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HoursTracker Lite - Timesheet

By Carlos Ribasreleased on:2009-11-06T11:42:22Z

"Time tracking on the go - Made Easy!" Keep track of your hours and earnings with HoursTracker Lite*, the most popular time tracking app in the App Store. Set up as many jobs as you need, then clock in and out of them and let HoursTracker take care of the rest. Or enter time worked in the past (or future!) quickly and easily. Keep tabs on your time and earnings with built-in reports, or import your data into a spreadsheet and crunch some numbers your own way.

Top Five Business App in Virgin Blue Voyeur Magazine July 2010!

"Perfectly flexible."
HoursTracker is flexible enough to accommodate your time tracking needs without becoming too complicated. A job can be nothing more than a name. Include an hourly rate, and HoursTracker will calculate your earnings. Time rounding options let you clock in/out as you work but still track at a fixed interval. Configure daily or weekly overtime settings and let HoursTracker do the math.

"Use it like a punch clock."
"Or use it like a log book."
Enter time in real-time right from the jobs list by clocking in and out of jobs. Enter a past time in case you forgot to punch the clock. Watch time and earnings accumulate. Clock into more than one job at a time, or configure the app to enforce one at a time. Intuitively enter time after-the-fact. Choose the start time. Then, choose the end time, or tell the app how much time you worked and let it calculate the end time. Every time entry can be set to any earnings rate. Comments help you remember where the time went.

"Reporting features you need."
View your time and earnings by day, or by calendar week or month. Roll-up all-time earnings by job for a quick glance. View upcoming pay days; set up a tax percentage and pay day deductions and the app will estimate your net pay.*

"Crunch the numbers. At your desktop."
Send your data to any e-mail address in human-friendly or computer-readable form. Import your CSV file into your spreadsheet or billing system. Copy/paste your time data into your time tracking system. Export time for one or more jobs**, or all jobs. Select a range of dates and export only time tracked during that period.**

* Lite version is ad-supported and does not include the Money tab, pay periods, or net pay estimation.
** Export by job/date range is included in paid version and available as In-App Purchase in Lite version.

For support, see our Facebook group linked from our website, or e-mail at:

Please write to us before leaving a negative review, as we can often help with your problem or help you better use the app. If we can only read your review, we have no way to contact you.

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OpenAir Mobile

By OpenAir, Inc.released on:2009-04-16T11:50:43Z

OpenAir License Required. If you don't have one and want to learn more about NetSuite OpenAir, visit

NetSuite OpenAir has left the cubicle! OpenAir Mobile allows you to take OpenAir on the road with you. Fill out your timesheets and expense reports while on an engagement, on an airplane, or waiting on hold. This isn't your grandmother's simple, stripped down application - it's fully functional, giving you the time and expense tracking tools you have come to rely on when logging into the NetSuite OpenAir website.

What's included in OpenAir Mobile Version 1.0:

- Intuitive calendar interface to track and manage your time
- Access to your NetSuite OpenAir timesheets and expense reports using the easy-to-use, familiar iPhone UI
- Instantaneous synchronization with your NetSuite OpenAir account to utilize up-to-date customer, project, and task data
- Attach images to your expense reports from your iPhone's camera or photo library. To use, simply touch the attachment icon in either a receipt or expense report.

OpenAir Mobile guide is available at:

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Pronto Forms

By TrueContext Corporationreleased on:2009-04-02T07:45:28Z

Save time and money in getting the right information to and from your mobile employees. Pronto is the easiest mobile productivity tool you can use:

"I would, without a doubt, recommend you to try TrueContext and live the benefits that come along with them. I'm sure you will find them appealing for your business."
Ralph Wiegandt
Chief Executive Officer
Superplaza Stores

Go live in less than 5 minutes.
Create your own mobile form or choose one from our library
Allow your team to easily capture the right information, including text, graphics and location and time stamps.
Instantly report a consolidated view and use the data for your business.
Use Pronto for Field Services Management - make sure your field staff always have the most current customer, product and scheduling information.
Use our secure Portal to change your forms, create new ones, to add team members and to create additional teams.
Intuitive controls for Drop Down Lists, Radio Buttons, Check Box, Geo-stamp, Photos & attachments
On-line and Off-line modes

You and your employees can spend more time on what really matters - managing accurate information for your business, end-to-end.

