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By Axel Springer Schweizreleased on:2011-01-09T11:55:22Z

The magazine "Stocks" is published every two weeks and provides background reports, comprehensive course information, industry analysis and valuable investment tips. Thanks to sound advice and the clear structure, more and more stock investors use it as a tool for investment decisions. It is the ideal consultant, when it comes to your assets.

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Real-Time Stocks

By C.B. Liureleased on:2009-07-03T12:20:30Z

- "This app is THE best app out there to check real-time quotes."
- "Great app recommended for active traders who require real-time stock quotes."
- "The fact that I don't have to logon to brokerage account to see real time quotes is fantastic!!"

If you are looking for a free stock app to quickly check real-time quotes and charts at any time, no look farther than this Real-Time Stocks app. Join tens of thousands of active users who use our app on every trading day.

This is a free app. All we ask is your positive and honest reviews if you like the app. Positive reviews are the most important driver for our app development.


Real-Time Stocks app collects real-time stock quotes/charts from various sources. You can monitor multiple real-time quotes at once, not just one at a time like other financial apps. You can easily build multiple watch lists and quickly switch between them. Thoughtful features like multi-touch chart browsing are built to let you get quotes and charts with minimal taps and swipes.

Best of all, Real-Time Stocks app is FREE, no matter who your broker is. After all, you are not subscribing to a financial data service. This app is not a trading platform. You don't need an account with any broker to have access to the app. No login required. No security issues.

=== Features ===
* Display real-time quotes/charts for most US stocks. Don't settle for 20-minute delays.
* Auto-refresh stock quotes every 30 seconds, or press refresh button any time.
* Create your own watch lists to monitor multiple stocks in real time.
* Tap any index/stock symbol for its intraday chart, real-time whenever available.
* Support Multi-touch for fast chart browsing. Horizontal swipes to iterate stocks in the same watchlist; vertical swipes to change time frames for historical charts.
* Support indices of global markets.
* Support many non-US stock exchanges with delayed quotes.
* Display real-time charts, whenever available, for non-US exchanges including TSX, ASX, FTSE, Xetra and many others.
* Avoid any account login.
* Simple and clean interface.

=== How to add stocks in non-US exchanges ===
* Use Yahoo Finance to find symbols of your stocks. The app will take care of all the conversions. Examples for some non-US stock symbols are:, vod.l,,,,,
* This app does not have real-time quoting support for non-US stock exchanges. However, the app displays real-time intraday stock charts for many non-US stock exchanges whenever available. More coverage will come in future updates.

=== Important ===
This app is for your personal informational purposes only. Consult your broker to verify stock prices before any trade. Trade with care and your own responsibility.

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By, Inc.released on:2009-06-05T10:56:58Z

Get all the latest market news and analysis from the street... On - delivered automatically to your iPhone or iPod Touch!

Wherever you go with your device, you'll be able to:

Access continuously updated market data instantly.

Get the unabridged text of news stories and commentary.

Customize headlines in multiple categories, including "Jim Cramer," "Winners & Losers," "Analyst Upgrades & Downgrades."

Create and edit your portfolio with the latest stock quotes.

Get updates (for subscribers)

Bonus Features:

Offline-supported browsing for downloaded articles - you do not need network coverage, so feel free to use the app even on the subway or airplane!

Personalization - select which article sections you want to turn on or off

Extras - you can send articles to contacts in your address book or send comments to the author Mobile is POWERED BY POLAR™

"u00a9 Copyright 2009 by Polar Mobile. All rights reserved.

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MarketLive - Realtime Stocks & Charts

By ENVISION MOBILE LTD.released on:2009-12-08T11:17:21Z

MarketLive delivers real-time market information including real-time stocks, charts and news. Build your watchlist and track your investments in real-time.

MARKET OVERVIEW - Monitor market trend with latest information on equity indices, commodity, and currency. View market trend from a variety of equity index charts.

STOCK DETAILS - Get real-time stock data details and various charts trend.

WATCHLIST - Stay on top of your stock holdings in real-time. Add and remove stocks to watchlist.

NEWS SEARCH - Read real-time news that is moving the markets. Find the latest news on any listed stock.

