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British Herps - Reptiles and Amphibians of the British Isles

By ETI BioInformatics released on: 2010-12-17T10:52:43Z

This e-guide on reptiles and amphibians of the British Isles is part of a series of mobile systems for identifying species in nature. They were developed as part of the EC KeyToNature project aiming to provide easy access to flora and fauna information. Other e-guides covering plants, birds, butterflies, fish and mammals are available or in preparation.

This e-guide holds information on all native species of reptiles and amphibians found in the British Isles and several frequently occurring alien species. In addition to an identification key, descriptions and colour pictures of each species are provided; calls of frogs and toads are included as an aid to identification. This application is based on the CD-ROM Interactive Guide to Reptiles and Amphibians of the British Isles, published in 2008 by ETI BioInformatics (ISBN 978 90 75000 955).


Compilation: Tekla Boersma, Huub Veldhuijzen van Zanten, Paul Klinkenberg (opening screen)
Photography: Jan van der Voort. Additional photographs were supplied by Jeroen Speijbroeck, Tekla Boersma, Edwin van Spronsen, Huub Veldhuijzen, Ruud Altenburg and Ingrid de Kort
Sounds: Robert Jooris (calls of frogs and toads)
Programming: Dennis Seijts, Stefano Martellos and Edwin van Spronsen

ETI BioInformatics was founded in 1990 by the Dutch government and UNESCO to facilitate easy access to information on taxonomy and biodiversity. Check

To celebrate the 20th anniversary of ETI BioInformatics, this e-guide is offered for free.

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iLove Nature Lite Edition

By Quinn Genzel released on: 2009-01-07T09:26:33Z

** For some extra fun, try out the new **
** "Q's Slider Puzzle: iLove Nature" **

Open your eyes and ears to the world around you. Release the nature lover within you. Collected here is a snapshot of some of the current natural environment of suburban Taipei, Taiwan. All of these original photos and sounds were taken and recorded by me within the past three months and within just a short walk, jog or bike ride from where I live. I hope that you love them as much as I do.


- dozens of beautiful wildlife photos
- animal identification and wiki links for more information
- many recorded sounds of birds, frogs and crickets
- sounds are paired with photos
- create your own customized mix of up to two sounds (5 in Full Version)
- each selected sound has adjustable volume
- view three different slide shows: Complete, Birds and Customized
- slide shows rotate though the photos and sounds
- chose your favorite photos and sounds for your own customized show
- use countdown timer for relaxation or productivity

For fans of Ambiance, Custom Sounds of Nature and Easy Relax, this app provides not only beautiful customizable sounds, but also matching photos and slide shows for increased relaxation, mental health and education too.

What's included in the Full Version:

- more photos of animals (i.e. butterflies, reptiles, etc.)
- more photos of birds, with more sounds
- more sounds of frogs, crickets and cicadas
- more sound mixes (up to 5 combos)

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Pet Lizard Lite

By BHI Technologies, Inc. released on: 2010-01-27T11:12:13Z

Lizards come in a remarkable range of sizes, shapes, and colors. Although all are cold-blooded, their environmental and nutritional needs differ. Learn more about these fascinating creatures, and their feeding, basic care, and common health problems.

Knowing what to do in an emergency may mean the difference between life and death for your lizard. Learn how to prevent emergencies, treat minor injuries with first aid, and when to seek immediate veterinary assistance.



Just simply browse and locate the knowledge in the list and tap to read.

*Email Feature

You can also email lizard related article in this application to your friend. Share the knowledge with your friend!



None - please report if there's any.

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WildObs Observer

By Neukadye released on: 2009-04-08T02:25:34Z

Encounters with wildlife are wonderful experiences to preserve and share. Record your encounters and help others find nature through collaboration.

WildObs Observer captures the what/where/when automatically, allowing you to describe the encounter or take a photograph. Mammals, birds, snakes, bugs, plants, sea-life ... record all your valued encounters.

Encounters are automatically uploaded to your account for inclusion in your life-list, and for sharing with others through maps, by species or by tag (keyword).

Your encounters can be private (for you only) or syndicated through the Internet. WildObs supports personal feeds, Twitter time-lines and posts to the National Wildlife Federation's Wildlife Watch program.