** Note: if you signed up for Pronto Forms through AT&T, use the credentials provided in your SMS message.

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Zed TimeSheets for QB

By Zed Systemsreleased on:2010-12-20T07:40:48Z

Zed TimeSheets is the easy-to-use time recording app designed to work with QuickBooks or MYOB AccountRight. Ideal for the mobile professional to track time anytime, anywhere and import it directly into QuickBooks or MYOB.

:: Enter timesheets only once ::
Because TimeSheets is integrated with QuickBooks you no longer have to re-key data, saving you hours and making it easier to track both billable and non billable hours. Enter your time only once into your iPhone, then send it via email to be imported into QuickBooks or MYOB to produce pay checks and invoices.

:: A Familiar Look ::
Zed Timesheets uses the familiar terminology... customer jobs, service item, billable. The screens use the great iPhone look and feel so you instinctively know what to do. If you have been entering time directly into QuickBooks - now with Zed you will feel right at home.

:: Peace of mind ::
It's easy to record and send timesheets so you are less likely to forget to enter billable hours for jobs that are away from the office. With a few clicks your timesheets can be emailed back to the office leading to faster billing, and gives you a more accurate picture of what jobs are making you money and which are costing you money.

:: Features ::
- Easy to use time entry screens
- Group time entries by week and see running totals by week
- Option to enter time increments of 15, 6 or 1 minutes
- Emails timesheets in IIF format to import into QuickBooks
- Emails timesheets in MYOB format to import into MYOB AccountRight
- Emails timesheets in text format for use in spreadsheets
- Create reports to track how much time you spent on each project
- Designed to work with QuickBooks or MYOB
- Can be used online or offline

:: System requirements ::
- To send you need to have an email account and internet access
- QuickBooks Pro or above and QuickBooks Timer to produce timer export file
- MYOB integration requires MYOB AccountRight

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Easy TimeSheet Lite

By Augustine Softwarereleased on:2008-11-15T07:38:25Z

Visit our website (listed below) for additional screenshots and descriptions of the screens.

A new Poll has been created in our forums to let users tell us what they would like to see next! Follow the link to our site listed below and vote now!

This is the lite version of the popular time tracking application Easy Time Sheet. This lite version includes all the primary features of Easy Time Sheet but only for one project. If you like this application, please consider supporting our development efforts and buying Easy Time Sheet to manage more than a single project, send emails with real attachments, and more.

Easy Time Sheet Lite is an application designed for anyone that needs to track time against projects, track billable hours for clients, or simply needs to fill out a time sheet.

Easy Time Sheet Lite supports both real-time and after-the-fact time tracking, automatically calculating the billable amount for your project and time entries. At any point you can email the current project data in CSV format (easily saved and opened in Excel or Google Docs) to any email address. Additionally, any timer started will continue to track time for its project even when the application is closed.

Tracking in real-time is done easily using the pause/play buttons on the project detail screen.

Tracking time after-the-fact is accomplished from the project detail screen. Use the intuitive controls to adjust the project's elapsed time up or down, or use one of the many rounding options to round the project time to a more convenient amount (default rounding type can be set using the settings screen). Zeroing out the project's elapsed time is also supported.

The project detail screen also gives you access to edit and set a name, code, comments, billable rate, and currency for your project.

Easy Time Sheet Lite now tracks your time entries and lets you view them in the new time entries screen. See your time entries at a glance, separated into entries captured using the pause/play buttons or manually created. All time entry values are also included in the project data CSV export.

In the new time entry detail screen that is accessible for any entry in the time entries screen, you can use intuitive controls to easily change the start time or duration (by setting elapsed time or end date) of any time entry. This screen also allows you to set the task you worked on during the time for the entry, and a comment with further information.

Other Features:
- Send email using Easy TimeSheet Lite directly with real attachments.
- Quickly see how much time you have spent and what the billable amount is for your project.
- Support for over 150 different currency codes with appropriate locale formatting

If you like Easy Time Sheet Lite, consider our other application: Touch Dial.

Known Issues: None! Please contact us with any problems.

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TimeLogger Free

By CostmoSoftreleased on:2010-02-20T02:39:30Z

Time tracking, logging and reporting the way it should be -- quick & easy. Rated "Best Time Tracker" by Macworld Magazine: "TimeLogger impressed me at once with its user friendliness... A solid app for professionals who value their time and their money."

TimeLogger is a powerful, yet simple to use time tracking tool.

