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States&Capitals Free

By 24x7digital LLC released on: 2009-02-18T08:33:15Z

Do you know your U.S. States and Capitals??? States&Capitals Free for iPhone and iPod Touch is an easy way to teach your young learner each of the first 13 states and capitals. This app has flashcards for each of the original 13 states along with its capital and flag, voice pronunciations of each state and capital, and a link to Google Maps for each state. Check your memorization skills in the timed game mode with 10, 20, 30, and 50 questions which are recorded in the scoring table to track progress.

TRY BEFORE YOU BUY: States&Capitals Free is a free fully-featured app. You may upgrade to the paid version of States&Capitals which contains all 50 states.

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The U.S. States & Capitals Lite

By Moatkin Systems LLC released on: 2009-03-09T09:20:33Z

Learn the 50 states and their capitals, or refresh what you learned as a kid!

Bright, beautiful graphics and high-quality sound create an engaging experience for anyone of any age. The entire interface can be navigated through simple shape and sound recognition -- perfect for preschool learners!

- Learn the states by the sound of their names
- Identify the states by shape
- Learn the state capitals
- See the states "fly" to their location in the U.S map, helping you learn their geographic locations and relative sizes
- Large flashcards make interactions easy
- Professional narration helps reinforce proper pronunciation

The Lite version contains only 15 states and capitals. The full version contains all 50 states and capitals.

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By Saturnboy released on: 2010-04-08T04:17:04Z

States-N-Capitals is a friendly little memorization aid for US states and capitals. Additionally, it includes a simple, self-directed quiz to test your knowledge.

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Stack the States Lite

By Dan Russell-Pinson released on: 2010-09-13T11:40:06Z

★ "If you have children who are elementary school aged this is a fantastic educational app that's also a hoot." - The iPhone

Stack the States makes learning about the 50 states fun! Watch the states actually come to life in this colorful and dynamic game!

As you learn state capitals, shapes, geographic locations and more, you can actually touch, move and drop the animated states anywhere on the screen. Carefully build a stack of states that reaches the checkered line to win each level.

You earn a random state for every successfully completed level. All of your states appear on your own personalized map of the United States.

"u26ab Capitals
"u26ab State shapes
"u26ab Abbreviations
"u26ab Bordering states
"u26ab Location on the map
"u26ab Nicknames
...and more!

"u26ab Hundreds of unique questions
"u26ab Choose any of the 50 friendly-looking states as your avatar
"u26ab Create up to six player profiles
"u26ab Track your progress on a personalized map
"u26ab High resolution pictures of famous US landmarks
"u26ab All games are powered by a realistic physics engine
"u26ab Fun sound effects and music
"u26ab Works on both iPhone and iPad - a universal app

Stack the States is an educational app for all ages that's actually FUN to play. Try it for free and then upgrade to the full version for even more state stacking fun!

Dan Russell-Pinson is a member of Moms with Apps, a collaborative group of family-friendly developers seeking to promote quality apps for kids and families.
Recommended Ages: 4-7,8-10,11-12,parents
Categories: Games, Geography, Parents

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States and Capitals Challenge Lite - Flash Cards Speed Quiz for the United States of America

By FunVid Apps LLC released on: 2010-04-10T12:13:48Z

Please note that this Lite Version only contains 20 of the States and Capitals. For all 50 States and Capitals please upgrade to the Full Version.

States and Capitals Challenge Lite - Flash Cards Speed Quiz for the United States of America is a fun way to quickly learn the US State Capitals, capital locations within each state, and State locations within the USA.

Children should know all State locations and capitals by the 5th grade. This Challenge turns learning the information into a game format that is highly effective, fun, and addictive for kids and adults.

The High Score Challenge motivates kids to be the best and to reach to top of the Leader Board. The result is comprehensive learning of this important information while playing an addictive game.

Give States and Capitals Challenge a try. You'll be amazed at how effective and fun it is to learn with States and Capitals Challenge.

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Easy U.S. State Capitals

By Michael Quach released on: 2010-01-03T10:06:58Z

Did you know that in 33 of the 50 U.S. states, the state capital is not the state's most populous city? Can you name them?

Browse through this cool app and quickly learn the names of the state capitals as well as the largest cities in the 50 states of America.

Use this app to quiz someone and see how much they know!

Simply SHAKE or TAP your iPhone or iPod to move to the next state.

OR, Swipe Left, or Swipe Up to move to the next state.

Swipe Right, or Swipe Down to move back to the previous state.


Legal Disclaimer: This application provides the information content on an 'as is' and 'as available' basis. No warranty is expressed or implied that the contents of this application are 100% accurate or up-to-date. In no event shall the creator of this application be liable in any manner for any direct, incidental, consequential, indirect or punitive damages arising out of your access, use or inability to use this application, or any errors or omissions in the information on this application. The creator of this application reserves the right at any time and from time to time to add, change, modify, update, or discontinue, temporarily or permanently, this application (or any part thereof) with or without notice. The creator of this application shall not be liable to you or to any third party for any addition, modification, suspension or discontinuance of this application.

