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Scripts Free

By Inkless Ideas LLC released on: 2010-03-24T11:41:02Z



Scripts is a free version of Scripts Pro, allowing you to try before you buy. Scripts is identical to Scripts Pro in every way except that that importing, exporting and emailing functions have been removed. Even after you try this free version, I know you'll be sold!

Scripts Pro is an easy-to-use screen writing application for the iPhone and iPod Touch. Using a "TAB" button, you can easily switch between each element of the script. I created this program so that I'd be able to write and edit my cartoon scripts wherever I was. Whether you like writing horror movies, romantic comedies or even sci-fi movies, you can do so wherever inspiration strikes. You don't need to be a pro to use Scripts Pro!

When writing in desktop screenplay programs, you forget about the program all together and are focused entirely on writing your story. The same this is true with Scripts Pro. Apple didn't include a TAB key in the iPhone keyboard so I took it upon myself to create it and include it in Scripts Pro. You can preview how many pages you've written, select smart pop-ups of character names, scene locations and transitions and much more! There's simply no better way to write a script.

**Scripts Pro is available in the app store!**

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Features Included: TAB Key, Transparent Toolbar, Pop-ups, Title Page, Lowercase to Uppercase, Scene Editing and Re-ordering, Hiding Keyboard, Import/Export scripts (ONLY available in Scripts Pro), Preview Mode, Emailing Scripts (ONLY available in Scripts Pro) and Settings.

'Scripts' should be used for demo purposes only.

If you notice any bugs, please email them to me and I will have them fixed! Otherwise, I won't know they exist :)!
I'm happy to answer any questions you may have, so please ask!

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Bibi, the Graphic Novel

By ariart released on: 2011-03-16T04:05:25Z

Lyrical Graphic Novel with background music.
Enjoy leisurely, as if you're in the museum.
Do not let the light pictures deceive you, for there's something dark hidden behind.
Some people felt that they've seen a short movie because of its cinematic artistry.
Some others felt thelingering imagery in their heartwhile itgradually lures you in a gentle way.
What feelings did you get?

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By ArrayGames Inc. released on: 2010-06-04T10:33:03Z

Comiking Viewer is an independent comic viewer with original stories to share. It's free, easy to use, with great artworks. Enjoy!

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Nimbus Control Player

By Nimbus Partners Ltd released on: 2010-03-12T01:43:22Z

Nimbus Control Player for the Apple iPhone / iPod Touch provides a Business Process Management content player which gives you the ability to remotely synchronize with your central Nimbus Control process repository and deliver you the most up to date processes to wherever you are.


App Features:

Nimbus Control for the Apple iPhone provides up-to-date access to a secure, personalized role-based view of their company's intelligent operations manual to mobile workers wherever they work - on the shop floor, in a branch, in the board room, or on the road.

Get step-by-step process information as guided tours, linked to any supporting policies and documents, ensuring you can perform your job more efficiently and effectively.

Process content is hosted either by Nimbus or on a firm's own servers and accessed via the WIFI or 3G, offering customers the same advanced level of enterprise security they would expect from their desktop applications. Security settings also ensure process content synchronizes or deletes from the mobile device after a defined period of time, ensuring only up-to-date and approved process information is available.


NOTE: This application works with Nimbus Control v8.0 or later, and is not intended as a standalone product. For more information about Nimbus Control you can visit

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By United Computer Solutions, Inc. released on: 2010-08-27T09:31:45Z

Part design studio, part branding agency, part production company, loyalkaspar exists at the intersection of graphic design, narrative storytelling and contemporary culture.

View and share loyalkaspar's work with this first-of-a-kind app.

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