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By released on: 2008-07-11T07:00:00Z

Get the #1 rated and ranked Bible App for FREE. We want to make it easy for you to read and share God's Word. 50+ free translations and dozens of reading plans to help you read the Bible and track your progress.


Free access to many modern English translations including the NIV, ESV, NLT, NKJV, AMP, NASB, CEV, NET, WEB, NCV, TNIV, HCSB, The Message, and more.

Free access to many modern Spanish translations including the Reina-Valera 1960 (RVR60), NVI, LBLA, NBLH, and more.

Free access many foreign language Bibles including German, French, Italian, Chinese Simplified and Traditional, Swedish, Korean, Japanese, Norwegian, Czech, Bulgarian, Dutch, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, and more.


Free access to many translations while you are offline (no data connection) or in "airplane mode": The Message, NKJV, KJV, NET, NCV, God's Word, ASV, WEB, RVES, ELB, LSG, CUVS, CUV, NB88/07 and many more.


Easily search the Bible for either a reference or a keyword. Search results are displayed quickly for fast navigation.

Choose from dozens of daily reading plans to help you read the Bible consistently. Track your reading progress, sync your changes back to where you can join millions of other YouVersion users and discuss what you've read.

Connect your Twitter and Facebook account to easily tweet and post verses.

Bookmark your favorite verses and sync those verses with

NOTES! Take notes and keep them public or private. Notes are synced with View public notes (used to be called contributions) from other Bible App users.

USE THE BIBLE APP IN CHURCH Interact with church services and conferencesJust tap the "Live" icon in the dock at the bottom when attending a church service or event where YouVersion Live is being used. Take notes, respond to polls, answer questions, tweet about the event, and more!

COMING SOON audio Bibles in English more translations in the offline mode more Bible translations in other languages tons of daily reading plans increased social integration with

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i. TV

By i.TV LLC released on: 2008-10-07T12:42:35Z

i.TV is the top app for TV and Movies on the iPhone and iPod touch.


- Local TV listings for the US and Canada
- Local movie and theater guide for the US and Canada
- Netflix
- iTunes
- Use your iPhone as a REMOTE CONTROL for TiVo HD DVRs and Roku players
- Remote DVR scheduling for broadband-connected TiVo DVRs
- Share what you're watching with friends on Facebook and Twitter
- Millions of video streams, TV previews and movie trailers
- Set popup messages to alert you when a TV show airs
- Set favorites for TV shows, movies, theaters and celebs.
- Entertainment news from E!, CNN, FOX and USA Today

Make i.TV your personal entertainment guide and take advantage of its many customization features.

A list of frequently asked questions can be found

We value your

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IMDb Movies & TV

By IMDb released on: 2009-12-08T02:04:18Z

IMDb is the world's largest collection of movie, TV and celebrity information. IMDb is the leading app on the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad to find showtimes, watch trailers, rate movies, browse photo galleries, get US TV listings, find latest DVD releases, explore popular charts and share movie info.

We aim to list every detail about every movie and TV show ever made, including who was in it, who made it, the plot, user ratings, trailers, photos, reviews, quotes, goofs, trivia and much more.

With IMDb for the iPhone and iPod Touch, you can:

Search the world's largest collection:
- Over 1.5 million movie and TV titles
- Over 3.2 million celebrities, actors, actresses, directors and other crew members

Look up:
- Movie showtimes at local theaters near you
- TV listings for your local time zone
- Recaps of TV shows from previous night
- Upcoming movies
- Latest entertainment news from hundreds of media outlets

-Rate movies and TV shows
-Sign in with your IMDb account or your Facebook account

Explore popular charts:
- Best Picture - award winners
- Top rated movies of all time (IMDb Top 250)
- Most popular movies of the day on IMDb (MOVIEmeter)
- Most popular celebrities of the day on IMDb (STARmeter)
- Lowest rated movies of all time (IMDb Bottom 100)
- Most popular movies listed by genre (Action, Horror, Romance, Comedy and many more)
- Most popular TV shows
- US Box office results
- Celebrity birthdays

- Movie trailers
- User reviews for movies and TV shows
- Critics reviews for movies and TV shows
- Quotes, trivia and goofs about movies and celebrities
- Your browse and search history on IMDb

- DVDs and Blu Ray discs for any movie or TV show from stores

IMDb Pro:(For Pro subscribers)
-Find representation listings for over 80,000 industry names
-Find company and employee contact details for over 30,000 companies

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By CBS Interactive released on: 2009-02-26T07:15:47Z

The iPhone application delivers your favorite shows wherever you go - for FREE!

