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By Transportation Security Administration released on: 2010-06-30T05:09:53Z

"My TSA" gives you 24/7 access to information that passengers frequently request from the Transportation Security Administration (TSA).

"My TSA" provides real-time operating status for U.S. airports from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA); a tool to find out if an item is allowed in your carry-on or checked baggage; information on ID requirements, liquids rules, and tips for packing and dressing to speed through security.

With MyTSA, from the Transportation Security Administration, you can:

+ Check approximate wait times at TSA security checkpoints at the airport of your choice and add your own wait time for other to see.
+ Quickly search whether you can bring items with you through the checkpoint onto the airplane.
+ Consult the TSA Guide on how to prepare for and get through the security checkpoint quickly.
+ See airport delay information for airports nationwide -- and see how long are the delays.
+ Provide immediate feedback to TSA concerning your checkpoint experience.

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By Washington State Department of Transportation released on: 2010-08-28T08:14:49Z

The WSDOT iPhone app contains traffic and travel information for the state of Washington. The app includes statewide traffic cameras and high priority travel alerts, mountain pass reports, northbound Canadian border wait times, ferry schedules and alerts as well as real time ferry locations.

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511NY Mobile App

By New York State Department of Transportation released on: 2011-01-18T08:13:30Z

511NY is New York State's official traffic and travel information source. The 511NY app provides statewide real-time traffic and transit information for all of New York State. The app also offers a transit trip planner, camera views, as well as weather alerts and forecasts.

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CDTA iRide

By CDTA - Capital District Transportation Authority released on: 2009-09-15T07:00:00Z

CDTA iRide on your iPhone makes getting around on CDTA buses a breeze. This trip planner covers bus service in Albany, Schenectady, Troy and Saratoga Counties in New York.

CDTA iRide features:
- a bus system trip planner
- scheduled arrival data
- system advisories
- system and area maps
- location of nearest bus stops
- search for bus stops
- browsing stops by route
- CDTA phone numbers and links

CDTA iRide plans your trip, calculates fares, finds nearby stops, and shows scheduled arrivals. Never worry about what bus to take when you need to get around!

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FedEx Mobile for iPhone

By FedEx released on: 2009-02-15T08:00:00Z

FedEx Mobile for iPhone provides up-to-date shipment tracking information. Simply input your FedEx tracking number and you can quickly retrieve the status of your shipment. You can also personalize your view by nicknaming shipments, adding notes or creating a watch list for monitoring important shipments. Shipments that you've sent using FedEx Ship Manager"u00ae, added to My FedEx"u00ae or tracked with FedEx Desktop may also be viewed and managed via your iPhone. We'll even let you know if select delivery exceptions have occurred.

FedEx Mobile for iPhone also provides direct links to our Web site that is specially tailored to work with your iPhone. You'll be able to:

- Create a shipping label while you are on-site helping a client.
- Access your Address Book.
- Get a rate quote easily and quickly.
- Sign up for shipment notifications.
- Find the nearest FedEx Office Print & Ship Centers,SM FedEx World Service Center"u00ae locations, FedEx OfficeSM Ship Centers, FedEx Authorized ShipCenter"u00ae locations or FedEx Express"u00ae Drop Boxes.
- Provide feedback to FedEx.

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Taxi Magic

By RideCharge, Inc. released on: 2008-12-08T09:27:45Z

Free electronic taxi booking nationwide with the award-winning Taxi Magic app.

Taxi Magic is revolutionizing the taxi industry with the first online taxi booking service directly integrated into taxi dispatch systems, so no phone call is needed.

- Find taxis based on your location.
- Book a taxi in a few quick taps.
- Track the arrival of your taxi through dispatch updates and a map view.
- Charge the ride to your credit card.
- Expense the trip with an e-receipt.

Recent top app awards include CNET, Wired, Business Insider, and SFWeekly.

"u2018Magic Booking' is available with 65 leading taxi fleets in over 40 major U.S. cities, with tap-to-call fleets in 4,000 U.S. and Canadian cities.

