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The Impossible Test

By PixelCUBE Studios released on: 2009-08-14T07:00:00Z

Now over 7,000,000 downloads!

* Featured on "New and Noteworthy" by Apple!
* Featured in the Toronto Star Newspaper (Canada's largest newspaper)!
* Shown on CTV News and CHCH News!

Do people make fun of you? Are they laughing with you, or at you? Do you think you can swipe, tilt, drag, shake and tap your way to victory? Get The Impossible Test and challenge your friends, family and co-workers to prove them wrong!

Play The Impossible Test and race to finish first! Complete many interactive levels that will challenge your mind! Compete with others to get the fastest time, and get an A on your report card!

FEATURES (Version 2.3):

- 70 Classic Questions!
- 30 "Space Pack" Questions!
- Multiplayer with 2 devices!
- 2 Different game modes to play!
- Trophies to collect!
- 3 hidden secrets to find!
- Shake and tilt levels!
- Fun graphics!
- Custom soundtrack and sound effects!
- Listen to your own iPod/iPhone Music if you want to!
- Report card with ranks awarded!
- Saves your best times and names!
- OpenFeint enabled!
- Online leaderboards and achievements!
- Hidden easter egg to find!

Let the testing begin!

**Please leave a review in iTunes if you enjoy this game! Your awesome reviews help us regularly update our apps!**

PixelCUBE Twitter:

*** Follow us to get the latest information about new updates, contests, and more! ***

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Party Time Trivia - Decades Trivia Game

By Trivia Company released on: 2009-08-22T08:55:08Z

Nine-Hundred Ninety-Nine (999) multiple choice questions covering the news, sports and entertainment trivia of the 1980's, 1990's and 2000's: No complicated game rules or scoring to follow, just questions asked and answered as you stroll down memory lane.

The popular party trivia game (also available on DVD) is now here as an app for your iPhone/iTouch. This game puts you in control of the trivia game. The questions cover the past three decades of pop culture trivia and will provide you with hours of non stop fun.

Try and wake those memories up from yesterday to the good old days.

How well do you know Entertainment Trivia from the 80's 90s and 2000's?

New Wave Music - Rap Music - Country Music - Heavy Metal - Hard Rock - Dance Music - Michael Jackson - Duran Duran - Blondie - Culture Club - Police - Huey Lewis - Men At Work - Robert Palmer - Bruce Springsteen - Tina Turner - Wang Chung - Van Halen - Madonna - Wham! - Frankie Goes to Hollywood - Talking Heads - Elvis Costello - Pet Shop Boys - INXS - Ramones - Genesis - Nirvana - MC Hammer - Spice Girls - Vanilla Ice - Chris Brown - Green Day - U2 - Little House on the Prarie - Three's Company - The A Team - Knight Rider - Dallas - Cosby - Facts Of Life - Love Boat - Who's the Boss - 21 Jump Street - Dynasty - Dukes of Hazzard -Miami Vice -Moonlighting - Murphy Brown - Remington Steele - The Wonder Years - Wiseguy - Star Trek - Ally McBeal - Law & Order - Twin Peaks - Beverly Hills 90210 - Melrose Place - Rosanne - Full House - Cheers - The Princess Bride -The Karate Kid - Dirty Dancing -Breakfast Club - Godfather - Star Wars - Star Trek - Top Gun - Ghostbusters - Back to the Future - Ferris Bueller's Day Off - The Breakfast Club - Mrs. Doubtfire - . The Sixth Sense - Forrest Gump - Clueless - E.T. - Titanic -Goodfellas - Pulp Fiction - Transformers - The Lord of the Rings - Harry Potter - Austin Powers - Spider Man - Johnny Depp - Tom Cruise - Al Pacino - Brad Pitt - Tom Hanks - Paul Newman - Denzel Washington - Reese Witherspoon - Julia Roberts - Meryl Streep - Natalie Portman - Farrah Fawcett and many more.

How well do you know Sports Trivia from the 80's 90s and 2000's?

