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StickWars 2 - Sequel to #1 Castle Defense Game

By Pinger, Inc. released on: 2010-11-04T05:01:10Z

Was $0.99 now FREE!

Warning: Many stick figures were brutally harmed during the making of this game.

StickWars 2 requires lightning-fast fingers and cunning strategy. Defend your kingdom and stick it to Maelnik's invading horde!

- Fling your way to victory against Zombies and all-new armies of deadly enemies like Doom Dogs.
- Command the elements to cast six devastating wind and lightning spells
- Use captured enemies to unleash epic abilities like Rain of Arrows or repair your wall with Work Frenzy
- Castle walls get bigger as you get more powerful
- Get free extras to help conquer your enemies
- Updated graphics and all new animations
- OpenFeint and Game Center achievements

Clash with new units on the battlefield:
- Bone Dragon boss
- Big Sticks: the bigger they are, the harder they fall
- Doom Dogs: watch out, they jump
Added Game Center achievements

News and updates on Facebook

Stick around! More exciting updates planned!

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Cartoon Defense Free

By gang gyung hun released on: 2009-11-05T08:53:45Z

Cartoon Defense is an exciting defense-action game with various actions and strategies. Cartoon Defense requires your invisible finger and your decision making ability. Protect your kingdom from the violent and evil Cartoon Army!

How to play the game:
It's a game with well known rules:"Shoot 'em all to win". Select your weapon among the icons at the bottom, attack your enemy. You should the right weapon at the right time to defend you from the enemy's attack. You will do better with a good use of the bombs.

With the money you earn when you defeat your enemy, you can buy your armors and repair your castle. You should get enough ammo to be ready to fight with your enemy.

A group of evildoers who have a design on your beautiful princess invaded your kingdom. Defeat the enemy using your powerful weapons. To protect your kingdom and the princess, you have no time to take a rest.

Unlimited stages. You can keep playing until defeated.
Three different levels of difficulty.
Eight different types of weapons.
Seventeen types of enemy with different characteristics.
Online ranking system.
Auto-save. The game will be automatically saved at the end of each stage.
Play with your friends via Local Wifi or Bluetooth.

========= Update Info =========

- Changed bomb system. Just click the bomb, automatically find targets and fired
- Capture system is added. Your prisoner will be your archers and assault troops.
- Challenge mode is added.
- Level difficulty is changed.
- Fixed crash bug.

- Added boss stage. Boss will be spawn every 10 stages.

- Fixed crashed on iphone OS2.x

- Added new npc type.
- Changed weapon more powerfully.

- added network mode(local-wifi and bluetooth mode)
- give more ammos at starting.
- Added how to capture help page

- fixed boss blood effect option bug.

- Added OpenFeint features!
- Added Achievements system with OpenFeint.

- Refurbished!


* This is lite version of Cartoon Defence with stage limit 10.

* Special thanks to BLUE. Many design resources is from BLUE's Cartoon-Wars.

* If your device is Jailbroken, please check out this page.

Support Information:
For additional support, please contact:
E-mail :

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By Valuewave Co.,Ltd. released on: 2009-10-19T04:49:24Z

This game is only one of TOWER DEFENSE'S games,
but characters are more cute than others games.
This game is easy and attractive to play for beginners, because of using Extra spells and items.
You can play only one stage in this Lite version.

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Port Defender Lite - 2D Field Defense

By M-Gate Labs released on: 2009-03-27T01:49:19Z

Welcome to Port Defender Lite, a fun area defense game that has had 20+ substantial updates since its initial release. Your goal is to build expansive mazes in order to stop ever expanding waves of creeps from escaping. For players who seek a more guided approach story and fixed path levels are available for a predefined and challenging experience. Keep your eyes on the update feature built into the game, more content will be coming soon.

Please leave a review, any rating will do, good or bad, just please leave one.


Touch controls
-Pinch to zoom
-Drag to move

Support for all device orientations

-6/30 maps are included

7 tower types
-Gun (Land Units Only)
-Anti-Air (Air Units Only)
-Rocket (Air & Land Units)
-Ping (Stun)
-Gas (Burn)
-Nuke (Super weapon)
-Each tower can be upgraded 2 times

3 Weapons
2)Gas Bomb!
3)Nuke Bomb!

And lastly have fun, leave a review, and try the harder difficulty levels.

