and Sharing Your Opinion!

With SurveyApp you make money for taking surveys and sharing your opinions; anytime, anywhere, right on your iPhone, iPad or iTouch. It's easy and fun; take a short survey and see the money in your SurveyApp account immediately. Earn enough and cash out to PayPal. There's always something to do!

Download and run SurveyApp RIGHT AWAY - here's why:

Unlike many survey systems, we've *always* got something for you to do, so there's no sitting around waiting for ways to earn $$$. We'll even notify you when there is a survey that you qualify for.

Most surveys take less than 5 minutes to complete!

Getting started is easy! Download the free app now and create an account, tell us some basic information and start making money right away by answering simple questions about your lifestyle and habits. It's a fun and easy way to make some money.

- Earn about $1 for every 10 question client survey that you take.

- Earn money for profile questions that you answer.

- Earn $1 for every friend you refer to SurveyApp.

There are no gimmicks and no fine print; you get paid for nearly every question you answer in cash! You can also make extra money by referring your friends. When they complete at least 10 surveys, you get paid - it's really that simple.

At SurveyApp your Privacy is our top priority. The information you provide is completely confidential; survey results are only disclosed in aggregate to the clients of SurveyApp and we never report individual information. You can view our entire Privacy Policy at

Taking surveys and answering quick and easy questions with SurveyApp is safe and secure, and best of all, THIS APP PAYS YOU!

Our clients are Fortune 1000 customers who simply want to understand more about consumer behaviors to help improve the way they make products and offer services.

"I'm not a survey taker, you never get anything back or there isn't anything to do. When I heard that SurveyApp always has something for me to do that I can get paid for I said count me in." - IanH, Tampa Florida

"I've tried a bunch of these apps where you supposedly get paid for stuff and either there isn't anything going on, the apps crash or the rewards aren't cash. SurveyApp is different it works" KDegenova, Chicago Illinois

Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.

Download SurveyApp now and try it!

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eBay Fees Calculator and Free Tips

By BRIAN Burkereleased on:2010-07-03T07:49:48Z

eBay and Paypal fee Calculator provides the necessary tools to determine your fees when selling on eBay. Find out how much you lose to fees before you list your item. Note: only working correctly for Buy it Now items. It needs to be updated to work correctly with auction items.

There are a lot of fees associated with using eBay, so now you have the power to determine your final profit on the items you are selling. This calculator was designed by an eBay PowerSeller and Top Seller iSelliMac! Free Tips for eBay sellers and buyers included!

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Charity Finder

By KGPreleased on:2009-05-23T09:46:02Z

CharityFinder, the innovative new application for your iphone allows you to easily locate and support non-profit causes of your choice. The simple user interface makes CharityFinder the easiest way to find information about new causes and the causes you already support.

Features include:

Featured section recommends a different cause every time you open CharityFinder.

When you shake your iphone with CharityFinder open a new cause will appear in the featured section.

Easily search through causes using the list, thumbnail or slideshow views. You can also easily search the whole database using the convenient search function.

Recent tab allows you to easily view the most recent causes you've looked into.

To recommend a cause or for more information please visit our website @

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Mango Money

By Mango Financialreleased on:2011-01-20T03:52:59Z

The Mango Prepaid Card is the fresh way to manage your money. A way that combines the powers of a prepaid debit card with the magic of mobile payments to put you in control, 24/7. You can manage your money in a way that is cheaper, faster and more convenient with a Mango Prepaid Card.

Mango gives you instant access to your money with your prepaid debit card, through your mobile phone or on the Web 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. With the Mango MasterCard prepaid debit card and great services that come with it, it's easy to manage your money on the go.

Learn more at

Best prepaid card on the market!!
No hidden fees!!
No credit check to open an account!!
No bank account required!!
No overdraft fees!!
Your funds are FDIC-insured up to $250,000
Easy budgeting - spend only what you have!
Access cash at ATMs worldwide
Prepaid is safer than cash
Manage your account online
Free direct deposit
Easy reload

Get up to 5.10% APY"u2020 with a Mango Savings Account
Open account with as little as $1
Up to 6 transfers out each month
Check your balance 24/7 from your mobile phone
Transfer money using your mobile phone or our website

Mango gives you instant access to your money with your prepaid debit card, through your mobile phone or on the Web 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. With the Mango MasterCard prepaid debit card and great services that come with it, it's easy to manage your money on the go.

