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By return7 released on: 2010-01-26T08:00:00Z

PhotoSynthesis is the instrument of the 21st century. A synthesizer that uses the input from the iPhone's camera to play music, the possibilities are endless. Best of all it's easy enough for anyone to use, just pick up, point, and play.

-Wave a flashlight or LED light in front of the camera for better control (PhotoSynthesis reacts to bright light!)

-Pick from any of three sound wave forms!
-Beautiful, easy to use, user interface!
-Over 15 major and minor scales to chose from!
-Mute the PhotoSynthesis right from the screen, or use the iPhone's hardware buttons to increase or decrease volume!

"u221eNote to iPod Users"u221e
PhotoSynthesis does not currently work with the iPod Touch. The application uses the iPhone's camera input to determine what tone to play, unfortunately no current model of iPod Touch is equipped with a camera.

Have fun, and make sure you let us know how you are using PhotoSynthesis!

Coming in the next version:
-More wave forms to chose from!
-Even more exotic scales to chose from!

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Video Biology

By Thinkwell released on: 2010-08-25T09:28:29Z

Thinkwell's Video Biology is the perfect companion for anyone learning or studying Biology. Taught by award-winning teacher, George Wolfe, these richly illustrated lectures cover everything in a standard Biology course.

By downloading Video Biology, you'll have access to ten full-length lessons for free, and you'll be able to preview any of the 300+ different lectures included in the app. These video lectures are 5-20 minutes each and cover:

- Evolution
- Ecology
- Inorganic and Organic Chemistry
- Cell Biology
- Respiration
- Molecular Genetics
- Photosynthesis
- Genetics
- Animal Systems
- Plant Systems
- And lots more...

The videos showcased in this application are excerpted from Thinkwell's acclaimed online Biology course. For more information about Thinkwell and its other course offerings and web-based products, please visit

About George Wolfe:

George Wolfe has been teaching and inspiring students for more than 30 years. He is currently the Director of the Loudoun County Public Schools Academy of Science, an acclaimed public science and math magnet school which he founded in 2005.

Mr. Wolfe is an award-winning teacher whose achievements include: The NSTA Presidential Excellence Award, The National Association of Biology Teachers Outstanding Biology Teacher Award for New York State, The Shell Award for Outstanding Science Educator, and a spot in the National Teaching Hall of Fame.

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By LI-COR, inc. released on: 2010-11-03T10:11:54Z

Allows remote control of the LI-COR LI-6400XT Photosynthesis System. You can perform any action from your iPhone that you can do from the XT's keypad. Uses WiFi for a local connection, and also supports internet access (via the server) to any cooperating instrument worldwide.

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