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Soccer Superstars\u00ae 2011.

By GAMEVIL Inc. released on: 2011-07-23T05:00:46Z


Soccer Superstars 2011 is a full featured soccer game with 6 different modes available.
Develop your own player and compete against the intensified AI using easier and faster controls as you indulge in the engaging storyline of the world of soccer!



Select from different modes to quickly raise your character and experience the benefits of the semi-auto mode with the improved AI just by using the pass and shoot buttons.

Recruit among 8 legendary players, customize head-to-toe, and compete against a total of 60 clubs, 79 nationalities, and 3000 players.

New features such as header, free kick and corner kick to boost up the excitement along with various super skills such as teleportation, high-speed dash, and bullet speed shooting.



Manage your player through numerous seasons and perform events, train and buy items to lead them to superstardom.

6 different modes include Exhibition, My League, Season, Cup, Dramatic, and Match Mode to guarantee endless play time.

Customize name, physical features and apparels including various items available with G POINTS!

Experience the casual and fun side of the most popular sport on the planet!



Baseball Superstars"u00ae II
Baseball Superstars"u00ae 2010 HD
Boom It Up!
Chalk n' Talk
HYBRID 2: Saga of Nostalgia
HYBRID: Eternal Whisper
NOM: Billion Year Timequest
VANQUISH: The Oath of Brothers
ZENONIA"u00ae 3




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MLS MatchDay 2011

By Major League Soccer released on: 2010-10-21T07:00:00Z

MLS MatchDay 2011, the official Major League Soccer (iPhone and iPad) app, brings the game to you. Follow the entire 2011 MLS season from anywhere at anytime.

Application Features:
- iPad: Watch up to 180 games streamed live with MatchDay Live. Sign-up in app via in-app purchase or sign in with your existing MatchDay Live account.

- iPhone: Watch up to 180 games streamed live with a reduced price iPhone-only video package.

- Watch FREE individual highlights moments after they happen

- Watch FREE complete game highlights after the game has ended

- Watch on your AppleTV with AirPlay (iPad Only)

- Live scores and play-by-play of every MLS game

- Customize your app: quick access to your favorite Club's news, tweets, rosters, and scores

- Featured Video Channels including AT&T Goal of the Week, The Daily, and What's New

- Personalized Alerts for your Club, individual games, and specific match events

NOTE: Blackout restrictions may apply. All national broadcast games on ESPN, Fox Soccer and Telefutura/Galavision are not streamed live. Local broadcasts are also blacked out in the local market in most MLS cities. For more information on Blackout Regulations visit

If you have issues with crashing please delete and re-download from iTunes.

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Real Soccer 2010 Free

By Gameloft released on: 2009-10-12T07:48:58Z

Try out the free version of Real Soccer 2010, - the #1 soccer game on the App Store and discover the thrill of the greatest football matches: Barcelona vs. Manchester or Brazil vs. Spain!

Features of the full version:

- 8 leagues, 245 teams and real players' names thanks to the FIFPro license
- Voice commentary for a TV-like broadcast of the match
- 14 stadiums entirely modeled in 3D to the slightest detail

- Go head-to-head with friends online (Wi-Fi) or in local mode (Bluetooth + Wi-Fi)
- Take part in official matches with Gameloft LIVE! to improve your ranking

- Enter The Legend: Play as your favorite player on the field during the whole match and manage your career as a pro soccer star
- Club Master: Take part in a whole season with your favorite team and strengthen it through trades
- RS League: Online leaderboard to compare your performance with other Real Soccer players over the world

Upload your best replays directly to YouTube, rate the videos of the community on and try to be selected for the Top 10 of the month.

Soccer RSS feed to get all the latest football scores directly from the game's main menu.

Download the most recent player database to always keep your game up to date with the latest transfer news.

- New direction pad for a more precise soccer experience.
- Select your player easily by touching him on the screen.

Get ready for a total soccer experience!


Are you a soccer fan, or want to know everything about this game? Follow us on Twitter:
Become a fan of Gameloft on Facebook:


For fans of soccer, sports games, Steven Gerrard, bicycle shots in the top corner of the net or highly-powerful 90-foot shots.
Other Gameloft games you may like: Let's Golf!, NFL 2010, Real Tennis 2009, Asphalt 4 and Ferrari GT: Evolution.


Optimised graphics on the 3GS and on the 3rd generation iPod touch.