We are guessing that you hate having to track and account for your time as much as we do. It's a pain in the rear, but unfortunately, most of us don't get paid if we don't do it. TimeLogger was designed from the ground-up to make time tracking as easy at it can possibly be, while offering a level of flexibility that make it the perfect time tracking tool for nearly everyone. In other words, TimeLogger has a ridiculous number of features, options and settings to make the tedious task of recording time as easy as possible, while being as detailed as you need for it to be. The depth of configuration options make the day-to-day use of TimeLogger very simple.

The TimeLogger User Guide provides the gory details about all that TimeLogger has to offer. The User Guide is available within the app, or you can download it from our web site:
Click "TimeLogger"

Some key features (not a comprehensive list):
"u272a Start a timer when you begin a task and stop it when you're done. Simple.
"u272a Do you find that typing notes on the tiny iPhone keyboard is cumbersome? Not a problem! TimeLogger can record audio notes (available on iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPod Touch 4th generation and all iPad models). Recorded audio notes can be copied to your computer and played in iTunes (in addition to being playable within TimeLogger).
"u272a Set defaults for client, task and job to quickly record common tasks.
"u272a Pause, resume, restart and duplicate timers -- many ways to greatly improve the ease of tracking your time.
"u272a Setup automatic deductions from your work day, such as lunch, so that you don't have to remember to stop, start or restart regular events that shouldn't appear in your time reports.
"u272a Email report results to yourself in plain, human-readable text or as a CSV file. Emailed CSV can be opened in Excel (or the spreadsheet program of your choice) directly from your computer.
"u272a Configure CSV output to match your exact needs, or those of your accountants.
"u272a Forget to start or stop a timer? No problem, set the start or stop time to any time.
"u272a Have as many timers started as you want.
"u272a Don't care for TimeLogger's use of the words "Category," "Client," "Job," "Deductions" or "Notes"? All of those things can be renamed inside of the app so your information can be organized exactly how you like.
"u272a Go back to any set timer and change any information associated with it.
"u272a Provide feedback, request technical support or submit a feature request to us easily from within the app.
"u272a Set the time pickers to desired intervals (1, 5, 6, 10, 15 or 30 minutes) to meet your specific time tracking needs.
"u272a Safely backup and recover your data directly through iTunes
"u272a Too many features to list here. Check out the User Guide that is available at our web site.

TimeLogger Free is a full-featured version of the popular TimeLogger with the following distinctions:
"u272a It contains in-app advertising
"u272a TimeLogger Free will only keep a 60 day history of your time entries
"u272a Submission of technical support requests and feedback is not available within the app (but you can still submit requests through our web site)
"u272a Recording of audio notes is limited to 30 seconds per recording

A simple in-app purchase is available to upgrade TimeLogger Free, making it identical to the paid app.

There are lots of ways to get more information and to take part in making TimeLogger even better:
Our web site:

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finarX timesheet

By finarX GmbHreleased on:2009-12-05T02:01:48Z

finarX timesheet is a very easy and effective way of logging your working times assisted through the location-features of your device (if available at your place), to propose the right tasks at this position.

Functionality of finarX timesheet:
- Create time-entries with location-assisted task-proposals
(up to 50 time-entries, 5 tasks, 1 project, 1 customer, extensions available as InApp purchase!)
- Fast-record time-entries using the play-button in the working times list
- Manually and automatically add pauses into entries (optional through InApp purchase)
- Record current location automatically
- Order entries in tasks, projects and customers
- Displays overview of spent times and revenues sorted by time
- Filter your entries for time, tasks, projects and customers
- Define rates per hour and per entry and budgets for tasks and projects
- Control the budgets for your tasks and projects
- Export entries to CSV, XML and PDF (optional through InApp purchases)
- Landscape-mode supported completely (optional through InApp purchase)
- Timer view of the current or last entry (optional through InApp purchase)
- Database backup network (Dropbox or Email, optional through InApp purchase)
- Database backup locally (optional through InApp purchase)
- Automatically round times (optional through InApp purchase)
- Integrated help
- Integrated feedback email function, to contact the developers
- Leaves all data on your Device. No web-service to share your data with.
- Great user interface, built following the Apple human interface guidelines.

You have any questions, problems or suggestions?
Have a look at the integrated manual or contact us through the website: or

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By FunctionFox Systems Inc.released on:2009-08-31T07:25:37Z

The power of TimeFox time tracking for the iPhone.

