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By MobilityWare released on: 2010-03-18T09:33:47Z

If you like Windows Solitaire then this is the app for you!

Drag and drop to move cards is supported as well as both portrait and landscape orientations, not all iPhone Solitaire apps support these desirable features.

This is your classic game of Solitaire for the iPhone or iPod Touch. Also known as Klondike, this is the most popular version of Solitare.

Your game is saved when you get a call or other interruption and then restored when you return to Solitaire to complete the game.

Solitaire is also known as Patience.

- Klondike
- Draw 1 card
- Draw 3 cards
- Drag and drop cards
- Portrait
- Landscape
- Custom card backs
- Custom backgrounds
- Leader boards
- Achievements
- Multiplayer
- Right or left handed play
- Game state saved when interrupted
- Unlimited undo
- Auto complete to finish game
- Standard scoring
- Vegas scoring
- Statistics

Solitaire is ad supported.

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Sol Free Solitaire

By Smallware released on: 2008-08-07T02:23:57Z

Sol Free has 6 free games from our Solebon™ premium solitaire suite with the features you need to enjoy them all. With millions of satisfied players and over a decade of solitaire experience, Smallware knows what gurus like in their solitaire.

Klondike Deal 3 (classic solitaire), Klondike Deal 1, Baker's Game, Baker's Game Easy, Demon, Spiderette

- Easy-to-read cards
- iPhone 4 high-res graphics
- Simple tap card movement
- In-game rules
- Statistics
- Unlimited undo
- Foundation autoplay
- Timer
- Scoring
- Moves tracking
- Reversing layouts
- Game restart

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Solitaire +

By walkthrough Publications released on: 2010-12-17T08:35:35Z


Classic Solitaire game also known as Klondike and Patience.

Drag and drop to move cards plus optional double tap to move cards to ace stack.

Right or left handed player feature

Game is saved and restored when you get a call or other interruption.

Unlimited redo feature.

optional 1 or 3 card draws

Standard scoring

Vegas scoring

Full statistics analysis

Optional auto complete to finish game

DEMO game feature. Great if you haven't played solitaire before.

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By Byterun released on: 2009-06-13T03:17:06Z

Klondike solitaire - the most popular solitaire card game in the world. The goal is to place all the cards in each suit in stacks of ascending rank.

Play Klondike solitaire to relax and relieve stress. Touch and move cards as you do in real life, cards are flying and landing softly. Clean and vivid graphics make you fully enjoy gameplay.

Game features:
- deal 1 or 3 cards
- scoring option with GameCenter
- timer option
- autosave when exit or phone ring
- double-tap to complete
- background themes
- card deck themes

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Solitaire *

By PI Entertainment Limited released on: 2011-02-11T05:43:15Z

Presented by piplay

Piplay Solitaire has 9 free games

- Free Cell, Classic
- Free Cell, Select Unlimited
- Klondike, Draw 1, Re-Deal Infinite
- Klondike, Draw 3, Re-Deal Infinite
- Pyramid, Re-Deal 2
- Pyramid, Re-Deal Infinite
- Spiderette, 1 Suit
- Spiderette, 2 Suit
- Spiderette, 4 Suit

- Outstanding animation and effects
- Game Random Seed choosable
- Auto-complete
- Undoable
- Playing MP3 not stopped
- Statistics

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Spider Solitaire Free by MobilityWare

By MobilityWare released on: 2010-10-18T07:31:55Z

Brought to you by the same developers who produced the #1 free Solitaire game in the App Store, Spider Solitaire is now available from MobilityWare as a universal app! Best game play of any Solitaire app.

Spider Solitaire is an extremely popular version of Solitaire where your goal is to place all the cards in each suit in stacks of descending suit sequence. This version of Spider Solitaire is just like the version playable on Windows! Weave your way through 1 and 2 suit games and move up in difficulty as you attempt to tackle 3 and 4 suit games and become a true Spider Solitaire master!

Options to keep track of your statistics, change the card back and backgrounds, changing/locking orientation, are all included.

Spider Solitaire Free is ad supported.

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Solitaire City\u2122 Lite

By Digital Smoke LLC released on: 2008-09-12T10:57:34Z

Over 4 Million Downloads Worldwide! Solitaire City Lite™ is now a Universal App that can be played on all devices but with enhanced high resolution graphics when played on an iPad. Solitaire City™ Lite contains two FREE games from the Solitaire City™ (Deluxe) Collection - Double Klondike and Spiderette. Each game is fully featured and you can play to your hearts content trying to beat your best scores and see your name at the top of the leaderboards. A unique training system is included that teaches you the game rules and points out valid moves as you play. No more confusing rules to read. Learn as you play ! You'll be a Double Klondike and Spiderette Master in no time !


