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Sudoku (Free)

By Red Key Software Corporation released on: 2008-07-23T08:03:59Z

Top 100 free app for over a year.
Rated "Best Sudoku Game of the Year" by Apple.
Rated #9 Game of the Year by Apple.
Rated #24 App of the Year by Apple with over 10,000 apps competing!

With unique handcrafted puzzles across four different skill levels, Sudoku (Free) is a great introduction to the fun and puzzle solving challenge of Sudoku.


All options are on by default, but you can turn them off in the Options menu
Show Incorrect :: Shows incorrect answers in red.
Multiple Notes :: Turn this on to have multiple notes in each square.
Smart Buttons :: Disables the number button when that number is completed on the game board.
Smart Notes :: Removes the number from the notes in the box, column, and row that contains the cell with your correct answer.


Multiple color schemes
Unique handcrafted puzzles
Four different skill levels
Challenge a friend
ALL puzzles are solvable WITHOUT guessing
4 color schemes
"ALL notes": tap the "All notes" button on to show all the possible answers for each square. Tap the "All notes" button off to remove the notes.
Hints: shows the answer for the selected square or a random square when one is not selected
Pause the game at any time and resume where you left off
Best times, progress statistics, and much more

Do you want more? Try one of our other versions of sudoku which have all the same great features!
* Look for our paid edition of Sudoku with 800 puzzles and more unique color schemes.
* Or try Color Sudoku for a fun twist to solving sudoku puzzles.
* For advanced puzzle solving, try Expert Sudoku to challenge your sudoku solving skills.

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Sudoku \u272f

By Optime Software LLC released on: 2010-12-14T09:53:52Z

Take a journey to feudal Japan with Sudoku "u272f. With beautiful graphics and killer features, this is the best Sudoku app available for iOS.


Two separate keypads, one for entries and one for notes, allow you to enter values quickly and easily. No more tedious switching between entry mode and note mode to complete your puzzle.


The optional auto-notes feature enters all of the notes into the puzzle for you and keeps them updated as you solve. If you don't want that much help, the optional smart notes feature automatically deletes values from notes you have entered manually when they are no longer valid.


The optional error checker tells you when you have entered an incorrect or illogical value, allowing you to catch errors early and preventing needless frustration.


OpenFeint leaderboards and achievements allow you to compete against other users worldwide for most puzzles solved, fastest time to solve, and highest overall rating. Our unique rating system awards you points for each puzzle solved based on difficulty, time to solve, and amount of help used.


Five difficulty levels, from easy to insane, ensure that you will be able to find a puzzle that matches your skill level. With 3,000 total puzzles, you won't run out of puzzles any time soon.

Download Sudoku "u272f for free today and start playing Sudoku the way it was meant to be played!

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By Mind The Frog, Inc. released on: 2010-12-16T09:25:16Z

@SUDOKU is sudoku with UNLIMITED puzzles at ANY TIME + the ability to switch between MULTIPLE ACTIVE GRIDS. Start off with our first difficulty level for free! The other levels are available in our full version: +SUDOKU.

"u2714 It's FAST: No lengthy intros or slow animations.
"u2714 It's EASY to use: Big buttons avoid fat-fingering.
"u2714 It lets you keep NOTES, just like paper Sudoku.
"u2714 It supports UNDO and REDO operations.
"u2714 It features AUTO NOTES options.
"u2714 It keeps your solve time STATISTICS.
"u2714 It plays YOUR iPOD MUSIC and nothing else.
"u2714 It supports the RETINA display.
"u2714 It works completely OFFLINE.
"u2714 It's UNIVERSAL: Works on iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch.

The "easy" level is great for a quickie puzzle on the go. Or, upgrade to +SUDOKU and try "diabolical" for a sleepless night of puzzle solving. With 6 distinct difficulty levels, +SUDOKU always has a puzzle ready for any occasion! And with multiple active grids, you can always put one aside when you're stuck and go back to it later.

The friendly team at Mind The Frog, Inc. :)

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Sudoku :)

By TicBits Ltd released on: 2011-02-18T08:31:52Z

The App Stores most user friendly Sudoku game, for FREE!

- Unlimited Sudokus in 4 different difficulty settings.
- Game Center support for leaderboards and achievements.
- Great statistics that help track your progress.

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Sudoku *

By PI Entertainment Limited released on: 2011-02-11T01:18:07Z

Presented by piplay

Sudoku for FREE NOW! Other sudoku with Error check makes you stupid!! Play this!!!

Deep beautiful blue unterwater scenery provides comfortable atmosphere for long-time play.

Rational control design in input and display

Very realistic play. Don't play stupidly. In real sudoku world, no one tells you that what is wrong.

