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MapQuest 4 Mobile

By AOL, Inc. released on: 2009-06-11T07:00:00Z

Why pay for a navigation device when you can get FREE Voice-Guided, Turn-by-Turn Directions right from your iPhone? Plus, you get the same trusted directions that you've come to rely on from Millions of others have already downloaded it, so why not try it?



FREE - MapQuest 4 Mobile is truly a free product - there is no trial period, subscription or upgrade necessary. You get all these capabilities absolutely free!
Voice-Guided/Turn-by-Turn Navigation - Your phone speaks to you, telling you when to make a turn.
Reliable Directions - Directions powered by MapQuest, the trusted source to get you there.
iOS4 Compatible - Make a call or listen to music while MapQuest continues to tell you where to go.
Live Traffic - Extensive coverage that's updated every 5 minutes.
Simplified Search - Look for restaurants, coffee shops, gas stations, etc with 1-click.
Walking & Driving Directions - Choose to walk or drive and we'll give you the best route.
Auto Re-route - If you take a wrong turn, it will automatically adjust your route to get you to your destination.
Energy Savings Settings - If you're low on battery, you can switch to a high savings setting.
Other great features: Multiple stop routes, Landscape view, Customizable avatars and more!

KEYWORDS: Free app, maps, driving directions, navigation, local, traffic, hotels, restaurants, mapquest


REQUIREMENTS: Compatible with iPhone"u00ae and iPod touch"u00ae Requires iOS 3.0 or later. Please Note: GPS features require an iPhone with GPS functionality. Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease
battery life.

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Air Traffic Controller 4.0 Lite

By C3 Software released on: 2009-02-21T08:00:00Z

Control the Whole Sky!

The fate of thousands rests in your hands, as AIR TRAFFIC CONTROLLER, you must routinely make split-second decisions to avert disaster! Are you up to the task?

Lite version features:

- Detailed and stylish graphics for the aesthetically attuned
- Elegant touch interface for nimble fingers
- Restricted to 5 levels
- In-game tutorial
- In-game help

Get the full version for more features:

- Detailed and stylish graphics for the aesthetically attuned
- Elegant touch interface for nimble fingers
- High replay value with 49 levels!
- Internet highscore leaderboards -- can you compete to be the best ATC in the world?
- In-game tutorial
- In-game help
- Various scenarios to entice, entertain and enthrall:
- day levels, snow levels, cloudy levels
- planes catching fire and plane emergencies
- computers crashing
- hurricane winds
- high-speed military planes
- Presidential visits with no-fly-zones
- and more!

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No Traffic Tickets (How to Get Out of a Traffic Ticket!)

By Joe Kwon, Inc released on: 2009-07-17T06:00:57Z

How To Get out of a Traffic Ticket!

From the creators of
"TRUE GHOST STORIES from Around the World" for the iPhone...

Version 2.1 is now here! With more info and "EXCUSES" quiz that helps you get the hang of which excuses work and which excuses don't -- and much more!

Too many traffic tickets and can't afford to get another? Just want to keep your traffic record clean? How to Get Out of a Traffic Ticket tells you what to do (and what not to do) when your need for speed gets the better of you. There's even a Panic Button (I'm being stopped right now!) for quick reference point-by-point do's and don'ts for dealing with the traffic officer.

Too late? Already got a traffic ticket pending? How to Get Out of a Traffic Ticket tells you what to do to keep a traffic conviction off your record.

Speeding tickets, Driving Under the Influence/While Intoxicated, even a special section for commercial truckers. How to Get Out of a Traffic Ticket deals with it all.

How to Get Out of a Traffic Ticket, with quick, clear menu buttons to deal with your particular traffic issue, was written by a 15-year police veteran who wrote thousands of traffic tickets, and who is now a defense attorney actively keeping drivers' records clear of traffic tickets.

Want to get out of a traffic ticket? There's an app for that.

Please provide feedback for this app to ... we'd like to hear from you on how to improve this app for future free upgrades!