MLB - NFL - NHL - NBA - Tennis - Golf - Olympics - Soccer - College Football - College Basketball - Athletes - Stadiums - Championships - Super Bowls - MVPs - Home Run Hitters - Hall of Famers - Ice Skaters - Wrestlers - Boxers Michael Jordan and all the superstars who made it happen.

How well do you know the World Events from the 80's 90s and 2000's?

Ronald Reagan - George H Bush - Bill Clinton - G.W. Bush - Fashion - Business - Bill Gates - Best Selling Books - Iraq - Paris Hilton - Apple - Technology - The Web - Enron - United Nations - Fads - Toys - Global Warming - Space Travel - Barack Obama - Al Gore - World Affairs and more.

How Party Time Trivia App plays:

By using the "Options" you can set the pace at which the 4-multiple choice answers appear after the question and how fast the wrong answers disappear leaving the correct answer. This control lets you pace the trivia so you can run the trivia game the way you want to run it. You have three different soundtracks to accompany the trivia or you can shut off the soundtrack completely. By changing the Background option you can change up the look of the game as well.

There are over 999 questions in the DECADES app split between the three decades. You will not see a repeat question until you have viewed all the content. This gives you hours and hours of trivia. We even added the ability to select the answer to see if you really knew the answer. Once you tap on an answer, the app will remove all the wrong answers immediately, leaving just the correct answer to see if you were right.

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The Television Trivia Test

By Trivia Test Productions released on: 2010-04-01T08:50:59Z

The Television Trivia Test™ is an interactive television trivia game that is hosted by TV game show personality, Rich Fields.

The most recognizable voice on television today is now hosting his own game show, right on your iPhone / iPod Touch & iPad.

Rich Fields is Hollywood's premier voice-over talent for both radio and television. He is best known as the voice of The Price is Right, the popular TV game show that airs in both the United States and Canada. Rich can also be seen and heard on numerous national radio and TV commercials.

The Television Trivia Test™ is a fun and interactive TV trivia game that tests your knowledge of general television trivia. Compete with other players and compare high scores online. The full game features 700 questions, spanning 60 years of television history and includes 25 different TV show titles to chose from.

Features include:

- Animated Rich Fields/host character
- Game show sound effects
- Online high score registration
- 700 questions, spanning 60 years

The Television Trivia Test™ includes many of the features that make the iPhone & iPod Touch fun to use. Functions like: tap to select, shake to shuffle, swipe to scroll, rolling menus and more.

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VH1's I Love the 80s Trivia

By VH1 released on: 2010-02-18T08:00:00Z

About this update:

DUDE! You can like TOTALLY play against your friends all over the country using Apple Game Center! And unlock some rad achievements, check out your status on the leaderboards and talk trash about your gnarly 80s wisdom.

And, play a teaser pack of I Love the 90s Trivia, also available from VH1 in the iTunes App Store.

Thanks for your continued totally awesome support of I Love the 80s Trivia!

About VH1's I Love the 80s Trivia:

Do you like, totally LOVE everything about the 1980's? Well, test your knowledge of this most awesome of decades with VH1's I Love the 80s Trivia game.

All questions are written by writers from VH1's hit series, "I Love the 80s" and it's sure to challenge even the most bodacious 80s trivia buff. With three types of questions - multiple choice, matching and timeline - this game is guaranteed to take your 80s knowledge to the max.

Each question pack contains 100 questions, with 10 rounds and tons of awesome, vintage 80s photos. Work your way through the rounds, battling against the clock. High scores earn achievements like Cigarette Boat, Alex P. Keaton and Small Wonder. You'll fer sher need to like totally work to prove you're not a dweeb.

And, after you master the singleplayer game, challenge your friends to head-to-head trivia showdowns using your iPhone's or iPod touch's Bluetooth capabilities. Then, post your score to Facebook...or invite your friends to play using Facebook Connect.

I Love the 80s Trivia comes with one 50 question pack for free. Buy an additional 500 questions for $0.99 from right within the app. You'll be, like totally stoked!

Info on additional question packs:
The additional questions sold from within the app contain a range of pop culture questions spanning the entire decade, from movies to music to sports to TV and more. And all are written by writers from the VH1 TV series, "I Love the 80s."

