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By MindValley LLC released on: 2010-12-16T04:48:24Z

Smart Baby Apps = Top Educational iPad Apps for Kids :-)

Why Smart Baby Apps? We believe that educational apps should be ridiculously fun, immensely educational, and affordable for all.

Fortunately, hundreds of thousands of parents agree and have turned us into one of the hottest app developers for kids on the iPad.

Ideal for Kids 0 - 3 Years Old

Smart Baby Apps User Stories:
"I love this app! It's so awesome because you can make your own cards! And you can record your own voice. I made a card for my pet cat Byron. It's so cute!"

"Must-have app! My daughter (23 months) loves the flashcards with the sounds as my wife and I have recorded our voices with the sounds each animal makes! Outstanding as whenever we ask our daughter if she wants to do words, she laughs and screams Yes! Keep up the excellent work and we look forward to more outstanding products!"

"Wonderful App! As a mom & as a certified Kindergarten teacher, I love this app. I use it with my infant twins daily & am brainstorming ways to use it with my students in the fall (specifically the shapes)!"

"I love this app. You can customize all the flashcards with your own voice plus add your own. My baby loves it and his older siblings had so much fun recording their voices to the animal flashcards along with silly animal sounds. It is probably one if the most fun baby apps available."


* Teach the concept of colors in a fun and engaging style

* Add your own cards - record own voice and add own pictures!

* Includes 150+ gorgeous photographs that are carefully hand picked and selected

* Fun & engaging voice artist keeps kids engaged

* 6 different play modes to show the flashcards anyway you like. Play modes include (image only, word only, flashcard only, word then flashcard, word then image)

* 4 super fun game modes where you either match the picture to the words or the words to the pictures

* Fully customizable font size, font color, spelling (upper case, lower case, etc.)

* Infant mode - includes ability to select extra large font size and red font color (ideal for babies less than 12 months of age)

* Don't want to teach your baby a given word? No problem, just delete the card

* Multi-sensory learning tool - combining audio, voice, and written words

Heroic Support

Heroic Support is not just what we do. It's really what makes us, well, us. It's that drive to make a difference in your life - no matter how big or small. Really, it's our way of life because we want you to be our customer for a lifetime of fun and learning.

Have questions? We are here to help. Email us at

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Baby Smart Free - ABC, Numbers, Colors and Shapes

By App-Zoo released on: 2010-05-02T02:53:46Z

Please try our new A+ Math Program Free.
Progressive math aimed for success.

Learn the fundamentals in a fun innovative way with Mozart music playing in the background!

Distinguishing features:

1) This app just does not teach you the ABCs and Numbers but also traces and shows you how to write them.
2) Special quizzes designed to test and reinforce learning
3) Most kids confuse the letters b,d,p and q when they begin to learn their ABCs. A special section is provided to differentiate between these letters
4) Mozart music playing in the background

Feature list:
1) Capital ABC
2) Small abc
3) Numbers 1-30
4) Colors
5) Shapes
6) Quizzes
- identify alphabet
- identify object starting with an alphabet
- identify numbers
- count numbers
- identify color and shapes

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ABCs and Me

By 5pumpkins released on: 2010-05-07T05:48:29Z

It's never too early to start learning pre-reading and pre-math skills!

ABCs and Me by Five Pumpkins contains 6 fun flashcard sets in English and in Chinese! (Numbers, ABCs, On The Go, Colors, Shapes and Foods) aimed at teaching small children skills they need for kindergarten. Use the favorites mode to help your children focus on cards they have trouble with.

The ABCs flashcards contain large font letters (and their names), phonetic pronunciations, and vivid images. Kids can click on the letter or the image to hear the corresponding audio in English.

Numbers flashcards help teach the order of the numbers and counting. Each number card shows a different quantity of items preschoolers and toddlers can count. See the Mandarin Pinyin and text for each number.

On The Go helps the young child learn about the world. Vividly colored transportation vehicles include cars, planes and trains! Includes the Mandarin pinyin and Chinese characters as well.

To teach 2D and 3D shapes, the Shapes flashcards have large, brightly colored shapes and the corresponding shape name on each card. Each shape also has the corresponding pinyin and Chinese text.

The Colors and Foods flashcards have friendly colored images to help children learn their basic colors and some foods. Both include Chinese pinyin and text.

The cards feature large fonts and bright colors to hold children's interests. They try to focus the child's attention on the main topics and reduce the background noise which makes it easier for the child to learn.

Please email any questions, suggestions or comments to

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Dress-up FREE

By released on: 2009-12-04T03:29:20Z

Good, clean fun for preschool boys and girls, and you can't beat the price. Kids can pick outfits, colors and patterns by dragging items on the screen. Boy and girl dolls are included.