Solver is used to help players to exit from being dizzy.

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By Uptamum released on: 2010-11-30T08:00:00Z

Sudoku+ is FREE!! Sudoku+ will give you hours of puzzle solving fun! Play Sudoku puzzles where ever you are using your iPhone or iPod Touch.

* Almost limitless number of puzzles
* 10 levels of difficulty
* Pause and resume multiple puzzles
* Automatic saving of puzzles whenever you switch Apps or take a phone call
* 2x2 grids for beginners
* Undo and redo
* Hints available, when you are stuck
* Scores saved including average times for each level played and completed

More to come:
* Full screen iPad version
* Better international support
* Improved Hints system

If you enjoy Sudoku this App is a must!

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:) Sudoku (Daily Free)

By Jason Linhart released on: 2008-08-03T07:29:43Z

With daily games at 16 difficulty levels, novices and expert players alike will appreciate :) Sudoku (Daily Free). Our tutorial, extensive feature set, and advanced hint system offer something for every player. The more you play, the more you will enjoy it!

For unlimited puzzles, check out our other Sudoku products: :) Sudoku (paid) and Sudoku Joy (free).

Our multi-stage hint system starts with a gentle reminder to get you back on track and works up to an illustration of the exact technique to use and how it applies to the current board. Use our hints to ease those frustrating moments and to learn how to be a better player.

Features include:

- 16 difficulty levels, something for everyone
- Tutorial teaches you new techniques
- Large, high contrast digits are easier to read
- Advanced techniques at the higher levels, including X-Wings, sashimi fish, and coloring
- User interface optimized for fewer touches
- Choice of six color schemes
- Never covers up the board while you are playing
- Infinite undo/redo
- Undo to the last solvable position
- Board solvable indicator
- Automatic or manual pencil marks
- Save your game while you try alternatives
- Automatically saves your game when you get a phone call, switch applications, or lock the phone
- Highlighting helps you discover patterns
- Game clock; compares your time to other players
- Avoids graphic frills that distract from play
- Choice of digit styles, including Kanji and Hanzi

All games are true Sudoku, with symmetry and a single solution that can be discovered by logic alone. If you doubt that a puzzle can be solved by logic, simply have the hint system explain it to you step by step.

If you Enjoy Sudoku daily, this is the app for you!

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Sudoku (Full Version)

By released on: 2009-03-27T02:01:36Z

You won't be looking for a paper puzzle ever again!

With 4 difficulty levels, intuitive interface, and all the functions right at your fingertips, this Sudoku app is sure to be your favorite. Interrupted? Exit Sudoku, and the puzzle is saved exactly as you see it!

* 4 levels - easy, medium, hard, extreme
* Undo and Redo
* Pencil marks
* Autosave
* Intelligent hints
* Real time competitions
* Top scores and History
* Submit results and track progress online

This version is supported by Ads (ad-free version - Sudoku Premium - is available for only $0.99).

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Sudoku OneTouch Free

By Brainium Studios LLC released on: 2011-02-11T05:11:38Z

The most popular and addictive logic puzzle game in the world has never looked and played this good on the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch until now.

Brainium Studios brings you the most polished and intuitive Sudoku game with Sudoku OneTouch™! Our OneTouch input system is designed to provide the best touch experience by making entering solutions and notes magically simple with a single touch of the screen.

"u272e OneTouch input system for magically simple number entry
"u272e Thousands of masterfully crafted puzzles
"u272e Gorgeous theme with Retina Display and HD graphics
"u272e Universal App looks beautiful on both iPhone and iPad
"u272e Game Center leader boards to show off your best times
"u272e Game statistics to keep track of your progress
"u272e Advanced game options, notes, and hint system
"u272e Five star support from Brainium Studios

If you like Sudoku OneTouch try the full version which includes 4 difficulty levels, thousands of additional puzzles, 5 gorgeous themes, additional options, and no advertisements.

Send us your questions and suggestions to:

Follow us for news, contests, and weekly prizes:

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Sudoku 2

By Finger Arts released on: 2010-05-07T07:55:16Z

Sudoku 2 is Sudoku + Point System, Runs, and Online Leaderboards. Discover the next evolution of Sudoku with amazing graphics, animations, and ease of use. This is a Sudoku like one you have never experienced before ;)
To the classic Sudoku, we added:

=> A smart point system, wherein your score is based on 1) the value of each number multiplied (at the time of its match) by a multiplier that decreases in time and 2) the value of each block, row, column multiplied (at the time of its completion) by the decreasing multiplier

=> Thanks to OpenFeint, you can now rank and compare Sudoku scores and achievements against friends and strangers

=> Sudoku 2 also counts the runs, that is, each uninterrupted sequence of games won, and adds them to the online leaderboards
In Sudoku 2, you win a game when you solve a puzzle with 3 errors or less (we used this threshold to give a bit of slack for mis-tapping :) Also, you have a number of hints to help you play (more at the easy, less at the hard level). To fit any taste, you can choose between a lush tile look or a more classic board look :)
You gain access to medium level after you win the easy level 2 times consecutively, same for hard level (3 times)
And remember, as always, your five stars (★★★★★) are very important to us, and they help us to bring you free updates and new exciting games!

