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\ue033XEmoji Free\ue112 - Emoji Keyboard Reference

By XCool Appsreleased on:2009-11-20T08:00:00Z

Download the app and find out! (Hint: emoji) Remember to tell your friends about it and leave us a 5-STAR review! "ue106

Get a quick glance of all the beautiful Emoji icons.
XEmoji Free lets you see the icons and its codes used when building cool iPhone optimized web sites.


If you love these cool icons, be sure to also check out the full version of XEmoji to find out the meaning of each emoji icon. Look for it from within the app!

Emoji icons are emoticons made popular by Japanese mobile carriers like Softbank. It is used widely by our friends in Japan throughout their daily lifes - in wireless text messages, emails and web pages. Emoji literally means "picture" + moji "letter".

Emoji icons can be used in SMS, Email, Notes and all messaging applications.

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Monthly Prescribing Reference (MPR)

By USBMIS, Increleased on:2009-12-22T05:49:34Z

Monthly Prescribing Reference (MPR) provides concise prescription and OTC drug information, side effects and interactions for medical professionals. The MPR iPhone Edition is a compiled database of up-to-date drug monographs from all MPR print publications (MPR, NPPR, PAPR, Pediatrics, Hematology/Oncology, OB/GYN, Pharmacists, etc.)

=== Features ===
* Search entire MPR instantly
* Over 4,000 concise product monographs
* Listed by Brand and Generic name, Manufacturer, and Pharmacological Class
* Search drug monographs by therapeutic category, brand name, generic name, disease, or manufacturer
* Monographs for both prescription and OTC drugs
* Updated frequently by Pharmacists, Reviewed by Physicians!
* Now includes over 30 medical calculators

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LawBox - Legal Reference and Search

By LawBox LLCreleased on:2009-07-30T02:00:30Z

Are you an attorney that needs free mobile access to the 2011 statutes of California, New York, Texas, Illinois, Arizona, Florida, or Delaware? There's only one app for that: LawBox.

LawBox is a digital statute book for your iDevice that allows you to download and search your state's codes. Our library already includes complete 2011 statute sets for:

New York
United States Code

And best of all: everything is free while we develop our next generation research service!

The following code packages are included as starter content:

Federal Rules of Appellate Procedure
Federal Rules of Bankruptcy Procedure
Federal Rules of Civil Procedure
Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure
Federal Rules of Evidence
28 U.S.C. - Judiciary and Judicial Procedure
United States Constitution

Important: to enable the optional news client, you must go to your device's "Settings" app (grey gears icon), select LawBox from the list on the left, and enable the news preference.

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HTML5 Reference Guide

By Evolonixreleased on:2010-07-08T06:58:47Z

The HTML5 Reference Guide provides information about tags, standard attributes, and event attributes for HTML5.

Learn about what's new and what's no longer supported in HTML5! Search for items to find information faster. See example implementations!

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Black Ops Ultimate Utility Free - A COD Strateg...

By Brass Monkeigh Appsreleased on:2010-10-27T01:31:30Z

This is the free version of the Black Ops Ultimate Utility App.
For a complete reference guide with TONS more features, check out the paid version of this app.

Black Ops UU Free contains:

This ain't no simple dividing calculator! Sure you can find your K/D to the 6th decimal point, but you can also see how many more kills you need to move your K/D higher! The app will also rate your K/D against other players!

In addition, your kills and deaths values are saved in the app, so you'll always know your K/D even on the go!

Send an e-mail to all your friends letting them know how much your stats own theirs!

There are nearly 100 HD videos featuring gameplay from your favorite games such as MW2, Medal of Honor, and COD4. After November 9, 2010 tons of gameplay videos from Black Ops will be added regularly!

For more features such as in depth information about Black Ops, the ability to check off perks, killstreaks, attachments, and achievements after you unlock them, check out the paid version of this app!

For more information about Brass Monkeigh Apps, check out:

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GRE Vocabulary Flashcards & Quick Reference - LITE

By PFG Softwarereleased on:2009-11-19T09:00:07Z

PFG Software's GRE Vocabulary is essential for mastering the verbal reasoning section of the GRE. These vocabulary words are carefully selected to allow you to master the following areas of the GRE:

-"t Sentence Completion
-"t Reading Comprehension
-"t Analogy
-"t Antonyms

The free version of the GRE Vocabulary application contains over 600 flashcards that are categorized into Easy, Medium, and Difficult vocabulary words. A Quick Reference capability allows you to easily search or browse the entire word list.