Must be a Mango customer
Must be enrolled in YAP
iPhone or iPod Touch with iOS 4.0 or higher

"u2020 The Annual Percentage Yield (APY) and the APY comparison as advertised are effective as of November 1, 2010. Rates are subject to change at any time and may change after accounts are opened. The APY advertised applies only to the portion of your savings account balance which is $5,000.00 or less. An interest rate of 0.10% will be paid on the portion of your savings account balance which exceeds $5,000.00. Fees could reduce the earnings on your savings account. Please see the Savings Account Customer Agreement for full disclosures.

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By NightClub Apps LLCreleased on:2009-12-04T04:21:51Z

*Notice.... iHost is only for Las Vegas*
We are updating iHost. iHost will have a new name and new features. Stay tune for the amazing Update.

"#1 Free App for Las Vegas Nightlife Entertainment"

iHost iPhone App is the perfect VIP entertainment companion. The iHost iPhone App allows you to search various entertainment venues for VIP services they offer. iHost can be used as information guide for events in Las Vegas. iHost is more than just information it offers a service. Simply iHost helps you get into theses venues as a VIP.

When you open iHost

You have the ability to open the type of entertainment your looking for.

Ultra Lounges
Ultra Pools
Gentleman Clubs

Each category lists entertainment venues, the upcoming events, and the VIP services offered.

You also have the ability to select from the 4 featured venues on the home page.

Once you have selected the venue of your choice you can browse and view the upcoming events and services that are available.

You then have the ability to create an account or sign in to your account to pay for the VIP service you have selected.

While in the app you will be directed to Paypal where you can enter a credit card or your email address to complete your transaction.

iHost's search feature allows you to search by venue, service, and date. Simply enter a keyword, then select the city and hit the search button. iHost will give you a list venues that relates to the keywords you entered.

iHost's map feature is provided by Google which list the venues in the area of the world your looking at.

New Update Contains
Cart icon is where your VIP service selections are stored and can be edited and finalized.

Venue information page which show general info like size of the venue, hours of operation, special features, venue pictures, and how many floors.

Event/ Service Image expansion so you can see the details of the services or the event you have selected.

A "more icon" where you will see three icons:

1. Policies icon lists iHost privacy, content, refund, and club policies.

2. Contact us link that opens up your mail.

3. iHost also has a list of VIP Host in Las Vegas. You can email, text, and call.

iHost is available in Las Vegas for Now, but we will be expanding to other cities soon.

Simply put the iHost iPhone App is the perfect travel companion when your looking for personalized service in Sin City.

Las Vegas Nightclub lines are long.

Nightclubs cut off the free Guest List @ 11:30pm, but you still wait to get in.

iHost still remains the only App that has a guaranteed No Line, No Wait Policy. (You walk Straight IN)
iHost is a Service Oriented Business not just a mobile tool.

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By Transaction Wireless Increleased on:2009-10-07T08:44:18Z

wCharge is the fastest and most secure way to accept credit card payments on your iPhone. All you need is a wCharge account and a PayPal Business Account. If you're a merchant on the go, wCharge will provide you a whole new world of convenience and revenue by allowing you to accept payments anywhere, anytime.

Key Features

Use Your Existing iPhone—No additional
phone line or equipment needed.
Accept Major Credit Cards—VISA, Mastercard,
American Express, Discover.
Receive Instant Authorization—Avoid insufficient
funds that can occur with manual swiper and paper
View Account Activity Online— Transaction
history and account information is stored safely and
electronically at PayPal.
Use Multiple Phone Numbers Under One
Account— Transactions from multiple phone
numbers can be linked to one PayPal Business Account to create an enterprise solution.
Depend on Safety & Security— Transaction
information is encrypted using SSL and then stored
securely in PayPal's PCI-compliant system.