STOCK SEARCH - Search by stock symbol or stock name.

MARKET MOVERS - Stay on top of market activities. Get market data of most active stocks, gainers, and losers on NYSE, NASDAQ, and AMEX exchanges. Quick link to read the latest news for the stock.

INVITE FRIEND - Share the application with your friends and help them monitor and manage their portfolio.

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Forecastica Lite for the iPhone (Stocks, Market Data, Analysis,Tools, Global)

By jCentricityreleased on:2009-11-04T06:55:21Z

Forecastica Lite is an easy-to-use stock price prediction application that helps you keep an eye on the stock prices changes interesting for you for next 4, 8, 12 days. Broaden your view of the companies and their position in future at the market to make better investment decisions. Whether you are a full-time stock trader or just managing your retirement account, Forecastica is a key resource to help you analyze and take an advantage of the stock price movement.

You can pay your attention to stocks price for over 40,000 stocks for the
following exchange:

American Stock Exchange
Australian Securities Exchange
Hong Kong Stock Exchange
London Stock Exchange
Milan Stock Exchange
NASDAQ Stock Exchange
New York Stock Exchange
OTC Bulletin Board
Singapore Stock Exchange
Toronto Stock Exchange
Toronto Venture Exchange

Our proprietary model is based on neural networks. Simply put, our stock forecasts are driven by pattern recognition that enables the model to identify stock-purchasing trends. It then provides an objective recommendation on what action to take with any given stock - based on neural networks.

The Forecastica Premium Edition has unbeatable depth and breadth of data. Our data spans the globe, so whatever region you prefer to trade--from North America to Europe to Asia we have it!


Unique neural networks based forecasting algorithm developed by Ph.Ds in statistics.

Forecasts updated daily!

Over 40,000 stocks!

Forecastica Lite will allow you to create a stock portfolio with a maximum of 30 stocks for free. Need to create a portfolio with more than 30 stocks? Simply use the inApp expansion pack feature.

If you like the features in Forecastica Lite then purchase Forecastica Premium instead. Forecastica Premium will allow you to track 79 well known exchanges for over 150,000 stocks and create UNLIMITED WATCHLIST at no cost!

4, 8 and 12 day forecasting.

Each raw show quote: OPEN, CLOSE, LOW, HIGH, STRATEGY and VECTOR accordingly with day of the forecasting.

Strategy column shows Buy, Hold or Sell decision which is based on mathematically predicted turning points (relative minimum or maximum value of stock quotes vs. time)

Vector column shows expected average price movement Up or Down, in percents.

Portfolio Manager

The Company Screener feature is completely automatic software that simulates trades with an initial investment of $25000 for every company from the S&P 500. The main goal of the Company Screener feature is to analyze stock forecasting trends and compute the Annual Growth Rate (Relative Profit %) for every S&P 500 company and rank them accordingly according to absolute profit.

New Short Term Volatility indicator is a powerful proprietary statistical short-term indicator that measures the degree of a stock being OVER BOUGHT or OVER SOLD. Volatility between 95% and 100% (red arrow down) is a good exit point in which to take profit since the stock is expected to decline within approximately one week. Volatility that is between 95% and 100% (green arrow up) indicates a BUY as the stock is expected to increase in price at least for a short period of time.

Profit Calculator shows what your hypothetical profits might have been if you had traded by using our forecasting technology.

Profit Growth Rate Calculator is completely automatic software that simulates virtual trade with a specific initial investment amount and then tests the analytical trading strategies against company actual historical database. It will Buy, Hold or Sell; according to predicted trading signals, accumulate Profit/Lost for the last 300 days of simulated daily virtual trade and computes the Annual Growth Rate.

My Exchanges - limit symbol searches to your favorite exchanges!

INCREASE YOUR INVESTMENT PERFORMANCE with a powerful and proven statistical model!

Please contact us to give us an opportunity to resolve problems before submitting a review.

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Learn Stocks

By Recession Appsreleased on:2009-12-17T04:33:48Z

Learn how to buy and sell stocks using the Learn Stocks stock trading simulator.
- Start with a account balance of $10,000.00.
- Add stocks to your Watch List. Research stocks and monitor their prices and news.