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TriviaTunes - Music Trivia Quiz

By CHUGULU,INC. released on: 2011-03-09T08:00:00Z

Download The FreeAppADay Store App And Wish For More Top Rated Apps Like "TrivaTunes" To Be Featured on FAAD!

TriviaTunes is a music game: play with original musical quiz on your iPhone/iPod Touch!

The first ever iPhone music quiz game to have songs streamed from servers at instead of the iPod library. Therefore, allowing all participants to play on an equal footing

With the download of TriviaTunes, players receive a complimentary playlist allowing them to discover the game with diverse music hits

Chugulu Games updates the game regularly with new volumes of music. These 100 song playlists are available by musical genre at a price of $1.99 each

Based on the players skill level, the playlists scale in difficulty

The game can be played alone or with up to 4 players on the same iPhone/iPod Touch

The game offers several modes of play:
- a "Buzzer" mode where the first to buzz with the correct answer wins;
- a "MCQ" mode where multiple choice answers are proposed and as the time runs out the wrong answers disappear for a lower score;
- an "Expert" mode for experienced players, who will enter answers using the iPhone keyboard

Players compete with published scores both against friends and on global ladders based on Open Feint and Game Center.

TriviaTunes, a friendly musical game, allows players to participate in an addictive and fun experience.

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Trivia Endless iBluff Lite : True or False Quiz

By Nuvus Software LLC released on: 2008-09-29T02:24:50Z

** Over 40000 questions and growing by 500 every day ! **

Introducing iBluff Endless Trivia with social networking ! Spend hours and days playing this fun and informative trivia game. Post questions and try to bluff other users. Check your score and check how many users you fooled.

New version has Social networking built in. So now you can compliment (or curse) the author of a question using private messages. Chat with other users. Add friends. Post pictures.

As this is the free version, you need to post questions to get play credits. Such limits are not placed in the paid version.

And when you offline, you can play the traditional offline True or False Trivia Quiz. That brings to you an interesting collection of facts and bluffs and you have to guess if they are true or false. The questions have been framed based on informative and interesting facts. From animal kingdom to celebrity questions, True or False Trivia is a fun and informative quiz app for both kids and adults.

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VH1's I Love the 90s Trivia

By MTV Networks released on: 2010-07-23T03:34:40Z

BOOYAH! Now you can play against your friends all over the country using Apple Game Center! Unlock some dope achievements, peep your status on the leaderboards and talk trash about your radical 90s wisdom.

Thanks for your continued slammin' support of I Love the 90s Trivia!

When we brought you I Love the 80s Trivia, you had this to say:

"This app is stupid fresh! Anybody who disagrees is whack!" - BrooklynSon
"I love these specials on TV and the questions are good but I know the 90s better. I want an I love the 90s game!!" -ChaoticMatters
"The questions are great! Totally capture the high (and low) points of the 80s What about I Love the 90s, VH1???" - robotgal

Well, we heard you, G. You loved the 80s but you really wanted a bangin' I Love the 90s Trivia game. Well, party on, Wayne! Because VH1 is proud to present I Love the 90s Trivia, with new and improved gameplay.

So, what's the dillio?
-Multiple choice, timeline, and matching question types
-50 free questions provided by our friends at Dove. Then for just $0.99(not a lot of cheddar!), get an additional 500 questions
-Right answers highlighted if you answer incorrectly
-No more hints from the photos, only your own hazy 90s memories
-Ability to challenge friends to a trivia battle over Bluetooth and now via Game Center
-Share high score with your Facebook posse
-Earn achievements like American Pie, Pentium Processor, and Power Ranger

So find out who your daddy is, start playing now and get jiggy with it. Download this game today and party like it's 1999! This is one trivia game that's all that AND a bag of chips. (Bag of chips sold separately.)

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VH1 Behind the Music Trivia Whiz

By Megatouch released on: 2009-10-03T12:50:11Z

In celebration of Behind the Music's triumphant return to the airwaves, VH1 and Megatouch have teamed up to bring VH1 Behind the Music Trivia Whiz to your iPhone and iPod touch! Featuring tons of tantalizing trivia focused on the hottest acts in music, this FREE app will make you a walking encyclopedia of the artists you love and maybe even expose you to your next great music obsession.

