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By released on: 2010-11-13T12:00:44Z

add on Search Bar (Name, Symbol, Weight)
"uac80"uc0c9"uae30"ub2a5 "ucd94"uac00 ("uba85"uce6d, "uae30"ud638, "ubb34"uac8c)


the Periodic Table and the properties of elements...

1. Name of elements both in English and Korean on table

2. properties of elements
- General properties : name, symbol, number, position, category, discovered, phase, etc

- Physical properties : density, melting and boiling point, heat capacity, heat of vaporization and fusion, thermal and electric conductivity, hardness, bulk and shear and Young modulus, abundance, ...

- Atomic information : mass, radius, electronegativity, electron affinity, ionization energies, electrons per shell, electron configuration


"uc8fc"uae30"uc728"ud45c"uc758 "uc6d0"uc18c"ubcc4 "ud2b9"uc131"uc744 "ucd5c"uadfc"uc5d0 "ubc1c"uacac "ud655"uc815"ub41c "uc6d0"uc18c"ub97c "ud3ec"ud568"ud558"uc5ec "ub2e4"uc74c"uacfc "uac19"uc774 "ud45c"ud604"ud558"uc600"uc2b5"ub2c8"ub2e4.

1. "uc8fc"uae30"uc728"ud45c"ub97c "ud558"ub098"uc758 "ud45c"uc5d0 "ud55c"uae00"uacfc "uc601"ubb38"uc774"ub984"uc744 "ub2e4 "ud45c"uae30"ud558"uc600"uc2b5"ub2c8"ub2e4.

2. "uac01 "uc6d0"uc18c"ubcc4 "ud2b9"uc131"uc740 "ub2e4"uc74c"uacfc "uac19"uc740 "ub0b4"uc6a9"uc744 "ub2f4"uc558"uc2b5"ub2c8"ub2e4.
- "uae30"ubcf8"uc0ac"ud56d : "uba85"uce6d, "uae30"ud638, "uc6d0"uc790"ubc88"ud638, "uc871, "uc8fc"uae30, "ubd84"ub958, "ubcc4"uacac"ub144"ub3c4, "uc0c1"uc628"uc0c1"ud0dc
- "ubb3c"ub9ac"uc801 "uc18d"uc131 : "ubc00"ub3c4, "ub179"ub294"uc810, "ub053"ub294"uc810, "uc5f4"uc6a9"ub7c9, "uae30"ud654"uc5f4, "uc735"ud574"uc5f4, "uc5f4 "ubc0f "uc804"uae30"uc804"ub3c4"uc720"ub974 "uad73"uae30, "ubd80"ud53c "ubc0f "uc804"ub2e8"ud0c4"uc131"uacc4"uc218, "uc601"ub960, "uc874"uc7ac"ube44"uc728
- "uc6d0"uc790 "uc0c1"ud0dc : "uc9c8"ub7c9, "ubc18"uc9c0"ub984, "uc804"uae30"uc74c"uc131"ub3c4, "uc804"uc790"uce5c"ud654"ub3c4, "uc774"uc628"ud654"uc5d0"ub108"uc9c0, "uc804"uc790"ubc30"uce58, "uc804"uc790"ubc30"uc5f4

* "uc9c0"uc18d"uc801"uc778 "ub0b4"uc6a9 "ubcf4"uc644"uacfc "uc778"ud130"ud398"uc774"uc2a4 "uac1c"uc120"uc744 "ud1b5"ud574"uc11c "ub354 "ub9ce"uc740 "uc815"ubcf4"ub4e4"uc744 "ub2f4"uc544"uac08 "uc608"uc815"uc785"ub2c8"ub2e4. "ub0b4"uc6a9"uacfc "uc0ac"uc6a9"uc758 "ubb38"uc758"uc0ac"ud56d"uc774 "uc788"uc73c"uc2dc"uba74 "uc5f0"ub77d"ucc98"ub85c "uc5b8"uc81c"ub4e0 "uc5f0"ub77d "ubc14"ub78d"ub2c8"ub2e4.

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iElements - Periodic Table of The Chemical Elements

By SusaSoftX released on: 2011-01-11T05:31:15Z

This application is a SIMPLE periodic table of the chemical elements.