Then when you are ready, buy stocks to add them to your portfolio.

Monitor your portfolio performance and when you are ready to sell, take gains or reduce your losses.

The Learn Stocks app is designed to educate and to be used as a learning tool. Students are allowed to buy and sell stocks outside real market trading sessions.

The Learn Stocks app is Free to download from iTunes. In the Free version, you are limited to:
- Maximum of 4 stocks in your Watch List.
- Limited to 3 buys of stock.

To unlock the Full version, upgrade using the In-App purchase.

The Full version allows:
- Unlimited times you can buy or sell stock.
- Unlimited number of stocks in your Watch List.

Compared to other stock simulation apps, Learn Stock:
- Does not require registration.
- No personal information is uploaded to any server.
- Works with real NYSE and NASDAQ stocks.
- Able to 'buy' stocks any time.
- Account does not reset unless you want to.
- You can research real NYSE and NASDAQ stocks.
- View historical prices.
- View real time news.
- Compares your portfolio performance with S&P 500.

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By Bloomberg LPreleased on:2008-07-11T07:00:00Z

Bring the power of the most trusted source for financial information to your iPhone, along with tools to help you analyze the world's markets.

More than 300,000 professionals around the world trust Bloomberg to give accurate, timely information about the world's financial markets.

That source is now available to you on your iPhone or iPod Touch. Bloomberg offers news, stock quotes, company descriptions, market leaders/laggers, price charts, market trends analysis, and more.

You are also able to create a customized list of stocks that you want to follow from markets around the world.

Please send any comments or suggestions by touching the Bloomberg logo in the status bar and using the 'Questions or Feedback' button. You can also reach us at:

The information for these tools comes from the BLOOMBERG PROFESSIONAL"u00ae service, through the BLOOMBERG.COM"u00ae website.

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Hot Shot Stocks - Stock Market Game

By ChickenBrick Studiosreleased on:2010-07-14T04:22:39Z

Hey, Hot Shot!

Think you've got what it takes to beat the market? Show off your skills in the this new stock market game game! Trade like a pro on stock exchanges around the world. With thousands of stocks, bonds, and funds to choose from, there are even more ways to win.

What are you waiting for? Download Hot Shot Stocks today!

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Buy-Sell-Hold Stocks

By Katsov, Inc.released on:2010-03-05T01:51:38Z

Jan 29, 2011. Market is BAD! App lists 43% of stocks as BUYs and 39% as SELLs. ENERGY has 64% BUYs. App blog is at App UPDATES RATINGS DAILY. Dow, S&P500 & Nasdaq are SELLs. Is US Stock market ready for a major advance to go up to 13,000 ? Is this stock market NEW HUGE RALLY? This Free Preview App will look into the future and analyze for you 100 NYSE & NASDAQ stocks and give you simple Buy-Sell-Hold ratings for stocks from 6 different industries. Use it with 3G or Wi-Fi due to App transferring a lot of data during start.

The ratings are generated DAILY by proprietary sophisticated mathematical algorithm designed in California by mathematician Eric Katsov and used by many clients already to manage their stock portfolios. Imagine, that at any time you can check your iPhone Buy-Sell-Hold App and receive fresh accurate reliable straight forward advice on what to do with Dow Jones, Nasdaq or S&P 500 indexes or your own stock - Buy? Sell ? or Hold? The ratings are on average 80% accurate based on prior history meaning that out of 10 stocks that App predicted to Buy - 8 actually went up in price and only 2 went down. However, the accuracy could vary from stock to stock based on the current market conditions and general level of volatility.

It is very easy to find your stock Buy-Sell-Hold ratings inside the App, because all stocks are divided into 6 smaller groups: Healthcare, Energy, Finance, Services, Technology, and Dow 30+. Each group has 200 stocks from the same industry like for Finance or Healthcare or from the same Dow Jones Index like Dow 30+. So if you need to find Microsoft stock Buy-Sell-Hold rating, you just have to go to Technology group or Dow 30+ group inside the App.

All stocks in the group are listed in alphabetical order based on their stock symbol - so that if you search for Apple AAPL stock it will be at the top of the list and Wal-Mart WMT stock will be at the bottom of the list and you just quickly scroll to it.