Connect yourself - and others - more with nature.

Note: A WildObs sign-up is required to use this application. See

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Pet Snake Lite

By BHI Technologies, Inc. released on: 2010-01-29T06:40:49Z

Snakes have been on the earth for 70 million years, some reaching 50-100 feet in length. Learn more about these fascinating creatures, and their feeding, basic care, and common health problems.

Preparing for a medical emergency involving your snake is always best accomplished before the event takes place. This Pet Snake app also guides you through the important decisions about first aid.



Just simply browse and locate the knowledge in the list and tap to read.

*Email Feature

You can also email snake related article in this application to your friend. Share the knowledge with your friend!



None - please report if there's any.

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Search Life Forms Sampler of the World - eLifeFormsW

By Search Life Forms released on: 2010-01-19T03:17:22Z

eLifeFormsW, a Search Life Forms Sampler of the World is a member of the Search Life Forms family of products designed to provide easy to use and powerful tools for accessing, displaying and exploring the world's diverse life forms.

Presenting over 500 life forms (counts by class are below), eLifeFormsW presents sample life forms by common name, scientific name and taxonomy.

A geography browser provides drill down by major geographical regions.

Thumbnail images may be toggled on and off for browsing.

The standard presentation views of each life form are the summary, image, narrative and taxonomy views.

Taxon Class Counts

Class"t"t"t English "t"t"t"t Count

Amphibia Salamanders And Frogs 1
Anserinae Bird - Geese And Swan 56
Arachnidae Spiders And Scorpions 7
Crustacea Crabs And Allies 6
Decapoda Squids 4
Fagaceae Oaks And Beeches 107
Filicinae Ferns - True And Allies 7
Gymnospermae Conifers & Allies 16
Lycaenidae Blues And Coppers (tiny Butterflies) 158
Mammalia Mammal 60
Monocotyledoneae Monocot 32
Reptilia Reptiles 38
Teleostomi Fish - Boney 13
Viruses - Misc Viruses - Misc 1

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By UGA Center for Invasive Species and Ecosystem Health released on: 2010-07-15T04:53:00Z

This App is a Field Identification of Select Native and Nonnative Reptiles in Florida. It was developed to provide easy access to identification characteristics of common native and nonnative reptiles in Florida. Successful control of nonnative species requires early detection and a rapid response. Receiving timely observations from individuals in the field is perhaps the most important step in the process. This App has been developed to assist field personnel in the identification of priority reptile species and provide direction regarding how and where to report such observations.

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By Heartpool Inc released on: 2010-12-17T03:37:54Z

Pet Social Networking & Online Community is Your Online Community & Social Network for Pets! Pet Lovers, Groomers, Shelters, Breeders, Specialty Trainers, Veterinarians, Pet Related Services & Much More! is Dedicated to all Walks of Life in the Pet World. Members of PlentyOfFur can Sniff Other Pets, Make New Pet Pals, Promote Pet Related Services, Share Pet Information, Tips, Pictures, Videos, Email & Chat. Create a Free Profile & Join Our Growing Pet Community!

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Hiruko the Bizarre Facts Snake

By Exploding Spec released on: 2010-12-16T09:59:56Z

Hiruko the Snake by Podlingz
with Bizarre Facts power

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Amazing Animals

By TIITF Software, LLC released on: 2009-09-21T10:07:44Z

Browse through a plethora of the absolute best, absolute highest quality and absolute top notch images of some of natures most beautiful creations! Amazing Animals has a wide selection of stunning imagery of wild animals throughout the animal kingdom.

The "Save Image" option allows you to make any image your background and assign an image to a contact by saving images to your iPod or iPhone's Photo Library.

Send images to your friends from within the Amazing Animals application (iPhone OS 3.0)

More Images are being added, with more stunning and exotic images of the Animal Kingdom being added on a regular basis!

Were not talking about the low resolution images you may be used to with other applications.. Amazing Animals uses only the highest quality images, all of which are hand selected to ensure NO image is anything less than stunning... Just the way mother nature intended for it to be!

***Follow App Development, submit feedback and more by following @TIITFDev on Twitter!

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