PFG Software's GRE Vocabulary allows you to conveniently and affordably test yourself anywhere, anytime.

* For all references in this application, GRE"u00ae is a registered trademark of the Educational Testing Service, which neither sponsors nor endorses this product.

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Linux Command Reference

By Connecting People Softwarereleased on:2009-08-13T07:44:58Z

Linux, the most popular (and most misunderstood) operating system can be very hard and frustrating to users who are not familiar with the text side (called the Terminal) because of all of its commands. Get one command wrong, and the operating system may not do what you expect.

With the Linux Command Reference (LCR), users have access to the most widely used Linux commands to date. As the screen shots show, one just has to go into a topic that he or she wants to know more about, and the iPhone or iPod Touch will show them the command that a user needs to do for a certain task.

We're already working on an expanded version of this app. But this one should be a good "starter" for anyone who's just starting out with the Linux operating system.

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Mendeley - Reference Manager (Lite)

By Mendeleyreleased on:2010-07-20T11:18:12Z

Mendeley library. Now you can have all of your papers in your pocket!

Mendeley is academic software that indexes and organizes all of your PDF documents and research papers into your own personal digital library. It gathers document details from your PDFs allowing you to effortlessly search, organize and cite. It also looks up PubMed, CrossRef, DOIs and other related document details automatically, importing papers quickly and easily from resources such as Google Scholar, ACM, IEEE and many more at the click of a button.

Mendeley (Lite) for iPhone syncs seamlessly with your Mendeley research collection. This means that you can now carry your personal digital library with you wherever you go. The iPhone app keeps your documents organized in just the same way as your online collection, with easy access to all your collections, recently added items and favorites. Combined with search over titles and abstracts you can get to the paper you need quickly.

If there is a paper you want to check out later, you can download it over wifi straight to your iPhone from your online library. It will remain available to read offline at any time, making it easy for you to read what you want, when you want.

If there is a paper that you just need to let your colleagues know about right now, you can share the citation to that paper from within the app via email. No more copying and pasting citations, it all gets taken care of at the touch of a button.

Mendeley (Lite) for iPhone also syncs shared collections. Shared collections take the pain out of creating a bibliography with collaborators. As soon as you sync your iPhone collection you will see any new documents that your collaborators have added to your shared collections!

To use the Mendeley (Lite) for iPhone you need to have an account with Mendeley Web (, and you need to add to your library either through Mendeley Web or via Mendeley Desktop.

To start using Mendeley (Lite) for iPhone, once you load the app you can login with your Mendeley account details. You can sync your library at any time by activating the sync button on the bottom left hand side of the app.

"Cross-platform Mendeley organizes, indexes, and even stores your
documents in the cloud to make document management painless."

"Mendeley Throws Open the Doors to Academic Data" -New York Times / ReadWriteWeb

"Mendeley is first and foremost a reference management package which
automatically extracts bibliographic data from a researcher's library
of research papers... But its real power lies in what it does with the
collective data from users." -BBC NEWS

"Mendeley [...] can help you spot rising stars and trends in
scientific research as they happen. Who is the most popular researcher
in your field this morning? Mendeley can, for the first time, tell
you." -Wired Magazine

"As a growing number of academics seek to manage their research papers
online, new Web 2.0 tools such as Mendeley are emerging to lend a
hand." -Times Higher Education

"It is the best reference management system I have ever used (and I
strongly recommend everyone at the lab to use it), with its
'intelligent' reference incorporation, identification and annotation
functions. [...] Simply put, it r.o.c.k.s" -Ed Lab at Teachers
College, Columbia University

"Mendeley's Klingon battle cruiser de-cloaks in London with the for academia." -TechCrunch

"How inspired a scientific breakthrough [...] Mendeley is on
the way to changing the face of science" -The Guardian

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By Redi-Reference, Inc.released on:2010-02-12T03:55:04Z

A reader that can be used for accessing designated medical references and guidelines including guidelines from the Infectious Disease Society of America, American Diabetes Association, STD Guidelines from the CDC, COPD Guidelines from the American Thoracic Society and others.

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BFBC2 Ultimate Utility lite - A Battlefield Reference Guide for Bad Company 2

By Brass Monkeigh Appsreleased on:2010-07-24T12:20:38Z

This is the lite version of the popular BFBC2 UU App!

Do you love piloting UAVs, arming M-COMs, and driving bradleys? Then BFBC2 Ultimate Utility is for you!

