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Trip Journal Free

By iQapps released on: 2010-12-29T08:00:00Z


If you like this application please buy the full version! The Free version is limited to a number of 3 Trips.

Trip Journal is the #1 Travel Application with the best trip tracking, recording, documenting and sharing features currently available for the iPhone.

Trip Journal allows you to document vacation experiences and share them with your friends and family. Impress everybody with real time updates from the visited destinations and let people see proof of your latest adventures, as your journey unfolds.




GPS route tracking - one of the most accurate tracking solutions available
Record and administrate waypoints for visited destinations (automatic and manual positioning)
Location automatically taken for all waypoints if available (Country, City, Address)
Geo-tagged photos and video
Photos and videos taken with Trip Journal are also saved in the iPhone Photo Gallery, at full camera resolution.
2 Quality options for recorded video
Add Gallery Photos and Video to previously created waypoints.
Photo & Video Comments
Write notes in the journal to describe your vacation experiences.
Past trip management, multiple trip management



Map View - real time tracking, browse trip photos, videos and waypoints on the map, user friendly map controls, map options available.
Open Maps
Trip Archive - store as many trips as you like in the archive, browse them at any time and share your memories with your friends and family.
Browse media, notes and waypoints
Real time trip stats



With Google Earth integration, Trip Journal allows friends and family to easily see your traveling routes, waypoints for visited locations, photos, videos, comments and blog entries. Trip stats such as distance, time and geography traveled are also documented in real-time, all viewable through Trip Journal's exquisite Google Earth Export.

Our Brand new Facebook application allows sharing trips with your friends and family, while you are having fun vacationing. A must have for all travelers who want to stay in touch with those at home. Unique design and functionality!

Trip Journal is also integrated with the following social networks and sharing portals

Twitter (GPS Tweeting and more)


Based on an innovative concept and featuring a unique set of features, with the most exquisite design and UI effects, Trip Journal is the perfect travel companion for your journeys.




Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.

Trip Journal runs on the iPad and on iPod touch, but it is not specifically designed for these devices. Location features (Track Route, Geo-tagging and Maps) are available only in Wi-Fi spots. You can add pictures and videos to your trips from the Photo Library.

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My Vacation Lite

By Jasper Apps released on: 2010-04-29T07:00:00Z

My Vacation Lite app for iPhone - a complete travelogue in the palm of your hand.

Are you planning your next trip? My Vacation will let you plan and document your travels with one easy-to-use app - and create an instant photo album, too.

Already featured in the App Store across the world, the app has also been picked as "Best App for Sharing Adventures" by O'Reilly's Best iPhone Apps book.

- Plan activities and what to pack before the vacation.
- Create a travel journal containing photos, maps, journals and audio recordings.
- Interactively follow a playback of the trip
- Send journal to email, or view on your computer.

By letting you organize your photos and videos as you go along, it creates a complete record of your vacations - and lets you share it with your friends and family at the click of a button.

If you want to see for yourself what the app looks like check out the demo on Youtube:

In-app upgrade to full version available which features:

- Shoot movies (on iPhone 3GS / 4)
- Send journals and photos to Dropbox, Facebook, Blogger, Wordpress and Flickr.
- Tweet your favourite photos.
- Create virtual postcards
- Store multiple vacations (Lite version limited to one vacation of up to 15 photos)


Compatible with iPod Touch and iPhone. iPhone 3GS / 4 users can also capture and export movies. iPod Touch users can use the app too, but to add photos you need to import these from the iPod photos album.

For more information about My Vacation please visit

For news follow:
Twitter -
Facebook -

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Off Exploring - Travel Blog / Travel Journal

By Off Exploring Ltd released on: 2010-06-01T07:00:25Z

Off Exploring - the FREE online travel blog - is now available on your iPhone!

*** WINNER: Best Mobile Travel Application, Travolution Awards 2010 ***

Share your travel experiences and keep in touch with friends & family, with your own free online blog.

As you travel, update your blog - even while offline - and sync when you next have an internet connection. And with free Wi-Fi available in loads of places worldwide this should cost you nothing.

You get your own free web address that friends & family can visit to see what a great time you're having, and leave comments. The signup process is quick & simple and available directly within the app, or just log in if you already have an Off Exploring account.

Download Off Exploring and get all this for FREE:

- Unlimited blog entries & locations
- Unlimited photo uploads
- Additional library of great stock photos to choose from
- Geo-tag posts with your current location
- Permanent record of your trip
- Book hostels and budget accommodation from within the app

Sounds good? Get Off Exploring FREE and start your adventure now!

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By released on: 2010-03-13T09:47:37Z

Keep log of your trip events and visits: locations, dates, pictures, descriptions.

Share them with your friends by email or Facebook.

Are you the kind of person who plans in advance the places to visit? Create the list of events with names, location and planed date. Then update the information as you visit those places with pictures and comments.

Do you need to create many entries with same date, title and location? Speed entry allows you create a new event with same title, date and location of latest created event. You can chose the information to be copied.

To set location on a map, you will need Internet connection (cellular data or WiFi). iTripBook keeps a local offline copy of the map, so you will always have the map in hand, even if you don't have internet.