- Landscape & portrait support
- Impressive graphical effects
- Timed scoring system
- Personal Best hi-score tables
- Listen to iTunes music while playing
- Fun sound effects and sound themes
- Create your own sound themes
- Enticing background graphics
- Choice of detailed card designs
- Interactive training
- Unlimited undos
- Saves game position when the phone rings
- Left and right handed options
- Serious addiction


If you find yourself addicted to Solitaire City Lite and crave some more then please search the App Store for "Solitaire City™ (Deluxe)" or visit my website for more details:

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Free Solitaire 3D

By GrassGames released on: 2009-07-02T07:00:00Z

The highly popular and multi-award winning desktop computer game, Free Solitaire 3D, is finally available for the iPhone and iPod touch.

Enjoy 4 completely free solitaire games, multiple card decks (including the unique 4 color card deck), a wide range of backgrounds, high scores, statistics, sound effects, 3D animation effects, and much more.

Free Solitaire 3D also comes with an in-built multi-user system, so that more than one person can customize, play and resume games without affecting other players.

Also included is the ability to optionally hide the menu and/or status bar, allowing for full use of the complete screen area.

With emphasis on ease-of-play and smooth beautiful graphics, Free Solitaire 3D is the perfect free solitaire partner for all.

The four free solitaire games included are:
. Beleaguered Castle
. Gaps (also known as Montana)
. Pyramid and
. Twenty.

*Note: The power problems mentioned by some reviewers have been fixed up in the latest version.

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Spider Solitaire Classic for iPad

By Vicki Iverson released on: 2010-04-06T07:58:24Z

This is the classic game of spider solitaire, similar to the PC version.

* Game Center - post your scores and compete with your friends.
* Drag and drop to move cards
* Unlimited undo
* 3 difficulty levels (1, 2, or 4 suits)
* Choose your own background colour, texture and card colours
* Rules included for anyone learning the game.

Oh yeah, and its free!

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Klondike Forever

By Solitaire Forever released on: 2009-06-18T02:16:02Z

Enjoy everyone's favorite solitaire game, Klondike, for free. Experience the same rich graphics and smooth 3D animation found in it's big brother, Solitaire Forever.

- Tilt to play in portrait or landscape view
- Listen to your music while you play
- Multiple card decks and card backs
- Unlimited undo/redo with slider bar
- Highlight playable cards, zoom, fan out piles
- Drag cards, or tap to auto-move
- Options for auto-play, auto-flip, relaxed rules
- View game rules, statistics, and much more

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Card Shark Solitaire

By Easy 8 Software released on: 2008-10-15T01:04:12Z

Card Shark uses an intuitive drag-drop interface, which should be immediately familiar to fans of Windows Solitaire.

Card Shark is fat finger friendly - piles are automatically split following a drag-drop gesture. Tap foundation piles to autoplay compatible cards.

Card Shark supports Klondike Solitaire, FreeCell, Spider Solitaire, Canfield, Forty Thieves, Beleaguered Castle, Crazy Eights, Draw Poker, and Memory Match.

Features include:
- silky smooth animations with a tasteful 3d presentation.
- photo library support for custom tables and card backs
- multiple styles of card fronts, backs, tables
- does not interfere with ipod music
- left/right handed stock placement
- undo/redo
- optional vegas scoring
- fast load time
- sophisticated random number generator capable of dealing billions of unique hands

Are you an artist? Contact the author for tools to help you design your own decks.

If you like this game, please consider supporting further development by submitting a user review and/or upgrading to Card Shark Collection Deluxe.

"Card Shark Solitaire is currently the best free solitaire game in the App Store." - Art Of The iPhone

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Solitaire Classic for iPad

By Vicki Iverson released on: 2010-04-10T07:35:50Z

The classic game of klondike solitaire for iPad.

* Drag and drop to move cards.
* Unlimited undo.
* Tap cards to move them to the foundations.
* Game progress is saved so you can continue whenever you have time.
* Choose your favourite card and background colours.
* Both landscape and portrait modes supported.

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Spider Solitaire Free

By Oatmeal Software released on: 2009-04-24T02:27:46Z

This is a free version of a Spider Solitaire game with 4 difficulty settings, which keeps track of win/loss statistics.

Version 1.3 Now Live!
- Easier to use gameplay
- Restored the phone status bar - due to popular demand :)
- Optional sound FX... off by default, check options to try them out
- Link to buy full version of the game. Do this if you want to remove the ads, get new features, and support further development!

PS I read All comments and emails and consider them all, so keep them coming!