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Waze - Social GPS navigation, traffic & road reports

By Waze Inc. released on: 2009-08-01T09:14:40Z

Waze is a free social navigation app that uses real-time traffic updates from drivers nearby to improve your daily commute.

More than just another free voice-guided navigation app, waze's social layer is what truly sets it apart, enabling drivers to work together to get the most relevant traffic information and smartest routing available at any given moment - plus, it actually makes commuting a whole lotta fun!

Just by driving with the app open on your phone you passively contribute traffic and other road data that keeps the map 100% live, but you can also take a more active role by sharing road reports on accidents, police traps, or any other hazards, helping to give other users a heads-up about what's to come.

The benefits of social driving continue with localized driving groups, the ability to ping-a-wazer, and Foursquare, Twitter & Facebook integrations, alongside other cool geo-gaming elements.

And because it's user-generated, the more people who use it, the better (and more addictive) it gets, so join the over 3 million drivers, worldwide, who're contributing to the local driving communities in their areas and hit the road using waze today!

For more information, check out our guided tour:


* Voice-guided, turn-by-turn navigation
* Live crowdsourced traffic information
* Real-time monitoring of road conditions and automatic re-routing as conditions on the road change
* Alternative route options
* Notification when approaching police traps and speed cams
* Learns and personalizes your preferred routes
* Free, community-updated map

* Road reports from nearby drivers - speed cams, police traps, accidents
hazards and more, with the ability to add a photo to your report
* Ability to create or join local driving groups
* See your Facebook friends on the map
* Check in via Foursquare to earn the 'Road Warrior' badge
* Fun avatars to choose from
* Ability to 'ping' other wazers
* Twitter integration to share your road reports
* 'Road goodies' for extra points, scoreboard, plus other cool geo-gaming elements

* Typing disabled while car is in motion
* Voice-alerts when approaching a hazard
* Automatic shut-down after 10 minutes of no movement to preserve battery life

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Traffic Light Changer - Make it Green!

By LoLer Apps released on: 2010-04-14T11:16:24Z

FREE for a limited time only! - Impress your friends!

Use Traffic Light Changer to trigger a preemptive sensor on a traffic light that causes it to change from red to green.

Sometimes called a MIRT (Mobile Infrared Transmitter), these devices are usually given to individuals who operate emergency and police vehicles.

Now YOU can have TOTAL CONTROL of your intersections. Just point and click!

This application is meant for entertainment purposes only.

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View2Road - Traffic Cameras

By Multidomo Networks released on: 2009-04-28T05:40:37Z

You can add your own traffic cameras!

This application will allow you to watch any live cameras from your favourite roads worldwide, anywhere you are, from your iPhone.

1. Select the country of the road
2. Select the road
3. Select the camera

You can zoom the images from the cameras and move to the next camera dragging your finger over the image. You can rotate the screen to view the image enlarged.

New roads and cameras will be added every day. If you miss some road, you may email us to with details of the road.

Enjoy driving, avoid traffic jams.

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Beat the Traffic

By Triangle Software LLC released on: 2009-12-05T05:27:05Z

Beat the Traffic"u00ae is the easiest way to enjoy a hassle-free commute in the USA and Canada.

Quickly check the latest road traffic conditions in your area and discover the best route to take to avoid traffic jams, all for free!


"u2713 NEW! Now with REALSPEEDS technology for an even more complete and accurate picture of what's going on on the roads. With REALSPEEDS you know exactly how fast traffic is moving (or not moving!) on the most traveled roads in your area. Simply tap a 'speed dot' on the map to see the current speed for that location.