The TimeFox app makes it easy to track time on the fly, keeping timesheets up to date at the push of a button.

Free to download, the TimeFox iPhone app makes it easy to keep track of billable and non-billable hours on the fly. With it's simple design and intuitive stopwatch timer, the TimeFox app is the perfect solution for keeping time.

To use the TimeFox iPhone app, you'll need:
-A TimeFox account (available at*
-An active network connection

*Don't have a TimeFox account?
Login with:
User name: Your email address
Password: Your first name
Org Number: 8000
Give TimeFox (and the TimeFox app) a try to start recovering more billable hours.

Provided by FunctionFox Systems
Toll-Free: 1.866.369.8463

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By Beyond Softwarereleased on:2008-10-11T08:52:36Z

*** Please note: this application is a time entry widget to be used as a mobile entry client for the web based application. This application does not work in isolation. Please check out and evaluate the service as the iPhone application will not work without a valid iZepto account. ***

iZepto is a web based timesheet application with the motto 'timesheets made human'. As part of keeping and tracking timesheets even easier, this application lets users add time entry on the go. Anywhere. Any time.

The application allows you to pick tasks from your favourites, or search for a task easily. Easily pick the amount of time for the task and the date from the simple pickers you have come to expect on an iPhone. Easy!

Version 1.1 now includes the ability to see the total time entered for a day as well as the individual time entries.

Version 1.2 now includes the ability to add a note to a time entry, navigate to next and prior day, more preferences and interface tweaks.

Version 1.3 now includes the ability to delete time entries plus some serious performance and stability improvements.

Please note, if you are not a user of iZepto you will need to sign up to use this application. You can sign up at:

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By Draconis Software, LLCreleased on:2008-11-09T07:20:08Z

NEW version 2.0!

Track and record invoices, timesheets, and clients on the go from your iPhone! With the Invotrak app, you can:

- View and record invoices, and quickly see which ones are overdue.
- Record timesheet entries as you complete work (using the handy timer or manual entry)
- Use timesheet entries you record as line items in your invoices
- Create professional PDF invoices and email them to your clients
- Add and view client information

Using Invotrak on your iPhone, you can track your billable time as timesheet entries, record invoices and add line items, create professional-looking PDF files using five built-in templates, and email notices to your clients. You can also record when an invoice has been paid.

The Invotrak iPhone application synchronizes with your account, so all of your invoices, timesheets, and client information is also available from your web browser. If you don't already have an account, you can sign up and start using Invotrak for free. In addition, you'll find provides even more invoicing features and billing management.

Invotrak's FREE (forever) accounts come with some restrictions: you're limited to 2 invoices per month, 1 client, and 1 employee account. Once you upgrade (with plans starting at just $9/month) you'll have unlimited clients and employee accounts, full access to the professional invoice PDF templates, project management, and more.

If you're a freelancer, small-business owner, or in charge of accounts receivable for your company, give Invotrak a try.

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By Nascomreleased on:2010-09-24T06:25:58Z

Timy is an easy-to-use application to complete your timesheet. It uses the Basecamp API to exchange data. Basecamp is a well-known web-based project management tool. Filling in the time tracking can be time-consuming, but no more! Timy uses a quick and simple interface, time tracking in 7th gear, so to speak.

Who needs Timy?
Freelancers, small businesses and professional teams in every industry can benefit by introducing Timy. Do you need to track time? Does your line of work require filling out a timesheet on a daily/weekly/monthly basis? Are you used to working with Basecamp? Then Timy is the ultimate tool for you.

A few things before you can start using Timy:
- You need a Basecamp account. If you do not have an account yet , please go to the signup page and create one.
- You need at least a Basecamp Plus account. Time tracking is not available in a Free or Basic account, which rules out the use of Timy.
- And last but not least, you need to enable API access. You can do this by going to the Account tab.

For more information check out our Website or follow us Twitter (@timybe)

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Harvest Time & Expense Tracker

By Harvestreleased on:2010-03-02T10:37:34Z

Track time and log expenses on-the-go with Harvest, whether you're online or offline. A beautiful flip-clock counts the number of billable hours and minutes you've been working. The expense tracker allows you to upload photos of your receipts as you enter expenses so you keep all your records organized. Get started now. FREE and paid plans available at

* Start and stop project and task timers
* Track your time whether you are online or offline
* Enter billable hours for your projects right from your phone
* Access your timesheet and review time records for all your entries stored on Harvest

* Enter expenses quickly and easily
* Track expenses against client projects
* Track mileage and more for reimbursement
* Take a photo of your receipts and upload straight to Harvest

* Effortlessly keep your time and expenses in sync with your Harvest account
* Clearly see which entries have yet to be uploaded to your account

Sign in to our web-based client for more powerful features like online invoicing and reporting. Harvest helps freelancers and small businesses from over 100 countries worldwide stay organized and grow their business. Discover how Harvest can help you work better today!

