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Wave Study Bible\u00ae

By Wave Study Bible, Inc. released on: 2010-04-12T04:35:39Z

Wave Study Bible"u00ae is the most convenient and engaging Bible on the planet.

Limited Time Launch Promotion - Buy one Bible version, get one free until 05/31/10 -

WAVE CHALLENGE -- Use this app for two weeks and it will become your favorite way to read the Bible.

This isn't like any Bible you have seen. Built for the average person and not the Biblical scholar, the Wave Study Bible"u00ae makes it simple to integrate the Word into your daily life.

Other study Bibles are like libraries. They are full of a lot of reference works, and are real good at putting you in touch with what other people have seen in the Bible. Wave Study Bible is like a magnifying glass and is real good at putting you in touch with what *you* see in the Bible. It is not full of the results of other people's study, it fills you with the results of your study.

It comes with four Bible versions (Greek New Testament, King James Version, New English Translation, God's Word Translation). Using the in-application store you can add any of the standard translations to your Wave Study Bible"u00ae (NASB, NKJV, NIV, NIrV, Message, ESV [coming], NLT [coming]).

Wave Study Bible"u00ae, the most convenient and engaging Bible on the planet.

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BibleReader for Bible Study

By Olive Tree Bible Software, INc released on: 2009-10-02T10:47:42Z

BibleReader(TM) lets you study and explore the Bible on your iPhone and carry your Bible study library with you wherever you go. BibleReader(TM) offers powerful features for Bible reading and study, advanced personal customization, 100+ titles for free download, and a huge catalog available for in-app purchase, including Bible translations, Greek and Hebrew resources, commentaries, dictionaries, foreign language titles, and Christian eBooks.

This application includes the KJV Bible, as well as offering access to all Olive Tree free titles and letting you make in-app purchases from the Olive Tree catalog.

BibleReader(TM) FEATURES

* Immersive reading lets you remove all controls and get lost in your book without distractions.
* Powerful resource guide and word lookup designed to help you study the Bible.
* With 3-touch Verse Chooser, you can navigate quickly and easily to the exact Bible verse you want.
* Quick, powerful searching lets you find words, phrases, even search in Greek and Hebrew!
* Scripture and other works are stored on your phone, so you don't need a continuous Internet connection. You have full access to your library even when you're in airplane mode or out of wi-fi range.
* Split screen reading lets you view two books at once. You can compare Bible translations, view study notes, or read commentaries and reference books side-by-side with Scripture.


* Helps you easily access the content in your library.
* Quickly find commentary and map hits on the Bible passage you are reading.
* Look up people, places, and topic on a passage.
* Easy to use cross references.
* Configure the resource guide to work the way you want.


* Bookmark your favorite verses.
* Make personal notes.
* Highlight text.
* Sort, search, and organize annotations. A great organizational tool for study, personal devotions, or sermon preparation!
* Open and edit your personal notes in the split window to easily add and modify notes while studying or during sermons.
* Verses in your notes are hyperlinked to open the verse reference when you tap on them.
* Tag annotations for convenient organization.
* Book ribbons let you easily track your reading location.


* Cloud sync your bookmarks, notes, highlights, and book ribbons between your iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, and
* Edit your notes online at


* Bookmark, highlight, add a note, or copy any text.
* Search for selected word(s).
* Lookup selected word(s) in all dictionaries.

BibleReader(TM) offers the ease of in-app purchases, and even lets you use iTunes gift cards to purchase Olive Tree books, Bibles, and Bible study tools. You'll find these resources and more available for purchase, as well as many free titles, in the Olive Tree catalog:

* Popular Bible translations: NIV, NKJV, ESV, NLTse, NASB, The Message, Amplified, HCSB, NCV, Complete Jewish Bible, JPS Tanakh
* Best-selling study bibles: ESV Study Bible, NLT Study Bible, NIV Study Notes
* Bibles with deuterocanonical books: NRSV and RSV, Douay-Rheims
* Non-English Bibles: Reina-Valera, Traduccion en lenguaje actual, Dios Habla Hoy (Spanish), Luther Bibel 1984, Schlachter, and Elberfelder (German), Louis Segond and La Bible du Semeur (French), and more.
* Original language Bibles: Biblia Hebraica Stuttgartensia (Hebrew Old Testament), Greek New Testament (NA27)
* Strong's Dictionaries, and KJV and NASB with Strong's Numbers
* Commentaries and Study Tools: Bible Knowledge Commentary; Ryrie Study Bible Notes, Jamieson, Fausset and Brown; Matthew Henry's Concise and Complete Commentaries; MacArthur's New Testament Commentary; Gray's; Ironside; Treasury of Scriptural Knowledge (cross references)
* Excellent free resources: John Piper's Collected Sermons (1200+ sermons, indexed for easy searching), Bible in Basic English, classics by St. Augustine, John Wesley, and Charles Spurgeon

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Mantis Bible Study

By Mantis Bible Company released on: 2008-07-29T05:19:47Z

Requires iPhone OS3.0 or above.