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Shake 'em Up State Capitals

By Brian West released on: 2009-11-09T07:24:19Z

U.S. state capitals the easy way--just shake 'em up! This application offers flashcard style review at your fingertips.

Shake to reveal a random state. It's location is highlighted for you on the U.S. map. Touch the screen to reveal the correct state capital. All this and soothing marimba sounds too. You'll be the reigning expert in no time.

This is a free app.

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State Capitals Study Buddy!

By Ronald Bell released on: 2010-01-25T09:43:09Z

State Capitals Study Buddy is a fun and effective State Capitals study tool designed to help you learn the US States and Capitals.

Some of State Capitals Study Buddy's features include:

Test mode: A multiple-choice test that evaluates your knowledge of the States. Your progress is saved after every question, so that you can take a phone call, send a text message, or perform any other task without losing your progress.

Report Card: A simple display which allows you to view your test results and study specific states that you're struggling with most.

Study mode: A great utility for quickly referencing or browsing the full set of states.

Beware of similar apps which may require network connections. This app requires no network connection, allowing you to study anywhere. Perfect for travelers!

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By Learning is Funny released on: 2010-04-14T08:54:17Z

NOTE: This is the free ad-supported version of WORLD AND STATE CAPITALS: North America Edition. To get the ad-free version, please find WORLD AND STATE CAPITALS: North America Edition on the App Store, or go to to find the iTunes link.

Most other apps in this field force you to buy two separate apps (one for world countries and one for US states) - which means twice the price for you. With this app you get three in one! And the games alone are worth it, so even if you have one of our competitor's apps you should consider getting this app as well.


A combination World Countries List, Games, Flash Cards, Maps, and Encyclopedia, World and State Capitals is a great way to learn about the countries of the world and their capitals. Quick links to maps and wikipedia articles allows for quick, convenient, and effective ways to explore the world. US States and Canadian Provinces are covered as well in this North America Edition.


When the app is opened, it immediately opens to a list of world countries. A switch at the top lets you switch to US States or Canadian Provinces. Conveniently select any country, state, or province to see its flag and capital city, and to explore it on a map or in encyclopedia articles. Learn at your own pace!

Choose between numerous fun and effective match games to test your knowledge of world and state capitals. The items are arranged randomly each time, so each time you play is different. (To play the match games, simply select an item in Column A, select its corresponding item in Column B, and then match them together. Check your score when all items are matched.) Can you master the ultimate World Capitals all-countries match game?

Test yourself as you are presented with each country, state, province, capital, or flag in flash card format. Choose from among nine different card decks. The cards are randomly ordered each time you choose a card deck.

4. MAPS:
Convenient links are provided to map each country, state, province, and capital through Google Maps. Zoom in and out and scroll around the Earth as you desire. A fantastic learning tool!

Convenient links are provided to encyclopedia articles through Wikipedia. Continue to explore each country, state, province, and capital in greater detail through always up-to-date Wikipedia articles. A fantastic research tool!

DISCLAIMER: A small number of world countries are in dispute and may even change over time. We have followed a combination of Wikipedia and the CIA World Factbook in choosing which countries to include. We apologize if your country did not make the cut.

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State Capitals QuickRef

By Ronald Bell released on: 2009-11-05T08:49:20Z

State Capitals QuickRef is a fun and simple US State Capitals reference tool, which allows you to browse and study State Capitals.

State Capitals QuickRef is a great utility for quickly referencing, browsing and studying the State Capitals.

Beware of similar apps which may require network connections. This app requires no network connection, allowing you to study State Capitals anywhere.

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cardGRIND - US Capitals

By Mobile Distortion released on: 2009-09-25T05:48:18Z

Learn the capitals of all the US states with cardGRIND!

The cardGRIND flashcard learning system is the premier iPhone OS education app, built for optimal learning in an effortless and rapid manner. Built by a former language educator, cardGRIND offers a number of different study modes that allow you to study any subject your way, with detailed statistics to help you measure your progress. The cardGRIND system offers a wide array of card decks for different subjects; whatever you want to study, cardGRIND can supply the deck.


cardGRIND comes loaded with large, complete decks of cards for many different topics. Other iPhone/iPod Touch flashcard apps make you create your own decks of cards, taking hours of your time that could be better used studying. Many of these apps also require a separate purchase of a desktop application, often very expensive, just to create flashcards.

Say you wanted to create a deck to study Japanese writing, and rather than spend several hours creating the cards in another app, you can just download them from cardGRIND and get started.

Simpify your studying with cardGRIND.


cardGRIND integrate the scientifically proven Leitner and ERO (Efficient Recitation with Overlearning) study systems to help you learn whatever topic you studying as fast as is optimally possible. The statistics kept by cardGRIND will let you know how far you've progressed, and where you need to focus your limited study time.

