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Angry Birds Free

By Rovio Mobile Ltd. released on: 2011-01-05T10:28:59Z

The survival of the Angry Birds is at stake. Dish out revenge on the green pigs who stole the Birds' eggs. Use the unique destructive powers of the Angry Birds to lay waste to the pigs' fortified castles.

Angry Birds Free features:


Angry Birds Free features challenging physics-based demolition gameplay, and lots of replay value. The 15 levels, set in 5 mini episodes, have been created specifically for Angry Birds Free. Each of the levels requires logic, skill, and brute force to crush the enemy."u2028"u2028

Protect wildlife and help save the Angry Birds!

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Glow Hockey 2 FREE

By Natenai Ariyatrakool released on: 2009-12-18T10:17:54Z

+ ADDED: "AIR HOCKEY" theme!
+ Support iOS 3.0 or higher.
+ Full iOS4 support.
+ ADDED: Selectable Pucks & Paddles.

#1 Top Free Apps in US, Australia, Mexico, and many countries! (January 2010)

Glow Hockey delivers a new style of hockey game. Easy to play, hard to master. Challenge yourself with the computer opponents!

+ Colorful glow graphics.
+ Smooth and responsive game play.
+ Realistic physics.
+ 2 table themes.
+ Selectable pucks & paddles.
+ Quick play with 3 difficulty levels (easy, medium, and hard).
+ Vibrate when goal (iPhone only).
+ Support iPhone OS 2.2.1 & 3.0

See game play video:

Check out other awesome apps from us:
+ Glow Hockey 2
+ Art Of Glow
+ Smash Room 3D
+ Virtual Horse Racing 3D

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Angry Birds Lite

By released on: 2010-02-13T10:25:33Z

"Lemme tell ya, these ain't no ordinary finches we're talkin' about. These here are the Angry Birds, the ones that's gonna kick you in the "u2018nads. And they're the ones on your side. They must be from Galapadapados, or sumptin'." - Col. Angus, Bird Expert.

The survival of the Angry Birds is at stake. Dish out revenge on the green pigs who stole the Birds' eggs. Use the unique destructive powers of the Angry Birds to lay waste to the pigs' fortified castles.

Angry Birds Lite features hours of gameplay, challenging physics-based castle demolition, and lots of replay value. Each of the 12 levels requires logic, skill, and brute force to crush the enemy.

Protect wildlife or play Angry Birds!

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Angry Birds Seasons Free

By Rovio Mobile Ltd. released on: 2011-01-05T10:52:17Z

Angry Birds Seasons Free: An Exquisite Sample for Valentine's Day!

As we all know, every season is an Angry Birds season. After Trick Or Treat and Season's Greedings, Angry Birds Seasons Free continues with yet another gift that keeps on giving: Hogs And Kisses for Valentine's Day!

Features in Angry Birds Seasons Free:

We'd like to take this opportunity to wish Happy Valentine's Day to all of our fans. We thank you sincerely from the bottoms of our fluffy hearts for putting Angry Birds in the iTunes App Store Hall of Fame!

Follow us on Twitter for Angry Birds updates and more information of our upcoming line of toys:

Become a fan of Angry Birds on Facebook:

Buy Angry Birds plush toys:

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Finger Physics Free

By PressOK Entertainment released on: 2009-09-26T08:47:49Z

Finger Physics FREE has been downloaded over 2.6 MILLION times, why don't you have it yet?

Finger Physics FREE was the #1 OVERALL APP in the US, UK, Germany and more!

"Finger Physics is AWESOME." Eros Resmini, VP Openfeint

"This game is GREAT!!!!! Love it!!!!!" one of the 2000+ 5 Star User Reviews

"Bottom Line: Finger Physics is world-class game at a bargain price." James Savage,

So what is Finger Physics FREE?

It's 9 Stages and 81 levels of finger puzzling amazingness. It's a word, trust us.

- 81 Levels with more added monthly (up from 27 at the initial launch)
- 7 game modes including tons of Egg levels - everyone's favorite
- Exploding blocks
- Magnetized circles, squares and triangles
- Shapes that float and shapes that don't
- OpenFeint integration with tons of achievements

You know what the best part of Finger Physics FREE is? The updates with more levels! Since launch, Finger Physics FREE has been updated 6 TIMES with 6 additional stages and 54 levels at NO COST! The price stays the same, FREE, but the levels keep coming. Sing it with me, who else loves you like PressOK does? NO ONE!!!

Get Finger Physics today and keep it at the top of the charts where it belongs! We promise to keep the levels coming as long as you keep downloading and telling your friends.