The local copy of maps are to improve performance and handy use when no internet connection is available. They are not shared outside the application. Instead, when sharing information with friends, a link to Google maps is provided.

The use of Google Maps and Facebook services by iTripBook in any manner implies a relationship or affiliation with, sponsorship, or endorsement of those companies.

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TravelTrac Lite

By TravelTrac LLC released on: 2009-09-25T03:52:33Z

TravelTrac - the #1 "Must Have" App for Multimedia Travel Sharing

Share your trip and travel adventures with friends, family, or fellow enthusiasts "as they happen" from anywhere on the globe. This simple and easy iPhone App feeds your GPS position, travel journal entries, photos, and videos to TravelTrac's web hosting services and custom content creation tools generating a dynamic online multimedia travelogue.


More robust than any travel blog, your iPhone submitted content auto-formats comprehensive expedition style web pages to share your trip and travel adventures while integrating personal Google Maps, photo slideshows features with geotagging, and video components into one dynamic online multimedia presentation.

TravelTrac's user controlled content tools allow you to create and post search engine optimized public trips to the world at large, restrict access to select friends with password protected viewing, or simply keep a private record of your travel adventures. The choice is yours. Import iPhone contacts or a webmail address book of friends and TravelTrac will notify your contacts automatically as updates are made allowing them participate in your adventures "as they happen".


Register and create an account. Add as many trips as you like incorporating location reports, travel journal entries, photos, and video from your iPhone.

TravelTrac's "Offline Mode" works even when phone or wireless service is unavailable at your destination. Add a trip "on the fly" from anywhere and once a connection is re-establish your content uploads automatically upon re-launching the App. "Drop off the Grid, but Stay on the Map" and share your travel experiences with friends from anywhere on the globe. Choose to submit your content using WIFI and save on expensive worldwide roaming charges.

Post to any of TravelTrac's travel sharing domains: - for sharing car, truck, motorcycle, RV and off road trips - for sharing land based tours or travel adventures - for sharing on the water voyages and boating experiences

Compatible with all iPhone devices running iPhone OS 3.1.


View your own trip and travel web pages

Edit and modify your online presentations

NOTE: Indoor use and weather conditions may affect the accuracy of the GPS reading. This is a characteristic of the GPS devices in general and should not be associated with the use of TravelTrac Multimedia Travel Sharing Apps.

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Footsteps Mobile Lite

By Svep Design Center AB released on: 2010-05-05T09:06:37Z

Share Your World!

With Footsteps it's easy to record, document and share a moment, a trip or where you are with your Facebook friends! On Facebook, your friends can zoom and interact with maps and see your tags, trips and where you are right now, even in real-time as you move around!

Been hiking in France? Record a Trip with pictures and text! Just about to eat a huge icecream? Tell your friends with a Tag! Just landed on the airport? Tell everyone using a Live message! Need to know where your friends are? Use the Friend finder in the phone!

Important information
- Problems with getting a GPS fix may occur of the accuracy is set to low in the settings. Start with the lowest (9000m) if getting a fix is a problem.
- Always report problems to or the Facebook fan page at We will get back to you within 48 hours for an followup!

- Facebook support: Your Facebook friends can see your position on Google Maps
- Friend Finder: Where are your friends? Find them right in the phone using a map or a list!
- Tags: Create single entries with photos, notes and GPS position
- Trips: Record trips using the GPS, photos and notes
- Live: Update your position to your friends and let them follow you live on the map as you move!
- Publish: Share Your World with your Facebook friends
- Unpublish: You're in control - you decide what to show and not to show on Facebook
- Share: Share your published trips and tags by email or Twitter using Footsteps web service
- Embed: You can embed published trips and tags on your blog or homepage by using Footsteps web service

Link to Fanpage:

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By Pixopixel Ltd released on: 2010-07-06T06:39:43Z

Pillow2 - Trip Organizer: enables you to import your travel plan created at to your iPhone. You can also personalize your travel plan by adding our spots.

If you have been to a place that totally surprises you, you can post and share your photos and comments to our online community.

What's more? You can view our daily travel deals! And you will be able to get member discounts on Pillow2's featured travel promotions by sending your travel plan from your iPhone.

Notifications: You are able to receive the latest and greatest travel deals by setting your destination preferences.

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By Lazy Dog Utilities released on: 2011-03-16T07:04:43Z

TravelStats helps you keep track of where you have been, how you got there, and the distance you have travelled. Use built-in GPS to add locations. Set the travel type (business, commute or non-business) and travel method (air, automobile, boat, walk, motorcycle, bus, or train).

The application will retrieve address, city, province and country based on current latitude and longitude values. The application will track distance between each location, a running total of distance for a trip and the distance from home for each location.

View maps with the following options:
1.Locations by year
2.Locations by month
3.50 locations at a time
4.All cities
5.Destinations only

Show tabular listing by trip, by year, and by month.

The application will also calculate the following summaries:
1.Total distance travelled.
2.Distance travelled by year.
3.Distance travelled by month.
4.Distance to each city visited
5.Distance by travel type.

This is a simple application that helps you track your travels. It is easy to use. All you have to do is click a button to add your current location. You can then view maps and statistics that describe where you have been, and how far you have travelled.

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