The periodic table of the chemical elements is a tabular display of the chemical elements. Although precursors to this table exist, its invention is generally credited to Russian chemist Dmitri Mendeleev in 1869, who intended the table to illustrate recurring ("periodic") trends in the properties of the elements. The layout of the table has been refined and extended over time, as new elements have been discovered, and new theoretical models have been developed to explain chemical behavior.

- The periodic table (pinch-zoomable table)
- Descriptions and illustrations of the elements

The following properties are displayed for each element if the value is currently known by science.

Element category
Group, Standard atomic weight
Electron configuration
Electrons per shell
Phase, Density (near r.t.)
Liquid density
Melting point
Boiling point
Heat of fusion
Heat of vaporization
Specific heat capacity (25 "u00b0C)
Oxidation states
Ionization energies
Atomic radius
Covalent radius
Van der Waals radius
Crystal structure
Magnetic ordering
Electrical resistivity (20 "u00b0C)
Thermal conductivity (300 K)
Thermal expansion (25 "u00b0C)
Speed of sound (thin rod)
Young's modulus
Shear modulus
Bulk modulus
Poisson ratio
Mohs hardness
Brinell hardness
CAS registry number

Note: iAd supported application.

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Mild EleMints: Free Periodic Table

By Mochi Development, Inc. released on: 2009-02-08T03:03:44Z

Mild EleMints is an interactive Periodic Table for the iPhone and iPod Touch. It is the free version of EleMints, which not only offers a Periodic Table, but also a Plot Graph, Element listing, Electron Diagram and a wealth of information on every element.

The Periodic Table can be shaded according to a particular property, and zoomed to get more information at a time.
The table will rotate itself for both Portrait and Landscape orientations.
Mild EleMints only supports the following properties: Classification, Electronegativity, Physical State

A built-in User Guide for the full version of EleMints can be found by tapping the round i Button at the top-right of the Periodic Table, and then tapping the Help Button at the top-left of the screen.

If you like Mild EleMints, please be sure to purchase the full version of EleMints!

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By redfox, Inc. released on: 2009-08-12T10:48:52Z

Periodic Table of Elements App

With this application, one can look up information on 117 different elements.
Information which can be found includes:

* Element name in Japanese and English
* Chemical symbol
* Atomic number
* Atomic mass
* Family name
* Classification
* Period
* Electron shell configuration
* Physical state under standard atmospheric pressure.

In addition to the basic data provided by the application,
one can find more information on each element by retrieving data
from a wiki.

Also, by placing the screen in portrait mode, one can view the
periodic table of elements in color, which is categorized by each element's

* Find information on an element
* Find other elements in the same classification as the given element.
* Compare an element to another element.

One can obtain information necessary for learning chemistry without the
need to look through a textbook.

As the basic information is already included in the application, one can
look up information on buses and subways where Internet access may not
be available.

By downloading this application, one can find out more about an element
at anytime. It also will reduce the amount of time required to find
information, so it can allow efficient utilization of one's study-time.

works by redfox, Inc.

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K12 Periodic Table

By K12 Inc. released on: 2011-01-21T01:32:25Z

K12 Periodic Table lets you explore the elements and their key attributes in a simple, easy-to-use way. It's perfect for working through your homework problems for Science courses.


* Swipe or touch to pull up element details
* Shows key element details such as name, symbol, atomic number, atomic mass, Lewis dots and radius
* Matches the style and format of K12's award-winning Chemistry: Problem Sets textbook

K12 Periodic Table was created by K12 Inc. as part of its comprehensive Science curriculum. Learn more at

For help with technical problems, email

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Elements (Periodic Table) Study Buddy!

By Ronald Bell released on: 2010-01-06T01:09:55Z

Elements Study Buddy is a fun and effective Periodic Table study tool designed to help you learn the full Periodic Table of Elements.

Some of Elements Study Buddy's features include:

Test mode: A multiple-choice test that evaluates your knowledge of the Periodic Table. Your progress is saved after every question, so that you can take a phone call, send a text message, or perform any other task without losing your progress.