Published and developed by Gameloft.

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Soccer Kickoff Free

By Sputnik Games released on: 2008-09-24T08:38:50Z

It's a kickoff competition that the fans in the largest stadium ever built have been waiting for. The goal is simple, kick the ball as far as you can.

To play, simply tap the screen once to select the angle of the kick. Tap it again to select the power of your kick and to send it on its way. How far can you kick it? Time the angle and power just and you will kick the ball farther and farther every time.

To unlock balls you need to collect stars. The more stars you collect the more balls you unlock. To start use the normal ball to unlock 3 countries. Use the Yin Yang ball to unlock three more. From there you need to use different country balls to unlock other countries.

Please note that this game requires iOS 4.2 or greater.

This is the FREE ad supported version of Soccer Kickoff. An ad free version of Soccer Kickoff is also available.

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Dice Soccer

By LambdaMu Games released on: 2011-07-28T07:00:00Z


"Has there ever been a more perfect pairing? Peanut butter and jelly has nothing on this one." -, 4/5 Stars

"I found it similar in spirit to something like Magic: The Gathering" -, 4/5 Stars

"Really can't stop playing Dice Soccer... this game should come with graphic warning labels like cigarettes." - via Twitter.


Are you ready to roll for GOAL? Then grab your team and get on the field 'cos this is surely the soccer showdown of the century. Only this time, we're duking it out with Dice!
So grab your strikers and goalies, roll their dice and watch out for some crazy action as they combine, powerup and show-off their awesome abilities on the way to scoring stellar goals.

Let's Roll. Lady Luck doesn't like to be kept waiting.


Dice Soccer is the ultimate casual soccer experience in the form of a "Roll Playing Game". Play as the coach of an up-and-coming soccer team in the increasingly popular Dice Soccer League and face the challenge of hiring and choosing the right characters to bring with you to field as you face droves of opponents.

Each character is only equipped with a customized 6-sided dice with its own unique numbers and abilities, so choose wisely and watch them trigger epic combos on the pitch as they work their way towards the goal!

Key Features:

UNLOCK & CHOOSE: 80 different goalies, defenders, midfielders and forwards, from which to create your unstoppable dream team. All characters are uniquely stylized and come with their own custom Soccer Dice, special abilities and resemblances.

MAGIC ON THE FIELD: Shake to roll your team into their Dice-form and face-off against 55 different opponent lineups! Build epic player combos, trigger insane powers to Slide, Charge, Tackle and Bicycle Kick your way to goals galore.

HOURS AND HOURS OF PLAY: Over 3 seasons, 75 intense matches, 10 leagues and tournaments, and loads of gold and trophies to be won!

FEET OF STRENGTH: Unlock over 50 achievements, new players and groovy playing kits for your team!

EVERYBODY'S GAME: Play from your iPod or iPad with this universal app's stunning high-definition graphics. Multiplayer support to be included soon!


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Touch Soccer 3D Lite

By Sauce Digital released on: 2010-06-17T04:36:50Z

Available as "Touch FOOTBALL 3D Lite" outside of US, OZ, NZ. Touch Soccer 3D Lite is a first person gesture controlled 5-a-side football game and the most satisfying way to score on your iPhone.

Using swipes and flicks to run, pass shoot and tackle, the game gets as fast and frenetic as the real thing.

The game is fully 3D, you can swerve and dip the ball, pass /shoot in any direction. And once you get the hang of it you will be curling last minute winners into the top corner in no time.

Note: for maximum performance please your device to the latest operating system


* 3D physics and visuals
* Gesture based controls: flick to kick, swipe or tilt to run.
* Flick and move in 360 degrees
* Volleys, headers, backheals, trapping and flick ups
* Swerve and dip
* Penalties and freekicks
* Landscape or portrait mode
* Game saving
* Automatic player running option
* Control player movement by: swipe, buttons or none
* Settings: invert swipe/run direction, auto player select on/off, match length, sound on/off, difficulty pro/semi-pro/amateur
* Automatic goalkeepers
* Auto player selection for good passes

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Air Soccer (Free)

By RogueGames released on: 2011-01-20T09:09:00Z

Air Soccer
Air Soccer

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Fuzzball Free: A multiplayer Billiards / Soccer strategy game against online friends over 3G internet

By Avolans released on: 2009-03-09T06:18:23Z

Fuzzball is a multiplayer game that combines billiards and soccer elements into an intense mind-wrenching experience.