Atlanta | Austin | Baltimore | Boston | Charlotte | Chicago | Dallas | Denver | Kansas City | Los Angeles | Memphis | Minneapolis | Nashville | Orange Co. | Pittsburgh | Phoenix | Portland | Sacramento | San Antonio | San Diego | San Francisco | San Jose/Silicon Valley | Seattle | St. Louis | Washington DC Area

The Taxi Magic app and booking service are free. If you want to pay for the taxi ride with a credit card through the app and receive an e-receipt there is a $1.50 documentation charge.

Whether traveling to a new city or out on the town at home, Taxi Magic is the essential taxi application.

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iBART (Free)

By Pandav released on: 2008-08-22T07:02:35Z

"A thing of beauty" — The Atlantic Monthly

"iBART is the best transportation-related iPhone application I've seen" — LA Times


iBART is a transit application for the Bay Area Rapid Transit system. It is essential to all BART riders — from the occasional to the daily, the tourist to the commuter.

It includes:
- A trip planner (no internet required)
- Station information
- Scheduled arrivals
- A handsome multi-touch BART map
- Service advisories


Feedback is greatly appreciated at

Note: iBART and iBART Live are not funded by or directly affiliated with Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART). These applications were made by two Bay Area natives who wanted to make BART easier to use for all riders.

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Hertz Car Rental

By The Hertz Corporation released on: 2010-01-28T06:11:49Z

Need a rental car reservation fast? Or have a reservation and need to make a change? Hertz provides speed, savings, and selection at your fingertips. Save time reserving your car with favorite locations plus look for nearby Hertz locations. Save your Hertz #1 Club Member Number and have it added to all of your Hertz reservations. Enjoy special Hertz deals for iPhone users - there are new Special Deals every week! Wherever you are, a Hertz rental car is not too far away - use the location proximity search to find Hertz in your neighborhood. Be sure to enjoy your journey - start with Hertz - we give you all the benefits of car rental in the palm of your hand.

Not Available for iPod Touch.

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VehiCal - Car Expense Management

By Red Cube released on: 2008-10-10T03:05:24Z

VehiCal makes it easy to record and manage vehicle mileage and expenses for personal and business use. Track fuel consumption information, including fuel economy, gas prices, and pump totals, as well as vehicle expenses with customizable lists such as repairs, highway tolls, and parking costs. This provides you with comprehensive information of your vehicle's operational costs and can help you keep tabs on fuel efficiency and keeping your vehicle well maintained. VehiCal's flexible calculations give you a controlled view of your vehicles fuel consumption which is increasingly important as fuel costs continue to rise.

Maximize potential tax reductions by keeping convenient records of business and personal trip mileage with customizable categories and notes. Email yourself and your accountant selected entries of your choosing based on date, type, cost, etc. in HTML or CSV (text) formats. The CSV format option can be used in all spreadsheet applications while the HTML format option provides a rich table of your selected data.

VehiCal's interactive lists allow you to sort data by touching column headers and select which entries to include in your calculations by using the calculation bar. Sort and select entries by specific dates or categories giving you a touchable spread sheet in the palm of your hand. Track fuel economy information on pump entries of your choosing so that results aren't skewed if you forget to input an entry. Supports all relevant unit conversions in real time so unit settings can be changed on the fly. Experience VehiCal's innovative design today!

-Supports multiple vehicles
-Calculates: fuel economy, average gas price, total gas cost, vehicle expenses, trip distances, and more....
-Features interactive tables where specific entries can be selected, grouped, and sorted for flexible calculations
-Email selected data entries in HTML or CSV (spreadsheet) formats
-Supports all relevant units and fuel economy standards (MPG, L/100km, km/L, km/Gallon; US & Imperial)
-Change units in real time when traveling to different regional areas
-Take photos or use saved pictures of your vehicle for customization
-See a summary view of your vehicle's stats while scrolling through multiple vehicles

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By metaio, Inc. released on: 2009-11-10T11:35:49Z

***Please note that junaio 2.5 requires at least an iPhone 3GS to work

We welcome your feedback at

junaio"u00ae is the most advanced mobile augmented reality browser, a mobile companion and instant source of information about places, events or bargains. What's on at the movies, where is the nearest cash dispenser, taxi stand or subway station? The best steak in town, or the hottest show? Finding your way inside exhibitions, getting added information on products, ads or news articles. This and more at your finger tips with junaio"u00ae, your mobile companion.