"u25ba Features (FREE):

"u2713 Real-time traffic maps showing speeds & incidents
"u2713 GPS displays traffic jams near you.
"u2713 Detailed incidents & roadwork reports.
"u2713 Traffic camera images in over 34 cities.
"u2713 Up to 2 hours traffic predictions.
"u2713 Weather information
"u2713 Grayscale color mode option.
"u2713 Report incidents to other users

----- Additional services ----

"u25ba Get rid of the ads with Beat the Traffic Plus+. Available for $3.99 in the App Store

"u25ba Get more out of Beat the Traffic with a 12 months My Traffic upgrade ($19.95 for 12 months - Try it free for 2 weeks):

My Traffic is a service that personalizes your experience with instant access to your own daily trip times, travel forecasts and traffic cameras. Here's what you get:

"u2713 Create your personal routes on and import them on your iPhone.
"u2713 Know the current drive times for your routes, based on real-time traffic conditions
"u2713 Save and access your favorite traffic cameras, straight from the app.
"u2713 Receive email or text alerts when there is a delay or accident on your route
"u2713 Get traffic forecast for your routes, up to 7 days ahead of time.
"u2713 Get rid of the ads, enjoy beautiful full-screen maps.

Start your 2 weeks free trial today, straight from the app.

** NOTE: My Traffic is an additional service only. There is no requirement to sign up for My Traffic to continue using the free features.


Live traffic cameras are accessible in 33 cities:
New York City, Houston, Atlanta, Toronto, Phoenix, Seattle, San Bernardino, Minneapolis, Denver, Portland, Sacramento, San Antonio, Providence, Nashville, Memphis, Louisville, Hartford, Buffalo, Salt Lake City, Raleigh-Durham, Tucson, Fresno, New Haven, Omaha, Bakersfield, Boise, Chattanooga, Redding, Macon, Beaverton, Chico.


Follow us on Twitter and Facebook for news updates and fun facts:

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By WHERE, Inc. released on: 2009-09-09T09:56:36Z

Take control of your commute with real-time traffic information from the #1 U.S. traffic-only website for online and mobile traffic information.* With the app, you will have the pulse of the road at your fingertips, whenever and wherever you need it.

Real-time, color-coded traffic flow moving maps that can be panned or zoomed to quickly view area traffic congestion or set to GPS mode to move along with you.
Comprehensive incident data that includes accidents, construction, events, weather and congestion.
Unique JamFactor™ calculations to quickly inform you of the severity of traffic delays.
View top traffic hotspots in your city or browse through the list of all nearby roads and road segments to drill down to the locations that matter the most.
Save your favorite roads and road segments for quick access through the traffic dashboard.
MyTraffic™ personalized drives that are synced with the website ( to allow you to view customized routes that you created and saved online.
Mass transit data from local transportation departments.
Location-enabled discount offers from relevant and trusted merchants.

*SOURCE: 2009 April comScore Media Metrix

To enjoy an ad-free experience search the app store for " Pro"

The traffic data comes from GPS probe devices, commercial and government partners, center staff members, and a proprietary network of 1,000 digital traffic sensors, creating the most comprehensive traffic data available. Sensor networks update real time speed and volume information every few minutes and incident information is updated continuously throughout the day by local traffic operations staff.

It's possible that there's not enough live data available at a given time to accurately determine current travel times. When that happens we rely on our extensive database of historical traffic data to determine the most probable traffic conditions.

Traffic can change quickly and we recommend that you get the latest before you head out the door and on a long drive. You might want to check again on your mobile device before you get to areas that generally have heavy traffic. For more information, please visit

ABOUT TRAFFIC COVERAGE currently delivers real-time traffic information for the following U.S. cities (within a 50 mile radius): Albany, Atlanta, Austin, Baltimore, Birmingham, Boston, Charlotte, Chicago, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Columbus, Dallas - Ft. Worth, Denver, Detroit, Fort Meyers, Greensboro, Hartford, Houston, Indianapolis, Jacksonville, Kansas City, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Louisville, Miami, Milwaukee, Minneapolis-St. Paul, Nashville, New Orleans, New York, Norfolk, Oklahoma City, Orlando, Philadelphia, Phoenix, Pittsburgh, Portland, Providence, Raleigh-Durham, Richmond, San Francisco Bay Area, Sacramento, Salt Lake City, San Antonio, San Diego, Seattle, St. Louis, Tampa Bay, Tucson, Tulsa, Washington, and West Palm Beach.

Who is WHERE?
WHERE"u00ae connects people to the world around them with local information such as news, weather, cheap gas, restaurant reviews, and the ability to network with friends. You can download WHERE for FREE from the Navigation category of the App Store.

