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MathTappers: ClockMaster - a math game to help children learn to read clocks

By HeavyLifters Network Ltd. released on: 2009-11-04T05:52:18Z

MathTappers: Clockmaster is a game to help children make the connection between hours and minutes and to help them become fluent in both reading and setting time on digital and analog clocks.
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Time is a topic that many children struggle to understand. It is something that we measure but it is also something that we cannot touch or feel. Although some aspects of time may be mastered incidentally as children experience circumstances where elapsed time and time of day are used to compare or plan, this type understanding is generally incomplete. Children need explicit opportunities to work with clocks to discover how the system we use to tell and record time works.

MathTappers: Clockmaster offers both a practice mode to support exploration and tutoring activities and a game mode to help players to become fluent in both reading and setting time on digital and analog clocks.

Players may choose both the type of clocks that are presented and which clock will be set during the game (top or bottom).

For the top clock there are two modes:
The "u2018Normal Analog' version is a traditional clock face with minute and hour hands while the "u2018Broken' clock shows only the hour hand (with the minute hand broken off). When the minute hand is missing the child can focus on the relationship between the hour hand and the hours and minutes shown on the digital clock. This is a very useful tool for helping children understand the nature of the hour hand, the number of minutes in an hour and the secondary nature of the minute hand (indeed early clocks did not have a minute hand and sundials never will)

For the bottom clock there are also two modes: The "u2018Digital' version is a traditional digital clock - a representation found on most electronic devices and computers. It may be easier for children to "u2018read' but often this ability comes without understanding. The "u2018Words' version represents the words that might typically be spoken by someone who has mastered the Analog clock when describing the time. It is expected that this second mode will be most helpful after players have mastered the relationship between the Analog clock and the Digital clock. It may also be helpful for non-native English speakers to learn the clock words.

Design: Tim Pelton & Leslee Francis Pelton
Programming: Garrett Reimer & Mike Anderson

The designers of the MathTappers Apps are math educators and researchers seeking to create simple games that will help learners to make sense of mathematics one concept at a time. We have designed MathTappers apps to support students in learning mathematics by providing relevant visual models, focused content linked games and helpful suggestions for parents and educators.

The MathTappers motto is: Play, Explore, Understand!

Current MathTappers Apps include:
MathTappers: Clock Master - learn to tell time
MathTappers: Estimate Fractions - make sense of fraction sums and differences
MathTappers: Find Sums - learn basic facts for addition and subtraction
MathTappers: Multiples - learn basic facts for multiplication and division
MathTappers: Equivalents - master equivalent fractions, decimals and percents

Please visit for more information about existing and upcoming apps.

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Kutchula nthawi

By EuroTalk released on: 2010-10-27T05:38:20Z

A fun, engaging app designed to teach children in Malawi how to tell the time. It's intuitive so that children don't have to be literate or familiar with the technology and it's rewarding so that it positively enforces their learning.

EuroTalk have developed "Kutchula nthawi" specifically to teach children to learn to tell the time in their own language. "Kutchula nthawi" asks audio questions in Chichewa, the native language of Malawi.

EuroTalk is a company with 20 years' experience in interactive learning. We are currently working with The Scottish Malawi Foundation and the Malawi Ministry of Education on a projectin Malawian primary schools with no access to electricity or WiFi. This app is one of many in Chichewa to teach numeracy, literacy and basic health and to provide essential resources for teachers.

Previouspilot schemesproved that interactive learning on handheld devices is effective in classrooms; even children that have never seen this technology are able to pick up how to use one of our apps in a matter of minutes.

We believe that the combination of increasingly affordable technology alongside apps in the local language of the user can transform learning throughout the world.

More information is available at

App features:
"u2713 3 different games of increasing difficulty
"u2713 Clear, colourful, child-friendly interface with an encouraging presenter.
"u2713 Audio and video instructions: users don't need to be able to read to use this app
"u2713 Teaches the 12-hour clock in both analogue & digital form
"u2713 Teaches how to add and subtract time
"u2713 A total of 100 stars to win for completing games!

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Fortune LITE

By Impetus Technologies, Inc. released on: 2009-12-22T08:00:00Z

Know your lucky time with fortune clock LITE (Scale down version of Fortune Clock).

It is always beneficial to start the work at right time (lucky time), after all luck matters allot.

We can help you to find lucky time of any day with thus Fortune Clock.

As per Hindu Vedic astrology there are few hours in every day which is very auspicious to begin any work. Fortune clock will provide you auspicious time for various events which is calculated as per your current location & time.

Choghadiya, is a part of Hindu Almanac "u2018Panchang' which determines the auspicious, inauspicious and moderately favorable time of the day.

Each day is divided into two time periods: daytime - the period from sunrise to sunset - and night-time - the period from sunset to sunrise and have varied auspicious, inauspicious and moderately favorable time period.

Fortune Clock LITE is an interesting utility application that will help you in determining the optimum time of the day for any particular day. It can be for your regular activities like a meeting or travel to special events like Baby Shower or House Warming (Available in Full version)

Calculations supported by Hindu Vedic Choghadiya
Interesting Audio-Visual interface.
Results based on device location and the time of sun rise.
Auspicious times defined for meetings, travel, baby shower, house warming, etc. (Not available in LITE version)

Now.. you can carry your auspicious/lucky time around in your pocket!

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