The instant multiplayer action will hook you up to other people so that every game will be a new thrill. Fight your way into the top rankings by out-smarting all the other Fuzzballs!

Additional Features:
* Facebook - show off your stats and view news feeds with the Fuzzball for Facebook companion application.
* Friends - so you can save and play against your favorite people.
* Invites - contact people by SMS, Email, or In-Game to initiate on-demand game requests, whether they're offline or online.
* History - keep track of people you've played and how you fared against them.
* Web - integrated web tab to keep up with everything that's new.
* Privacy settings - only share as much as you're comfortable with.
* Single player - practice against the AI until you've mastered the skills.
* Play-While-You-Wait - play a 1 player game while you're waiting for someone to join

Will you be the best Fuzzball in the world?

(The Free version is ad-supported. Buy the full version for an ad-free experience)

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Penalty Soccer Free

By Bakumens released on: 2010-04-19T08:39:35Z

★★★★★ Follow us on Twitter for the latest news! ★★★★★
Congratulations SPAIN is the champ of the FIFA 2010!★★★★★
#1 Overall Top Free on Honduras
#1 Overall Top Free on Malta
#1 Overall Top Free on Luxembourg
#1 Overall Top Free on Lebanon
#1 Overall Top Free on Guatemala
#1 Overall Top Free on Kuwait
#2 Overall Top Free on United Kingdom
#2 Overall Top Free on Argentina
#2 Overall Top Free on Ireland
#2 Overall Top Free on Italia
#2 Overall Top Free on Turkey
#2 Overall Top Free on United Arab Emirates
#2 Overall Top Free on Romania
#3 Overall Top Free on Greece
#3 Overall Top Free on Denmark
#3 Overall Top Free on Croatia
#3 Overall Top Free on Slovakia
#3 Overall Top Free on Saudi Arabia
#3 Overall Top Free on Switzerland
#4 Overall Top Free on France
#4 Overall Top Free on Spain
#4 Overall Top Free on Ecuador
#4 Overall Top Free on Slovakia
#5 Overall Top Free on Portugal
#5 Overall Top Free on Nederland
#5 Overall Top Free on Finland
#6 Overall Top Free on Australia
#6 Overall Top Free on Mexico
#6 Overall Top Free on Sweden
#7 Overall Top Free on Norway
#8 Overall Top Free on El Salvador
#1 Sports Top Free on Jordan
#1 Sports Top Free on Belgium
#2 Sports Top Free on New Zealand
#2 Sports Top Free on Taiwan
Do you want to be a great soccer player?
Do you like the feeling of kicking the ball into a goal?
Penalty Soccer will bring you a brand new experience!
Excellent 3D graphics and a real sense of presence will immerse you into the atmosphere of Penalty Pick!
You must kick the ball in the goal.
You will have to skillfully kick the ball into the goal to get points.
If you like football and are a football enthusiast, Penalty Soccer will be your top choice!

Please fill in your name first before starting playing
You can choose your player's uniforms, and then play against the computer.
You have to decide the shot angle which requires skills, otherwise the ball will go out of the range of the goal.
Then you have to decide the shot power, which is not easy to handle. You have to control this part well if you want to get the points.

Features of the game:
* 3D graphics, making the game atmosphere come to life
* Real physical property
* Skillful shot control
* Easy to control and lots of fun
Multi language,English/"u7b80"u4f53"u4e2d"u6587/"u7e41"u9ad4"u4e2d"u6587/"u65e5"u672c"u8a9e

How to play the game:
Player's shot direction control:
The blue ball at the bottom of the screen will move along the arcuate orbit. The angle the red ball moves is just the direction that the ball was kicked out.

Player's shot power control:
The red ball at the bottom of the screen will move up and down. The more upward the greater the power, and the more downward the smaller the power.

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Goaaal!\u2122 Soccer TARGET PRACTICE - The Classic Kicking Game in 3D

By Skyworks released on: 2009-06-13T07:00:00Z


You'll get ten kicks to score as many goals as possible. Gain bonus points by hitting targets and earn "badges" for scoring 3 in a row, 5 in a row, 10 in a row, or for hitting 5 targets in a row!

To kick, simply tap the ball, then "flick" your finger up toward the net. The speed and direction of your flick, or fling, will control the speed and direction of the ball.