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INRIX Traffic - Leading real-time traffic service provider

By INRIX, Inc. released on: 2009-07-30T05:12:39Z

INRIX Traffic offers traffic coverage throughout North America and multiple countries across Europe. Watch as additional countries and languages are added as the data collection and traffic continues to grow.

Winner of MacWorld 2010 Best of Show, INRIX Traffic is a FREE app that puts the power of real-time traffic and traffic forecasts right in your hand. What's the best way to go right now? When do I need to leave so I arrive on time? INRIX Traffic can help.

"I recommend this app to anyone who hates being stuck in traffic." - iPhone Apps Finder

"Once you load this app, your traffic intelligence gathering capabilities skyrocket." - Mac|Life

"INRIX is the leading provider of traffic information in North America" - Car and Driver

- Avoid time-wasting delays with real-time traffic information you can rely on thanks to the largest traffic network in the world.

- Access information about potential traffic-causing delays such as accidents, construction, local concerts and sporting events.

- Better plan your trips with traffic forecasts based on sophisticated analysis of all the factors that impact travel times on the roads you care about.

- Share accident, construction and speed trap alerts with other commuters in real-time.

Available via in-app purchase, INRIX Traffic Pro eliminates the guesswork on your daily commute with the fastest route, best time to leave and ETA for any destination. See directly how weather and accidents are impacting conditions along your route with real-time images from our nationwide network of over 10,000 traffic cameras.

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Traffic Panic

By Neon Play released on: 2011-02-03T12:52:38Z

Keep the traffic flowing, avoid huge car crashes and see how high you can get up the global leaderboard in this totally addictive game.

Earn FREE COINS in this game to buy more levels and power-ups, including Nitro, SLOW, Bikes, x2 and 911.

There are now two game options, choose between "u2018Classic Panic' and "u2018Timed Panic'

Crossing Chaos & Midnight Mayhem difficulty levels have been reduced

New score updates! Find out the highest score of the day, week and of all time.

Traffic Panic now works on iOS 3.0+ devices

There are five more exciting levels to be unlocked by earning coins through playing the game. Or via in-app purchase. Traffic Panic also features Game Center for daily, weekly and all-time leaderboards.

From the game studio that brought youApple's 10,000,000,000th downloaded app, Paper Glider. PlusFlick Football, Hotshot Pool, Golf Putt Pro and Talking Baby.

Follow Traffic Panic for promo codes, tips, friends and the latest news:

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Aces Traffic Pack Classic

By Concrete Software, Inc. released on: 2010-09-30T07:52:10Z

Honk! Honk! You're trapped - strategically maneuver cars around parking lots & traffic jams to set your car free!

Aces Traffic Pack contains 80 puzzles! Test your strategic thinking with varying traffic puzzle difficulties, maneuver your car and others around parking lots and traffic jams to set your car free! Make sure to watch out for objects such as potholes and rocks that we've placed in areas to increase your problem-solving skills!

The amazing graphics and realistic sound effects dazzle the eyes and ears while the puzzle challenges your mind. The online high scores and statistic tracking adds a competitive element so you can compete against yourself or challenge a friend to beat your best time or lowest move count.

"u2666"u2666"u2666 FEATURES"u2666"u2666"u2666

80 puzzles of increasing difficulty.
Supported by ads.
Any in-app purchase removes ads.
Additional puzzle packs can be purchased.
Immoveable objects, such as rocks, corners and potholes, to test your brain and increase difficulty.
Vibrant and attractive graphics.
Fun sound effects.
Play each pack straight through or select any puzzle using "Choose Puzzle" option.
Unlimited amount of undo and redo moves!
Records the best time, lowest move count, and how many undo and redo moves.
Automatically tracks your statistics, including how many moves made in each puzzle and how much time it takes to complete.
Tutorial Mode available to get you started.

"u2666"u2666"u2666 SUPPORT "u2666"u2666"u2666

Concrete Software is dedicated to providing you with quality apps- including support. Please visit our support forums at for help, suggestions or feedback.