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Sudoku 101 (Free)

By Sudobility released on: 2008-10-17T07:00:00Z

Wondering what the hype is about Sudoku?

This is the introductory course for Sudoku, ideal for beginners. It is a Sudoku game, a generator, a solver, and a teacher/tutor.

First, it is a real Sudoku game.

- Puzzle generator for unlimited play, at the difficulty level appropriate for beginners.
- Clean and simple game board, so you can focus on the playing instead of being distracted by colors and/or graphics.
- Ability to enter the game manually, copy from books, newspaper, or other Sudoku game software.
- Tap on a clue to highlight potential locations, tap again to go back to normal viewing.
- Automatic or manual pencil marks, which can be switched on and off during the play with one tap.
- Automatically save the game when you leave, continue when you come back.
- Option to use either symmetrical or non-symmetrical Sudoku boards.
- Option to show error.

Even more, it is your private tutorial. It teaches you the logic and pattern of Sudoku, with its multi-step teaching system. All of the techniques are human logic, not computer brutal force.

- When you are stuck, tap "Teach me". It highlights certain cells of interest.
- Tap again, it will tell you the technique to look for in those cells. A "What is..." buttons also shows up. You can look up the meaning of this technique.
- Tap again, it will show you the logic. Which candidate is of interest, why, and how it helps you to solve a cell, or to remove digits from possible candidates.
- Tap again, it updates the board, ready for the next step.

During the course of Sudoku 101, you will go through the following levels:
- Learning Basics: This level is for the absolute beginner. It uses Sudoku boards which be solved by the Full House.
- Easy: At this level, the puzzles can be solved with Full House, Naked Single, Hidden Single, and occasional pairs.
- Moderate: You will learn Naked Pair, Hidden Pair, and Locked Candidates.

Check out the screenshots to see how the teaching works.

Not enough for you? Ready for more challenge? Please check out our Sudoku 401, with advanced teaching including Hidden and Naked Trip and Quad, Fishes (X-Wing, Swordfish, Jellyfish, Squirmbag, Fishy Cycle), Finned Fishes (Finned X-Wing, Swordfish, Jellyfish, Squirmbag, Sashimi Fish, and Turbot Fish), XY-Wing, XYZ-Wing, WXYZ-Wing, and ALS.

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Fling! FREE

By CandyCane LLC released on: 2009-09-25T05:48:14Z

The #1 TOP PAID APP for weeks in UK, Australia, Canada!
TOP 10 in paid apps in US for a month!

Considered by many the best puzzle game ever made for the iPhone!


The latest puzzle-sensation from the makers of Fuzzle has finally arrived after over one year in development!

Featuring 10,000s of unique puzzles, such that no two puzzles you encounter are ever the same, and split into 19 levels of increasing difficulty, Fling guarantees you many long hours of puzzling fun!

Each puzzle has a single, unique solution, and is solved by simply flinging (pushing) the furballs, and watching them bump each other off the edge of the screen, until only one is left.

Three different game modes are provided:

* FREE-PLAY mode - play at your own pace, while the game tracks your stats and keeps track of all puzzles solved/failed, allowing you to browse your entire puzzle-solving history and go back to any previously solved/unsolved puzzle to attempt to (re-)solve it!

* ARCADE mode - race against the clock, solving as many puzzles of ever-increasing difficulty as you can before your time runs out!

* CHALLENGE mode - solve sets of puzzles within a given amount of time to progress, while trying to beat your personal best times for each level!

* Hints are provided to help you solve the puzzles when stuck
* Game music, which automatically switches itself off at start when playing other music on your ipod/iphone
* Local+Global high-scores lists for the arcade-mode
* Automatic saving of games - always come back to the game right where you left it!
* Gameplay + instructions video on youtube, just search for Fling iphone
* Try before you buy - this free version (limited to the first few difficulty levels) allows you to find out what makes this game so addictive before buying the full version!

View our video in youtube to see the game in action!