Also, each list of stock ratings comes with a search capability. Basically you could search for your stock by entering either stock symbol or stock name into the iPhone such as you could enter either the word "Microsoft" or "MSFT" and the App will find and show you the Buy-Sell-Hold rating just for Microsoft stock.

Inside each list the App has filters that will allow the user to see just the stocks with Buy ratings from for example Technology group or with just "SELL" rating from Healthcare group. By using these filters you could clearly see where the market is going and which stocks to buy on the exchange today.

Also, the App has 2 extra buttons called "BUY" and "SELL" that will display for user all stocks from all groups that have either a Buy rating or a Sell rating. These global "BUY" and "SELL" lists might have up to 500 stocks listed in them but because each list has individual search capabilities the user could still quickly find the rating for a particular stock. "BUY" and "SELL" buttons are useful if you are holding a stock like IBM and want to know if it suddenly received a "SELL" rating. To do that, you just push the "SELL" button on the App main screen and search in the Global "SELL" list for IBM.

In this version App went even further to make users more successful on the stock markets by introducing 2 NEW RATINGS: "GRAB" and "DUMP" besides the usual "BUY", "SELL", and "HOLD". In short "GRAB" is better than "BUY" and "DUMP" is worse than "SELL". In other words if one of your stocks received a "DUMP" rating you should consider selling it as soon as possible. If you received just a "SELL" rating you could wait for a 2-3 days to see if the rating will be changed back to "HOLD" or even "BUY" and if it does not, than consider selling the stock at that time.

If your stock received a "GRAB" rating that means you should buy it pretty much immediately.

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Thomson Reuters News Pro

By Thomson Reutersreleased on:2009-05-09T04:31:18Z

Access professional-grade news and market data from Thomson Reuters, the world's leading source for intelligent information for businesses and professionals. Thomson Reuters News Pro for iPhone gives you knowledge to act, with fast on or offline access to the latest breaking news, pictures and video, together with extensive global financial data, corporate information and interactive financial charting.


"tExtensive coverage of the people and events that drive markets-from deals and merger news to global indices data
"tAbility to personalize geographic-specific views to customize the news, wherever you are in the world
"tAccess to breaking news from around the globe
"tA customizable watch list for monitoring your stocks and companies
"tDetailed company profiles, including business descriptions, officer and director profiles and contact details
"tConstantly updated stream of the best pictures from around the world from Reuters award-winning photojournalists
"tVideo coverage of the biggest news and business stories
"tScience, technology, health and internet news
"tSports news and results
"tEntertainment coverage including film, television, music and celebrity news
"tReuters popular "Oddly Enough" stories of the bizarre and quirky side of life
"tEasy to install, on-the-go application doesn't require human processing
"tOff-line loading service provides full access to news content when you're not online
"tContent is available on your iPhone or iPod touch.
"tFree to consumers

The Thomson Reuters iPhone Production team welcomes your feedback, and we look forward to hearing your thoughts and suggestions regarding our application.

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Pocket Express\u00ae

By Handmark, Inc.released on:2008-07-11T07:00:00Z

Pocket Express provides one-touch access to customized News, Sports, Weather, Travel, Movies and much more all in one spot, it's the only info-app you'll ever need.

And it's FREE.

Some of the information you will have quick access to includes:

News: Worldwide breaking news and photos from the Associated Press (AP)
Sports: Scores, Standings and Schedules of your favorite football (NFL), baseball (MLB), basketball (NBA), hockey (NHL), and European football teams (English Premier, Scottish Premier, Bundesliga, La Liga, Ligue 1, Serie A, UEFA Cup, Champions League).
Weather: Current, 48-hour and 7-day forecasts around the globe, plus radar and alerts for the U.S.
Finance: AP Finance News & Photos
Entertainment: The latest Hollywood gossip with movie, TV and music news!
Movie schedules at your local cinema, with ticket purchase option directly from your iPhone
Travel: Flight status, schedules, currency conversion and more!
Horoscopes: Daily readings and celebrity birthdays!
Assist: 24/7 customer assistance

Pocket Express is brought to you by Handmark, maker of other popular iPhone applications such as GTS World Racing, ZAGAT TO GO, Oxford Dictionaries, Astraware Sudoku, and others.

