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Knightfall: Death and Taxes

By Namco Networks America Inc.released on:2010-09-23T07:00:00Z

4/5 stars "Fresh take on the puzzle-RPG hybrid, nicely pitched humour, plenty of content" -

4/5 stars- "I rarely pay for a game I review, but I bought Knightfall: Death and Taxes for $4.99. Yes, that's how much I liked it."-

Knightfall: Death and Taxes offers 2 free stages to get you started on a thrilling puzzle adventure. Choose to upgrade your adventure with either The Noble Quests Pack and The Rewards of Bravery Pack, or become fully immersed in the world of Knightfall with the Every Honour Pack.

Thieves have stolen all of Knight and Princess' wealth, leaving them in thrall to the kingdom's mysterious "Taxman"! Play more than 100 stages of addictive puzzles as you drill through blocks and rotate the stage to escape each room. Visit the village shops for armor, magic, potions and more! It's a thrilling puzzle adventure of monsters, marriage and money in Knightfall: Death and Taxes!

"tPlay as both Knight and Princess, each with unique abilities!
"tFace off against dozens of fearsome foes and all new bosses!
"tDefeat enemies to gain new abilities like projectiles and healing powers!
"tPuzzle through over 100 stages in Story Mode!
"tVisit the village shops for new armor, magic, potions and more!

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TurboTax SnapTax

By Intuit, Inc.released on:2011-01-14T08:00:00Z

Magically do your taxes on your iPhone with the snap of a photo.


1 - Snap a photo of your W-2
2 - Answer a few simple questions
3 - Review, pay, and e-file securely!

See the magic at

Fed + State Returns - only $14.99!
(Free E-file Included)

Start for Free - Pay When You're Done
($14.99 price good through March 25)


Income of $80k or less ($100k if married)
Income only from W-2s, interest, or unemployment
No dependents
No home or real estate ownership
iOS version 4.1 and above

From the makers of TurboTax

Maximum (Biggest) Refund Guaranteed:

100% Accurate Guaranteed:

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By Intuit, Inc.released on:2010-04-06T10:23:08Z

Worry no more about your tax refund.
MyTaxRefund tracks your e-filed federal tax return and lets you know when you'll get your money.

Shows you the status of your e-filed return
Tells you if your return is accepted or rejected by the IRS
Estimates when you'll get your federal refund

Two minutes and a few simple questions and you're done.

Anyone who e-filed their federal tax return can use MyTaxRefund.

Let's face it, rejection's a drag. If your tax return is rejected, we let you know so you can fix what's wrong and get your tax return back on track.

We've been e-filing and tracking returns for years. At last our expert tracking capabilities are free to TurboTax customers and non-customers alike.

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Tax Central

By HRB Tax Group, Inc.released on:2010-01-18T08:00:00Z

Tax season can be filled with questions and we are here to help. Download our FREE app and tap into our more than 50 years of tax experience — no matter where you go!

"u2028With the H&R Block mobile app you can:"u2028
- Get instant answers to the most popular questions being asked by tax filers just like you!
- Create a customized checklist. Whether you're completing your taxes in an office or doing them yourself, we will help you figure out what you need, and will keep you informed of important dates pertaining to your personal tax situation.
- Quickly estimate your tax refund with our in-app Tax Estimator.
- Stay informed of things that could impact your tax situation with our Video Gallery and News & Updates feature.
- Test your tax know-how with our interactive quiz. What will you score?
- Access hundreds of tax terms with our A-Z Glossary.
- Find an office - use GPS or your ZIP code to find an H&R Block office near you.

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Do-it-Yourself Democracy - California

By The Prometheus Institutereleased on:2009-12-18T01:10:45Z

The ultimate civic engagement app, DIY Democracy connects you with all three levels of government. Allowing users to do everything from report a local pothole to protest their federal taxes, DIY Democracy makes self-government a reality. Currently supports California only. 2nd Amendment update coming this week; Nationwide support coming soon.
Features include:
Rights and Laws: A plain language overview of your state and federal Constitutional rights (i.e. how they're actually applied in real-world courts), as well as unique laws, sales tax rates, and budget information for your local area.
Representatives: Displays your political representatives at the federal, state and local level, along with options to call, email, or visit representative's website.
Take Action: Local actions allow you to report a pothole, graffiti, police misconduct, and much more, emailing the relevant department in your city. State actions allow you to do everything from file a formal complaint to recall an elected official.
Public forum: Share your complaints and campaigns with other users in your area.