BFBC2 UU lite contains:

See how to unlock each weapon!
(Full damage stats available in paid version)

See how to unlock each gadget!
(Full stats available in paid version)

This unique feature will tell you how many more kills you need to get to improve your K/D Ratio. The paid version will also tell you how your K/D Ratio compares to other players!

This amazing feature allows you to talk to other users in real time. You can make new friends, discuss strategy, trade tips, or anything else you can think of! The lite version only allows you to view messages from other users, but the paid version also allows you to send messages.

View HD gameplay and tutorial videos! More videos will be added in the coming weeks.

Keep up to date with the latest news about both BFBC2 and Medal Of Honor, from the official source!

See what other players think about topics such as, what is the best kit, best map, or favorite gun.

Be sure to check out all of Brass Monkeigh's Apps:
- MW2 Ultimate Utility
- MW2 Ultimate Utility Pro
- MW2 Pwn Tactics
- BFBC2 Ultimate Utility

This is an unofficial reference guide designed for use with Battlefield Bad Company 2. Brass Monkeigh Apps is in no way affiliated with the publishers of the Battlefield games or DICE.

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BITZER'S Refrigerant Reference Tool

By BITZERreleased on:2010-05-27T04:05:03Z

BITZER is pleased to announce the first free refrigerant pressure temperature relationship application designed for the iPhone and iPod Touch. The application is an intuitive saturated pressure temperature reference wheel that focuses on the most common refrigerants found in AC and refrigeration systems. Instead of scrolling through many refrigerants rarely used, this app provides users with the ability to select and arrange the refrigerants in any order.
Furthermore, this is the only PT app with the ability to use imperial and metric units at the same time. And best of all it's free!

Refrigerants currently available:
R-11, R-113, R-114, R-115, R-116, R-12, R-123, R-124, R-125, R-1270, R-13, R-134a, R-14, R-142b, R-143a, R-152a, R-21, R-218, R-22, R-227ea, R-23, R-236fa, R-245fa, R-290 (Propane), R-32, R-401A, R-401B, R-401C, R-402A, R-402B, R-403A, R-403B, R-404A, R-405A, R-406A, R-407A, R-407B, R-407C, R-407D, R-407E, R-408A, R-409A, R-409B, R-41, R-410A, R-410B, R-411A, R-411B, R-412A, R-413A, R-414A, R-414B, R-415A, R-415B, R-416A, R-417A, R-418A, R-419A, R-420A, R-421A, R-421B, R-422A, R-422B, R-422C, R-422D, R-427A, R-500, R-502, R-507A, R-508A, R-508B, R-600a, R-717 (Ammonia / NH3), R-744 (Carbon Dioxide / CO2).


Main Function:
"tEach refrigerant is represented by a "dot" above the pressure wheel. Swipe left or right across the refrigerant bottle to switch to the refrigerant you desire. The color of the refrigerant bottle will match the official code for that refrigerant. The oil type, global warming potential, safety group, and corresponding pressure temperature wheel are also displayed. Swipe the temp -pressure wheel left or right to view the saturated pressure and temperature values.
The units are specified by using the buttons on the sides. If a unit is highlighted green, then the wheel beside it displays values in that unit. Additionally, the font color of the wheel will match the font color of the button selected. Any combination of units can be selected to view, such as Celsius and psig or Fahrenheit and bar at the same time.
Press the arrow on the left or right side to jump to either end of the wheel. The left arrow will move to the lowest temperature available and the right will move to the highest temperature.

Select Refrigerants:
"tPush the "Select Refrigerants" button to narrow down the list of refrigerants available.
Each refrigerant that has a checkmark will be available to view from the main screen (and represented by a "dot").
Push "Edit" and then move the refrigerants up or down to change the order in which they show on the main page. The top refrigerant on this screen will be the farthest left on the main screen (and the last or bottom refrigerant will be the farthest right).

More Information Button:
"tAdditional information can also be found for each refrigerant by pressing the button.
Here information such as molecular mass, critical temperature, critical pressure and other valuable data can be found.

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AS3 API Reference

By Mike Chambersreleased on:2009-01-24T10:40:29Z

The AS3 API Reference provides a reference for ActionScript 3 API class documentation. The application provides the ability to access ActionScript 3 documentation from anywhere, online or off.

Features include:

-API Documentation for Adobe Flash Player 10, Adobe Flex 3.2, and Adobe AIR 1.5.
-Ability to search and filter by class name.
-View complete API class reference entries.

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