Report Card: A simple display which allows you to view your test results and study specific cards that you're struggling with most.

Study mode: A great utility for quickly referencing or browsing the full set of elements.

Beware of similar apps which may require network connections. This app requires no network connection, allowing you to study anywhere. Great for students!

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Periodic Table of the Chemical Elements

By Bunkundo Co.,Ltd. released on: 2011-01-28T04:45:49Z

This application is useful for studying periodic table of chemical elements. 118 chemical elements are introduced in this application. Information cards of the chemical element will appear by tapping each chemical symbol in the periodic table. (iPad or iPhone3GS or later are recommended.)

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\ud654\ud559\uc8fc\uae30\uc728\ud45c(Periodic table of elements)

By DIOTEK Co., Ltd. released on: 2010-01-04T07:04:43Z

"uc8fc"uae30"uc728"uc5d0 "ub530"ub77c"uc11c "uc6d0"uc18c"ub97c "ubc30"uc5f4"ud55c "ud654"ud559 "uc8fc"uae30"uc728"ud45c"uc774"uba70 "uc81c1"uc871"ubd80"ud130 "uc81c18"uc871"uae4c"uc9c0"ub85c "uc774"ub8e8"uc5b4"uc9c4 "uc7a5"uc8fc"uae30"ud615 "uc8fc"uae30"uc728"ud45c"uc785"ub2c8"ub2e4.

"ud55c"uae00/"uc601"ubb38"uc758 2"uac00"uc9c0 "uc8fc"uae30"uc728"ud45c"ub97c "uc81c"uacf5"ud569"ub2c8"ub2e4.

* "uad04"ud638 "ud45c"uae30"ub418"uc5b4 "uc788"ub294 "uc6d0"uc790"ub7c9"uc740 "ub3d9"uc704"uc6d0"uc18c "uc911 "ubc18"uac10"uae30"uac00 "uac00"uc7a5 "uae34 "uc6d0"uc18c"uc758 "uc6d0"uc790"ub7c9 "ud45c"uae30"uc785"ub2c8"ub2e4.

*"ub514"uc624"ud14d "ud2b8"uc704"ud130*

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Periodic Lite

By JohnsonTech, LLC released on: 2009-08-31T11:27:15Z

Periodic Lite is an Ad-inclusive version of Periodic, a complete reference to the Periodic Table of Elements. It includes useful information such as an element's atomic weight, electron configuration, melting point, boiling point, atomic radius, ionic radius, and discovery year.

Periodic Lite is a useful tool for every student. All 118 elements can be organized and ordered by name, atomic number, chemical series (or group), symbol, and phase. Each element's icon is color-coded by its phase with pristine graphics.

Version 2.1 keeps all of the features of Version 2.0, but makes the program lighter and more efficient. The graphics on both the Periodic Table and the tables of elements load much faster.

Version 2.1 also adds four main features to Periodic Lite. First, units have been added to the elements' information views. Second, the elements' horizontal information views are bigger and easier to read. Third, now when you rotate your device from an individual element's view, Periodic Lite automatically navigates to that element's view in the Periodic Table--or the tables of elements, depending on the orientation of the device. Finally, when viewing an individual element, you can now swipe your finger to the right along the bottom of the view to navigate back to the view of all the elements.

Periodic Lite is an easy-to-use application that provides accurate information provided by the International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry (IUPAC). Periodic Lite is an essential, mobile reference to the Periodic Table.

- Latin nomenclature for ions
- Charges for elements
- Number of Protons
- Number of Neutrons
- Ionization
- Electronegativity
- Density
- Oxidation States

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By EMD Chemicals released on: 2010-06-21T04:44:06Z

One of the best free apps of 2010 is getting even better!

--------★☆★-------- Awards --------★☆★--------

"u2666 App of the Week in 12 countries
"u2666 #1 app in education in 14 countries (including US and Canada)
"u2666 #3 app in iPad overall Germany
"u2666 Best of iTunes Rewind 2010 (free apps)
"u2666 Countless recommendations "u201eNew and noteworthy", "u201eWhat's hot", "u201eBack to school", etc.