Upgrade to the full version of Goaaal! and get all these great features:

GOALKEEPER - Shooting at an open net was fun, but now you'll have to outplay a goalie to score goals and hit targets, and the goalie will improve as you improve!
ARCADE and PROGRESSIVE MODES - Two different games for variety and even more fun!
GLOBAL HIGH SCORE BOARDS - Compete with players from around the world!
BONUS BADGES - earn even more bonus badges in the full version!
SPECIAL EFFECTS - score five goals in a row and you'll be "on fire", and "go nuclear" by scoring 25 goals in a row and then prepare for an atomic reaction!

No matter what you call it - Soccer, Futbol, Football, Futebol, Calcio, Fussball - this is the game for you!

After you upgrade to GOAAAL!, try World Cup Ping Pong ™, World Cup Air Hockey ™ and Horseshoes PRO ™ all of which have quickly become iPhone/iPod touch mobile game favorites. Or just search for "Skyworks" in the App Store search bar to find your favorite games, and have fun!

Looks for more new games from Skyworks COMING SOON!

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FREE Soccer Goalie Game

By LOLriffic Stuff released on: 2010-01-15T08:00:00Z

** DOWNLOAD FOR FREE WHILE IT LASTS! ** Block kickoffs in your own virtual goal with this interactive iPhone and iPod Touch game. Do you have what it takes to be a World Cup goalkeeper? Play a virtual shootout game and practice your soccer skills with interactive gameplay.

Fun for anyone to use and easy for friends, soccer fans, goal lovers, and those goalie fans in us all. Plus it's a bit of quick fun and a conversation starter about how you can use your iPhone as an interactive soccer game with the built in accelerometers!

Can't hear any sounds?
Make sure your volume is turned up and if you have an iPhone, that the silent switch is off.

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Fox Soccer

By FOX Sports Channel released on: 2010-10-07T05:00:23Z

Watch Live Barclays Premier League and UEFA Champions League Soccer on your iPhone or iPod!

FOX Soccer is pleased to present their official Barclays Premier League and UEFA Champions League iPhone/iPod app. Follow all the action from every BPL and UEFA CL game along with breaking news, in-match video clips, video highlights, and much more.

What you get for free when you download the application:
o The latest Barclays Premier League and UEFA Champions League news
o Fixtures and live scores of all matches
o Live scores, stats and team line ups!

What you get if you upgrade within the application:
Live streaming of every Barclay's Premier League and UEFA Champions League game!
Access to exclusive highlights and videos and much more!

Access to the premium section is currently priced at $7.99 for a single month's access, $22.90 for 3 months access and $79.90 for 12 months access.

All payment plans are one off non-repeating purchases and will be deducted from your iTunes account.

New with version 1.1: Login using your details for premium content access.

o Live streaming for BPL and UEFA CL games
o BPL In-match video clips for every FOX Soccer game
o BPL Half time and full time video highlights
o BPL Matchday previews and roundups
o Line-ups and stats for all BPL and UEFA CL matches
o Standings for BPL and UEFA CL

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Soccer Virtual Cup

By Gil Beyruth released on: 2009-12-30T06:34:43Z

Based on the famous brazilian "Button Football" game.

we apologize for the inconvenience on the retina display Soccer Virtual Cup bug, this version includes this fix.

Join the fun game of Soccer Virtual Cup, beat the opponent team by scoring goals and defending your goal, play against your friends, or win the world virtual cup,
beating 7 matches to became the champion.

Featuring groundbreaking physics, 2 weather type, 4 stadiums, each of them has it's own physics and four game modes, world virtual cup, versus mode, single match, and the coolest bluetooth multiplayer, beat your friends and have fun!

Simple made-for-mobile controls make playing a breeze and addictive gameplay is guaranteed.

Sign up our Twitter @soccervirtual and keep track of the news.

The game has 4 modules:
- Single match (free)
- World Virtual Cup: play against AI players.
- Versus Mode: 2 players on the same iPhone
- Multiplayer: bluetooth, beat your friends.