Great for Mobile Merchants— Painters/plumbers &
Home repair, Taxi/shuttle services, Mobile/In-home
services, Personal trainers, Kiosk vendors, Massage
therapists, and more!
No Long-Term Contracts to Sign—Subscriptions
are month-to-month.
No Hardware to Purchase—Use your existing
Get Paid Faster—Funds are available immediately.
Easy to Set Up—System guides you through
account setup. FAQs and documentation are online
right at your fingertips.
Reduces Fraud—Transactions are verified

Getting Started is as Easy as 1-2-3!

1 Power Up—Install the free wCharge iPhone app
2 Sign Up—Visit to get a PIN for the app
3 Set Up—Sign up for a PayPal Business Account directly from

For more information:

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By Needly, Inc.released on:2010-09-29T02:36:52Z

Needly's a place where you can list anything you have for sale, any services you can provide... or anything you need. You can even list stuff that you just want to inventory for private needs, like for insurance purposes.

With this Needly iPhone app, you can list items on Needly quickly and easily. This is what this version of Needly's iPhone app does. It's an incredibly fast way to create online advertisements on Record a video or snap a picture... it's literally as easy as "Point. Click. List".

"This beats the pants off of Craigslist and eBay!" - Karen I., one of many Needly merchants.

** Please Note: This app is for listing items and viewing items on Needly. The next version of this app will have search and discovery features for viewing other people's stuff (plus a whole lot more).

You will need to create an account on Needly first before using this app.

Thanks for looking and be sure to check us out at!

v2.0 is in development and will push in the coming days!

** Mentioned in Venture Beat, Financial Times, CNet and more.

** Presented at DEMO Fall 2010

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eBay Fees Calculator

By Boxoreleased on:2010-10-15T07:00:00Z

Accurate, fast, simple and intuitive.
Calculates fees for eBay USA, Canada and UK.

- Highlights the most profitable listing method
- Save money every time you list
- Customize with your PowerSeller discount and PayPal merchant rate discount

- Reverse fee calculator
- Calculates the price you need to make a profit

- Toggles for the commonly used listing options
- "International Payment" toggle for calculating PayPal fees of payment sent from international PayPal accounts

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By pbreleased on:2009-09-24T12:37:24Z

It's a digital jungle out there!

Great new "u2018apps' are popping up left, right & centre - that's why we have created itikkit iPhone apps - to help you find what you're interested in - faster!

We've taken the details of 250 apps & crammed them into this handy - "u2018no network needed' app.

- installs the details of 250 popular apps onto your iPhone
- browse in portrait or landscape app flow mode
- text search
- browse by genre & features
- A - Z list view with app icon
- app details view with zoomable screen shots
- editable list of favourites

Network connection required to buy apps.

see more itikkit apps:
below to see some of our other apps

We are constantly looking to improve our apps & welcome feedback - contact us at

If you experience any issues on start-up, please erase & reinstall with a fresh download from the App Store. Or contact us at

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UK PayPal Fees

By Pinnacle Apps Ltdreleased on:2010-03-26T10:26:33Z

The UK PayPal Fees Calculator calculates UK paypal fees in an instant.

All you need to do is enter the amount you will be receiving via PayPal and select whether the payment will be coming from the UK or outside the UK and your fees are instantly calculated for you.

The Calculator also gives you the option of changing the default percentage rates, for merchant sellers, whose rates are slightly lower.

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By Eugenio Chessareleased on:2011-01-13T01:34:30Z

Lite version try it before you buy.

iStrongBox app allows you to store your credit cards and online accounts data in a safe place.

Thanks to iStrongBox you will not have to remember all your "private" data, you will be able to launch the app to have all of them available in just few taps.

And what about security? You can fill in a password that will protect your data.
That password will be asked every time you will launch this app, because your data have to be in the most safe place possible.

Technical Features

You can store data of the following cards:

-Credit cards
-American Express

You can save data for the following accounts:

CC (bank account)
GenericF (Generic Female Account)
GenericM (Generic Male Account)

Each account is graphically represented, to be as clear as possible to be identified.