This app is creative fun for boys and girls ages 3 to 6. No score-keeping, no repetitious music. Kids focus on their task, show their designs to siblings or parents, and then tap a button to start dressing a new doll. Clothes snap into place so finger accuracy is not required.

(This free version does not include the superhero costumes or poses from the paid version.)

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ColorTalk Free

By 24x7digital LLC released on: 2009-02-18T11:13:25Z

ColorTalk Free contains 10 common colors and their English names along with voice pronunciations of each color. Simply press the arrow buttons to proceed through the colors. You may toggle the voice pronunciations of each color, as well as the display of the spelling for each color.

TRY ALL OF OUR APPS: 123's, ABC's, Aw Craps!, ColorTalk, MiniVLTone, SightWords, States&Capitals, WordFamiles, TimesTables, MelodyCalc, and Whassup

CONTACT US: Please do not hesitate to contact us at or visit

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First Word's Lite

By Serendipity Apps, LLC released on: 2008-10-20T09:42:18Z

First Words helps toddlers, preschoolers, and kindergartners build their vocabulary in a fun and interactive way.

The lite version include Number and Colors. The program is meant to be educational with some really cool sound effect and animations to keep your child entertained and coming back for more.

The full version also includes
- ABCs
- Animals
- Beach
- Sports
- Fruit
- Shapes

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Spooky Playtime Lite

By Bombing Brain Interactive released on: 2010-10-21T05:58:19Z

It's Spooky Playtime Lite! Give Spooky Playtime a test run. This lite version has 2 of the 5 games that are available in the full version. So give it a try and celebrate the fun and excitement of the Halloween season with your preschooler! Spooky Playtime Lite is an extremely entertaining and educational game for young children aged 2-6 years. Perfect for parents who want to share the excitement of Halloween with their children, while also reinforcing age-appropriate learning activities.

Your child will be asked to help our spooky (but certainly not scary) friends through the following 2 (5 in the full version!) fun-filled activities designed to keep them engaged and entertained, and also offer them practice with fine motor skills, counting, letters, puzzles, color and shape recognition, matching and memory.

★ Haunted House
Your child can practice MEMORY and MATCHING skills while finding and matching the spooky friends (including ghosts, frankensteins, black cats, and witches) who are hiding in our haunted house.

★ Pumpkin Patch
COUNTING is reinforced in the pumkin patch, where our silly black kitties are playing hide and seek.

Want more? Check out the full version - Spooky Playtime available here on the app store.

All of us at Bombing Brain Interactive are extremely proud of this game. We have put a lot of love into it, including having our own children participate in the making of the game. Everything in the game including the sights, sounds, and music were contributed by our families. We are excited to bring this game to your family just in time for Halloween, and we sincerely hope that you enjoy playing it with your children.

If you have any trouble with the game or wish to offer suggestions for improvement, please let us know at:

** Please note: Spooky Playtime Lite is compatible with iPad, iPhone 3Gs, iPhone 4, and iPod Touch 3rd Generation and above running iOS 3.2 or 4.x. Older iOS models including iPhone 3G and older iPod Touches are not supported.

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Baby's First App Lite

By Blue Couch Media released on: 2011-01-06T06:16:33Z

Check out our commercial and get more info at:

Have a terrific time with your children learning letters, numbers, animals, shapes, colors & objects. Baby's First App is beautifully designed with artwork that will stimulate and educate your infant or toddler. With a simple touch of the screen, your child will hear and see all the slides as they appear one at a time. You can select a specific category or choose to play all the slides random.

Baby's First App can be a safe distraction when in restaurants, waiting rooms, in a car, on an airplane, or even when you just want to have some learning time together with your little one.

Lite Version has 18 Flash Cards in 6 Different Categories.

Full Version has 80 Flash Cards - 6 Different Categories!!!


The learning never ends with Baby's First App!

Also Check out Baby's First App Animal Edition!

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JoyTots Adventure Lite

By Joy Products International released on: 2010-02-19T12:26:27Z

The Adventure game Lite version is the free Lite version of the Joytots Adventure game that everyone can try. It is another English education game designed by JHE Joytots. It is focus more on introducing the kids to Letters, Numbers and shapes. The game has a story line to keep the game interesting for the child and as the game progresses through different levels of challenges and adventures the child will be familiar with all the English words targeting both the listening and speaking skills of the child. The game also helps the child analyze certain situations and develop their decision-making skills. The Joytots Adventure game is really a fun way to learn the basics of certain English words used so we have the Lite version available for people to try and check the game and if you can`t get enough of the game then you can purchase the Joytots Adventure game to follow the Adventure of Momo and her owner. So the search is on and check where Momo is...

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