Note: We offer over 200 add-on resources for Mantis Bible Study. These resources can be purchased from our web site In addition, most of these resources can be purchased via "In App Purchase" from the Apple App Store.

UPGRADE NOTICE: Before upgrading, be sure to backup your bookmarks, notes, and highlights using the "Backup" button from either the bookmark or notes list screen.

Mantis Bible Study is the most advanced Bible Study Tool available for any mobile platform. A long list of unique features make Mantis Bible Study stand out as the premier tool for accessing the Bible on the iPhone:

Flexible content:
"tComes with the full King James text
"tWorks offline -- no network connection is necessary for reading and studying [Note: A network connection is required in order to load new resources purchased from our web site or to optionally backup and restore your data.]
"tAdditional Bible translations, commentaries, dictionaries, devotionals and other books can be purchased and installed immediately. Check for available titles

Great navigation options:

"tQuick History
"tQuick-reference chapter and section headers
"tGrid Mode
"tTap the book name to navigate books
"tTap the chapter number to navigate chapters
"tTap-and-drag corners for quick access to volumes, books, chapters, and verses
"tShake to close all open items
"tAuto-scroll the text for easy reading
"tEmail any verse along with your personal notes

Fantastic study tools:

"tBuild Your Own Study Bible (see for details and an instructional video)
"tEasily create bookmarks, notes, and highlights
"tInline Note Editor
"tLive Scripture References inside personal notes
"tCreate, edit, and move bookmarks and bookmark folders
"tUnique "Analyze Verse" feature
"tFast and flexible, yet simple search system
"tSave search results as a named folder full of bookmarks
"tPersonal notes and translation notes appear inline with the text and can be toggled on and off
"tHighlighting Bar allows highlighting of individual words and phrases in 4 colors
"tInline verse-display toggle links for all cross-reference links
"tJump directly to Biblical text from cross references inside commentary, dictionary, devotional, or other books
"tFantastic support for Bibles with integrated Strong's Numbers - tap a number to open a definition, tap it again to close it [Note: Strong's Number Support is only active for Bibles containing Strongs Numbers - which are sold separately]
"tAdditional support for Strong's Numbers: drill-down to root word(s), tap to find where a number is used throughout Scripture, then tap and preview verses, integrated support for Brown-Driver-Briggs', Thayer's Greek Definitions, and other Strongs-based resources [Stongs-based resources are sold separately]

Plus much, much more!

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FREE Flashcards Study Helper

By David Skelly released on: 2009-10-07T12:10:37Z

Create your flashcards and carry them around in convenient digital format. Perfect for studying on the go! This application has powerful features made for the student who's serious about studying.

SHARE your cards and study with friends!

Please visit for screenshots, tutorials, and more information before you buy!

EXTREMELY easy card creation on the web, including colors, font styles, images and more! See the examples page for study ideas.

* Create and edit flashcards directly on your iPhone/iPod.
* Create cards using the free web interface at and download directly to your phone.
* Images supported through the web interface.
* Landscape or portrait mode for viewing cards.
* Full screen, easy to read layout.
* Tag your card files with keywords. Then search cards according to keywords.
* Mix and match your card sets. Eg: study all cards with the keyword 'french', or study all cards with the keyword 'vocab', or study all cards with the keywords 'french vocab'.
* Unicode support for multiple languages.

* 5 study modes:
# Preview - preview all cards at once
# Skim - flips through cards
# Medium - repeats cards you get wrong
# Thorough - repeats problem cards more often
# Test - runs through the cards once and tells you how you did

* 14 customizable options so you can study your cards the way you want
# Center Cards
# Swap Question/Answer
# Question Font Size
# Answer Font Size
# Question Color
# Answer Color
# Question Font
# Answer Font
# Show Cards In Order
# Card Stripes
# Background color
# Autoformat Cards
# Right or Left Handed
# Animation Speed

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Free Bible Study Tools

By Salem Communications released on: 2010-10-21T05:11:54Z

The Bible app for the iPhone and iPod touch gives you free
access to the largest library of Bible versions including the New
International Version, King James Bible, The Message, English Standard Version
and more, as well as various language translations, commentaries, concordances
and more. Download this iPhone app to begin using all of the amazing Bible
resources at, but in an easy to use mobile version!

In addition to your basic Bible search function, the Bible app from also allows for personalization of your Bible study on
your iPhone. Highlight verses and take notes on your favorite
Scripture! A great way to challenge your personal Bible study time is with
Bible reading plans - choose from five different daily reading plans to fit
your schedule!