Core Features:
- Play with 1, 2, 3 or 4 suits. Other versions always jump from 2 to 4.
- Easy to use interface. Simply drag and drop your cards, with highlights to help you find valid moves.
- Unlimited Undo moves option.
- Stats tracking. Keeps track of win/loss percentages best/worst times, and winning streaks for each number of suits.
- Play in landscape or portrait mode.
- Ability to customize background color from any of thousands of colors!

"Awesome, awesome, awesome!!! Best any kind of solitaire app!! Simple and easy to navigate... easy to just focus on your game!!! Definitely one of the best apps I have!!!" - Audie627400266 (5 stars)

"This app is great and really user-friendly -- the interface is easy to figure out. Also nice that you can do 3 suits instead of jumping from 2 to 4." - Annabelle4407 (5 stars)

"I play daily. Great brain exercise is even better now with custom color background and landscape. Thank you. Thank you and Thank you." - MatinaBambina (5 stars)

"I've always loved this game and this version is great! The interface is very simple - and the simpler, the better" - Yb Mobs (5 Stars)

Version 1.2.1 (Available Now!)
- Customizable background color
- New options: Ability to turn off the interactive help (the graying out of illegal moves) and the ability to lock the orientation.

Version 1.2 (Available now!)
- Landscape mode
- Statistics tracking

Version 1.1 (Available now!)
- game resume
- drag and drop play
- rules screen

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By YoYo Games Ltd. released on: 2010-12-08T12:18:21Z

Get immersed in this free version of the classic game of Solitaire. This uniquely styled version, with its natural card layout, engages the player like no other Solitaire.

Game Features:

* Klondike Mode
* 1 Card Draw
* 3 Card Draw
* Drag, Drop & Double Tap Cards
* Unique Visual Style Enhanced for iPhone
* Natural Card Layout
* Multiple Game Modes
* Retina display support
* Compare Scores Against Friends
* Variety of Backdrops
* Game Center
* Special Effects
* Game Statistics
* HighScore Table
* Auto Save

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Solitaire Classic

By Vicki Iverson released on: 2009-11-28T07:23:05Z

Solitaire Classic:

This is the classic game of klondike solitaire, just like you've played on Windows.

Features include:
* Customizable one or three card draw.
* Drag and drop to move cards.
* Click to automatically move cards to foundations.
* Unlimited undo.
* Portrait and landscape rotation, with the option to lock the rotation (so you can lie down on the couch without that annoying screen rotation!)
* Customize the game using colors and textures.
* Game Center leaderboards so you can challenge your friends.

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Solitaire 16-Pack FREE

By Digital Chocolate, Inc. released on: 2009-11-24T08:00:00Z

Come enjoy the most comprehensive collection of card games available in Solitaire 16-Pack.

Get a taste by playing Klondike solitaire in the Free Version. Purchase the Full Version and play 16 great Solitaire card games all bundled into one application. Solitaire 16-Pack offers players two different game modes and four unique difficulty levels. Quick Solitaire mode allows players to choose from a variety of games including Klondike, Free Cell, Seven Sisters, and much more! Solitaire Challenges mode offers over 30 solitaire challenges for hours of entertainment.

Two different game modes with endless entertainment:
(1)Quick Solitaire mode - Play 16 different versions including Klondike, Golf, Scorpion, and more
(2)Solitaire Challenges - Contains over 30 solitaire challenges to keep you on your toes
Test your skills and experience all 4 difficulty levels
Joker cards act as a wildcard to unblock tricky moves that are troubling you
Use the animated tutorials to help you get started
Activate the Multi-Touch feature by tapping the device anywhere to make decisions and drag cards into place.
Bright and stunning graphics t
Play your own real and exciting music as you enjoy Solitaire

Check out DChoc's hottest games: Crazy Penguin Catapult, 3D Rollercoaster Rush, 3D Mini Golf Challenge, Tower Bloxx Deluxe 3D, 3D Brick Breaker Revolution and Millionaire City.

Download the Paid version for unlimited replay value packed with even more gameplay modes, levels, power-ups and special unlocks. Get the full experience!

Get updated with Digital Chocolate's latest product, promos and game tips! Visit us on Facebook, MySpace, YouTube and Twitter! Find us FAST by searching for dchoc.

All trademarks referenced herein are the property of their respective owners.

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Spider Solitaire Classic

By Vicki Iverson released on: 2010-03-20T10:30:06Z

This is the classic game of spider solitaire, similar to the PC version.

* Game Center - post your scores and compete with your friends.
* Drag and drop to move cards
* Unlimited undo
* 3 difficulty levels (1, 2, or 4 suits)
* Choose your own background colour, texture and card colours
* Rules included for anyone learning the game.

Oh yeah, and its free!

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