* Leaderboard of most active citizens
* Save your e-mail draft so it doesn't get interrupted by a phone call
* Horizontal keyboard layout mode
* Automatic Public Forum integration when you submit a new action
* Support for all 50 states

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Canada Taxes

By Van Charles Tranreleased on:2009-08-01T01:15:02Z

Canada Taxes calculates GST (Good and Services Taxes) and PST (Provincial Sales Taxes) in different provinces in Canada (Quebec, Ontario, British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Prince Edward Island).

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1040 EZ Estimator

By BusiAppsreleased on:2009-02-14T07:24:29Z

Ever wonder what you will be paying in federal income taxes for the year?

The 1040 EZ Estimator is a calculator based on the 1040EZ form that will help you with that answer. Enter in all the information and click on calculate to get an idea of whether you will be paying or getting a refund from the IRS.

The maximum income is $120,000 and the interest is limited to $1,500 based on the IRS rules. The calculator has been updated to use the 2009 tax tables.

For 2010, there is a Make Work Pay credit. This credit is offset with any other social security credits or if your income exceeds a certain amount. This credit was not figured into our calculator since we don't know your specific situation.

Try our 1040 Estimator if you want to see how buying a house and itemizing your deductions can affect your taxes.

Remember to always consult a tax professional if you have specific questions regarding your tax situation.

Please visit our website at for FAQs. We're always looking to improve and appreciate any feedback on our calculator.

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Automilez - Mobile GPS Mileage Logging

By RED Method, Inc.released on:2009-09-01T01:39:54Z

Automilez enables you to simply and easily capture and log mileage for international tax, US tax, or business purposes through the GPS on your iPhone.

When running, automilez will automatically track your road distance while you drive and generate detailed mileage logs after every trip, giving you the detailed mileage substantiation needed at tax time and beyond.

To get the most accurate results, start and keep automilez running while on your trip, or relaunch after a call.

Automilez replaces the hassle of manually writing paper logs with the simple click of a button!

Automilez iPhone application key features:

- Set distance calculations by Kilometers, Miles -US Tax Rates, or Miles - Non US Tax Rates
- Integrated Odometers for all trips, through automatic prompt or while in trip
- Ability to set & over-ride trip mileage/distance both in odometer and on automatic trips
- Automatically estimates End odometer when start odometer is entered
- Automatic GPS location tracking while the app is running, no need to choose your start location or destination
- Resumes automatically after passing through areas with low or no network coverage, or after the application is closed and is re-launched
- Simple, clean and intuitive interface
- Selection of trip type and corresponding deduction rate (based on current IRS mileage categories: Business, Medical, Charitable, Moving)
- Selection of non-deductible category for general mileage logging
- Selection of trip purpose and ability to add in custom notes
- Dashboard with year-to-date accumulated deduction amount
- Generates trip log on trip end, with duration, map, distance traveled, and corresponding deduction amount
- Automatic email of trip log
- Ability to view previous trip log
- Automatic Roll over from 2009 to 2010 to 2011 Tax Rates

To help better manage your Automilez trip logs, we have also integrated an additional subscription service, Automilez Logbook. Automilez Logbook securely stores and organizes all Automilez trip logs for you, and provides additional editing capabilities and reporting features.

Automilez Logbook simplifies the storing, managing and archiving of trip logs, while also providing enhanced visibility into your yearly mileage tax deductions.

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2010 Tax Reference

By Chesnut Consultingreleased on:2010-11-20T01:37:39Z

Tax reference information at your fingertips including corporate tax rates, retirement contribution limits, depreciation, business deductions, personal tax rates, itemized deductions, estate and gift taxes and lots of other useful financial data... for when you need it in a pinch.

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TAX Organizer

By Mishap Studios Inc.released on:2010-06-19T01:27:49Z

Audit Protection at your finger tips. (Sign up today for your 30-Day free trial)

Track all of your:
Promotional Expenses

Easily and conveniently keep track of your day to day business / personal expenses with electronic back up of who, what, when, where and why (5-W's the IRS requires) as well as an electronic picture of your receipt for later reference. Sign up today for your 30-day free trial.