For the ultimate gaming experience, including Megatouch tournaments and prizes, look for Megatouch in your local bars, taverns, restaurants, and on the web at

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QRANK - Your Social Trivia Addiction

By Ricochet Labs released on: 2010-03-23T03:40:45Z

★ "The quick-hit, wildly addictive current-affairs trivia game." -- Esquire magazine
★ "One of our five favorite games of 2010" -- G4's Attack of the Show
★ "QRANK brings me back to how I felt watching "Jeopardy!" in the family room." -- The New Yorker

QRANK is a daily quiz game you play with friends. Each and every day QRANK injects your phone with new questions -- many pulled straight from the day's headlines -- on a range of topics, from movies to sports, pop culture to politics.

Match wits with your friends and earn achievements. Plus, see how you stack up against players in your city, state and nation. Download it now and see why MacWorld calls it "terrific" and players around the world call it a daily addiction. (Don't take our word for it. Check out our reviews!)

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Justin Bieber Quiz: JB Trivia

By Quizner's released on: 2011-02-01T04:08:40Z


Test your knowledge of Justin Bieber.

50 questions in 5-pack of quizzes.

Quizner is not affiliated with Justin Bieber.

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By Bit33 / E5 Interactive released on: 2010-04-14T09:42:13Z

TriviaBurst - 2010 ADDY Award Winner!

18,000+ Trivia Questions - largest in iTunes store.

Are you good enough to play TriviaBurst? You can compete with the world and climb to the top of the in-game leader boards.

Get gift certificates for playing TriviaBurst, that's right!! We'll reward you for your in-game high scores.

TriviaBurst combines the love of trivia with the heat of competition. Form groups, challenge your friends, and even submit your own trivia questions in this unique trivia game featuring over 18,000+ questions, the largest for any mobile platform.

Questions cover General Knowledge, Entertainment, Arts and Literature, Auto Racing, Baseball, Basketball, Celebrities, Football, Geography, Golf, History, Hockey, Movies, Music, Science and Nature, Soccer, General Sports, TV, Tennis, and World Trivia, Red Sox, New York Yankees, Ohio State Buckeyes

Answer harder questions for more points and climb to the top of the in-game leader boards. Submit your own questions and have other players see your picture right in game!

Brag to the world by automatically posting your scores on your Facebook and Twitter page. The message center will let you know when your friends have beaten your score and it's time to play!


- Over 18,000+ questions and growing daily
- Plus+ integration: Plus is an elite gaming network for the iPhone/iPod touch. Plus+ offers leaderboards, virtual awards, etc.
- By playing TriviaBurst, you can now earn gift certificates based on the number of points you earn in the game
- 3 levels of difficulty - easy, medium, hard or random
- Ability to submit your own questions to test others with your trivia knowledge. User submitted questions are filtered through a flagging system by other users for accuracy
- 30 seconds per question in each round
- If the question is missed, correct answer is provided
- Ability to rate questions by a star system
- Flag questions that are inaccurate
- Ability to play with 5, 10, 25 or 50 questions per round
- Facebook support, upload your results and invite friends to play, post scores to your home page
- Twitter support, upload your results to your Twitter account
- Ability to upload your picture in your game settings page
- Challenge groups or friends to see who can score more points
- Earn more points for harder questions as well as how quickly you answer.
- Browse the scores of other players and groups using the in-game leader boards and Plus+
- Incorporates a unique algorithm to reduce the chance of repeated questions
- A full messaging center that notifies you when you are challenged by a friend or a group, or when scores are updated
- Push notifications are sent out when there are new messages or challenges in the game

App Support:
Facebook: TriviaBurst
Twitter: triviaburst


- To play the game you need an internet connection on your iPhone or iPod Touch device.

- The reward program is not operated by, sponsored by, endorsed by, or affiliated with Apple Inc. in any way, it is a program sponsored by Bit33 / E5.

TriviaBurst is a Bit33 / E5 product

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