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Learn Statistics (Free)

By GO2STAT LLC released on: 2009-12-04T03:30:04Z

Are you enrolled in an undergraduate statistics course? Tired of having to look through tedious tables to do your calculations? Bet you'd like an application that carries through from showing a formula to calculating the statistical values you need.

Want calculations without having to pour over long, boring tables? What if the value you are looking for is not even in the table? Should you use an approximate value? This app takes care of that for you. Unlike other apps which only show formulas, this one calculates your statistical values while helping you to understand them through interactive dynamic graphs. The results are guaranteed accurate, too.

A complete set of statistical distributions are provided in the free version.

* Binomial
* Poisson
* Geometric
* Negative Binomial
* Normal
* Student's t
* Chi-Square
* Exponential
* Snedecor's F

Kindly Attention: Rotate your iphone to view any graphics in landscape mode.

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Khan Academy: Statistics

By Ximarc Studios Inc. released on: 2010-03-08T08:00:00Z

Ximarc Studios Inc is proud to bring you Khan Academy Statistics. Khan Academy Statistics allows students to learn Statistics through various videos which are download directly on your Iphone or Ipod touch and in the future to your Ipad. Students can watch the video anywhere, anytime, all the time and NEVER be concerned about having access to the internet while you are going through a Khan Academy lesson.

Ximarc Studios will continue to bring you great video lessons from the Khan Academy.

Khan Academy is a non-profit organization with over 60,000 students world wide and is a library of videos numbering over 1100. Students are able to leverage a wide range of topics in Mathematics, Statistics, Physics, Chemistry and Biology. Khan Academy videos work through a numerous sets of problems providing the most comprehensive set of teaching videos available. Khan Academy also has sample standardized tests SAT and GMAT.

To learn more about the Khan Academy visit the website

For more information on Ximarc Studios visit the website

All videos are copyright of Khan Academy.

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WordPress Mobile Statistics

By Libera Il VoIP released on: 2010-12-20T11:53:58Z

WP Mobile statistics gives you the opportunity to check the information available from the Stats plugin from your iPhone/iPad or iPod Touch.
In one click you can view the statistics using very little bandwidth.
*** IMPORTANT: if you have any question, please visit the developer website. Do not write the questions in the review, because I have no way to answer them (and it bothers me to not answer). I am usually answer questions within 24 hours.

Please post here your comments

To use it, you need :
the wordpress api_key, read here to find out more
and the stats plugin

* Attention: WP use some kind of cache on the database this means that if your stats are not updated this is not imputable to the app.

** Finding blog_id is a bit tricky but you need it. Go to dashboard -> site stats page. Click on the title link "Referrers" or "Top Posts and Pages". This will open a new page looking at the page's url you will find a parameter called blog. The value of this parameter is the blog_id.

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Baseball Statistics Tracker

By RedVok Software released on: 2010-11-04T07:00:00Z

Baseball statistics calculator and tracker. Calculate your game stats and save them by seasons including your total stats. You can easy see stats changes by game or season

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GolfLogix: Golf GPS

By GolfLogix, Inc. released on: 2009-07-30T01:56:08Z


Compare GolfLogix to all other Golf GPS apps and you will see that GolfLogix gives golfers the best features, the best quality, and the best price!

1. Now with FREE professionally mapped GPS distances to all greens.

No other apps are giving away professionally mapped GPS distances for FREE. Founded in 1999, GolfLogix is the world leader in Golf GPS technology and holds a patent on wireless Golf GPS. All of our maps have been verified by millions of rounds of golf played over the past 12+ years. Now we are sharing these distances for FREE. Other apps will charge you up to forty bucks just to view free internet maps and guess at your distances which is unreliable and unacceptable for most golfers.

2. FREE incredible course imagery just like expensive color yardage books.

No other app continually invests in providing golfers with the best features and highest quality color imagery available. GolfLogix is a true golf company, not an app factory. Other apps show poor-quality pictures of holes which are hard to see on your iPhone screen while playing.

3. FREE 4-player scoring and pro-level stat tracking that automatically syncs to the #1 GolfLogix online golf community where you can connect and compete for prizes with millions of golfers worldwide.

No other apps have comparable social features to compete and win prizes with your scores and stats.

Why GolfLogix?

Most Downloaded Golf App in 2010

World Leader in Golf GPS technology for 12+ years

Millions of Rounds Played in 2010 with GolfLogix

Top-Rated Golf App for ALL Smartphones

Featured on Golf Channel, Golf Digest, Golf Magazine and USA Today

FREE handicap tracking or use your official USGA handicap

FREE software upgrades and LIVE telephone support

FREE membership to the #1 Online Golf Community at

LIVE leaderboards, tournaments, and virtual challenges

FREE member specials from Taylor Made, Adidas and many others

SAVE 60% of iPhone battery life with our optimized tips


Download the free app today and get two round credits to use the annual Champion member features including:

Targeted GPS distances to any point on any hole

Measure and chart your personal club distances

Up to 10 betting games per round

Preferred Champion member pricing on golf products and services

These upgraded features are valued at $39.95 USD, but you can become an annual Champion Member today for only $19.95 USD with an in-app purchase. Don't want to pay? No problem, just continue to use our free app with FREE GPS to greens, scores, stats, community, and more. It's your choice. It's that easy!

