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Santa's Workshop Lite

By Pick Up And Play released on: 2009-11-06T11:44:16Z

Christmas Holiday fun for all ages.

Production at the North Pole is in full swing for the holiday rush, and you can help.

Give Santa and the elves a hand in the workshop and get those toys loaded up and delivered around the world!

Fun graphics, sounds, and tunes.

Touch or drag to show Santa where to go.

The more toys you move out of the workshop and into the sleigh, the more you can deliver to all the good little boys and girls.

This version is FREE to you, supported by a little bit of advertising. Have fun.

The full version is only $0.99 and supports GameCenter high scores so you can see how good of a Santa you are.

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iFPS Online Lite

By Pick Up And Play released on: 2009-06-07T11:57:29Z

A full 3D first person shooter!

The full version of iFPS Online is now available as a free download.

Play against your friends via WiFi or 3G. Play on network servers or host your own games and control the settings and conditions. Your games can be private with a passcode, or public for all the world to join.

Enjoy, and if the ads bother you, the paid version is also available. See the iFPS Online description for more information and how to contact us for your own PC server.

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By Pick Up And Play released on: 2009-04-19T06:28:32Z

This is a first person shooter in three different environments showing what's possible using GarageGames' Torque's 3D tools for game development. iTGE is built to natively load projects from Torque Game Engine and deploy them to the iPhone.

iTGE supports the full TGE set of features, so you can prototype your iPhone game in TGE on PC or Mac, then optimize it for deployment to the iPhone using iTGE. The levels playable in this game are unoptimized from the PC.

WARNING: If you have one of the new 3Gs handsets, do NOT download this game yet!!! Wait for an update to fix known crash bugs!

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Green Fingers Lite

By No Monkeys released on: 2009-10-05T09:46:34Z

Do you think you have a green thumb? Prove it in Green Fingers, the exciting new puzzle game from No Monkeys.

Swap the flower pots to collect the correct items for your flowers and watch them grow.

Test your dexterity and puzzle skills in this original and fun game that is available exclusively for iPhone and iPod Touch.


"I definitely recommend Green Fingers to anyone who is looking for a new casual game to absorb all their free time." -

"the guys behind Alphabetic, No Monkeys, have delivered another great addictive puzzler" -

"I was hooked within two minutes" -

"Growing your own garden has never been so much fun." -


- Easy to pick up game play that will take hours to master.
- 15 fun achievements to unlock.
- Highscore system.
- Automatic save system.
- Green Fingers is OpenFeint enabled:
"t- Online leaderboards
"t- Achievements
"t- Facebook and twitter integration.

Please visit for a video of Green Fingers in action and more screenshots.

Follow No Monkeys on twitter:

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Sock Slider

By Keepnix Studios released on: 2009-10-31T07:43:14Z

Sock Slider is an addictive pick-up-and-play game that simulates the physics and fun of running and sliding in your socks. The objectives are simple- either run and slide across the floor as far as you can, or see how many times you can slide into the circle.

Controls / Orientation Support:

You play by dragging your finger to run and letting go to slide (make sure not to run past the "fault" line). Sock Slider fully supports iPhone's unique orientation sensing feature and adapts the interface to meet your sock sliding needs. For example, you can use the app in portrait mode sliding using your thumb or in the landscape mode sliding from right-to-left or left-to-right.

Scenario / Levels:

The game includes 2 challenges: "How far can you slide?" and "Can you slide into the circle?" so depending on your mood you can either let it rip, or go for finesse and see how many times you can slide into a circle before missing.

Both challenges come with 4 levels (3 of which you have to play to unlock). In addition, each level has its own online score board so you can see how you compare against everyone else. Get ready to dominate the world sock sliding scene.

Special Features:

[a] Choose your socks. Out-of-the box Sock Slider comes with 4 different colors of socks. Just click on the laundry basket and choose your favorite socks. Additionally there are 2 locked sock colors that you can unlock after you solve the Hard level of each challenge.

