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By 5th International US, Inc released on: 2010-12-01T03:38:43Z

Your favorite fabric and craft store is now available on your iPhone & iPod Touch! The Jo-Ann app is stocked with features to make your Jo-Ann shopping experience that much easier.

Stop clipping coupons! Add and save coupons directly to your in-app coupon wallet. Get access to exclusive mobile coupons for app and mobile site users.

Browse the product catalog to find just what you're looking for. Catch up on customer reviews on individual products and share products via email, Facebook and Twitter.

Search for stores by address or your current location plus get directions, call the store and look up class schedules*

*Class schedules not available for all stores

About Jo-Ann:

First in Fabric and the Best Craft Choices — these words express the core of what makes Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Stores"u00ae so exciting. Why is Jo-Ann the unique resource that it is? It starts with the great product selection in our stores and on"u00ae and only gets better with knowledgeable customer service, a clear focus on value, and an unmatched opportunity to connect with a vital creative community.

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Sewing machine

By MobileAppLoader, LLC. released on: 2010-07-21T10:55:55Z

Efectue o download deste aplicativo, se pretende estar a par das ultimas novidades referentes a costura, bordado, corte e acabamento.

Todo o tipo de m"u00e1quinas e acess"u00f3rios para a "u00e1rea t"u00eaxtil.

M"u00e1quinas novas e usadas.

Assist"u00eancia especializada.

Visite-nos em

Estamos localizados em Barcelos, Portugal

App built by

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By Vesta Software, LLC released on: 2010-08-15T03:21:59Z

Sewing Kit LT is your new home for all of your sewing needs!

This lite version shares ALL of the full feature set of the full price version, but is limited to 5 entries in each of the main areas - patterns, fabrics, projects, and people.

If you have ever been in a sewing store looking at patterns, but couldn't remember if you already bought the one you like, or if the fabric you like will work with the project you are working on, then you will love Sewing Kit!

Sewing Kit lets you search through all of your patterns, fabrics, projects, and people to make sure you are not buying something twice, or getting home and finding out you forgot to get something you really needed!

With Sewing Kit you can store and search on all of your:
- patterns
- fabrics
- projects
- measurements for people

All of these things, all in one place.


For Patterns, each entry has: company name, pattern number, size, brand, your own rating of it, where you are storing it, "unlimited" photos, "unlimited" notions, "unlimited" types of fabrics, and much more!!!

Also - for each pattern from Butterick, Kwik Sew, McCall's, Neue Mode, Simplicity or Vogue, Sewing Kit will try to download the envelope images (including the back panel) if they are available on the company's public web site. All images remain copyright of their respective web sites.

For Fabrics, each entry has: name, color, material, amount, been ironed?, been washed?, where you bought it, where it's stored, "unlimited" photos, and more!

For Projects, each entry has: name, who its for, notes, "unlimited" photos, pattern being used, status, type, and more!

For People, each entry has: person's name, "unlimited" photos, and "unlimited" measurements!

Sewing Kit is also highly customizable! You can manage your own list of Pattern Companies, Fabric Types, Notion Types, Ratings, Measurements, and more!

Sewing Kit has been localized into English, Spanish, and French! Let us know if there are other languages you would like to see Sewing Kit in.

Questions? Comments? Concerns? Ideas for more features?
Come by our site at or drop us a note at, or if you find bugs,

Please let us know what more we could be adding to make Sewing Kit even better!

These "unlimited" items are limited by the amount of free storage space on your device, not by Sewing Kit.

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Santa Hat Sewing

By Esa Helttula released on: 2010-12-11T06:08:25Z

You might've thought that sewing was out of your reach. You might've liked the idea of sewing but never knew how.

We have a fun FREE app that will teach you how. Learn how to sew a Santa hat with your hands, right before your eyes. You'll have a great time and it'll be easy. You'll wish that you learnt this ages ago.

Handmade with love and care from the snowy forests of Finland, this lovely little app gives you a custom pattern, based on your own measurements. It'll be a perfect fit for your head, or your favorite reindeer's head. We try our best to be helpful, with illustrations for each step. The best part is that you don't even need any sewing experience. It's perfect for kids as well as adults.

In the spirit of goodwill during this holiday season, we'd like to give you our Santa Hat Sewing app for free.

No ads, no upgrades to an in-app purchase to get extra functionality. Everything you need in all wrapped up with love and we also promise to keep it that way.

Listen to what some of our fans have said"u201a (related to's Geekdad):

"Never again will sewing be intimidating to you. Children can do this. Adults can do this. Families can do this together. Your kids will enjoy *this* math lesson. They'll learn sewing skills, material science, math and geometry, and get the satisfaction of creating something fun and silly all on their own."

Lorraine Akemann, Moms With Apps:

"Any app that puts me in motion with my family is a great find. My daughters were using a measuring tape charting their pattern on graph paper. Almost an hour of fun with a very small percentage staring at a screen (except to reference it for instructions). Santa Hat Sewing showcases what apps can do to help families find fun activities to do together."