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Football Soccer Worldcup Penalties Lite

By AppOntology released on: 2009-10-13T06:58:53Z

Getting ready for the FIFA Africa '10 Worldcup? Join the elimination rounds by playing Worldcup Football Soccer Penalties! Live the thrill of victory or the agony of defeat

This LITE version includes:
- Full 3D animation for both the kicker and the goalie!
- Play vs. the A.I.
- Pick your favorite team out of 32 countries

The FULL version also has:
- Play against a friend, even if you only have one device!
- Choose "swipe" to kick the ball with your finger or "touch" to select where to kick
- Career shows you your win/loss record

Whether you say: Football, f"u00fatbol, futebol, fodbold, nogomet, fotbal, Fu"u00dfball, calico, fotboll, futbol, Tor, But, Gol, Goal, Golo, Elfmeter, Penal, P"u00eanalti, Penalty, Penalty, Rigore, P"u00e9nalty, Strafschop, Penalty, Penalti, Goalie, Goalkeeper, this game is for you.

If you like accelerometer-based games like: Pocket God, Flick Fishing, Crazy Snowboard, Awesome Ball, Manic Marble, or 3D games like: Brick Breaker Revolution, Wolfenstein, Touchgrind, Monster Trucks Nitro, Fastlane Street Racing, Metal Gear Solid Touch, AirCoaster, Crash Bandicoot Nitro Kart, Super Monkey Ball, Virtual Pool, Galaxy on Fire, iFighter, Ferrari GT, 3D Hunting, or sports games like: Let's Golf, Baseball Superstars, NBA, Arcade Hoops, Supercross, Real Soccer 2009, TouchSports Tennis, Hoopster Basketball, Asphalt 4: Elite Racing, Flick Bowling, Smack Boxing, TNA Wresting, Aqua Motor Racing, Soccer Kickoff, Fuzzball, Juggle, you will love this game!!

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Soccer 2010

By XO7Brainiac released on: 2010-05-29T12:58:53Z

Become a soccer star with Soccer 2010: play 4 great soccer games in a big bundle against your friends and fight for the best high scores in a global soccer competition.

o iOS 4 ready: Compatibility with iOS4 multitasking

4 great soccer games in a big bundle for free:

*Run Away: run, run, run and grab the stars. Don't touch the soccer balls. Get the special pills to eat balls, freeze them or even get a protective shield.

*Juggler: balance the soccer ball in the air without dropping it - as long as you can

*Goal Keeper: You are the master and defend your goal - you are getting better and better with every ball you hold - but the soccer balls are coming faster and faster ;)

*Goal Wall: as the soccer hero you shoot unstoppable soccer balls into the goal of your opponents and get one high score after another

o easy and funny game play
o Beautiful colorful graphics
o real stadium sound and audio atmosphere
o live emotion: you get real yells from the crowd if you are doing a good job, but beware of their boo-shouts..
o unlock and collect lots of Achievements
o invite your friends and post your results to Facebook and twitter
o OpenFeint enabled
o Get it for free: thanks to our Sponsors (Ad-enabled)
o If you don't like this ad-enabled version, just get our ad-free Soccer 2010 pro

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Women's Soccer 2011

By motain GmbH & Co. KG released on: 2011-04-23T12:15:00Z

Follow every moment of the 2011 Women's Football World cup in Germany from today to the final game which will elect this edition's champion.

This application is the perfect companion to keep informed about the competition and to follow the games.

The features include:
- International women soccer news
- Full tournament schedule of matches
- Match calendar
- Live events such as goals and cards for all games
- Team infos such as player and standings (available when they will be announced before the competition)
- Statistics on the previous cups with best scorers, winners, golden shoe awards
- Information about the various stadiums where the cup will be played

And much more features will be coming as the competition approaches with video highlights, team presentations, etc..

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Pro Zombie Soccer Lite

By Chillingo Ltd released on: 2010-10-08T05:43:18Z

Like zombies? Love soccer? Well get your gear on, "u2018cause it's time for PRO ZOMBIE SOCCER LITE from Chillingo and Super Awesome Hyper-Dimensional Mega Team!

No one ever needed an excuse to go out and kill zombies. Or to kick a soccer ball around. But if you want an excuse to kick a soccer ball into space, realign an orbital weapons platform and launch a death-ray to explode the heads of pesky zombies sneaking into your soccer field - then THIS IS IT!

Test your Zombie Soccer skills for free with this taster of Pro Zombie Soccer.

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11 on 11 Soccer Shootout

By Belprog Belprog released on: 2009-12-23T08:00:00Z


Are you a soccer fan? Love watching the World Cup? Have swelling national pride over your country's futbol team? This is the app for you! 11 on 11 takes the game to a new level, combining stellar visuals with authentic soccer sounds from real international exhibition play.