NOTE: all accounts start as a 30-day trial but you can convert a trial into a FREE account if you just need to track time for yourself across up to 2 projects.

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Mis Horarios Lite

By Somethingreleased on:2009-05-15T07:00:00Z

Follow us on Twitter, tell us what do you think about the app, suggest new improvements and features.
and also follow us on Facebook.

Now you have your schedule at your fingertips thanks to Timetable application.
Forget having to write down your schedule on papers that often get lost, or which you have forgotten to take with you just when you need them.
My Schedules allows you to carry your schedule around with you.

The easiest way to organise yourself.


Ease of use, comfortable and fast to use
Organises tasks by colours
Add notes to tasks
Determines the timetable length by fixing a term of validity or simply by marking it as indefinite.
Option of timetables with indefinite duration
Differentiates between future, present and expired timetables
Your schedule in your iPhone or iPod Touch

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Eternity Time Log Lite

By Komorianreleased on:2008-11-19T12:31:13Z

Time is your most precious resource!

You can't get it back. No app can do that for you. But you can learn from your past to improve your future.

Define your activities, run timers, review and adjust logs, analyze detailed reports. Learn where your time goes!

Eternity is a simple solution to the "what was I doing all day, week...?", "where is my pen and paper" and "all work, no fun makes me a dull boy" problems ;)

It is used by many people, in many ways, from personal development, through project tracking, to billing.

Just define your activities hierarchy and start timers as you go through your day. Adjust logs and review reports any time.


Any number of activities in any hierarchy (Lite version limited to 7 activities)
Tags (Lite version limited to 3 tags)
TouchLog - zoomable, all touch-based log editing and adjusting (Logs->top-left-icon, requires iOS 3.2 or higher)
active timer alert for Pomodoro-like productivity techniques (requires iOS 4.0 or higher)
Day-by-day logs view
Daily, weekly and monthly reports view with detailed statistics
Easy access to the current activity
Show/hide children activities to easily log time on different hierarchy levels
Adjust times for the current and previous log entries
Easy data migration from Eternity Lite to full version
Activities color coding
Automatic seconds rounding (configurable on Settings, disabled by default)


Unlimited number of activities and tags
WiFi backup to PC or Mac
ChartFlow - navigable pie charts for reports
Custom reports
Report filters by activities, tags, weekdays and hour ranges
Data export to Excel (via email with .csv attachments)

If you like Eternity Lite, you can easily upgrade to the full version without loosing your data.

Try it!


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BBTimeTable Free

By GreenBee Softreleased on:2010-02-11T08:00:00Z

BBTimeTable is a time table app to check a week class or lecture for IPhone / IPod Touch.
User Interface is very neat and direct. Repeated week schedule can be managed with ease.

Try extraordinary user UI in landscape mode. If you wish to register a class to your schedule, stay tap for a moment. And if you wish to change the class time? Then tap the class for a moment then you'll be redirected to the menu.

Not only to those students but anyone who has their schedule to be repeated weekly can use BBTimeTable.

Now enjoy BBTimetable to make yourself organized.

[ Features ]
Weekly repeat schedule management.
Viewing whole week schedule with landscape mode
Viewing details of each schedule with portrait mode
Schedule through Mon to Sun.
Schedule through 24 hours a day. (Only Full Version)
Support more than 60 Icons (Only Full Version)
Support 15 different background colors. (Only Full Version)
Support Landscape schedule modification by drag&drop.
Support Landscape schedule registration.
Short memos can be saved for each schedule.

[ Tip ]
Try to tap the clock on the screen then it will redirect you to the current schedule.
Try to tap the day while Portrait mode then it will redirect you to the selected day's schedule. .

[ Support ]
GreenBee Soft is listening to those users' comment. Adding features, bug report and any advice for our app will be appreciated to below site contact.