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By Project Fastlane, LLCreleased on:2010-09-22T08:09:54Z

iConcessionStand is a mobile application for ordering food and merchandise from a mobile device

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By Alessandro Marinoreleased on:2010-01-07T01:30:40Z

Versione con pubblicit"u00e0.
Emergenze "u00e8 un'applicazione che offre la possibilit"u00e0 di effettuare chiamate ai numeri di urgenza in maniera intuitiva, rapida e immediata.
Grazie a questa applicazione si evita di perdere tempo prezioso, fattore molto importante in questi casi.
Pieno supporto al VoiceOver
Possibilit"u00e0 di:
- determinare la tua posizione tramite il GPS e inviare le coordinate via MAIL o condividerle su Facebook
- memorizzare fino a 8 numeri personali.
- memorizzare il numero della polizia municipale della propria citt"u00e0 e averlo sempre a portata di mano.
I numeri memorizzati sono:
- Polizia di Stato
- Carabinieri
- Vigili del Fuoco
- Guardia di finanza
- Soccorso sanitario
- Guardia di finanza
- Telefono azzurro
- Emergenza infanzia
- Europ assistance
- Emergenza in mare
- Corpo forestale
- Unit"u00e0 di crisi
- Antiviolenza donne
- AmiciCani
- Protezione animale
- Droga
- Soccorso alpino
- Centro Antiveleni: Torino, Milano, Roma, Napoli, Firenze, Genova.
- Blocco bancomat
- Blocco carte di credito dall'Italia e dall'estero
- Emergenza caldo
- SOS in codice morse audio
- SOS in codice morse video

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Auction Fee Calculator USA

By Ian Tiptonreleased on:2010-04-07T12:02:08Z

Calculate fees before you listing your item. By entering the starting and estimated selling prices, Auction Fee Calculator will display a clear breakdown of how you will be charged and how much profit you can expect to make. The following features are included:

- Auction and Buy It Now auction types
- Seller discount
- Variable PayPal levels (depending on your turnover)
- Listing upgrades (Gallery, Bold, Featured First etc.)
- Picture Hosting (Picture Pack, Supersize etc.)

Incorporates the fee changes brought in on March 30, 2010.

Note: this app does not calculate motor or property fees.

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U Pay Fee

By Rohn Blakereleased on:2009-09-04T12:37:26Z

Let's say you owe someone some money and you want to pay them via PayPal... you know that PayPal will charge the recipient a fee for the transfer. You want to be sure that the person you're paying gets the full amount you owe them. Don't guess how much you should pay, let U Pay Fee calculate the fee amount for you. Never again will your payments come up short.

The calculation will automatically adjust for the correct percentage fee.

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By omnideareleased on:2009-11-18T08:50:37Z

RapidCart for RapidWeaver is a plugin that lets you create your own e-commerce website in minutes.

Add one or more RapidCart pages to your site and enjoy the slick and fully customizable cross-page AJAX cart that the plugin will automatically generate for you.

RapidCart Touch is a companion app to easily add products to your site using your iPhone / iPod. Take a picture while you're on the go, add product details and later transfer your data to RapidCart plugin.

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By Yabdab Inc.released on:2010-03-26T12:07:57Z

The official CartLoom app for iPhone and iPod touch is the mobile companion product for the CartLoom eCommerce Solution (FREE TRIAL SUBSCRIPTION AVAILABLE -

The FREE CartLoom app provides our members with quick and easy access to critical customer and order information. Keeping tabs on orders and inventory has never been easier for the mobile e-tailer.

The CartLoom app features:
* Receive push notifications when you receive a new order
* Quickly view current day's orders
* Search order history by invoice number, email address, order total or name
* Monitor inventory status
* Orders statistics by day, week, month and year
* Email order invoices and product registration numbers to your customers
* Multi-user capable (receive simultaneous order notifications on multiple iPhones)
* Multi-account capable (manage multiple CartLoom accounts within the app)

Interested in selling online with CartLoom?
1. Setup free trial account at
2. Create products, payment and shipping settings in your CartLoom account
3. Add simple product snippets to your web page (or use our FREE RapidWeaver plugin)
4. Sell! View order info on your iPhone or iPod Touch

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