To play, swing your device with a full range a motion to simulate the effect of kicking a ball. Advance the ball up the field with each "kick," passing it along with each swing. The stronger your kick, the better chances you have of scoring a goal on your own.

Who knows—a group of crazed soccer hooligans just might cheer you on! Be sure to leave it all on the field with 11 on 11 Soccer Shootout!

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Soccer Trainer

By iAmazing Apps released on: 2010-06-23T12:21:41Z

Soccer Trainer is THE application to help you develop your game skills. Developed by professionals of soccer, you will find the latest techniques to improve your game, agility, overall health.

Content is updated periodically so you get what's new at your fingertips.

Special Premium Content training kits, with drills and detailed instructions will help you be on top of your game in no time. Be the light of the team.

Being the hub for soccer development, the application allows you to watch selected content from various sources (YouTube, for example). All the videos are carefully evaluated by our professionals.

But it is not all about training... Enjoy video sections with fun facts about soccer, funny commercials and other great entertainment material.

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FREE Soccer Game

By LOLriffic Stuff released on: 2010-01-17T08:00:00Z

** DOWNLOAD FOR FREE WHILE IT LASTS! ** How well do you think you can shootout a tough goalie in your own soccer goalie shootout? Do you have what it takes to score the winning points? Play a virtual shootout game and practice your soccer skills with interactive gameplay. Flick your device to kick the ball using your accelerometers. Fun for anyone to use and easy for friends, soccer fans, goal lovers, and those goalie fans in us all. Plus it's a bit of quick fun and a conversation starter about how you can use your iPhone as a soccer kick with the built in accelerometers!

Can't hear any sounds?
Make sure your volume is turned up and if you have an iPhone, that the silent switch is off.

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Real Soccer 2011 FREE

By Gameloft released on: 2010-12-03T04:14:18Z

Try out the free version of Real Soccer 2011, the benchmark of soccer games on the App Store, and prepare for totally new graphics and animations that will impress even long-time fans of the series. This is your chance to be a Real Soccer champion, just like David Villa.

Features of the full version:

The revamped graphics push the definition of "life-like" and motion capture technology has allowed us to create the most fluid player animations based on movements of pro soccer players.

Jump into soccer's most exciting moments with a History mode that lets you alter the course of the game's most epic matches. Can you change the result of the last European Clubs Cup?

The game's depth has been pushed even further than before by including a whopping 14 leagues and 350 teams, including the official licenses for FC Barcelona, Real Madrid and the Spanish national team.
It also includes the names of real players thanks to the FIFPro license. Find your favorite players in leagues such as the English, French, Italian, Portuguese, Brazilian and Argentine leagues, plus national teams like Brazil, Argentina, England, Italy, Portugal and France.

Manage your team like a coach and lead them on the field throughout the season in Club Master.
Step into the spotlight and control the life of a single player in Enter the Legend.
Challenge your friends to epic matches in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Multiplayer.

Dynamic camera angles, coach reactions, player celebrations and more make every minute of gameplay feel like you're watching the match live!

Made an amazing goal? Somehow dribbled your way around three defenders? Show everyone! Upload your favorite replays directly to YouTube and forever bask in your glory.

Keep your game up-to-date with all the most recent player transfers and lineup changes thanks to regular online updates.

Access official soccer news feeds right from the game menu and never miss the scores while playing your own games.

Visit us on
Follow Gameloft on Twitter to get more info about all our upcoming titles at or like us on Facebook at

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Soccer 3D

By Death From Above Games released on: 2011-06-24T12:30:12Z

Kick your soccer ball into the net whilst trying to avoid over zealous goalies. Includes three levels of difficulty and all time high scores for all modes of play.

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There are more than 300,000 iphone/ipad apps for just about any category you can think of including Soccer you looking for.

We belive for every paid Soccer app out there there is a equivalent free Soccer app that can be downloaded from itunes free of charge. If you do not like that app you can always uninstall it without paying for it or worring about losing the money you paid for app you do not use.

Try out the free Soccer apps to see if you like it before purchasing the more expensive versions of it.
- There are thousands of iphone developers daily release free iphone apps.
- Explore different Soccer apps with free iphone apps and see if you like it before you pay for it.
- Just like trial software for non mobile operating systems, free iphone Soccer apps let you explore similar tools before you purchase the more expensive version.
- For those of you looking for particular Soccer app specific to a professional decipline search apps by Apps Popular Among Professions.

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