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Cube Time & Expense Tracker

By bitrzr, LDAreleased on:2010-04-01T06:33:41Z

Featured on Forbes' "Must-Have iPad Apps For Professionals"
Cube requires the subscription of the "Cloud Sync" service, or you can upgrade to the Pro version using in-app purchase.

Your company uses Google Apps? Are you freelancer with a GMail, Yahoo or AOL account? "u2028"u2028Time is money - so we built an app where you can start tracking your time and expenses in less than 15 seconds!

"u25aa No new passwords, usernames or registration required - login securely with your existing Google, Google Apps, Yahoo or AOL account
"u25aa Report and track your time, expenses and mileage on the move
"u25aa Great looking charts
"u25aa Ultimate peace of mind: with Cloud Sync enabled, all data is instantly synced online
"u25aa iPad and iPhone universal app

Cube is a fully featured app:
"u25aa Gorgeous charts - chart your time and expenses by day, week, month, or quarter, grouped by project, client, or tags
"u25aa All data is searchable by pulling down the lists, and Tags help you navigate your data and quickly identify items
"u25aa Configurable cost and tax rates - configure the hourly work cost for multiple periods of time, and define tax rates for your expenses
"u25aa Record and share important events with your team, track mileage

The Pro version, available as an in-app purchase, also includes:
"u25aa Standalone mode - doesn't require an internet connection or any service subscription
"u25aa Continue working offline, changes will be synced next time you are online
"u25aa Keep an eye on the project's total income and gross profit
"u25aa Export data as a CSV or Excel spreadsheet - open it in apps like Numbers, send it by email or to iTunes to open it in Microsoft Excel
"u25aa PDF Reports - create great looking PDF reports right on your iPhone or iPad, share them by email, or print them directly using AirPrint
"u25aa Quick overview of project, task, and client current running hours, expenses and total cost
"u25aa Timer to track your time - the timer keeps running even if you exit Cube or switch to another app
"u25aa Notifications to fill in your timesheet or when you have tasks due today

The Cloud Sync service makes it easy to backup your data safely to the Google Cloud and to syncronize it with multiple devices.
Keep your iPad and iPhone or iPod Touch always fully synced!
No new passwords, usernames or registration required - Cloud Sync uses your existing Google or Google Apps account
Find more at our website at, contact us at, or follow us on Twitter at

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By Invoice2go.comreleased on:2010-03-13T03:58:18Z

There are plenty of apps out there to pass the time, but what about an app that keeps your time? And could save you time in the process.

Introducing Timesheet2go, the easiest to use, yet most advanced time sheeting software for the iPhone or iPod touch. With three easy ways to keep track of your jobs you can choose the method that best suits you. Add on the invoicing upgrade to this software and you've got a complete package for easily keeping your time, and invoicing it with just a few taps.

Option 1 - Tap your time! Use the handy per-day calendar to tap in your time. Just tap your start time, tap your finish time and pick the job. It's seriously simple.

Option 2 - Stopwatch, don't clock watch. Simply start the stopwatch when you start working, stop it when you're finished. Timesheet2go will automatically log your time and display it on the per-day calendar.

Option 3 - Traditional time sheeting. Timesheet2go provides an option for those who want to timesheet the old way. Simply pick your start time, pick your finish time, assign it to a job and Timesheet2go will do the rest.

Use Timesheet2go to give your jobs an hourly rate, expense information and assign a job and customer. With this information you'll be able to easily invoice your clients right from the Timesheet2go app.

Timesheet2go might be easy to use but it's customizable to a detailed level. Choose your normal start time if you work outside the 9 to 5. Choose your minimum time intervals so you can keep record by the minute, quarter or by the hour. On top of this is the ground breaking Invoice2go system, with these two apps working in sync you can keep your time sheet information, then create and send your personalized invoices all from your iPhone or iPod touch.


Three methods of time sheeting.

Innovative "u2018tap your time' feature.

Stop watch timing.

Traditional time keeping.

Unique, intuitive interface.

Keep details of jobs including hourly rates.

Invoice or estimate right from the app.

Highly customizable.

Easy job and client management.

FREE version.

Perfect for freelancers, small businesses, sole traders or as a standard tool for all of your employees to help them time sheet without wasting valuable time.

Timesheet2go is available as a free download. The Free version lets you create and manage 3 Job (10 Logs each) and 3 Invoices. If you like it, unlock the full version with an In-App purchase and manage unlimited jobs and invoices.

Increase your productivity, reduce your stress and keep it simple with Timesheet2go. Try it for Free now!