More stuff:
Follow us on Twitter @press_ok (

Become a fan of PressOK on Facebook @

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iPhyzzle2 Lite (Physics Puzzle)

By Biscuit Games released on: 2009-10-31T07:00:00Z

iPhyzzle2 is puzzle game combined with physics.

You can feel cute character and their reaction.
You can enjoy physics and puzzle together.

#### Features:
-Very cute character
-Lovely facial expression
-Physical chain reaction
-Very realistic movement
-Fun of parabola shot and bounce shot
-Highly amusing sound and music.
-Many stages

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By Walaber released on: 2008-10-19T11:07:14Z

Put a New Car in your garage! JellyCar 3 is now available!

The hit driving platform puzzle game is all new! JellyCar 3 features all new levels, all new car customization, all new ghost racing, and so much more. So hop in, start your jelly engines, and find the stop sign!

JellyCar is a driving/platforming game for both iPhone and iPod touch. The game is about driving a squishy car through squishy worlds, trying to reach the exit. JellyCar features soft body physics for all of the objects in the world. Also your car can transform for a limited time to aid progression through the level.

*** NOTE *** touch the "?" squishy icon on the main menu for the "how to play" instructions!

* Soft-body physics!
* Simple touch and tilt controls
* 28 levels to play
* global high score ranking system
* original music by Matt McCarthy
* full sound effects
* option to listen to iPod music while playing the game.
* Localized into:
** "u65e5"u672c"u8a9e
** "u7e41"u9ad4"u4e2d"u6587
** "u7b80"u4f53"u4e2d"u6587
** "ud55c"uad6d
** deutsch
** "u0440"u0443"u0441"u0441"u043a"u0438"u0439
** Nederlands
** fran"u00e7ais
** italiano
** polski
** suomi

* Touch (and hold) on either side of the screen to drive in that direction.
* Tilt the device to rotate your car
* Touch the car to transform - the car will inflate to much larger than it's normal size! this only lasts for a limited tome though.
* Touch with 3 fingers on the screen to pause/quit the current level.
* Use the standard Pinch gesture to zoom in/out at any time.

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Touch Physics Lite

By Gamez 4 Touch released on: 2009-02-01T06:18:46Z

Draw shapes with a crayon that come to life on your iPhone / iPod touch. These shapes interact with the wheel, causing it to move according to physical laws. When it reaches the star, the level is complete.

This is a lite version of Touch Physics with fewer levels (10 out of 50).

"Game of the Year Award for iPhone" -

"As scientifically fascinating as the original" Bronze Award (Touch Physics 2) - Pocket Gamer

"Draw your way to victory" - iPhone Games Directory

"Top 100 iPhone Games 2009 Award" - iLounge

"Hottest Award" - iPhone Apps Plus

"Very very cool game, good mind teaser" - Today in iPhone

"Painfully addictive" - MacBreak Weekly

"Touch Physics is a fantastic game. Great value for the price" - 148Apps

"One more reason to keep touching my iPhone" - TouchMyApps

"One of the very best inexpensive games we've seen on the iPhone to date" - iLounge

Are you up to the challenge? Can you take on the laws of physics to complete all levels? Touch Physics Lite is an innovative game that allows you to be in control of the wheel's destiny. Change the laws of physics to suit your game play!

Beware, this is not as simple as it sounds! Levels progress in difficulty, do you dare to compete? Addictive fun and fury all in one package.

A video of Touch Physics in action can be seen at:


- Great job, this game is AMAZING !
- Dare I say it, ADDICTIVE !!!
- I love this game !
- Light-hearted fun that is hard to put down
- High production values, stylish
- I can't put this down !
- Challenging, but quite fun and entertaining !
- Highly recommend buying this one
- It's incredibly addictive and I love it !
- Wow !


- 10 Levels
- Simple and intuitive control
- Real physics modeling
- Realistic crayon drawing
- Automatic save and resume
- Shake to reset
- Relaxing music
- Retina display


When you upgrade to the full version, you also get:

- 40 Additional levels (giving 50 in total)
- Physics customization (providing unlimited gameplay)
- Play your own music
- No ads



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Newton's Cradle: Physics++

By IAM Web Services released on: 2010-01-23T12:26:54Z

Newton's Cradle puts physics in your hands. Using a real physics engine built on kinematics and momentum equations, Newton's Cradle: Physics++ delivers a superior physics simulation.

Basic features include:
-3D Manipulation. View the Cradle from any angle.
-Pinch and Zoom. Get as close or as far as you like.
-Dynamic Lighting. Set the lighting as high or as low as you want.
-Artificial Gravity. Toggle use of accelerometers for gravity.
-Collision Elasticity. Adjust elasticity for a ridiculous bounce or a pathetic splat.