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Epic War TD Free

By AMT Games released on: 2011-03-02T08:00:00Z

"Epic War TD is an absolutely gorgeous game on both the iPhone & iPad." -

TOP 5 Strategy game in 40+ countries (including U.S. and Canada)!
Featured in 100+ regional App stores!

Epic War is a sci-fi tower defense game that stands out from the crowd. With unique enemies and a beautiful art style you're sure to get hours of enjoyment.

Features of full version:
- HD graphics for iPhone 4/iPod Touch 4
- 4 levels with up to 60 waves per level
- Endless mode on each level
- Achievements and Leaderboards
- Mini games between each level
- Works fine on older devies

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geoDefense Lite

By Critical Thought Games released on: 2009-03-27T01:48:58Z

Highly Acclaimed Tower Defense

Try the Tower Defense game that's got everyone taking! Combing a classic genre with action and explosive energy for an entirely new experience!

Sample reviews from full version:

"If you fancy yourself a tower defense guru, and you don't own geoDefense yet, shame on you. geoDefense is a well presented, well designed game that ranks up there with the best TD titles on the platform. Score: 8.2 - Impressive."

"geoDefense's vector-style graphics, pixel bursts, and warp effects more than set it apart from the crowd. geoDefense is easily recommendable for tower defense enthusiasts."

"It's bright, it's colorful, and you might have seizures while playing it but it's fun as hell!"


Something exciting and new in the Tower Defense genre! The geometric vector creeps are fast and intense.This Lite Version of geoDefense contains 12 devious maps, each its own puzzle, you'll have to work fast to keep up.

Using exciting vectorized graphics, this highly kinetic games brings a whole new dimension to the tower defense. Devastate creeps with blasters, lasers and missiles and watch their energy debris swirl through the gravity wells of your vortex towers. Now it's time to figure out how to put that absorbed energy to good use....


- Classic Tower Defense Gameplay
- Easy To Play, Very Tough To Master!
- Fast Arcade Action
- Ideal Touch Tower Defense Interface
- Tutorial Screens As You Go
- 5 Tower Types With 7 Levels Each
- Introducing the Vortex Tower!Debris From Destroyed Creeps Can Become An Essential Part Of Your Strategy
- 6 Levels, Each Its Own Puzzle With Its Own Rules.
- Auto-Saves Game If You Press Home Or Are Interrupted By A Call
- Your Music Will Play In The Background


This game is very challenging ... It is a Thinking Man's Action Tower Defense!

This means it is intense and requires you to really grasp the fundamentals of how each Tower needs to be utilized to win. If you are playing too casually, you will lose... each level is balanced so that you have to actually beat it by out-thinking it!

To get an idea of how to do this see, my "How to Beat" level videos

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Zombie Defense

By Dromedary, LLC released on: 2010-02-21T08:00:00Z

This is the LITE version, allowing full game play of the first three nights. The game includes an In-App purchase option to provide access to twenty nights of increasingly spectacular zombie mayhem! How many nights can your band of gritty Texans survive?

The living dead have overrun rural Texas! Four gritty Texas souls have survived the initial onslaught and have banded together to take on the Zombie Horde. Lead their struggle to survive!

Zed, a swaggering Texas Cowboy, is deadly accurate with weapons such as his .270 caliber deer hunting rifle, but has a poor rate of fire since he refuses to put out his cigarette even during the Zombie Necropalypse.

Candi has poor accuracy and slow reload time, but she is very pretty.

Toby has average accuracy and reload time, but has a very high rate of fire. He reasons that the solution to the rise of the walking dead is simply a matter of putting enough lead in the air.

Oma is the deadliest of the survivors. She's a grandmother of eight and a great-grandmother of four. She has nearly perfect accuracy and good reload time, having lived in Texas all of her life. She's seen worse than "this whole livin' dead thing" and she knows everything will turn out fine in the end.

Guide the survivors to scavenge the wreckage of the town by day for additional resources such as guns or bombs, or instead spend daylight hours improving your survivors' defensive positions. But when the sun goes down the Horde awakes, so at night there is only Zombie Defense!

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Modern Defense Full Version Free

By Broken Bone Games released on: 2011-02-28T10:09:28Z

Modern Defense Full Version is now available for FREE!

Modern Defense is a unique blend between castle defense and real-time strategy gaming. Placed on a battlefield where resources are scarce and enemies are relentless, a solid strategy is the key to surviving.