From the adorable (says handmade doll makers behind
Felicity from Thin Air at

"Here's an app that makes you do something with your hands or your kids' hands, BESIDES tapping on the glass or shaking it around. Huh! And then to top it off, you'll still have a ridiculously good time. Mobile sewing is now more than stitching in a vehicle. WARNING: This app will teach you sewing without you realizing how easy it is. And you or your children will look silly and happy in the mirror, with a frivolous Santa Hat adorning your eyebrows. We told you so. It's your fault if you try it out."

Our obligatory feature list:

* Easy to use (I think we mentioned that already)

* With dozens of illustrations and clear instructions, sewing a Santa hat is easier than ever and fun! You first measure the head circumference of the intended target (I mean fashion model). That means you wrap a tape measure around their head and read out the size. The app then shows you a nifty grid pattern that you can change to make it work best for you. Because we have friends who are imperial or metric, you can choose inches or centimeters with decimals or fractions.

* The app will guide you every step of the way whether you're drawing, or cutting the patterns or sewing the hat. It even works like a handy checklist that helps you mark the current step you are working on, just by tapping that step's number.

Sewing is fun. Really - you'll like it. This app will make your iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad into something not like a phone but a patient teacher guiding your first brave sewing steps.

OK - we have to tell the truth. For children, the Santa Hat Sewing app will also teach some practical math disguised with measurements, transferring patterns on a cartesian grid, and checking for straight angles. Shhhh - don't tell the kids and they'll never realize. What did you expect from a developer who also makes a range of math apps, happily used by kids and teachers in schools across the world?

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By Robert Kaufman Fabrics released on: 2010-09-10T05:49:13Z

Robert Kaufman Fabrics and Quilter's Paradise have joined forces to bring you a collection of eight essential quilting calculators.

You'll be able to quickly convert between yards and inches; know how much fabric you need for backing, batting and borders; and understand how many rectangular pieces can be cut from a larger piece. There are even calculators for square in a square, set-in and corner triangles.

The complete list of calculators:

Fabric Measurement Conversion: Converts between inches, yards in decimal form and yards in fractional form.

Backing and Batting Calculator: Determines how much yardage from a bolt of fabric is needed to make the backing for a quilt.

Piece Count Calculator: Shows the number of fixed-sized pieces of fabric that may be cut from a larger piece.

Pieces to Yardage Area Calculator: Indicates how much fabric is needed in order to cut a given number of fixed sized pieces.

Binding Calculator: Tells you the amount of fabric required to bind your quilt based on the quilt's dimensions and the binding strip width.

Border Calculator: Shows the amount of fabric required to create borders, based on a quilt's dimensions and the width of the borders.

Square in a Square Calculator: Works out all the key dimensions of a square in a square block.

Set-in and Corner Triangle Calculator: Determines the size of the square piece you'll need to cut in order to create both unfinished set-in triangles and unfinished corner triangles.

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iSewingRoom Lite

By released on: 2010-12-17T11:34:18Z

iSewingRoom keeps track of your fabric stash, patterns, notions, projects, shopping list and more! Conveniently located at your fingertips and accessible from your phone, you'll never have to carry another swatch.

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By Softopinion Group Corporation released on: 2010-12-08T08:00:00Z

Kimono is the traditional costume of Japan. This app contains hands-on information about Kimono with fabulous presentations and let you use our exclusive collection of beautiful Kimono patterns for your personal and educational projects.

It comes with a FREE package of 50 unique Kimono patterns, and we also offer several additional packages with 150 exclusive Kimono patterns each for $1.99/pack or equivalent. Once you activate any paid package, every advertisements will be removed after restarting the app.

With these authentic pieces of art, you can save to your photo library, and email to your friends and colleagues. Also, you may use them to tweet from your favourite tweeter clients. Enjoy and spread Japanese fine arts!

Please visit for more information.

If you have any trouble getting the application to work, please visit our support page. Please be advised that we have no way of contacting you when you ask for help in customer reviews.

***Estimated Download Time: The size of this app is around 140MB. Downloading might take about 2 minutes on a slow (802.11b; 11Mbps) Wi-Fi connection, and theoretically, this would take more than 15 minutes if your download speed is slower than 1Mbps. For this reason, we recommend you to download and sync using the desktop iTunes application.

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Retro Wedding Gown

By Stroika released on: 2011-01-12T12:24:15Z

Vintage wedding dress patterns from the 1930s, 40s, 50s, 60, 70s, 80s and 90s. Browse through a huge selection of gorgeous vintage gowns from times gone by. Iconic and beautiful dresses from some of fashion's most stylish eras.

