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3D Respiratory System iP

By PPnavasUS001 released on: 2010-12-29T07:14:16Z

3D Respiratory System iP: This is a medical application that displays 3D graphics throughout the respiratory system, including its operation and separate parts each of the elements that compose it.

Each part of this respiratory system can be seen in 3D, and manipulated with a finger and rotate in all directions. ( with zoom in/out )

Included this encyclopedia 3D Respiratoy System:
- All full 3D Respiratoy System.
- Full 3D each part of Respiratoy System to rotate separately.
- Full 3D ( Respiratory syste, Pharinx, Trachea, Lung, LobarBronchus, Diaphragm etc )
- All 3D can be Zoom ( in / out ) and can be rotated in all directions with a finger.

You can search on our web site more 3D ( or 2D ) medical and anatomy applications.

By Dr. Mau Navas, ( Digital Anatomy Encyclopedias )

And of course your comments and emails are always welcome for updates, suggestions and provide a better service for you.

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Biology: Respiratory System

By Web X.0 Media released on: 2010-05-24T04:04:28Z

When walking in the mountains or after strenuous exercise, one tend feel short of breath. Why? Take the KnowPro Respiratory System quiz to find out. This app tests you on how the most important system in the body regulates vital biological functions.

Fundamental to all living organisms, respiration is the process by which a body transports oxygen to its cells and removes carbon dioxide from those cells. Whether speaking of aquatic or terrestrial animals, respiration is essential to all living creatures. Loaded with interesting facts, this quiz will improve your knowledge of respiratory processes.

The quiz is helpful for biology students or anyone who is curious about the inner workings of the body with respect to respiration.

Every KnowPro app:
1) Is written by an expert on the topic
2) Is edited by an award-winning professional editorial staff, and
3) Features top-of-the-line technology for testing your knowledge and learning a subject matter

*This app is for educational purposes only.

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Major Systems

By MedicMaKe released on: 2010-05-11T08:26:38Z

Major Systems Anatomy Encyclopedia:
A Full Major System Human Body Complete Encyclopedia, is a complete compilation of the most important systems in the functioning of the human body, it will find a variety of illustrations that identify, define and detail the system has to study, with it you can get very important information each particular system with full text and full graphics, as well as some of its most common diseases to which man is exposed.
You can also use the copy tool inside the encyclopedia to copy any full text or full graphics and paste and use it on any device document or email.

On this great Full Anatomy Encyclopedia, you will find all about Human Body Systems, Anatomy, and full text, charts and graphics, etc.

Among the topics in this ull Anatomy Encyclopedia includes:

Circulatory system
Digestive System
Endocrine system
Immune system
Lymphatic system
Musculoskeletal system
Muscular system
Nervous system
Reproductive system
Respiratory system
Skeletal system
Urinary system
Vestibular system
Endocannabinoid system

Some Human Body Anatomy Disease too.

This beautiful encyclopedia, is part of several volumes and issues
which can be found on our website:

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are always welcome.

Encyclopedia Suite:
A partner website:

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Lungs Encyclopedia

By Jose Barrientos released on: 2010-04-13T12:13:55Z

The total amount of air in the respiratory system is about 4 litres in a smaller adult, up to 6 litres in a larger adult, and about 1 litre of air always stays in the lungs, no matter how hard we breathe out.

Their principal function is to transport oxygen from the atmosphere into the bloodstream, and to release carbon dioxide from the bloodstream into the atmosphere. This exchange of gases is accomplished in the mosaic of specialized cells that form millions of tiny, exceptionally thin-walled air sacs called alveoli.

On this great Encyclopedia, you will find all abou lungs, anatomy, Functioning, etc.

Among the topics in this encyclopedia includes:

This beautiful encyclopedia, is part of several volumes and issues
which can be found on our website:

Your visit to our website is valuable and your emails or comments
are always welcome.

Encyclopedia Suite:
Digital Study ENCYCLOPEDIAS suite .

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Simpli Aa Gradient

By Small Systems Software Development LLC released on: 2009-09-28T12:41:52Z

Does one thing and does it well. Calculates Aa gradient and ratio based on FiO2, pO2, pCO2, and barometric pressure (defaults to 760).

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