*** Please note that junaio 2.5 requires at least an iPhone 3GS to work ***

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Ride DC Metro

By Pandav released on: 2010-05-10T07:00:00Z

Ride DC Metro is a transit application for the Washington DC Metro system. It is essential to all Metro riders — from the occasional to the daily, the tourist to the commuter.

It includes:
- A trip planner (no internet required)
- Station information
- Scheduled arrivals
- A handsome multi-touch DC Metro map
- Service advisories


Feedback is greatly appreciated at

Note: Ride DC Metro is not funded by or directly affiliated with DC Metro or the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority. These applications were made by three public transit riders who wanted to make the DC Metro easier to use for all riders.

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By UberCab released on: 2010-05-21T03:11:23Z

by Uber Inc.



Uber is an on-demand request tool for a private driver. Request from anywhere, convenient and stylish rides, with a hassle free (no cash) payment system.

How it works:

1) Set your location
2) Send your request
3) Hop in your car
4) Hop out at your destination
5) Rate your driver
*payment happens on the backend with your card on file.

Not a member? Sign up in the app by clicking the register button.

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By Daniel Choi released on: 2009-10-29T07:12:55Z

This free application gives you daily Boston MBTA bus, commuter rail, subway, and boat real time and schedule information, in convenient color-coded map and table formats.

This app requires access to a WiFi or cell network.

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You the Man

By New York City Department of Transportation released on: 2010-08-31T12:00:24Z

You the Man is a handy tool that makes it easy to calculate your Blood Alcohol Content, along with a some other handy features. Stayed out a little long and want to call a cab? You the Man's got you covered — you can be on the phone with the nearest car service with just two taps. Play Spin the Bottle to pick tonight's designated driver, and send a shout out on Twitter to thank your responsible friend!

Best of all, it's absolutely free, and works on an iPod touch if that the sort of thing you're into.

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Transporter: Real-time Public Transit Designed for the Bay Area

By transporter released on: 2010-05-28T04:53:53Z

Transporter is an award-winning public transit app designed specifically for San Francisco and East Bay riders.

It supports: "u2713 SF MUNI, "u2713 BART "u2713 AC Transit

Transporter supports many features you might find in other apps, like finding out real-time arrivals of the buses and trains you ride. But, once you're on board Transporter lets you find out when you'll arrive at your destination!

Say you're standing at a stop and want to know when the next bus is coming. All it takes is two taps to find that out. Once you're on your way, it only takes a tap to see all the upcoming stops and when you'll arrive at any of them.

Transporter also lets you save the lines and stops you use most so you can see all your transit options at a glance.

These are just a few of the many thoughtful features that make Transporter the best public transit app for the Bay Area.

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Transportation Sounds

By SMART WIRE LLC released on: 2009-05-23T07:48:59Z

Transportation Sounds put a collection of vehicles on your mobile device. Sounds from aeroplane passing by to a train coming into station.

Sounds Include:
- Aeroplane Pass By
- Airboat Startup
- Blimp Engine
- Jet Ski Pass By
- Motorcycle Cruising
- Motorcycle Rev Up
- Subway Ambiance
- Train Bell
- Train Into Station
- Truck
- Truck Brake Release
- more to come

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Istanbul Transportation Guide

By Aradiom released on: 2010-04-01T10:59:04Z

Istanbul Transportation Guide provides information for tourists to Istanbul. Spread over two continents
and divided by the Bosphorus Strait, the city is notoriously difficult to navigate. Istanbul's public
transportation system is a mind-boggling mix of ferries, buses, trams, and subways that even locals
have trouble with. Schedules are hard to find, and are largely unavailable in English.
Istanbul Transportation Guide is a simple, easy to use application for travelers. The app allows tourists
to see schedules and locations for the public transportation system. Bus stops, ferry ports, tram, and
metro stops are all included. Istanbul Transportation Guide provides all necessary information in
English, and distills it into an easy to understand format. Tourists can use the guide to fully take
advantage of their time in an amazing city that sits on the crossroad of Europe and the Middle East.