- Easy to use Bible search functions for all available Bible versions
including the popular New International Version (NIV), King James Version
(KJV), English Standard Version (ESV), American Standard Version (ASV), the
Message, and more

- Start a daily Bible reading plan and track your progress

- Personalize your study of the Holy Bible with online notes and highlighting verses

- Join in the community Bible study with notes focusing on specific topics and passages

- Be inspired with Bible verses by topic

- Further your Biblical understanding with Bible commentaries, dictionaries, and encyclopedias.

- Access and sync your personal account from for use on the Bible app

Now available for free download through the Apple iTunes store. Grow closer to
Jesus Christ and in your Christian walk with the Bible Study Tools app from Take your favorite Bible version, verse studies,
devotional notes, and daily reading plans on the go!

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Study Flash

By Rory Mulligan released on: 2009-08-04T01:03:20Z

Studying for an exam? The SATs? Study flash can help! Create multiple card sets and fill them with flash cards. Quiz yourself with one or all of your card sets from wherever you are, whenever you have a free minute.

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Daily Bible Study

By Siena Entertainment, LLC released on: 2010-12-23T08:58:35Z

***To upgrade to the latest content available, click on 'Today's Reading' and then click 'New' at the bottom of the screen. This will take you to the upgrade screen, where for $1.99 you will receive the next three month's worth of content--less than $0.02 for high-quality and relevant daily Bible study! We hope you enjoy this quarter's worth of Daily Bible Study.

Please keep in touch via comments or email - we are listening!***

ABOUT Daily Bible Study

Daily Bible Study mobile application provides a Bible-based, Christ-focused daily reading that helps individuals on the go develop the discipline of engaging with and applying the teachings of the Bible to their lives. Each daily reading opens with a question to ponder, a reading and commentary on the daily Scripture passage, application to life, and a concluding prayer.

ABOUT Cokesbury

Cokesbury is the retail division of The United Methodist Publishing House. The United Methodist Publishing House, founded in 1789, is a publisher and distributor to The United Methodist Church and the greater Christian community. At Cokesbury, our Mission is to provide quality resources and services that help people know God through Jesus Christ, love God, and choose to serve God and neighbor.

Daily Bible readings
Save your favorites (for any member in your family as well!)
Share your favorites via Facebook, Twitter or e-mail
Quarterly updates
Direct access to a specific date
Customize your font and size

System Requirements:
iOS 3.2 or later

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JLPT Study FREE, Kanji and Vocabulary Japanese Proficiency Level N5

By Mathias Navne released on: 2009-09-30T09:49:38Z

This if the FREE version of JLPT Study, Level 1-5 Japanese Language Proficiency, containing all of level N5 Kanji (103) and all the roughly 650 words in the level N5 list.

This application will help you study the vocabulary for the Japanese Language Proficiency Tests (JLPT).

The JLPT ("u65e5"u672c"u8a9e"u80fd"u529b"u8a66"u9a13 nihongo n"u014dryoku shiken) is a standardized test for evaluating the Japanese language proficiency for non-japanese.

The study mode is based on interval as this will effectively reinforce your long term memory of the words.

The interval study will increase the time until next study for a word for each time the word is marked as known. If a word is not known, its score will be reduced and you will have to study it more often until its score has been restored. This makes you focus on words not yet memorized.

As each level contains quite a lot of words, the study set (number of words) can be limited. From the selected set, only the words valid for study (according to the chosen study mode) can be studied. Add more words if the number of due words is zero but you still want to move on.

Each time you start a new study, the selected words will be randomized. After the study session is over, you will see how many words you knew and also where you are in your goal to complete the level.

* Interval study
* Full set of compounds for each kanji
* Set study order to English, Japanese or random
* Customize study speed
* Include Kanji in Vocab when possible
* Include Romaji in Vocab when possible
* Focus study on Kanji / Hiragana connection in Vocab
* Quick review (scroll list)

If you do not yet know furigana (hiragana and katakana), make sure to learn it. Very important for studying Japanese. However, until you have mastered furigana there is an option to display romanji spelling.

Remember, even if your goal is not to pass the JLPT, you still can learn tons of new Japanese words to use in your everyday life.

Have fun and keep studying.

Check out the webpage for more apps

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Army Study Guide Flashcards

By QuinStreet Inc. released on: 2010-10-27T07:33:52Z

Use the Army Board Study Guide to help you prepare for the US Army Promotion Boards and Soldier/NCO Boards.
Test your skills and prepare for over 38 topics that could be included in the exam. Study at your own pace with these unique flashcards!

"u2714 Browse over 38 topics and quiz yourself on more than 1,000 Q&As
"u2714 Review easy to navigate flashcards
"u2714 Save and re-review your favorite (or least favorite!) questions

Get more tools and tips on:

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Gaelic (Irish) Study Buddy!