Battle your way through wave after wave of enemies, where the only limit is how far you are willing to go!

Defend your fortress against increasingly challenging enemies, including the fast attacking jetpack troops and merciless armoured tanks!

Put fear into the hearts of your enemies by training and upgrading up to seven types of soldiers, from shotgun wielders to tank-hunting rocket troops.

There are still issues with the game appearing to lock up when transitioning between some menus. An update is on the way ASAP.

Found a bug? Keep in mind we are unable to contact you through your comments below. We are working hard to keep the game stable and fun, so fire off an e-mail to to register a bug, comment or concern.

- The Broken Bone Team

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Zombie Attack! Bridge Defense XL

By IUGO Mobile Entertainment Inc. released on: 2010-01-08T08:00:00Z

*Now iPad Enhanced* Plays on all iDevices! iPhone, iPod and iPad enhanced. Download once, play on ALL!

Thank you for downloading our free game. IUGO account users will receive 4 bonus VIP points just by logging in within this game. We are updating other free IUGO games to give you bonus VIP points as well! Do check them out!

Zombie Attack! Bridge Defense is the lite version of Zombie Attack! Second Wave. Get a taste of the bloody action with 2 challenge missions. Sample 3 weapons (rifle, flamethrower and pulsewave) against the zombie horde! See below for full description and features of the complete version, Zombie Attack! Second Wave. Once you start blastin' zombies you just can't stop!
Just when you thought it was safeZA! is back! Lovers of zombies and tower defense-style games combined have a second chance to tear into more zombies with more weapons and in more locations than ever before.

IUGO built upon what you loved best about the original Zombie Attack! game making it bigger, better and bloodier! Your mission: play as a survivor from the ultimate Zombie Apocalypse, protect your shack and stay alive. Kill zombies, earn points and cash to upgrade your weapons and bolster your fire power. Easy tilt and touch-screen controls make ZA! SW an instant iPhone-exclusive favorite.


"u2713 Optimized for iPad, iPhone & iPod.
"u2713 7 varied turret defenses.
"u2713 Upgrades to super turrets.
"u2713 4 maps of varying sizes including Backyard and Trailer Park.
"u2713 Hordes of challenges, 5 for each map.
"u2713 6 zombie types. (4 new, including the Hound and Cheerleader)
"u2713 Survivor wields 8 different weapons, from knife, cleaver, sword to shotgun and rifles.
"u2713 Pick from different survivor characters! Dress-up for the occasion!
"u2713 Instantaneous save when quitting the app.
"u2713 Online high scores list for each map, local lists for challenges and personal records.
"u2713 Automatic iPod music support (Just play your music and start the game)
"u2713 3.0 USERS!! Additional iPod music playback option.
"u2713 IUGO VIP support. Get additional survivor skins!
"u2713 IUGO high-quality and polish.

Grab the complete IUGO games collection on the App Store including: Toy Bot Diaries Entry 1, Toy Bot Diaries Entry 2, Toy Bot Diaries Entry 3, Shaky Summit, Zombie Attack!, Freeballin', Spy Bot Chronicles, Star Hogs, Toy Bot Compilation, Toy Bot Mini Missions, Toy Bot Compilation, Zombie Attack! Second Wave, A.D.D., Cliffed and Implode!

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Pew Pew Land Free - Multiplay Defense Game

By Mobile Force released on: 2010-04-16T07:27:19Z

☆ New and Noteworthy - USA
☆ More than 65 stores featured in What's hot!
☆ More than 5 stores featured in Staff Favourites!
☆ #1 overall Singapore
☆ #23 overall USA
☆ #50 overall in more than 20 countries.

☆ Full Version is Now 70% ON SALE! Get the full 48 levels NOW! You never know when I will change the price back. Grab it today, you won't regret!

☆ iOS4 fully support!
☆ WiFi Multiplay is Now Ready! (v2.00 update)
☆ Fast Forward is Now Ready! (v2.50 update)
☆ Tell us what you want in Pew Pew Land, we will cook for you!

☆ Reviewed by Customers:
★★★★★ Addictive
by Madman Genius on May 10, 2010 1.40
This game involves so much strategy I find myself setting up for moves way ahead of time. I like the ability to upgrade the weapons because it adds an element of planning. Very addicting, i recommend trying this one if you like these types of games.