Follow us on twitter for news and promotions regarding our games or apps:


"takes the idea of a Puzzle game to new heights ... definitely one of the best puzzle Apps on the App Store" -, 4.5/5

"truly addicting ... definitely one of the most fun puzzle games I've played on the iPhone to date" -

"genuinely addictive ... replay value is incredibly high ... a polished, simple and engaging puzzler" -, 8.5/10

"slickly presented, fiendishly addictive and hugely popular puzzler" -

"simple enough for a child to pick up and play, yet challenging enough to keep adults hitting the Undo button and trying again" -, 5/5

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By madworker contents factory released on: 2011-03-03T05:23:56Z

There is nothing better than this SUDOKU.
distinct advantages of SUDOKU+α

*strong optional features
1. supported row modes and column modes
2. supported 4 kinds of cell modes
3. supported sound control function

*pop quiz
1. improved the degree of interest through "u2018pop quiz' etc.
2. can get more game chances if right answers are input

*puzzle game
1. can use the puzzle game if the 9 stages of games are cleared.
2. suggested totally 23 puzzle games
3. can use them as various ways: background screens of iphones and mms, if you save the wonderful art work pictures used in the game.

SUDOKU+α is designed for you to enjoy an existing SUDOKU more variously and excitingly.
It is composed of 3 stages: EASY, NORMAL and HARD and can be played, using various cell modes: numbers, alphabets, colors. 9 stages are included totally and you can play 36 games in 4 modes.

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Sudoku! Free

By Aun Taraseina released on: 2009-12-15T11:28:05Z

Sudoku! has a unique, clear and beautiful interface suitable for longevity Sudoku game play. It also comes with awesome features to help anyone easily complete a puzzle from the novice to the expert without any frustration.

Sudoku! has a variety of puzzles ranging in 4 difficulties from Easy to Extreme to keep you entertained for hundred of hours.

Choose to play with a timer in "Challenge Mode" or choose to Relax and take your time with the Puzzles in "Relax Mode" it's your choice! Each Puzzle in Challenge mode has it's own record so you can always come back and try to improve your Sudoku skill and do better.

* All Sudoku puzzles are guarantee to have only one single solution
* No need for internet connection
* Elegant interface design
* Unlimited Undo and redo
* Support the gorgeous Retina Display
* Play your own music by opening your music then launching the game
* 4 Different Difficulties - 500 puzzles in each difficulties ranging from Easy to Extreme, a total of 2,000 Sudoku puzzles.
* Save and Resume
* Automatic save when you get a phone call or close down the app
* Undo and Redo, shake to activate undo
* Online Best Time and local device best time
* Music and Sound effects
* Automatic Notes
* Manual notes
* Hints to help with your puzzle when you are stuck
* Game Timer to keep track of the time
* Puzzle Validation
* Game Customization - Option to turn on or off features such as Show Repeated numbers, Smart Buttons and Smart Note.
* 2 Game mode, Relax(No Timer)and Challenge(Each Puzzle has it's own time record)

Have an iPad? Why not try "Sudoku! HD for iPad" -

*** Follow us from Twitter at ***

From your friendly dev's at
Mayan Games :)

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Tap Sudoku

By TapJoy released on: 2009-07-20T11:02:39Z

Update! For a limited time TapSudoku is available for free!

This feature packed rendition of Sudoku brings the supremely addictive classic to the iPhone with rich, bright graphics and completely absorbing game play. Get lost for hours in endless entrancing boards, beat today's high score and improve your Sudoku skills with tips from the experts.

- Crisp, rich graphics
- Responsive, easy to learn user interface
- Save your game mid-play and come back to it later
- Learn to be a Sudoku expert with interactive tips
- Five difficulty levels
- Advanced error checking
- Create your own Sudoku boards
- Game timer
- Multiple skins
- Newspaper mode to create your own boards
- And more!

Look out for other top Tapjoy games: TapDefense, TapWord, TapOut and JigSu.

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Sudoku Joy

By Jason Linhart released on: 2009-09-25T01:47:13Z

Sudoku Joy offers unlimited play at sixteen difficulty levels, the most of any free Sudoku app. This ad supported app offers features comparable to the paid apps! Sudoku keeps your brain sharp, young, and nimble! Relax after a hard day or just pass the time with the puzzle everyone is talking about.

Novices will especially appreciate Sudoku Joy. Our tutorial with practice games, extensive feature set, and advanced hint system are ideal if you are just learning Sudoku. Play more, learn to be a better player, find Sudoku Joy!

Our multi-stage hint system starts with a gentle reminder to get you back on track, and works up to an illustration of the exact technique to use and how it applies to the current board. Our hints ease those frustrating moments and teach you how to be a better player.