EMD's periodic table of the elements now with even more features:

★ NEW: Classroom presentation mode via TV-out support
// Chemicals classes in a new dimension: connect your iPhone or iPad to any projector, monitor or TV and enjoy the EMD PTE on the big screen. TV-out support can be activated in the application settings (requires Apple iPad dock connector to VGA adapter for iPad, iPhone 4 or iPod touch 4G).

★ NEW: Integrated molar mass calculator
// This practical tool is going to be your most valuable helper with many stoichiometric chemical reactions where molar mass is of importance. No more time-consuming searches through tables and error-prone manual calculations!

★ NEW: "u00b0Fahrenheit / "u00b0Celsius switch in the applications settings
// New application setting switch: "u00b0Celsius and "u00b0Fahrenheit (Default: Fahrenheit for the US and Canada).

★ Further updates
// Prominent display of the relative atomic mass
// Integration of a museum mode (special feature for exhibitions to deactivate external links)
// Minor corrections
// Performance improvements

The EMD periodic table of the elements app provides detailed information, state-of-the-art functions and an appealing presentation. It offers high-school and university students as well as teachers or professors the opportunity to learn more about the chemical elements - from classification to element features to their history of discovery. The powerful multi-lingual app renders complex contents intuitively comprehensible: the well-structured and concise arrangement of groups and periods, details for every element, intelligent controls, and numerous selection options provide quick access to needed information.

Here you will find data such as relative atomic mass, melting point and boiling point, density, appearance and additional properties for each individual element.

All relevant details regarding the elements of the periodic table
"u2666 From classification to element features to their history of discovery, individual groups or subsets, e. g. all natural, artificial or radioactive elements

New visualizations
"u2666 Atomic radius, electronegativity, and ionization energy

Simple, concise, intuitive user-interface
"u2666 Well-structured and neat arrangement of groups and periods, detailed pages for every element, quick access to needed information

Interactive handling
"u2666 Intelligent controls, and numerous selection options

Multi-lingual support
"u2666 Available in English, German, French, and Spanish (in one app). Changeable via language-settings of your iPad/iPhone/iPod

All content within the app
"u2666 An internet-connection is not required after installation

Curious? Then try it out for yourself! It's free!

Further questions: please contact us under

Note to users: the splash screen crash issue has been identified and a fix is on the way.

"u00a9 EMD Chemicals Inc. is the North American affiliate of Merck KGaA, Darmstadt

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The Chemical Touch: Lite Edition

By Christopher Fennell released on: 2008-12-17T07:19:20Z

Sometimes all you need is a simple periodic table...

The Chemical Touch: Lite Edition is a free and easy to use periodic table for your iPhone or iPod touch. Consisting of a simplified version of the periodic table display from the full application, it puts the masses, densities, melting & boiling points, radii, and electronegativities of the elements right at your fingertips. If you need more elemental information, touch the internet button to open the wikipedia page for the selected element.

For those who have already downloaded the full version, the only thing new here is a fancy icon for your iPhone desktop. It's free though, so if you like Neon, you can display it on your phone at no loss other than space on your screen.

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iTeachU: The Periodic Table Free

By TCK released on: 2010-08-05T01:58:41Z

iTeachU: The Periodic Table Free edition is an app geared to help students or anyone interested in learning about the elements in the fastest time possible. It has everything a periodic table has and when you turn your device sideways you will see a scalable periodic table. Tapping on any element in the table will bring you to its detailed view. Check out iTeachU: The Periodic Table Free edition today!

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The Elementals

By The Angry Robot Zombie Factory released on: 2010-07-30T06:24:10Z

A fun periodic table where every element has its own unique personality.

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ChemApp Lite: Chemistry Formula App

By Guerrilla Media released on: 2010-10-28T07:00:00Z

Chem App lite assists students to learn chemical formula. It is designed specially for secondary school students.

Solve random chemical compounds within a specific time period. By practising with this app, students will have a stronger foundation in basic chemistry and will be more confident in writing chemical equations as well as ionic equations.

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Periodic Table Quiz

By Paul Alan Freshney released on: 2010-06-04T12:42:12Z

Contains nearly 800 questions covering the Periodic Table and its elements, scientists and chemistry.

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