★★★★★ PewPew
by Hoony^^ on May 9, 2010 1.40
It's really good!!!
very simple and funny!
This is awsome
by Icopyu2 on May 9, 2010 1.40
5 stars
Me and my cousin never get bored of it I hope m-force keeps making great games like this one

★★★★★ Nice TD game
by niezam on May 8, 2010 1.20
Cute characters, great sounds and nice graphics. OpenFeint integration for more achievement points!

★★★★★ TD lovers out there, make sure you check out this game!
Very Solid TD Game
by Lord_Pantsington_VII on May 8, 2010 1.40
Addictive gameplay mixed with polished visuals. Overall, one of the better tower defense games I've played on the iPhone.

★★★★ Great TD game
by Dooceswild on May 7, 2010 1.30
I am a big fan of tower defense games. I was pleasantly surprised with this one. I got it just because it was free, but after playing it, I would have paid.

★★★★★ Loved iT!!
by Rob2+ on May 7, 2010 1.30
This is the longest I've played any game so far, kept me up till 4.30am, it really is great fun.

☆ Description:
PEW! Can you defend the Pew Pews as an invasion of creep come into their land. Use your cunning and skills to position your weapons on one of the 48 Levels. If you have problems defending the maps, why not call on the help of a friend, with the revolutionary Co-op mode, you can now enjoy the same maps with 2 players. Download it today an get slice of the cartoon action. Its fast and it's furiuous! It can only be Pew Pew Land! Remember its twice the fun.

☆ Killer Features:
1. WiFi&Bluetooth multiplay.
2. Addictive design, intense gameplay.
3. 48 levels.
4. Plentiful gameplay, including Arcade mode and Endless mode.
5. Various upgradable Pew Pew weapons.
6. Diverse creeps, including super huge boss.
7. OpenFeint integrated. Provide you leaderboard and achievement features.
8. Facebook and Twitter integrated.
9. Play your own iPod/iPhone BGM.

☆ Demo ( Bluetooth multiplay experiences included):

☆ Mobile Force:

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Star Defense Prelude

By ngmoco, Inc. released on: 2009-09-05T01:03:20Z

Once you're hooked on Star Defense Prelude, check out Star Defense to witness the epic conclusion to the war with the S'rath, including a full galaxy of different planets, weapons and enemies.


"Meet your new addiction." - IGN Wireless
"I can safely say that it's going to be very hard to go back to my former non-3D tower defense favorites." - TouchArcade
BAM! - A whole new planet in your pocket!
Star Defense Prelude is a FREE prequel to Star Defense™, the critically acclaimed strategy title exclusively for the iPhone and iPod Touch. Fans of Star Defense and new players alike will love this free introduction to the Star Defense universe, which gives you the opportunity to experience the first S'rath invasion ever on Outpost D-13.

Play on an entirely new planet and witness Outpost D-13 as it was before the S'rath arrived.

Maximize your recon and plan carefully - everything depends on your ability to respond to the S'rath invaders in real time and build a mixture of towers that counteract all known alien units and resistances.


"tPLUS+ ENABLED - Add friends, access online leaderboards, and earn Plus+ Points. Get Star Defense to send Direct Challenges to your friends via the Plus+ network!

"tPOWERFUL ARSENAL - Build your defenses from 3 classes of towers and weapons, each with their own unique attributes, firing ranges and reload frequencies.

"tEXPLORE AND SECURE THE UNIVERSE - Defend a breathtaking 3D planet, with its own distinct path layout, enemy types, and weapon choices.

"tMULTIPLE LEVELS OF DIFFICULTY - Choose from Easy, Normal, or Hard difficulty settings for the challenge level that is right for you.

"tEARN MEDALS AND COMMENDATIONS - Get Plus+ Points by collecting Medals and Commendations for accomplishing specific feats on the field. For Star Defense™ players, grow your score by adding these to your collection!

"tBREATHTAKING 3D GRAPHICS - Stunning graphics and 3D worlds - this is tower defense like you've never seen it before!

The Universe is in Your Hands - Created exclusively for the iPhone"uf8ea & iPod Touch

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iBomber Defense LITE

By Chillingo Ltd released on: 2010-12-02T03:07:29Z

The world of iBomber has got bigger and better! iBomber Defense LITE give you a tase of the full iBomber Defense game. iBomber Defense Combines classic tower defense gameplay with the intense action and strategy of the original iBomber games. Keep enemies at bay all over the world using a variety of weapons and tactics, from rattling Machine guns, explosive cannons and awesome anti-aircraft artillery!