"The IRS are has made good on their promise to increase their audit rate significantly in 2010 and beyond. If you are a Sole Proprietor, Real Estate Professional, or S-Corporation owner, you are at increased risk of an audit." - Scott Estill, JD

"I went in and set up a couple of businesses. This is a pretty slick system."
- Shaun Gaillard

Picture this, you are sitting with a potential client or customer at your favorite restaurant. The check comes and it is time to pay. You pull out your credit / debit card to take care of the transaction. Once the transaction is approved you sign the receipt and pull out your phone. Open up your TAX Organizer application. Answer the who, what, when, where and why. Snap a picture of the receipt, save it and you are on your merry way. No need to worry about losing that receipt now since you have it backed up to your TAX Organizer account. The best part is, should the IRS ever come knocking, or when the time comes to file taxes, you will NOT miss that deduction since you will be able to pull a detailed report from your TAX Organizer back office to send to your tax preparer.

It's time to stop the scramble come tax time. Stop wasting hours trying to get your finances in order, to file your taxes. By taking a minute at point of sale to enter this transaction, could save you time and headaches down the road and allow you to focus on what you do best.

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Amazing Tips Lite

By Bitwise Operations, LLCreleased on:2009-12-29T03:28:57Z

★★ Lite version of Amazing Tips ★★
★★ Full version has 4,200+ Tips ★★

"u261e "Amazing Tips on the iPhone for an Amazing Life" -

Amazing Tips FULL offers a great collection of more than 4,200+ unique and non-repetitive tips and facts that have been carefully selected, crafted and proofread.


14 Categories to browse and search:

* Awful and Funny!
* Health & Diet
* Culture
* Travel
* Beauty
* Quick Meals & Recipes
* Housing
* Relationships
* Finances
* Computer
* Employment
* Taxes
* Celebrations
* Wisdom


With its relaxing User Interface and fonts, sit back and enjoy reading great tips while listening to your favorite tunes.
Tap to get to next tip or slide up and down to browse through the list of tips.


Share tips with your friends, colleagues and family.
We have made it easy to post tips to your Twitter or Facebook accounts and via Email.


Use keywords to search through all tips and find relevant matches.


Keep a list of your favorite tips "u2665 Share them with friends at anytime.


New tips and categories to be delivered as free updates every month to keep you entertained.

Get ready for additional and exciting features coming in subsequent updates.

Follow us on twitter for the latest update news:

Follow us on Facebook and get Free tips every day!

Visit the Amazing Tips website to find out more about it:

Compatible with iPhone and iPod touch
OS version 2.2.1 or later

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TipAgent ~ a simple and free tip calculator

By MacReconreleased on:2009-04-03T07:27:13Z

TipAgent: a simple and free tip calculator that quickly calculates all the appropriate bill amounts when you go out to dine.

On the next time that you go out dining with friends or family, TipAgent is there to show them that there is indeed an app for everything on your iPhone!

TipAgent features:
-Simple, diner-style interface with big numbers
-Easy to use
-Numeric keypad to enter the amounts
-Adjustable tipping percentage
-Divide the bill and tip between more than one person
-Tax mode for calculating the tip from the pre-tax bill

Comments, requests, or bug reports?

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USA Search

By U.S. General Services Administrationreleased on:2010-10-02T06:12:03Z

"Government Made Easy."—the U.S. government's official search engine—is now available as a free app for your iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch. Search tens of millions web pages from federal, state, local, territorial, and tribal governments.


-- GET IT DONE ONLINE, NOT IN LINE: Driver licenses, government auctions, government jobs, passport and visa applications, Postal Service address changes, tax forms, etc.

-- FIND RECORDS: Bankruptcy, military, prison, vital (birth, death, marriage, and divorce) records, etc.

-- APPLY FOR GRANTS OR LOANS: Education, homebuyer, home repair, minorities, small business, stimulus money, etc.

-- APPLY FOR BENEFITS: Disaster relief, energy assistance, Medicaid, Medicare, Social Security, unemployment, veterans benefits, etc.

You also can find quality IMAGES from U.S. government web sites and search RECALLS across several government agencies.

Or, use the app to find government agencies, contact your elected officials, visit our blog, or contact us (1-800-FED-INFO). We will answer your government questions—in English or Spanish.