"u2666"u2666"u2666 MORE GAMES "u2666"u2666"u2666

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Traffic Dodge

By PixelCUBE Studios released on: 2011-02-03T04:03:52Z

Play as a Cheeko the Chicken that's stranded on a busy street with tons of oncoming traffic! Dodge the vehicles as they rush towards and keep playing to unlock new vehicles and power ups!


- 28 Unique Vehicles!
- 6 Power Ups!
- 3 Unique Bosses!
- Dynamic Day/Night themes!
- GameCenter achievements!
- GameCenter leaderboards!
- Retina Graphics!
- Unlockable vehicles and power ups!
- Custom soundtrack!
- Fun and simple graphics!

We will be releasing new updates and "vehicle packs" every 2 weeks! These new updates will provide you with even more unlockable content including vehicles, power ups, bosses and more!

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Finger Traffic Navigator, Line Drawing Game

By Redbot Software Inc released on: 2009-08-26T12:22:14Z

***3 Day Sale!*** How to play: NAVIGATE the flow of TRAFFIC with your FINGER.
* * * * * Review:
"Absolutely amazing... Download this game now" - AppStore review by dominator246.

"The game is really fun nice job!" -TouchArcade Forum member.

"100% fun... this game is an awesome time killer when you are looking for something quick and fun... has my approval! 9/10..." AppStore review by make_waffles_not_war_.


***Note: This update has fixed all previous known bugs, problems and issues with older (slower) devices.

Simple to play, hard to put down, line drawing game!

It gets more and more difficult as more cars come into the intersection.

Features bonus stars: Run over the corresponding star to get an extra bonus point. But don't run over the wrong color star, it will deduct points!

You can crash, it's okay, the Accident Indicator on the bottom left will turn yellow, but then red to end the game. (But if you navigate a few cars successfully this will go back to green again.)

If you enjoy games such as Flight Control, and Harbor Master, you have to try FINGER TRAFFIC NAVIGATOR!!!


-Easy Finger Control.

-Different types of vehicles that move at various speeds.

-Bonus Police car, all traffic stops until it leaves!

-Bonus Stars, earn more points!

-Earn your drivers license.

-Keeps track of high score.

-Accident Indicator, turns traffic light colors when you crash.

-Fun effects and sounds.

-Amazing (3D rendered) graphics.

Comments? Questions?
Email The Big Redbot at:

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California Traffic Report

By University Of California, San Diego (Calit2) released on: 2009-02-07T07:33:12Z

If you do not want personalized traffic reports, simply download the app and click on the "Guest" button when you start the app.

If you want personalized traffic reports, please sign up for free at and add your commute information. We recommend that you sign up using a Mac or PC, but it's not mandatory.

We get our traffic data from Caltrans and only cover regions for which Caltrans has traffic information.

Supported regions:
- LA (Los Angeles), Orange County, Riverside & San Bernardino
- San Diego
- Limited coverage of Bay Area (San Francisco, Silicon Valley)

The app delivers personalized real time traffic reports including:
- Commute time based on current traffic conditions
- Traffic speeds and congestion
- Traffic maps

The following features can be accessed via
- SMS Alerts
- Daily Traffic Reports via SMS & email
- Best time to commute
- Traffic cam & accident and jam

Works on iTouch over wifi.

Send feedback to

Coverage: Los Angles Airport Hollywood Beverly Hills Inglewood Long Beach Malibu Venice Irvine OC Anaheim Santa Monica Bayarea Cupertino Sunnyvale Oakland Palo Alto Los Altos Fremont San Jose Silicon valley La Jolla Del Mar Chula Vista Carlsbad Encinitas Oceanside

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Traffic Rush Hour

By Vivian Aranha released on: 2010-05-26T10:58:20Z

Tap Tap Traffic Rush Hour - Tap the front or back of the cars to move the cars - Its not a slide puzzle.

Jump you car out of the traffic by moving the traffic and getting your car out of the block through the exit.

You can move the cars around by touching them and they will take the next available spot which will help you move your car out of the rush. Try to get your car out in as less moves as possible.