Choose from Quick play and Campaign modes. Battle across North Africa, Europe and Russia as both the Allied and Axis forces; you must withstand repeated enemy attacks and strategically plan your defenses for a successful campaign. Position your defences and prepare for attack. Destroy your enemies in a hail of bullets and artillery fire!

Use every tool at your disposal to repel the enemy waves. Rewind, Counter Attacks, Turret Damage and High Ground Advantage will all play a part in your eventual victory -or failure! iBomber Defense is the complete entertainment package with hours of action packed game play and deep strategy.

iBomber DefenseLITE features 2 perfectly balanced and challenging levels, the slick and gorgeous graphics means you will really struggle to grow tired of what's on the screen.

Check your scores against players all over the world using Game Center and Crystal leaderboards and achievements!


Watch iBomber Defense and other great Cobra Mobile games in action at:
Follow Cobra Mobile on Twitter at:

Find out more, first!

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Circuit Defenders Lite

By Sector3 Games released on: 2009-02-13T08:00:00Z

Circuit Defenders is a fast paced Tower Defense game where your challenge is to defend computer circuits from attacking virus armies that are infiltrating the circuits via the communications port.

Can you stop the enemy troops from infecting your CPU?

Be careful as some enemies shoot back, requiring you to not only manage upgrade paths for your towers, but manage their health status too!

Circuit Defenders Lite v1.2.2 has the following features:-

- 2 Fun and challenging levels
- 5 Amazing tower types
- Comprehensive tower upgrade attributes
- Fast and intuitive controls
- Game state automatically saved when pressing HOME or if game is interrupted.

What's in the full version?

- 11 Fun and challenging levels
- 8 Fantastic towers
- 4 Additional Challenge Game Modes
- More enemies
- Online High Scores
- Free Updates with more levels, towers and enemies

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BoBo Brother Defence(Tower 4x4)

By Joybean released on: 2010-10-05T02:57:28Z

Merry Christmas! Add Christmas Theme!
The BoBo brother are coming! they are in a tower defence adventure!

BoBo family had four brothers,each BoBo brother has a special ability, use these to your adventure and try to survive as long as you can!
Build these to keep the enemies from reaching the other side. when they do, you lose lives, and you don't want that!
Should pay attention to the tower with and placed.

Very fun game, you must not miss!

1.Innovative TD game mode,you'll love it.
2.Three profile save you game.
3.Local high scores and Global high scores,match with global players.
4. 3 holiday theme.

Plans to add Halloween, Christmas theme, Let's look forward to it.

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Gundead Defense

By Longtail Studios released on: 2010-03-01T10:21:29Z

GUNDEAD DEFENSE - Wild West Zombie Tower Defense

The ONLY MULTIPLAYER Tower Defense Game for the iPhone and iPod touch.

1885. A zombie outbreak is ravaging the Western Frontier. Death is everywhere, but there's plenty of money to steal if you can get to it alive.

Take charge of a gang of outlaws looking to pull a legendary heist in the middle of zombie country.

Not only DEFEND your stronghold, but for the first time ever order your henchmen to ATTACK the zombie base!

- Order henchmen into battle, ranging from speedy scouts to slow burly brawlers.
- Time the waves of your attacks to exploit weaknesses in the zombie defenses.
- Strategically spend funds to boost your men's Speed, Health, and Resistance for the perfect assault.

- Command a posse armed with Six Shooters, Shotguns, Molotov Cocktails, and Gatling Guns to make a stand against those brain-thirsty zombies!
- Upgrade your weapons to inflict even more damage with devastating special attacks.

- Two modes to square off against you friends:
- Head to Head: Play against your friends wirelessly
- Hotseat: Pass and play on a single iPhone or iPod touch

- Quickplay Mode throws you right in the middle of the action!
- Campaign Mode takes you along on a bank heist to hell and back!
- Multiplayer immediately available.
- 7 different maps.
- An edgy art style that soaks the Classic Western in the gore of Zombie Horror.
- Original soundtrack written & performed by the band Tomcat Combat.

- Play as the Zombies! New powers! New strategies!
- 7 additional maps!
- Lead a zombie hoard of Biters, Screamers, Hurlers, and Swarmers to MORE BRAINS!
- Campaign Mode features a storyline from the Zombie perspective!
- Zombie faction unlocked in Multiplayer.