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WordCard (Transportation)

By Guho Choi released on: 2009-02-27T02:02:44Z

Introducing WordCard Transportation edition.

"ub9d0"uc744 "uc2dc"uc791"ud558"uae30 "uc2dc"uc791"ud558"ub294 "uc544"uc774"ub4e4"uc744 "uc704"ud55c "ub0b1"ub9d0"ub180"uc774 app "uc785"ub2c8"ub2e4.

"uc774 App"uc740 "uc774"ub3d9"uc218"ub2e8"uc5d0 "ub300"ud574 "uc544"uc774"ub4e4"uc774 "uc775"ud790 "uc218 "uc788"uac8c "ud569"ub2c8"ub2e4.

"uc774 App"uc73c"ub85c"ub294 "uc774"ub3d9"uc218"ub2e8"ub9cc "uc775"ud790 "uc218 "uc788"uc2b5"ub2c8"ub2e4.

WordCard"uc640 "ud568"uaed8 "uc544"uc774"ub4e4"uc774 "ubb34"ub7ed"ubb34"ub7ed "ub611"ub611"ud55c "uc544"uc774"ub85c "uc790"ub790"uc73c"uba74 "uc88b"uaca0"uc2b5"ub2c8"ub2e4.


TIP : "uc606"uc5d0"uc11c "ubcf4"ud638"uc790"uac00 "ud568"uaed8 "ud574"uc8fc"uc138"uc694.

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GobiCab - easy taxi sharing!

By CeilingHouse released on: 2011-03-03T08:00:00Z

GobiCab is the simplest way to share a cab using your iPhone. Just tell it where you are going and it matches you with similar riders magically.

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By Cubic Transportation Systems Deutschland GmbH released on: 2010-08-01T07:00:00Z

The RMV application: RMV tickets and timetables

Easy ticket purchase with the RMV-HandyTicket:
Buy your RMV ticket easy and fast with your iPhone (Registration at no charge required under!

Timetable information with real-time information:
The RMV application offers you dynamic timetable information and departure schedules.

Localization via GPS data:
Use the GPS module of your iPhone and avoid the entry of the place of location.

Your favorites:
Save your most important connections to get the required tickets in no time at all.

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LimoRes Car & Taxi Service

By LimoRes Inc released on: 2009-12-05T06:04:05Z

** We are excited to tell you about our newest app called GroundLink. It is a huge improvement over the current version - please do a search for "GroundLink" and download it now. Please send any feedback to - thank you for all the support and suggestions. **

Trouble hailing a cab after a long flight? Rushing to the airport and can't find a taxi? Had a few too many and need a ride?

Your worries are over with the new LimoRes iPhone app. Book instant car service for a few bucks more than a taxi or indulge yourself with a limo ride anywhere you need to go worldwide!

Receive instant price quotes to most destinations worldwide with a click of a button. You can book vehicles for any occasion including a Town Car, Hybrid, SUV or even a Super Stretch Limo. With the new LimoRes iPhone app it's that simple, see for yourself!

Here's a suggestion on making your iPhone reservation even faster: Go to and open a free account, we'll store all your information for your next trip with us. So try LimoRes iPhone app and let us do the driving!

Who is LimoRes?

LimoRes is a global leader in transportation services, providing quality car and limo service worldwide. Using state of the art technology and established relationships with more than 11,000 vendors globally, we are enabling users to quickly and easily find, price, reserve and pay for car and limo services, anywhere.

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There are more than 300,000 iphone/ipad apps for just about any category you can think of including Transportation you looking for.

We belive for every paid Transportation app out there there is a equivalent free Transportation app that can be downloaded from itunes free of charge. If you do not like that app you can always uninstall it without paying for it or worring about losing the money you paid for app you do not use.

Try out the free Transportation apps to see if you like it before purchasing the more expensive versions of it.
- There are thousands of iphone developers daily release free iphone apps.
- Explore different Transportation apps with free iphone apps and see if you like it before you pay for it.
- Just like trial software for non mobile operating systems, free iphone Transportation apps let you explore similar tools before you purchase the more expensive version.
- For those of you looking for particular Transportation app specific to a professional decipline search apps by Apps Popular Among Professions.

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