What do you think? Are we making government easier?

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By Taulli's Taxes LLCreleased on:2010-07-01T05:59:10Z

The BizValuator allows a person to enter information about a business and calculate an estimated valuation. The app is focused mainly on small businesses, with revenues less than $1 million and the calculation is based on generally accepted rules-of-thumb for valuation.

Here's how it works:

New Valuation: The user will select an industry and then enter the name of the company.

Financials: Here, the user will enter financial information about the company (sales, pretax profits, etc). Once this is completed, the user will press save and will return to the New Valuation screen. Depending on the information inputed, the Valuation will change on the top of the screen.

Q&A: Here, the user will answer qualitative questions about the company (competition, etc). Once finished, the user will press save and will return to the New Valuation screen. Depending on the information inputed, the Valuation will change on the top of the screen.

Save: This will save the information about the company valuation and store it in Saved Valuations.

Saved Valuations: This contains all the saved valuations. Clicking on an item will show the details.

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By Patch Stickreleased on:2009-07-31T02:05:30Z

SaleQ: For the Intelligent Shopper!

SaleQ provides a convenient way to calculate the final price of an item on sale. Enter store price of the item using the numeric keypad and set the Sale to the desired percentage. You can also apply an additional discount to the sale.

To change sales tax, tap the tax percentage. Enter new sales tax rate and tap again to accept it or press C to cancel. The final price also includes sale tax.

You can set the slider step size as either 1% or 5%, This option is available on the App's flip side screen. Select the info icon to see the flip side. Press Done to return to the main screen.

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World's Smallest Political Quiz

By Catamount Softwarereleased on:2009-08-29T12:19:54Z

"The Quiz has gained respect as a valid measure of a person's political leanings." - The Washington Post

"The World's Smallest Political Quiz is savvy and willing to tell you the truth." - YAHOO! Magazine

"The World's Smallest Political Quiz stands ready to help you determine your political identity. Quick and relatively painless." - USA Today

"Give this quiz a try. It's fun, and who knows, you may be surprised at what you find." - Politics on the Net by Bill Mann

The goal of The World's Smallest Political Quiz is to give a fast, fun, and accurate assessment of a person's overall political views, and to place those views on a new multi-spectrum "political map" that is far more accurate, insightful, and thorough than older political guidelines (such as the "left-right" line).

The Quiz is composed of two parts: a new political map or chart, and ten questions on specific political issues to help you find your place on that new political map.

The new political map includes left liberal, right conservative, centrist, libertarian, and big government statists.

The Quiz is used in classrooms around the world to teach students that politics isn't just left and right as the media would like you to believe.

Catamount Software has brought the World's Smallest Political Quiz quiz takers on Newton OS, Palm OS, and now the iPhone.

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By Eric Killereleased on:2009-09-15T11:57:54Z

AcctPad for the iPhone and iPod Touch provides a mobile user interface to manage expenses by keeping track of account and cash transactions. AcctPad provides the ability to categorize expenses, generate monthly PDF statements, backup, and restore with your desktop PC/Mac via local WiFi and more. AcctPadLite is a free version of AcctPad with no data export feature.

AcctPad can be used as a standalone mobile expense manager or mobile extension to your existing desktop financial software through the CSV export feature (***AcctPad ONLY ***) and wiFi Connect.

AcctPad is built on SQLite database technology and can easily support hundreds of transactions, multiple accounts, and multiple account data files. Easily switch between account data files, accounts, and years.


- Add, Edit, Delete Accounts, Transactions, and Categories
- Smart assist technology for easy on-the-go data entry
- Category TableView to summarize monthly expenses
- Passcode protection
- Generate PDF Monthly Statements
- Export to CSV (Comma Seperated Values) (***AcctPad ONLY)
- Backup, Restore, account data files to/from desktop PC or Mac via local WiFi
- DEMO mode to explore features and show your friends with out exposing finances

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Mortgage & Loan Calculator - InThePhone

By InThePhone Software Inc.released on:2010-04-09T08:28:45Z

Getting a new or refinancing an existing loan? Buying a home or investing in a real estate property? Paying down a credit card debt?