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myWorkTime Free - Task, Time and Billing Tracker

By Tus Nua Designsreleased on:2010-12-18T02:21:28Z

Have you ever had those days when you can't remember exactly what you have done during the day, or at least how much time you spent doing certain tasks? Have you been asked for details of your daily, weekly or monthly time and billing information and been at a loss to provide the details? We've all been there, but it doesn't have to be that way.

myWorkTime is a Task Management tool to help log and keep track of time spent on tasks. Tasks can be grouped by Client & Project. The app allows for an unlimited number of Clients, Projects, Tasks and Work Logs. You can have multiple running tasks at one time, and there is even a nice feature to allow you to quickly start and stop a defined default task.

myWorkTime will be useful to all people in business, not just the traditional "u2018hourly Rate' workers such as contractors and lawyers, as myWorkTime can be used as an analysis tool to monitor and improve the way you work.

Next time a Client or a Project Manager asks you for details of exactly how much time you have spent on certain'll know, thanks to myWorkTime.

Compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad
Quick start / stop for default task
Single or Multiple running timers
Timers keep running even when you are not running the app
Graphical Indication of running tasks
Easy to use hierarchical display so that you can view all tasks, view all tasks for a specific client, view all tasks for a specific project, and view all work logs for a specific task.
Limit to 2 Clients, 5 Projects (per Client) and 10 Tasks (per Project) in Free Version. Full version allows unlimited Clients, Projects and Tasks.
No Limit to work logs for any task
Group tasks by Client, project, or task.
Totals display time spent and billing amount
Totals by Client, Project & Task
User selectable application settings for Language, Currency, Billing Time Interval, Billing Time Rounding, Hourly Rate, and Default Task.
User Selectable Application Settings will be used as defaults by all Clients, Projects, and Tasks, unless they are overridden.
Billing Time Interval, Billing Time Rounding, and Hourly Rate can be overridden at Client level, Project level, and Task level.
Time Billing Interval can be set to hourly, 30 minutes, 15 minutes, or 5 minutes.
Time Billing Rounding can be set to Round Up, Round Down, or Round to Nearest.
Calendar view allows you to easily see what tasks were performed on each day.
Badges in the calendar view indicate how many tasks were performed on a specific day.
Navigate directly to the tasks details from the calendar view.

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Pug Time Tracker Lite

By Thirstyseareleased on:2009-10-02T07:00:00Z

*** Fossil renamed to Pug ***

*** Pug (paid version) featured in app store "New & Noteworthy" and "What's Hot" list ***

*** What Users Are Saying! ***

Actually the best timetracker on the app store!!

Tolles St"u00fcck Software!

Simply the best I've tried.

A time tracking app needs to be quick, easy, and flexible. This nails it!

Just great! The perfect tool for freelancers.

This cheap little app beats all the other apps hands down.

Pug is the best application for time and expense tracker that has been made for iPhone. Simply the best!

Just what I needed!

Really formidable application. Easy use and intuitive interface.


*** Pug Lite is the free version of Pug. This version allows only 30 entries. ***

Pug is an intuitive time and expense tracking application designed keeping freelancers and consultants in mind. It helps ensure that any billable hour doesn't go unaccounted.

Simple and Elegant Design:
- Well polished and elegant user interface.
- Multiple themes available.

Track Time:
- Track multiple Clients, Projects and Tasks
- Tag entries for easy identification
- Real-time tracking for tasks using Single or Multiple Timers
- Entry time manually by filling Start Time, End Time or just the duration

Track Expenses:
- Track expenses in a couple of clicks
- Define Expense Categories for common expenses

Contact Integration:
- Integrate with iPhone Contacts App
- Add/Link/Edit Contacts from within the app

Data Filter:
- Flag data as Favorite and Active and Archived
- Archive old data for clutter free views, for better organization and for readability
- Filter and view data based on date range: day, week, month, year
- Calendar to quickly and easily glance through volumes of data

- Generate reports based on date range: day, week, month, year
- Generate consolidated reports for all Client, Projects, Tasks, Tags
- Generate reports per Client, Projects, Tasks, Tags
- Export the data in CSV format

- Multiple currencies supported, localization support for dates and numbers

In-built Help:
- Context help available at every screen
- Detailed FAQs and a Getting Started guide inbuilt into the app

- Customize Pug as per your business needs. Enable/Disable features from Settings app.

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