You have your iPhone or iPod Touch on you most of the time, so instead of wasting your time and money on some throwaway game, pick up cardGRIND and learn something new.


- Powerful card organization that allows you to create custom groups of cards, called "boxes", to help you focus on certain subsets of cards, or cards you have trouble remembering.
- A "direct" study mode for quick and easy studying of a group of cards.
- A Right/Wrong study mode inspired by the ERO study technique to help you focus on the more difficult cards.
- A 3-Stack study mode based on the popular Leitner study method, to help you zero in directly on the cards you have the most trouble remembering.
- A graded self test mode to see how you perform in a testing situation.
- Detailed metrics to help you see where you spend the most time studying, and to see how you are progressing with memorization.
- No complicated syncing needed, unlike other flashcard apps.

Other decks available on the App Store:
- Japanese Writing (Hiragana and Katakana)
- US States and Capitals

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World Geography Crash Course, by Brainscape

By Brainscape released on: 2010-08-12T11:27:35Z

Wish you knew your world maps and capitals better? Brainscape helps you learn them FASTER than any other program, using the latest in cognitive science techniques.

The Brainscape team is made up of former executives from The Princeton Review and Kaplan, as well as cognitive scientists formerly with Columbia and Yale. Our mission is to make learning easier and more convenient. Rather than creating frivolous games or distracting quizzes to try to make learning "fun," Brainscape provides a scientifically optimized algorithm to repeat flashcards in just the right pattern for your brain's maximum absorption, based on YOUR confidence. Brainscape makes sure that your study time is used as efficiently as possible, because - let's face it - you are busy!

World Geography Crash Course includes:

Over 600 flashcards to drill you on maps, capitals, and even major world currencies
A customized flashcard repetition algorithm that cuts your memorization time dramatically
Convenient "browse" and "search" functions that allow you to easily find cards you want
Ongoing feedback, statistics, and visualization tools to help you track your progress

In the months ahead, new Brainscape apps for a wide variety of subjects will also allow you to synchronize your studies with our website ( Once you see how fast you can learn with Brainscape, you'll want to use it for many more subjects in the future. Feel free to demo this app and others for FREE on our website. Good luck!

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US State Flashcards

By Creative Tecknology released on: 2009-10-04T11:49:49Z

How big of a Geo-expert are you? Do you think you've got what it takes to be a US State genius?

Then take the US State Flashcard challenge!

Multiple challenge modes including:
-State Motto
-State Flag
-Population Demographics
-State Nickname
-State Shape
-State Capitals

Plus see exciting facts and figures about all 50 US States.

Challenge your friends and impress your teachers! See who can get the highest score! Learn about the United States with the aid of this fun and educational app.

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Mexican Capitals Flashcards FREE

By Qingxi Labs Ltd released on: 2010-06-29T04:19:05Z

Never before has learning the Mexican state capitals been so easy! Whether you're a student, adult learner, or just someone interested in broadening their knowledge of Mexican geography, this app is for you -- and the best part is, it's absolutely FREE!

We don't believe in creating apps that try to do everything under the sun but end up doing nothing well. Instead, we create simple, single-purpose apps that excel at their jobs. Mexican Capitals is a quick , simple, and effective way to learn the Mexican state capitals through flashcards.

The software includes advanced spaced repetition (SRS) technology that lets you memorize the capitals as quickly as possible by testing the flash cards you get wrong more often, thus maximizing the effect of your study time and minimizing the hassle involved in learning the state capitals.

This app is great for history and geography students that want to get an edge on their tests, or for anyone who is interested in learning a little more about Mexico and its state capitals.

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Geo Play 2

By Eamonn and Ian llc released on: 2010-05-22T08:14:27Z

Fun geography review and quiz.

States, Countries, International Capitals, Continents, Potpourri. Pick and choose the categories, questions per game.

Play as a multiple choice game, or just review geography facts with flash cards.

1 - 4 players. Play in a group, or just test your own knowledge.

Over 80 questions, plus can upgrade to the pro version with over 400 questions.

Keeps track of your high scores.

A glossary is included for quick reference.

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Study State Capitals (FREE)

By Ichiban Mobile released on: 2011-02-25T02:36:35Z

Study State Capitals is a simple study aid for those learning the capitals for all the states in the USA.

With it's simple flash card like interface, you can test your knowledge easily a few minutes a day.

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Flash US State Capitals

By TwoCampFires released on: 2010-12-18T02:21:19Z

Learning all the US state capitals for fun or school? This is the easiest way to do it.

- Capitals for all 50 United States of America
- Fast and easy flipping between word and definition by tapping on the card
- Move between cards by using the familiar swipe gesture
- Remove words that you have mastered from the stack
- Reshuffle the ordering of the cards by shaking the device

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How well do you know the States and capitals Lite

By Michael Makoid released on: 2010-08-09T03:54:09Z

How well do you know the United States and their Capitals? Can you find the State if given the Capital??? Can you find the Capital if given the State??? Better Study up if you want to PASS!

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