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Ever Defense TD

By Wang Lixiang released on: 2010-04-13T12:14:50Z

Congratulations! The Deluxe version Ever Defense Deluxe was recommended by the editor of 148 apps.

√ What's More in the Deluxe Version:
Locating on small map become easily
Extra mineral deposits bonus is added
Show power taken when builing construction
Added enemy which can only be beat by upgraded tower
Upgraded Towers and location of construction building


The game Ever Defense, in which you must protect the base from being destroyed, is a well-designed TD game with real-time strategy genre. You can collect deposits to increase your energy, in order to build powerful defending towers to guard your homeland. But please note that the construction can only be built within the construction area, and you can build power plants continually to extend the field of control.

If you have any further questions, comments or suggestions, please email to

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Archmage Defense Lite

By CDE released on: 2009-07-30T01:53:19Z

Archmage Defense is a castle defense game with three game modes - easy, normal and hard.

You control a skeleton wizard who is in charge of protecting the skull tower from human invasion. With each human kill of enemy warriors, you gain soul points which can be used to research for new spells or repair your tower.

To send your enemies to their deaths, touch the skull tower and drag a line towards the enemies to send a lightning towards them so that they will be electrified before they reach the skull tower.

Your mana bar will increase similarly like your soul points when the number of enemies you killed increases. However,if more enemies hit on the skull tower, the health bar of the tower will decrease to a point it will be destroyed to ground. Your mission is to prevent that from happening!

After you killed all the enemies on the level, you are given a resting time where you can either upgrade your existing spells or research new spells. You can also exchange all your soul points to repair your skull tower.

Spells to research or upgrade:

- Mana capacity - this is the ability to cast your spells. If you run out of mana, you cannot cast any more spells and your tower will be in danger.

- Chain lightning damage - you can increase your damage of this spell to greater heights.

- Hellfire - a fire from the hell that will burn your enemies to ashes. It works by drawing a circle over the affected area on the screen. The hellfire will ignite and set enemies within the chosen area on fire.

- Frozen Touch - this spell will freeze your enemies and you can increase the duration for which they are frozen to delay time.

It works by double tapping the enemies to freeze them. After being frozen, the enemies cannot move or attack the skull tower.

Addition character to summon:

- Skeleton Archer - He will attack enemies automatically without you touching the screen. You can increase his level in the game to make him stronger by redeeming your soul points to upgrade his level.


- Lightning, Fire and Ice 3 different school of spells
- fully support touchscreen control
- easy and simple gameplay
- 3 different difficulty to choose from
- brilliant spell effects and sounds.
- In App Access to iPod Library

For technical support or any inquiries about the game, please email

Support and Feedback

Our iPhone/iPod Touch Forum is now live, please visit our web site and provide your comments and feedback so that we can improve.


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Grand Defense Free

By Smart Bear Games released on: 2010-10-06T12:34:21Z

If you are a fan of open field Tower Defense games, pick up this game with next Features:

- 3 game modes (easy, normal, hard)
- 85 levels!
- 3 unique towers (which can be upgraded)
- 3 bonuses (Shield, Armageddon, Exchange)
- 9 types of enemies
- Excellent graphics and sound effects
- 2xSpeed mode
- Unlimited time


Video on YouTube (press "Smart Bear Games Web Site" link)

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Worms Defense Lite

By Park Sun-woo released on: 2009-11-25T08:00:00Z

To defeat bugs, you should build various towers and
update them in order to limit of bug's movement.
You can deploy buildings with abilities such as range attack by SSM Tower,
the bug's movement decrease by Ice Tower, stun attack by Electricity Tower, and etc.

< The Explanation of Tower>
Cannon (Cannon Tower): Fast attack to enemy. Also, able to attack the surface and the air too
SSM (Surface to Surface Missile): Launch a long surface range missile. Range Attack
Ice (Ice Tower): Decrease Enemy's movement by Ice Attack. Able to attack in the air, and the surface
Electricity (Electricity Tower): Attack Enemies within range and momentarily disables movement (stun)
(Stun rate increases with level/ Able to attack the surface and the air)
SAM (Surface to Air Missile): Launch Antiaircraft Missile to an enemy which is in the air.
Able to launch Max 3 times at once

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