If you're looking for a unique wedding dress, use Retro Wedding Gown as inspiration. Find something you like and take the pattern to your local dressmaker. Have something unique created from scratch for you specially for your big day. Save money and choose a dress more special and stylish than something you'd find in the shops. Or, use the app to window shop and help you decide on what style of dress you'd like! Choose from the extensive range and ta"bke this app with you when you're out wedding dress shopping.

And if you're not yet engaged, well, this is the perfect app to dream up your ideal wedding dress ready for the future!

Learn about the last 50 years of fashion and choose a dress you simply love! There are so many different dresses in Retro Wedding Gown, you'll have no problem finding something stunning. The only trouble you'll have is deciding which is most perfect! You'll also find many of the dresses available to buy on eBay.

Content does not require connectivity.

Some additional functionality is only available over WiFi and not cellular networks.

Free access to many gorgeous dresses - unlock ALL content via just ONE in-app purchase.

Tile and Default.png "u00a9

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Fabric Converter

By released on: 2010-11-22T05:15:52Z

Don't pay for too much fabric! Use this handy conversion app to calculate how much fabric you need in alternate widths. Say you find the perfect fabric for your project but its 60" wide and your pattern only goes up to 45" - just type in the original width and the original yardage and you'll instantly see how much fabric you would need in 36", 44-45", 52-54", 58-60" and 72" wide. No maximum yardage, works for any length!

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By YUDU Media released on: 2010-08-13T04:01:03Z

If you prefer homemade to store-bought, this is the app for you. RPS & CICO BOOKS specialize in books on homes and garden, cookery and craft, wedding and gift, health and well-being, body, mind, and spirit. Our new app is the gateway to our bestselling collection of books for those who love to make, bake, and grow.

Sample projects for FREE from some of our best-loved books. For the green-thumbed among you, the easy projects in Organic Crops in Pots will have you growing salad leaves, rainbow radishes, and chilies - and heading straight to the potting shed! Or, if you are a dab hand in the kitchen, why not go for a gothic twist by creating some divine, honey-flavored Fallen Angel Cakes from A Zombie Ate My Cupcake. From Make Your Own Misfits, sew Freddie the Mouse, his friend Alphonso the Moose, or the crossword-loving Wan Wan the Panda. If crochet is your thing try three adorable projects from Super-cute Crochet - Mrs Mittens the Cat, Bubbles the Rabbit, and a family of cute bees.

Once you have sampled our FREE book extracts, you can download the whole book or some of our other favorite titles from leading crafters, cooks, gardeners, and health experts. With content to be updated regularly, including step-by-step video tutorials on how to make gorgeous gifts, delicious recipes, decorating tips, and more, this is the essential app for anyone who appreciates the finer things in life.

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By Svapna Srl released on: 2010-10-30T08:59:12Z

This tool brings all the main information about Aurifil and its fabulous products on your mobile device.

This app includes a general overview on Aurifil threads, carefully divided into categories and technique, a description of all the Designers Kits developed with great names of the quilt world and, last but not least, a survey of all display options for quilt shops.

Moreover, there's also a Designer Area with pages dedicated to each designer which are our first supporters, with pictures and hints on the use of Aurifil threads.

Another section is about videos. Most of them are taped during the greatest quilt shows and events starring our designers.

The main area is the Store Locator. It's the first one listing all the quilt shops for all users of mobile devices, which enables to find the nearest store and they way to get there. With the help of Google Map, it's often possible to see the shop window and each quilter can leave a comment about the shop itself, rate it and get all contact details (phone, e-mail and website).

With regards to shop owners, to get FREE enrollment the only requirement is selling Aurifil threads! Inside the shop main page, the shop owners can also provide a short description of their business.

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By Janice Garingo released on: 2010-08-28T06:49:04Z

FabUnits was developed by a home seamstress who bought too much fabric on a daily basis when making garments from vintage sewing patterns.

Three apps in one, FabUnits can:

1. Calculate the amount of fabric needed based on vintage fabric bolt measurements and translates them to modern fabric bolt measurements.
2. Calculate total price based on yards and price per yard
3. Convert yards to meters and meters to yards

Its clean and simple interface will help streamline your sewing, leaving you more time to sew and less time doing math. With this app you can buy the correct amount of fabric every time, budget your fabric shopping, and shop for fabric overseas in meters with a click of a button.

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There are more than 300,000 iphone/ipad apps for just about any category you can think of including Sewing you looking for.

We belive for every paid Sewing app out there there is a equivalent free Sewing app that can be downloaded from itunes free of charge. If you do not like that app you can always uninstall it without paying for it or worring about losing the money you paid for app you do not use.

Try out the free Sewing apps to see if you like it before purchasing the more expensive versions of it.
- There are thousands of iphone developers daily release free iphone apps.
- Explore different Sewing apps with free iphone apps and see if you like it before you pay for it.
- Just like trial software for non mobile operating systems, free iphone Sewing apps let you explore similar tools before you purchase the more expensive version.
- For those of you looking for particular Sewing app specific to a professional decipline search apps by Apps Popular Among Professions.

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