[b] Compete world wide with online score boards. There is a score board for each level. The score boards will store the highest score you submit each day (you can submit as many times as you like). Therefore, you can compete either for the high score of the day or for the highest score of all time.

[c] Share with your friends. Sock Slider provides as simple way to share the game with friends using either email or Facebook with a single tap.


Obviously, you gotta check this game out, besides it's FREE.

Especially if you're into other pick up and play games or cartoon-based games like Touch Hockey, Cartoon Wars, Tap Tap Revenge, Deer Hunter, Sharp Shooter, Beer Pong, Rollercoaster, Sheep Launcher get the idea.. this game is for you.

For more info, to see videos, or to become a Facebook Fan check out:

Possible future features:

- Different sex characters. For example, a girl character.
- More challenges.

Please let me know what other features you'd like to see.

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A Perfect Boyfriend Lite - Hear Him Talk!

By Daps Apps released on: 2009-03-27T02:15:21Z

This is the LITE version of Perfect Boyfriend.
The FULL VERSION has nearly 100 sounds and sayings, more than twice as many images of our hunk and more! Only 99 CENTS!

You've looked all your life. Now the search is over! He's here:

The PERFECT Boyfriend!

Your perfect boyfriend is Fun, Supportive, Intelligent, and Romantic. This man is all of those things!

Spin the wheel of love, and hear what the perfect boyfriend has to say in four different categories. Show him off, and get everyone laughing and jealous of the man you found.

Make your Husband, your Boyfriend, That special someone, or any other Man in your life jealous of the perfect new man you've found!

Beautiful, lovingly created art with our hunk front and center!
An amazing interface, that's a heck of a lot of fun to grab and take for a spin!
And most importantly, tons of sounds of hilarious and perfect things for the perfect boyfriend to say!

"Well I'm lost. I'm going to pull over and ask for directions."

"That dress looks great! It's like it was made for you!"

"I think about your smile every day."

Treat yourself now to the perfect pick-me-up, and meet the perfect boyfriend today!

Once you fall in love, commit yourself to the ultimate relationship with the FULL VERSION of Perfect Boyfriend! He'll love you even more if you do!,

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Bottoms Up Lite

By Jyker LLP released on: 2010-09-13T10:07:20Z

APP OF THE WEEK -, March 5th, 2010
"...This is a pretty fun app."

Remember the last time you were disappointed with the lack of eye candy at your local pub?

Team Jyker is proud to present a world where such bad experiences are a thing of the past. We believe that beauty is in the eye of the beerholder and our bartender Jyke will show you the way:

Listen up dudes, I know you think you're smooth and have your way with the ladies. But I've seen your type - all hot air. When it comes to approaching the girls and showing them what you're made of, you pretend you got an incoming call or text message on your iPhone. Pathetic Even I have better luck with hotties.

You don't agree? Prove it to me. Oh, but get a beer first. Make that a few beers. I think you'll need them. Besides, chicks always look better after you have some beer.

Here's what you do: Slide a beer across my counter to the other end to show them how good you are with your hands. Then, chug the beer like a real man. That means, you cannot use a straw and there's no "pit stop" half-way.

If - and that's a big if - you manage to get my two challenges right, I think you'll stand a pretty decent chance with the chicks. Good luck, show them what a real man you are!

So are you going to just sit there and continue reading? Stop hesitating and step up to the plate. Download this app and take up my challenge. Its free, just because I'm such a great guy.

But if you are wondering why there is only one hot chick in my bar, I gotta tell ya that there is no such thing as a free lunch, buddy! Cough up a buck and enjoy the full ad free bottoms up experience with 5 hot chicks. You won't regret it.


PS: One of our fans uploaded a cool game play video that shows you how to get the job done. See it at our website: Oh, and link up with me on Facebook; just search for "Jyke the Bartender".

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