See the GolfLogix app in action and check out the Member Clubhouse at

The #1 GolfLogix app works on iPhone 3G, 3G-S, 4 and iPad 3G.

Plus GolfLogix is now available on all of the other best-selling Smartphones so don't forget to tell your friends about it.



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By Alexander Clauss released on: 2008-07-30T03:37:40Z

TouchCalc is a comfortable calculator program and offers several different modes.

- The scientific mode offers all the usual functions and operations like the basic arithmetical operations, power, logarithm, roots, trigonometry etc.

- The bit/integer mode offers logical operations (AND, OR, XOR, >>, etc.) on bit level. All values can be displayed as binary, octal, decimal or hexadecimal numbers. Calculations can be done in 8, 16 32 or 64 bits.

- In the statistics mode you can create a sample by adding several values and then calculate mean, median, quantil values, variance, standard deviation, range etc.

Colorized keys will help to distinguish between the different categories of the functions and operations.

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Baseball Statistics 2011 Edition

By Bulbous Ventures LLC released on: 2011-02-15T08:50:29Z

This version allows purchase of the 2010 stats. Look for the "Buy 2010" button.


Imagine all historical baseball player statistics immediately accessible on your iPhone (or iPod Touch)! Major league stats from 1871 to 2009 are included, with no waiting for web access. Great for resolving arguments at the ballpark, at the bar, or in front of your TV. Look for a player by team and year, search for player name or team, or get career stats. Previous editions of this app were available in 2009, 2008 and 2007.

New features in 2011 Edition:
Leaders page for top 10 queries; click-through on any stat for rankings; select Current or All on Teams and Players lists; and sort Years in forward or reverse order.

New features in 2010 Edition:
Fast search by player/team/year, franchise history view, "baseball card view" for player on rotating device, and post-season series stats. Also: shake device to reset to main screen.

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TS3 Statistics

By Reiner Vogt released on: 2010-12-11T02:25:12Z

This app shows you the state of your TS3 server (superadmin account required), the usage statistic and create a list box with all available (and active) virtual servers onto your TS3 server.

You can also manage all available Ts3 vServers as like as create, edit, kill and stop & start.

If you have suggestions and/or any wishes to the functionality of this app, don't hesitate to write it in your personal review - in advance - thanks for your help to make this app better!

At a later stage, administrative tasks will be feasible.

Important: this app isn't an officially product of and/or teamspeak system gmbh. They give no support or each other services to this app, courtesy of Teamspeak Systems GmbH.

Have a look here (Questions or Suggestions):
Support-Forum thread:

Known bugs: There is a problem with the fixed timeout of the communication routines, they do not wait long enough for establishing a slow connection to the internet using G3 (such as gprs). I will try to consider this problem in a future update(v1.3).


Diese App verbindet sich mit dem angegebenen TS3-Server (Superadmin Account notwendig) und zeigt ihnen die verf"u00fcgbaren Statistiken des genannten Servers, sowie als auch die Version und die auf ihm eingerichteten virtuellen Server.

Des weiteren sind folgende Administrations-Funktionen in der neuen App m"u00f6glich: Erstellen, editieren und l"u00f6schen (inkl. Starten und Stoppen) von virtuellen TS3-Servern. Editieren der Hostbannerinformation, ein vServer Channelviewer sowie als auch eine Userliste.

Hinweis: Diese Applikation ist KEIN offizielles Produkt, weder von der TeamSpeak Systems GmbH noch von

Wichtig: Ihre Vorschl"u00e4ge und/oder W"u00fcnsche zu dieser App k"u00f6nnen Sie gerne hinterlassen, wenn Sie eine Kundenbewertung abgeben. Danke schon mal vorab im voraus.

Weitere Infos wie eine FAQ, sowie als auch Vorschl"u00e4ge und Hinweise zu zuk"u00fcnftigen Funktionen nutzen Sie nachfolgenden Link zum TS3-Forum (Tools):

Support-Forum thread:

Nutzung der Produktbilder mit freundlicher Genehmigung von

Bekannte Probleme: Bei sehr langsamen Verbindung z.B. "u00fcber G3 (gprs) scheint die Verbindung zum TS3-Server nicht m"u00f6glich zu sein. Dies wird in einer der kommenden Updates (v1.2) sicherlich behoben sein.

Zu einem sp"u00e4teren Zeitpunkt werden auch Administrationsaufgaben durchf"u00fchrbar sein.

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There are more than 300,000 iphone/ipad apps for just about any category you can think of including Statistics you looking for.

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