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By CNNMoney.comreleased on:2009-07-03T10:26:35Z

A service of CNN, Fortune & Money.

The leader in business and financial news, now customized for mobile.

CNNMoney's iPhone application delivers breaking business news and comprehensive market coverage from the leader in business and financial news. The application includes news, analysis, financial data and original video content—all packaged with the ability to customize your experience and track only the content relevant to you.

- Proprietary news feed from CNNMoney
- Personalized content selection and presentation
- Full text articles with text and photos
- Breaking new alerts
- Exclusive CNNMoney video
- Fully integrated stock ticker
- Customized stock quotes and tracking
- Market updates and key indices tracking
- Easy-to-share articles and videos via email or Twitter

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FOX Business

By FOX News Digitalreleased on:2009-10-26T07:00:00Z

NOTE: If you are experiencing crashes, please delete and re-install the application. Our team is working hard to resolve the issue.

Stay connected to the stock market wherever you are with FOX Business for iPhone. Create your own portfolio to track your stocks and set alerts or watch Live directly from your iPhone. The FOX Business iPhone application offers the day's latest financial news and market updates. FOX Business for iPhone makes it easy to keep up with the markets, while you're on the go.

Get the latest business headlines from throughout the trading day and after hours.

Watch Live for a look at the issues affecting the market's ups and downs. View FOX Business clips on demand anytime to stay up to date on the news when you're away from your TV.

My Money
Create your own My Money portfolio and track up to 10 stocks. Set stock alerts to be notified via push notifications when your stocks reach a certain price.

Markets and Stocks
Select a market from the Latest page or enter a company name or symbol into the search box to get detailed market or stock data.

Rotate the stock or market details page to see day, week, month, and year charts. Select a point on the chart to see how it performed at a specific point in time, or select two points to see the difference in performance between those points in time.

Channel Finder
Find your local channel for FOX Business Network by entering your zip code or use the GPS and select "Find Local Channels Near Me."

Hotel Finder
Traveling? Find a hotel that carries the FOX Business Network. Enter your zip code or select "Find Hotels Near Me" to see a list of hotels in the area that offer FOX Business Network.

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DailyFinance - Stock Quotes and Business News

By AOLreleased on:2009-04-17T07:00:00Z

Experience the most powerful iPhone application for investors and market followers. DailyFinance is the only free app with real-time quotes, tracking for multiple portfolios, customizable news from 3,000+ sources and professional-grade charting.

Free Real-Time Stock Quotes
Real-time stock quotes from BATS Exchange and 15-minute delayed quotes from NYSE, NASDAQ and AMEX.

Real-Time Financial News
Customize and track top business, company and sector news and dozens of other news topics from over 3,000 sources.

Web Tracking of Your iPhone Portfolios
Track and manage your iPhone portfolios on the web at

Multiple Portfolios and Watchlists
Create and track up to 25 different portfolios and watchlists.

Powerful Charts
Use interactive charts to track the current and historical performance of investments and easily compare against peers and market benchmarks.

Global Markets, Gainers & Losers
Follow leading global market indicators as well as the individual securities moving the U.S. markets.

Auto Refreshing of Data
After initial screen load, stock price and market data automatically refreshes every 30 seconds; intraday charts and market news headlines refresh every 2 minutes.

Please send any comments or suggestions by touching the DailyFinance logo in the status bar and using the feedback button. You can also reach us at

Web site:
Facebook: DailyFinance

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BlackGold - Oil, Gas, Gold, and Silver Tracking

By Toughturtlereleased on:2008-10-24T05:19:54Z

Mobile Price-Watching for Crude Oil, Gold, Gas, Natural Gas, and Heating Oil on your iPhone or iPod!

Works great on iPad too!

With the fluctuations in recent years of the Stock and Futures Markets, it is necessary to keep informed of the current prices at all times. BlackGold for the iPhone and iPod Touch gives you mobile price-watching power in the palm of your hand. Near-realtime prices on your mobile device, 24/7.