Premium features:
-Time Warp: Slow down time to a crawl and watch the physics happen!
-Ball Count: Change the number of balls from an astounding 9 to a hilarious 1.
-Lightning Balls: Turn down the lights and watch as balls glow with an eerie power.

See video of Premium features at

One finger - Move Balls
Two Fingers - Rotate and Zoom
Three Fingers - Controls Menu
Shake - Reset Balls

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Finger Physics: Thumb Wars Free

By PressOK Entertainment released on: 2010-07-22T07:00:00Z


The first franchise extension to the #1 Puzzler has finally arrived to world-wide finger delight. That's right finger friends, Finger Physics is back - and this time it's WAR!!!!

Finger Physics: Thumb Wars Free is a finger-bending twist on the original Finger Physics. You get more than 30 levels of brain-teasing physics with completely new strategies and gameplay. The main objective of this Finger Physics is to collect as many stars as possible - the more stars you get, the bigger your score! Make your way through the Wonder Glade and Constructor modes which are full of levers, glass blocks, spinning gadgets and swinging hinges!

Here are the goods:
34 levels of thumb war goodness
2 modes including Wonder Glade & Constructor
Unlimited challenges as you collect stars
Time bonuses for fast fingers!
Monthly updates with more free levels (just like the original)!
Complete tutorials for those fingers who need a little help

If you're looking for weekly championships, OpenFeint achievements, and even more awesomeness check out the Full version of Finger Physics: Thumb Wars here:

Find us online:

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Glass Tower 2

By iDevUA released on: 2010-05-04T11:13:31Z

Top puzzle game in: USA, Canada, United Kingdom, Deutschland, France!!!

The first part of the Glass Tower had been in puzzle top-100 for more than half a year.
Now we are glad to present you long-awaited continuation!

Gameplay is completely made over, graphic, physics, bonuses and a lot of other major improvements are added.

Glass Tower 2 is a game with physical collisions and gravity simulation.
Gameplay seems to be easy at first.
The tower is constructed of blocks which are different in size, shape and color.
Your aim is to break all blue blocks and to save as many red blocks as possible.
Blue blocks add a score. Its amount depends on the size of the block. Red blocks subtract your score the same way.
Also every broken red block subtract one "life". You have 10 lives at the beginning.
Black blocks are indestructible and unmovable.

Due to physical-based engine every level can be over in different ways.
Your game progress is always saved, so You can continue playing last level you reached.
Some blocks contain bonuses. When you break such block - the bonus takes off and rises on screen edge.
You should have time to "catch" it, by taping on it by finger. Action of each bonus is explained during gameplay.

There's also level editor available.

Game features highlights:

- real-like physical simulation
- fast and powerful game engine with a lot of realtime visual effects
- bright and clear graphics
- very cool sounds of shattering glass
- different backgrounds to choose
- cool bonuses like accelerometer-controlled gravity vector
- hi-scores table
- level editor (for extra money)

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iHurt Lite - Cartoon Style, Ragdoll Physics Fun!

By Mad Monkey Militia released on: 2010-07-29T05:45:23Z

Now is the time to try out the Redneck, Zombie, Socialite Ragdoll flinging action! Give it a try and tell your friends.

iHurt Lite is a new and exciting cartoon style action game for the iPhone and iPod Touch. It's full of serious laughter, cartoon antics, fun and plenty of HURT!

Steer your character down Mt. Spinebreaker while hitting as many objects as possible in your quest to rack up the largest hospital bill in the history of the iHurt Championships! Perfect your scoring lines and path through the level to maximize your hospital bill. Can you take home the gold?

iHurt Lite Features
* Cartoon style gameplay, like Saturday morning cartoons of yesteryear
* Extreme Ragdoll Physics
* Funny VO and Character impact reactions
* 1 iHurt Championship Levels, with 5 other levels available in our in-app iHurt Store
* Scoring Multipliers, TNT, Beehive, Pumpkin Bombs and Bat Nest objects to help amplify the pain
* 1 Unique Characters to try with 2 more available in our iHurt Store and more to come in future updates
* Agon Online Integration
* World-wide Online Leaderboards
* Award Challenges (Achievements), even in the Lite version!!!
* Brag to your friends on Facebook and Twitter
* Tilt Control Calibration - Set the tilt controls to your liking to achieve the highest scores!

If you enjoy the Lite version of iHurt please consider picking up the Full Version or just enter the store and unlock the Classic Pack to get all the content currently in the full version.

iHurt Lite uses your device's accelerometer for control. We at Mad Monkey Militia highly recommend you take a moment before playing to calibrate the tilt controls and sensitivity for your device to your liking.