Have Fun

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Traffic Control Lite

By Atinco released on: 2009-12-16T08:07:48Z

The Miami traffic control system is under a terrorist attack and has been rendered inoperable by a virus.

You must take control of the lights and regulate traffic. Each car that goes through the light without colliding with other cars adds points to your score. Each stage has a m"u00ednimum number of points and a m"u00e1ximum time limit. You must achieve those points within the time limit.

Enjoy more than 25 different stages (in full version... Lite version: 1 stage) with different lanes, bridges, traffic lights that control several lanes, trucks, police cars, ambulances, motorcycles and sports cars that will certainly raise your heartbeat.

In the Full Version, for each level that you complete, you will get a unique gift from the Miami City mayor. If you complete all the levels, you will get a huge surprise!!!!

Oh!! and don't forget to update the points you get. You will be in the world ranking players if you are one of the best ones. All of your friends will be able to see how good you are.

Show who can control Miami!!! Don"u00b4t wait more and be the first!!!

Music composed by Mike Weiser,

Read Full Review Mobile. Seattle-area news, weather, traffic & sports

By LSN, inc. released on: 2009-12-08T02:01:43Z

Check out Mobile. Seattle-area news, weather, traffic & sports, the best way to get your local news, weather, sports and other content. We provide our news content, formatted to fit the iPhone screen, along with the videos and slideshows that go with the stories.

We have a lot of great content. Here is some of what our app has to offer:

* We time stamp news to help you get a sense of the timeliness
* Our sports scores are updated during the games to keep you up-to-date
* Weather radar and animated radar help you to see what is going on and what is coming up
* We've got news video and slideshows to give you an eye on your world
* Horoscope, lottery and loval movie times entertain and inform
* Flight tracker helps you to find your flight and keep up with any changes

We strive to provide you with the best in local news and info, so check out our app and watch for updates as we make it even better.

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Cincinnati.Com's CincyMobile (FREE Local News, ...

By released on: 2009-01-13T12:30:06Z

The mobile version of Cincinnati.Com, CincyMobile offers a quick, clean and crisp interface to access the most important news and events happening around the city of Cincinnati and the Tri-state area.

CincyMobile features the latest local news, sports, business, entertainment and classifieds from the Cincinnati.Com Network, home of 63 local and national brands including The Enquirer, 26 weekly newspapers and three local magazines.

Content available -- free -- includes the latest headlines, sports, entertainment, business, weather, traffic and more.

If you have questions, suggestions or requests, feel free to contact us at mail [at] cincinnati [dot] com and/or to visit us at Cincinnati.Com.

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Pgh Traffic

By Uwe Meier released on: 2009-02-03T07:10:39Z

This applications brings easy access to the traffic web cams in Pittsburgh (district pendot11). You can select from the map view in the main screen a camera just by touching the pin. The camera picture is shown below the map. You can double tap the image to reload the image or slide your finger on it to the left or right to show the next camera along the road. If the application starts up, it checks your current location and automatically selects the closest camera for you.
You can also select a camera by name from a list of all cameras. Cameras you access very often you can bookmark for a quick access. The application also supports searching that list or any address in the Pittsburgh area. When you search for an address, the closest camera to that address will be displayed.

ATTENTION: There are problems on some devices running 4.0.x - if you are experiencing crashes on startup, please update to iOS 4.1. My apologies for any inconvenience.

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There are more than 300,000 iphone/ipad apps for just about any category you can think of including Traffic you looking for.

We belive for every paid Traffic app out there there is a equivalent free Traffic app that can be downloaded from itunes free of charge. If you do not like that app you can always uninstall it without paying for it or worring about losing the money you paid for app you do not use.

Try out the free Traffic apps to see if you like it before purchasing the more expensive versions of it.
- There are thousands of iphone developers daily release free iphone apps.
- Explore different Traffic apps with free iphone apps and see if you like it before you pay for it.
- Just like trial software for non mobile operating systems, free iphone Traffic apps let you explore similar tools before you purchase the more expensive version.
- For those of you looking for particular Traffic app specific to a professional decipline search apps by Apps Popular Among Professions.

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