By Ronald Bell released on: 2010-01-06T01:33:55Z

Gaelic Study Buddy is a fun and effective Gaelic study tool designed to help you learn basic Gaelic vocabulary.

Some of Gaelic Study Buddy's features include:

Test mode: A multiple-choice test that evaluates your knowledge of Gaelic vocabulary. Your progress is saved after every question, so that you can take a phone call, send a text message, or perform any other task without losing your progress.

Report Card: A simple display which allows you to view your test results and study specific vocab that you're struggling with most.

Study mode: A great utility for quickly referencing or browsing the full set of words.

Beware of similar apps which may require network connections. This app requires no network connection, allowing you to study Gaelic anywhere. Perfect for travelers!

Read Full Review - Play & Study Chess

By released on: 2009-10-29T03:18:55Z

"I've tried every chess app out there and the app is in a class by itself. It's the only chess app you'll ever need, and the best choice by far if you actually want to learn something."
Michael brings you the ultimate chess app:

- Unlimited online games against real people
- Powerful computer opponent
- Huge tactical puzzle library
- Instructional videos from top GMs

With this powerful combination of features for playing and learning, this is the premier chess app for all players, from beginner to master. The iPhone app give you everything a real chess player wants in an app: ways to play chess and improve your game! tracks and charts your ratings and progress for you. In fact, all online content - your games, tactics puzzles & videos - can also be accessed directly from the website.

Access the various features with an intuitive menu system. Enjoy a beautiful chess board with nine different piece designs and color schemes. Choose to play with or without realistic sound effects.

- Join a vibrant chess community of more than 750,000 players of all skill levels
- See your current games and games you recently finished
- Challenge a friend or create an open challenge
- Chat with your opponent during a game
- Visualize your plan using the built-in Analysis Board
- Offer or accept a draw; or resign if your position is lost

- Adjust the computer's strength to provide the perfect challenge
- Select a playing style for your opponent - from "Passive" to "Suicidal"
- Set up any legal position
- Email your game as PGN text
- Ask the computer for a simple hint or look deeper by viewing the computer's analysis
- View captured pieces as you play
- Navigate though the move list with ease

- Explore a library of over 35000 puzzles (and growing!)
- Choose the winning moves - your success depends on speed and accuracy
- Trainer will track your progress and serve the right problems based on your rating
- View your rating, past problems, and a graphical chart of your progress at
- Tackle (unrated) problems in Offline Mode when you don't have an Internet connection

- Access a video library of hundreds of video lessons created by top coaches and Grandmasters.
- Choose your lessons by skill level and theme: Strategy, Openings, Endgames, Tactics, Amazing Games, etc.
- Watch as the games and commentary are illustrated on a large video chess board with animated diagrams

ABOUT CHESS.COM: is the #1 online chess site with more than 1 million members across the main site, Chess on Facebook, and Chess on iGoogle. is built by chess players and enthusiasts who really love chess, not just programmers tinkering around with chess. We're legit, serious tournament chess players committed to promoting chess and improving access to chess in every possible way! Visit to meet us!

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Holy Bible

By Paul Avery released on: 2008-10-03T03:51:24Z

Holy Bible 5.0 sent in for Apple's approval on 3/14/11. For more information, check out the website.

Holy Bible is an easy to use Bible app with many translations. Each translation resides on the iPhone/iPod touch. The only time you ever need an internet connection is to download new Bibles.

Note: I will not be adding any copyrighted texts such as the NIV, NASB, NKJV, ESV, etc. (1) Royalty fees include an expensive up-front cost. Unless you want to send me a large check, this is not an option. (2) Most royalties require a percentage from each sale as well. I'm a full-time missionary, not an iPhone developer.

General Features include...
- 23 Bible translations
- Split translation viewing
- Autoscrolled reading
- Verse highlighting
- Bookmarking by chapter
- Notes organized by chapter
- Fast Searching
- Multiple daily reading plans
- Highly customizable reading interface
- Backup/restore
- Much more!

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There are more than 300,000 iphone/ipad apps for just about any category you can think of including Study you looking for.

We belive for every paid Study app out there there is a equivalent free Study app that can be downloaded from itunes free of charge. If you do not like that app you can always uninstall it without paying for it or worring about losing the money you paid for app you do not use.

Try out the free Study apps to see if you like it before purchasing the more expensive versions of it.
- There are thousands of iphone developers daily release free iphone apps.
- Explore different Study apps with free iphone apps and see if you like it before you pay for it.
- Just like trial software for non mobile operating systems, free iphone Study apps let you explore similar tools before you purchase the more expensive version.
- For those of you looking for particular Study app specific to a professional decipline search apps by Apps Popular Among Professions.

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