On 1st Gen devices we recommend restarting your device after downloading the game before playing it for the first time to ensure the best performance.

Stay Up To Date
Become a fan of "Mad Monkey Militia" on Facebook and "@MMMGames" on Twitter to stay up to date with the latest Mad Monkey Militia & iHurt news.

Future Updates
The Mad Monkey Militia crew is hard at work on the 3rd update to iHurt. Be on the lookout in the next couple months and all throughout 2010 for:
* Even More Characters
* More Levels and New Level Themes
* New Game Types like Ragdoll Bowling
* More Awards
* More HURT!

Your 5 Star reviews keep the updates, characters, levels, and game modes coming...

Gameplay Videos

Check out Crazy Mike's Video review of the full version of iHurt as well.

"The audio is quite polished in all aspects. The sound effects and voiceovers are absolutely hilarious and quite clear."

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Kinetic Balls

By Motion 9 Studios LLC released on: 2010-01-19T04:03:30Z

Note: If the app crashes on your device, its a known issue and will be fixed very soon. Thanks for your patience!

Over 8.5 million downloads! Thank You!

Kinetic Balls new update (BEST EVER UPDATE - OS 4.0 Compatible)- You're dream, You're in charge, Your way! Please continue to support your favorite app and thank you for your business!!!

New League of Customization - You now have a reason to spend more worthy time with us!

"u25a0 "u25a0 "u25a0 "u25a0 "u25a0 One of the best updates ever!

******New incredible Features********

"u25c9 Use your camera to create your own ball images - Use your face or the face of a friend!! (works on physical devices with camera only)

"u25c9 Enjoy 150+ creative background themes!

"u25c9 Record and play-back your actions (available only for iPhone3GS,iPhone 4 and iPod Touch 4)

"u25c9 Set your own background images!

"u25c9 Set Kinetic Balls images as your iPhone's background!

"u25c9 Set your own background sounds (iPod music)!

"u25c9 Facebook, Twitter, & Youtube Sharing Options!

**Limitless possibilities are at your fingertips and a fun Physics Toy for all ages - Enjoy the new experience and have fun**

Disclaimer: Kinetic Balls may contain custom content added by anyone who uses the device. Motion9Studios LLC is not responsible for any content users apply as background skin or upload to Facebook or any other site. This also includes any violent, adult, and/or copyrighted material users may upload.

****Please note that your 5 star ratings and continuous support to receive high quality consistent updates****

***Try our new FREE game- EPIC DIVE****

****Customers #1 preferred app***

App dictions review - 4.5 star ratings**
The design and development of this app was done nicely and the app functions perfectly. With over 100+ skins these Kinetic Balls have some great style. So if you like Kinetic Balls this app is highly recommended.
Try our following new will sure like it!!

1. Go Go Miner
2. Kinetic Balls 2 (Sequel for KB)
3. Oil Spill clean up

You pick the skin and we will deliver!!

Please do write the type of skins you dream and we will bring them to reality!!

We delivered our promise to offer 10x rich content to what you pay. Please help us writing good reviews (if you like) and to bring the app to the top of the store again!!

Motion 9 Studios is honored to serve its customers!!!!!!!!!!!

**TRY our New Game-iHate Boss**

We are soon going to meet our promise to offer 10 times to what you paid!!!


***We thank all your business and request you to continue to support our app to reach the top games on the list again***

BUY a comprehensive skin pack with no Ads for a very low price!!

*******Due to the tremendous download response and to keep our customers happy, we have just launched an extended version with new skins and challenging gameplay while trivia is coming soon*****

With extensive plans in place to add more skins, more features, and all kinds of cool tools to this you can support the growth and expansion of this app by downloading it now!

So what have you got to lose? Take a brief moment of your time and download this cool and fun app today!


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There are more than 300,000 iphone/ipad apps for just about any category you can think of including Physics you looking for.

We belive for every paid Physics app out there there is a equivalent free Physics app that can be downloaded from itunes free of charge. If you do not like that app you can always uninstall it without paying for it or worring about losing the money you paid for app you do not use.

Try out the free Physics apps to see if you like it before purchasing the more expensive versions of it.
- There are thousands of iphone developers daily release free iphone apps.
- Explore different Physics apps with free iphone apps and see if you like it before you pay for it.
- Just like trial software for non mobile operating systems, free iphone Physics apps let you explore similar tools before you purchase the more expensive version.
- For those of you looking for particular Physics app specific to a professional decipline search apps by Apps Popular Among Professions.

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