Five price watch options available:
"u2713 Crude Oil - WTI - Current Price, including four charts.
"u2713 Gasoline - Regular, Mid, Premium, Diesel, E85. (US National Average provided by AAA)
"u2713 Gold - Troy Oz. - Current Price, including seven charts.
"u2713 Natural Gas - Current Price, including intraday chart.
"u2713 Heating Oil - Current Price, including intraday chart.

For more information about BlackGold, please visit our website.

In-App Upgrade:
With version 4.0 of BlackGold you can do an In-App Upgrade and get these additional features:

"u2713 Updated User Interface
"u2713 Customizable UI. (Re-order the Tabbar)
"u2713 Larger Basic Charts
"u2713 Chart Controls for Basic charts. 1d, 5d, Line, Bar, Candlestick
"u2713 Full-Screen Technical Analysis charts.
Chart Controls: 1d, 5d, Line, Bar, Candle
With Overlays: MA, EMA, Indicators (MACD, MFI, ROC, RSI, Slow Stoch, Fast Stoch, Vol, Vol+MA, W%R), & Overlays (Bollinger Bands, Parabolic SAR , Splits , Volume)
"u2713 Silver tracking
"u2713 Brent Crude tracking
"u2713 More Crude Oil tracking
"u2713 More Gold tracking
"u2713 More Heating Oil tracking
"u2713 More Natural Gas tracking
"u2713 State-by-State gasoline tracking
"u2713 Set a specific State as your default
"u2713 More settings

Full details and screenshots can be found on the BlackGold website.

As always, A valid Internet connection is required for BlackGold to retrieve prices, information, and charts. 3G/Wifi is preferred and will give you the best results. EDGE may be a little slow.

In order to offer BlackGold as a FREE app, it is ad-supported.

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By thinkorswim, Inc.released on:2009-03-25T09:28:01Z

thinkorswim's trading platform is now available through the Apple iPhone or iPod touch. Our industry-leading technology has been focused to give you one-of-a-kind mobile trading power with an unprecedented range of features:

- Trade stock, options, futures and forex
- Charts (with Studies)
- Create, edit and execute complex option spreads quickly and easily
- News, filtered by symbol
- Create comprehensive quote lists
- Customize your trading with our advanced order editor
- Track and modify working orders
- Manage positions and view risk and performance metrics
- Send orders to individual exchanges
- Live, streaming audio including Trader's Lounge chats and ShadowTrader
- Access to thinkorswim and thinkorswim Canada trading accounts.

The risk of loss in trading securities, options, futures and forex can be substantial. Customers must consider all relevant risk factors, including their own personal financial situation, before trading. Options involve risk and are not suitable for all investors. See the Options Disclosure Document:

A copy can be requested via email at: or via mail to 600 W. Chicago Ave., #100, Chicago, IL 60654-2597. Trading foreign exchange on margin carries a high level of risk, as well as its own unique risk factors. Forex investments are subject to counter-party risk, as there is no central clearing organization for these transactions. Please read the following risk disclosure before considering the trading of this product:

thinkorswim may be compensated through a portion of the forex dealing spread. Funds deposited into an account with a broker-dealer for investment in any currency, or which are the proceeds of a currency position, or any currency in an account with a broker-dealer, are not protected by the Securities Investor Protection Corporation (SIPC).

thinkorswim, Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of TD AMERITRADE Holding Corporation.

thinkorswim, Inc. Member SIPC ( ) FINRA ( ) NFA ( )

2010 "u00a9 TD AMERITRADE IP Company, Inc.

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Stock Market Millionaire

By ChickenBrick Studiosreleased on:2010-03-17T01:15:31Z

Market Millionaire is a multi-player stock market simulation game. Every player starts with $100,000 to use to purchase stocks, mutual funds, and other securities. Reach first place by obtaining the highest net worth of any player. You're playing against players around the globe, so expect fierce competition!

* Real-time prices on stock exchanges around the world.
* Over 10,000 stocks to pick from!
* Easily find stocks by company name or ticker.
* Play against anyone, anywhere, anytime.
* Fast, clean, streamlined interface.
* Best stock market game on iPhone!

Your progress is tracked, so you can see how you'd do if you actually had $100,000 to play with in the stock market. Get out there, buy some stocks, and compete against the world to see if you can become a Market Millionaire!