Features include:

- Puzzle generator for unlimited play
- Scan puzzles from books/newspaper using camera
- Solver helps you with games from the newspaper
- Sixteen difficulty levels
- Tutorial teaches you new techniques
- Large, high contrast digits are easier to read
- User interface optimized for fewer touches
- Choice of six color schemes
- Never covers up the board while you are playing
- Infinite undo/redo
- Automatic or manual pencil marks
- Manually enter games from the newspaper
- Automatically saves your game when you get a phone call, switch applications, or lock the phone
- Highlighting helps you discover patterns
- Game clock; compares your time to other players
- Avoids graphic frills that distract from play
- Choice of digit styles, including Kanji and Hanzi

Discover Sudoku Joy!

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Brain Trainer by

By Lumosity released on: 2010-01-18T08:00:00Z

Over 4 million users have trained their brains using Brain Trainer by!

The best of online brain training is coming to the iPhone and iPod touch!

For years, Lumosity has worked closely with the world's leading neuroscientists from top universities -- including Stanford, UCSF and Berkeley -- to create the best cognitive enhancement program. It has over 10 million members.

New York Times:
"There is a gradual growing awareness that challenging your brain can have positive effects," Dr. Cohen said.... "Every time you challenge your brain it will actually modify the brain," he said. "We can indeed form new brain cells, despite a century of being told it is impossible."

Scientific American:
"Lumosity was the program I was most eager to play each day."

LA Times:
"Lumosity presents a wide range of exercises that target different mental processes that decline with age, including working memory, speed of processing and attention."

Women's Health:
"Surprisingly fun games using real neuroscience research to improve your attention, memory, and even peripheral vision."

Movie Entertainment Magazine:
"These enjoyable games are addictive and rewarding."

Lumosity Brain Trainer includes 10 brain games designed to enhance your cognitive abilities, including memory, processing speed, attention, flexibility, and problem solving. Playing our brain games a few minutes every day will help you achieve the best results.

Our users have reported the following benefits:
Improved memory
Enhanced mood
Better problem solving skills
Ability to think more quickly

Start improving your brain NOW!

Play one session per day. Each session has 3 games and has been designed to improve different brain functions. The first 5 sessions are free! Lumosity subscribers get full access.

Brain Performance Index (BPI) is a measure of your performance in a given cognitive function.
By using Brain Trainer, you should see your BPI improve over time.

Learn about neuroscience and how technology can improve cognitive abilities.

Compatible with iPhone and iPod touch. Requires iPhone OS 3.0 or later.

Chris Burriss, 25 years old
Baton Rouge, LA

"With Lumosity, I progressed rapidly and found that my thinking was much clearer, my short-term working memory had improved, and that I was able solve problems and come up with creative solutions much faster. I'm wholeheartedly convinced that these mental exercises are effective! They do work! People of all walks of life can benefit from I guarantee it!"


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Sudoku Loaded Free

By Timothy Braun released on: 2008-08-11T09:04:23Z

Sudoku... Your way!

Sudoku Loaded was written from the ground up to provide you with the best experience in Sudoku. It has many features you would only find in a desktop application.

This is a free version so you can wet your feet and decide if you like it. All of the features of the full version are here except you are limited to 10 puzzles, the Sudoku Techniques Guide is not available and you can't play custom puzzles. We have been able to add the Daily Challenge by making this version ad supported.

- 10 True Sudoku Puzzles.
- 5 Difficulty Levels.
- 3 Methods of Input.
- Ability to save and manage bookmarks in your puzzle.
- Full List of Statistics for Overall and Difficulty based performance tracking.
- Guest Mode so your friends and family don't change your statistics.
- Complete Play History with Restart, Continue and Play Again functions.
- Complete Illustrated Sudoku Guide with Game Help.
- Restart where you left off between launches.

Please contact us at if you have any comments or suggestions.

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There are more than 300,000 iphone/ipad apps for just about any category you can think of including Sudoku you looking for.

We belive for every paid Sudoku app out there there is a equivalent free Sudoku app that can be downloaded from itunes free of charge. If you do not like that app you can always uninstall it without paying for it or worring about losing the money you paid for app you do not use.

Try out the free Sudoku apps to see if you like it before purchasing the more expensive versions of it.
- There are thousands of iphone developers daily release free iphone apps.
- Explore different Sudoku apps with free iphone apps and see if you like it before you pay for it.
- Just like trial software for non mobile operating systems, free iphone Sudoku apps let you explore similar tools before you purchase the more expensive version.
- For those of you looking for particular Sudoku app specific to a professional decipline search apps by Apps Popular Among Professions.

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