Mortgage & Loan Calculator helps you make smarter loan decisions. Explore "what-if" scenarios for your loans within seconds. For example, with just few taps and flicks find out:
- What would be my monthly or bi-weekly payment for a $250K home with $15K down payment?
- How much mortgage can I carry for the $1,250 rent that I am paying today?
- How much mortgage do I qualify for with $75K/year income?
- How much interest am I paying with each loan payment?
- What would be my tax credit on interest in each payment period?

+ Figuring out mortgage or loan payment amount for Australia, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, Singapore, U.K., and U.S.
+ Figuring out tax credits for each mortgage payment
+ Payment types: Weekly and Bi-Weekly (regular & accelerated), Bi-Monthly, Monthly, Quarterly, Semi-Annual and Annual
+ Full amortization table with interest, paid-off principal, remaining balance, and tax credits for each payment period
+ Email and export of results and amortization table to spreadsheet (CSV) file
+ Figuring out max loan amount for a wanted payment amount or annual income
+ Uses local currency
+ Landscape mode for browsing amortization table
+ Loan term can be specified in years and months
+ Quick & easy to change any of the conditions (e.g. payment type, amortization period)

The app can be also a valuable resource for your home or a real estate project needs. It includes a search of local businesses and services for Canada and U.S. For example, our business directory contains:
+ Real Estate, Mortgage, and Insurance Agents & Brokers
+ Bank and Credit Union Branches
+ Home Construction, Renovation, and Maintenance contractors

If you are looking for more "what-if" scenarios and more flexible data entry options, check out our paid version of the app: Mortgage & Loan Calculator Pro (search for "InThePhone" in the App Store). In paid version, you can enter exact dollar amounts with much higher dollar limits and exact interest rates. You can also evaluate property as an investment.

By downloading this app to your iPhone, iPod Touch, and/or iPad, you agree to the Terms Of Use for this app, which are accessible at the following link

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Mobimileage Free

By Comrade Softwarereleased on:2011-02-04T12:45:36Z

Do you need to track the miles that you drive? Mobimileage will automate the process for you.

Simply hit the "Start" button at the beginning of each trip, and "Stop" at the end, and the app will do the rest, creating a convenient mileage log for tax reporting or employer reimbursement.

You can export your mileage log from the app as a CSV file that can be opened or edited in Excel or any other spreadsheet software.


* One touch to start and stop mileage tracking
* Tracks mileage in the background, while running other apps or taking calls
* Log miles for up to four separate vehicles or businesses
* Stored IRS deduction rates for Business, Medical, Moving, and Charitable categories
* Easily edit existing log entries
* International support: automatically convert driving distances to kilometers or miles on the fly
* Optional odometer input at start of each trip

NOTE: For best results, click "STOP" when you arrive at your destination. Small, random location errors may accumulate over time if the device is not in a moving vehicle.


Please feel free to email us at -- we are happy to hear from you!

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Voodoo Taxman

By Luminant Softwarereleased on:2009-03-27T01:54:46Z

Furious over your hard earned money going for bailouts? Take it out on Voodoo Taxman! Pick him up and throw him in to walls! Punch him in his smug face and break his glasses! Shake a few dollars out of those money-grubbing hands!

Complete with sound effects and vibration (iPhone only), Voodoo Taxman is the best way to legally stick it to the tax man!

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Pocket Excuses!

By Barrage Softwarereleased on:2010-06-18T01:04:22Z

Ever get into a situation where you needed a good excuse but couldn't think of one?

Well, now you can with this app!!

Cool Features!
+ Multiple categories to choose from!
+ Like and Dislike buttons to show your appreciation (or lack thereof)!
+ Submit button so you can share a good excuse with the rest of the world!

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There are more than 300,000 iphone/ipad apps for just about any category you can think of including Taxes you looking for.

We belive for every paid Taxes app out there there is a equivalent free Taxes app that can be downloaded from itunes free of charge. If you do not like that app you can always uninstall it without paying for it or worring about losing the money you paid for app you do not use.

Try out the free Taxes apps to see if you like it before purchasing the more expensive versions of it.
- There are thousands of iphone developers daily release free iphone apps.
- Explore different Taxes apps with free iphone apps and see if you like it before you pay for it.
- Just like trial software for non mobile operating systems, free iphone Taxes apps let you explore similar tools before you purchase the more expensive version.
- For those of you looking for particular Taxes app specific to a professional decipline search apps by Apps Popular Among Professions.

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