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By Olomedia s.r.l. released on: 2009-08-16T03:10:33Z

WordCounter is a totally FREE, very simple and easy to use application.

Simply enter text via keyboard (or paste it from other applications, such as the browser), click on 'Count' and WordCounter calculates the number of sentences, words and characters that make up the text.
In particular, for the characters, the number of letters, symbols, spaces and punctuation is specified.
To edit the text without doing the calculation again, simply press the button 'Cancel' and with 'Erase' you can delete all the text entered.

A simple and free application that leverages the new features of cut/copy/paste introduced with firmware 3.0.



WordCounter "u00e8 un'applicazione completamente GRATUITA, estremamente semplice e di facile utilizzo.

Basta inserire del testo tramite tastiera (o incollarlo da altre applicazioni, come ad esempio il browser), cliccare sul tasto 'Count' e WordCounter calcoler"u00e0 il numero di frasi, di parole e di caratteri che compongono il testo.
In particolare, per i caratteri viene specificato il numero di lettere, di simboli, di spazi e di segni di punteggiatura.
Per modificare il testo senza effettuare nuovamente il calcolo basta premere il tasto 'Cancel' mentre 'Erase' permette di cancellare tutto il testo inserito.

Un'applicazione semplice e gratuita che sfrutta le nuove funzioni di taglia/copia/incolla introdotte con il firmware 3.0.



WordCounter es una aplicaci"u00f3n totalmente GRATUITA, muy simple y f"u00e1cil de usar.

Con la inserci"u00f3n de texto mediante el teclado (o pegandolo desde otras aplicaci"u00f3nes, como por ejemplo el navegador) y haciendo clic en el bot"u00f3n 'Count', WordCounter calcula el n"u00famero de frases, palabras y caracteres que componen el texto.
En particular, por los caracteres es especificado el n"u00famero de letras, s"u00edmbolos, espacios y puntuaci"u00f3n.
Si desea cambiar el texto sin hacer el c"u00e1lculo de nuevo pulse el bot"u00f3n 'Cancel' mientras 'Erase' permite de eliminar todo el texto introducido.

Una aplicaci"u00f3n simple y gratis que explota las nuevas funciones de cortar/copiar/pegar introducidas con firmware 3.0.



WordCounter est une application totalement GRATUITE, tr"u00e8s simple et facile "u00e0 utiliser.

Il suffit de saisir du texte via le clavier (ou coller "u00e0 partir d'autres applications, telles que le navigateur), cliquez sur 'Count' et WordCounter calcule le nombre de phrases, des mots et des caract"u00e8res qui composent le texte.
En particulier, pour les caract"u00e8res est sp"u00e9cifi"u00e9 le nombre de lettres, symboles, espaces et signes de ponctuation.
Si vous souhaitez modifier le texte sans faire de nouveau le calcul, appuyez tout simplement sur le bouton 'Cancel' tandis que avec 'Erase' vous pouvez supprimer tout le texte entr"u00e9.

Une application simple et gratuite qui exploite les nouvelles fonctions de couper/copier/coller introduites avec le firmware 3.0.

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By Christopher Coudriet released on: 2009-06-04T01:56:30Z

iGenerate is a password generator for your iPhone or iPod Touch that can generate secure, random passwords and includes all options and features you would expect.

- Create custom codes based on the criteria that you select.
(include or disable numbers, special characters, lower case and upper case letters)
- Choose between different password lengths.
- E-mail your password with the touch of a button.
- Generate random numbers for any purpose.
- Save generated passwords.
- Supports Cut, Copy & Paste of passwords & related data.
- Save your own passwords.
- Easily scrollable list of saved passwords & related data.

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By Paul Collister released on: 2010-05-20T09:43:57Z

This is a simple app that gives examples of common mistakes that proofreaders often have to correct. There are 4 sections:

1) Top Tips, 5 common grammatical errors
2) Frequent spelling errors
3) Correct use of the apostrophe
4) Useful Links, links to other resources on the web and a way to contact the author, either by email or Web

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By released on: 2011-01-20T05:16:51Z

9Chars is an application for the iPhone to consult and copy to pasteboard, Unicode characters by categories and radicals.

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- Explore different Punctuation apps with free iphone apps and see if you like it before you pay for it.
- Just like trial software for non mobile operating systems, free iphone Punctuation apps let you explore similar tools before you purchase the more expensive version.
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