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QFolio - NASDAQ OMX Portfolio Manager

By NASDAQ OMX, Inc.released on:2009-10-23T04:12:48Z

Thank you all for downloading the QFolio app and for your valuable feedback. Please continue to comment & rate the app and to send in requests for enhancements to


Real Time Quotes
From US markets (NASDAQ, NYSE, AMEX)
From Nordic markets (Stockholm, Copenhagen, Helsinki & Baltics)

Portfolio Tracker
Real time updated portfolio that keeps track of individual positions and provides an overall summary of your investments

Watch List for quick access
Use the star to bookmark the companies you track for quick overview in a list and immediate access to details

StockTwits Real Time Conversation Streams
Follow the community's commentary of the market and companies in the different streams provided by

Full Screen Charting
Tilt the phone when looking at company details to view a full screen graph with touch controls to change time period and view detailed information

Automatic Symbol Synchronization
Keeps the Symbol List updated with new companies and name changes within all markets

Currency Selector
On-the-fly currency conversion to USD, Euro, SEK, DKK, ISK, NOK, EEK, LVL & LTL (currencies updated on a daily basis)

Please send comments, suggestions or to report a concern to

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StockWatch Lite - Portfolio Tracking & Stock Market Quotes

By Toughturtlereleased on:2009-12-07T05:45:57Z

StockWatch is the best Financial App in the AppStore for tracking the Markets and your Portfolio. Try it out for FREE with StockWatch Lite!

StockWatch was the first App of it's kind on the AppStore, and is still the best choice for all investors.

Take your investment tracking to the next level! Quickly, and easily, track all of your investments from the convenience of your iPhone or iPod Touch.

StockWatch Lite is the perfect App for investors to keep an eye on their favorite stocks, track their portfolios and holdings, and much more. With an easy-to-use and traditional iPhone/iPod Touch user interface, you will have all your investments and research tools just a few taps away.

With StockWatch you can track Stocks, Bonds, Mutual Funds, Futures, Options, and more from personalized and customizable Watchlists, Portfolios, and Portfolio Watchlists. StockWatch Lite also has Intraday Charts and Detailed Symbol Information.

"u2713 Create Watchlists.

"u2713 Create Portfolios with personalized Names, Descriptions, and Cash Amounts.

"u2713 Add Symbols to existing Portfolios.

"u2713 Add Lots to Symbols, in each Portfolio, with Quantity, PPS, Date, and Commission.

"u2713 Get detailed and constantly updated Prices, Gains, Costs, Values.

"u2713 Tap-to-Change buttons: Toggle between Price, G/L, Cost, and Value on Watchlist, Portfolio Watchlist, and Lot Listing.

"u2713 Overall Portfolio Totals and G/L

"u2713 Date/Time regional formatting: Choose from 3 global standards

"u2713 Customize your default loading screen. Watchlist, Portfolio, or specific Portfolio.

* If available.




An online manual, videos, and support Q&A is on our website.

StockWatch uses Yahoo! Finance symbol structure for quotes. Data is delayed at least 15 minutes.


We can't reply to reviews on the AppStore, so please report bugs and problems at so that we can try and remedy any issue you are having.

Your 5-star ratings and reviews help keep the updates and features coming. Thanks for using StockWatch!

Follow us on Twitter for updates on StockWatch:
@toughturtle (

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There are more than 300,000 iphone/ipad apps for just about any category you can think of including Stocks you looking for.

We belive for every paid Stocks app out there there is a equivalent free Stocks app that can be downloaded from itunes free of charge. If you do not like that app you can always uninstall it without paying for it or worring about losing the money you paid for app you do not use.

Try out the free Stocks apps to see if you like it before purchasing the more expensive versions of it.
- There are thousands of iphone developers daily release free iphone apps.
- Explore different Stocks apps with free iphone apps and see if you like it before you pay for it.
- Just like trial software for non mobile operating systems, free iphone Stocks apps let you explore similar tools before you purchase the more expensive version.
- For those of you looking for particular Stocks app specific to a professional decipline search apps by Apps Popular Among Professions.

Stocks Apps Users Comments