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A Preschool Pattern Recognition Game

By Nth Fusion LLC released on: 2009-12-22T08:00:00Z

"Pattern Recognition" app series is picked as Top3 best iphone app for kids learning math
Pattern Recognition app is also featured at "" under "Best iPhone/iPod App for Kids"
"..One of the skills kids are graded on is knowing how to recognize a pattern, figuring out what's missing and then completing the pattern. This app does a great job reinforcing that skill.."

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Preschool pattern recognition game is part of "Most Popular" Top 100 pattern recognition app series.

Preschool pattern recognition game is part of pattern recognition app series, each app that is part of this pattern recognition series comes with unique pattern sequences that are suitable for appropriate age groups and grade level. This game is appropriate for ages 3 and 4. Pattern recognition game is a fun app to help children build logical thinking and accelerate their brain development. Children develop visual discrimination when matching shapes and patterns. This app is a great introduction to pattern matching and spatial relationship. Each puzzle provides different pattern sequences that kid needs to recognize and choose from one of the four alternatives pictures to complete the sequence. Research studies show the act of looking for patterns can be an effective method to help children learn problem-solving techniques.

Pattern recognition game in Advanced mode helps the children to learn just finding "a pattern" does not automatically mean it is the right answer, they will learn and understand the use of multiple patterns is needed to justify an answer.

A new pattern matching game from "Nth Fusion LLC" designed specifically with younger children in mind, "Pattern Recognition" app provides children with an enriching and fun play experience.Your child explores picture patterns to find matches, a skill that lays the foundation for recognizing order in the world around us. If your child has difficulty finding the patterns by sight alone, encourage your child to say the names of the objects out loud. Ask questions like - When does the picture starts repeating? Reinforce the concept by saying the picture pattern out loud.

+ Preschool kids - learning to read or recognize words
+ Parent home schooling
+ preschool teachers

GAME Rules:
+ Analyze the pattern shown on the screen. Fill in the missing pattern by "drag & drop" or double tapping on the image listed on the bottom row.
+ If your choice is correct then background of the app will turn green for brief moment and you will be taken to next patterm match puzzle.
+ If your choice is incorrect then background of the app will turn red for brief moment and the app will automatically show the correct answer. After a brief pause, you will be taken to next puzzle.

+ You can select between easy and advance patterns.
+ You can pick the number of puzzles that you want to solve in a session.
+ You can pick categories of pictures you want to see.

Requires iPhone OS 3.0 or later

Please direct support questions to
If you want us to add new features that would help children to enrich their learning, please send us an email.
And also to improve future version of the game, please provide us constructive feedback from your kid's perspective.

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Monkey Rows

By Brian West released on: 2010-08-28T07:00:00Z

Introducing a child to patterns at an early age helps build a strong foundation for mathematical thinking. With an adorable animated monkey and outrageous cartoon sounds, Monkey Rows combines shape, color and pattern recognition skills practice into an enjoyable iPhone game for 4-6 year olds.

key features include:

-randomized, six object pattern generation with two difficulty levels included

-nine colored shapes are used providing over 700 possible patterns

-child chooses the colored shape that best completes each sequence

-confidence building multiple choice format using pictured answer buttons

-easy to understand scoring provided for each round of five patterns

-animated monkey provides strong visual feedback for kids

-outrageous cartoon sound effects lend a game-like feel to learning

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Caboose - Learn to Recognize and Complete Patterns

By @Reks released on: 2011-01-14T04:12:19Z

*** (01/15/2011) Top 10 Education App in the US ***
*** Top 10 Education in more than 20 stores world wide ***
Caboose helps your child acquire analytical and logical thinking thus expanding their intelligence quotient. It is a cognitive exercise for your child's brain. Caboose requires the child to compare concepts and recognize patterns. The process of comparing helps the child prepare for learning to recognize shapes, colors, numbers, etc. Pattern recognition and completion represent an important developmental skill for preschool children.

Although all children develop as individuals, the age ration below should provide parents as a starting point in helping their children's performance:

- Ages 4-5: Can complete without assistance.

- Age 3: Can complete with minimal assistance after directions are given.

- Age 2: Introduction to math concepts -- can complete with adult assistance.

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