You can search and access tons of video including full episodes of your can't miss shows. Personalize your TV experience by watching shows when you have the time. Can't get through the entire episode? No problem. Start it now and finish it later!

* Browse through our vast list of featured shows or view by channel
* Watch full episodes from some of your favorite CBS shows
* Catch shows from CBS, THE CW, Showtime, CNET TV, and much more!
* Search through millions of videos

For highest quality videos watch on Wi-Fi

PLEASE NOTE: you must have iPhone OS 3.0 or higher to play videos on

Your use is subject to Terms of Use, Mobile User Agreement and Privacy Policy. See link below.

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Movies by Flixster, with Rotten Tomatoes - Free

By Flixster released on: 2008-07-11T07:00:00Z

Movies by Flixster is the #1 movie app to watch movie trailers, find showtimes, get critic reviews from Rotten Tomatoes, and share movie ratings with your friends.

- View the top box office leaders, upcoming movies and new DVD releases
- Browse a DVD catalog of over 50,000 films
- Watch high quality trailer and video clips for over 10,000 blockbuster and indie flicks
- Read movie reviews from Rotten Tomatoes
- Search for movies by title, director or actors
- Look up showtimes and buy tickets from (for participating theaters that sell movie tickets online)
- View maps of all theaters playing a particular movie in your area
- Find restaurants near theaters and read reviews with the Yelp app
- Buy or rent movies from iTunes right on your device
- View and manage your Netflix queue
- Create a Want-to-See list and rate and review movies
- Connect with a Facebook or a Flixster account to share your ratings with your friends
- Play movie trivia quizzes (this feature is not available on the iPad version yet)

Try it now, it's free!

Let us know what new features you would like or if there is anything that we can make better. Send email to or go to

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By Netflix, Inc. released on: 2010-04-01T08:41:34Z

Get Netflix on your iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch. Just download this free app and you can instantly watch TV shows & movies streaming from Netflix.
It's part of your Netflix unlimited membership. Not a Netflix member? Start your FREE trial today.
Watch as often as you want
Resume watching where you left off on your TV or computer
Browse movies and manage your instant Queue right from your device

Note: Video out is supported on the iPad, iPhone 4, and iPod Touch 4G

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TV Guide Mobile

By Roundbox, Inc. released on: 2009-10-12T09:51:00Z

This is the official TV Guide listings and entertainment news application for the iPhone and iPod touch! Quickly see what is on TV and keep an unlimited list of your favorite shows for easy access. Search by show or episode to find a specific program. Plus, get breaking entertainment news, scoops, episode recaps and daily TV Hot Lists from!

* Sleek, simple interface
* Locate TV listings by ZIP code and cable provider
* U.S. providers supported
* View air date, time, channel and episode details
* Custom channel line-up to view only your favorites
* Channel schedule shows what is upcoming on each station
* Favorite shows list separates new airings and repeats
* Reorder favorite shows to suit your interests
* Search for shows, stars and episodes
* Sort search results by date, title or genre
* Get the latest entertainment news from

We do not support Canadian listings yet... stay tuned!

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yap.TV Social Show Guide - Experience TV with F...

By, Inc released on: 2010-09-28T07:00:00Z

See what millions of show fans on Twitter are saying about your favorite TV shows. Invite friends to group chat. Surf the picture-based TV show guide. Create and vote on fan polls. See what your friends are watching. yap.TV is the ultimate companion to your TV watching experience!

From the Press:

TechCrunch & CrunchGear - "The First Double-Fly" & "The perfect TV watching companion"

CNN - "yap.TV, a standout at CES."

iPhoneLife - "An elegant app to yap with your friends."


"u2714 See Fan & Star Tweets for thousands of TV shows
"u2714 Save your favorite shows and automatically see when they air next
"u2714 See what friends and show fans are doing in the TV show activity stream
"u2714 Check out Star Photos, Awards, and more in Extra content
"u2714 Sync your show favorites between iPhone, iTouch, and iPad
"u2714 See what friends and fans are watching and what their favorite shows are
"u2714 Make new friends around the shows you love!
"u2714 Link to your Twitter and Facebook account, automagically connect with your social networks
"u2714 Post messages out to Twitter, Facebook
"u2714 Create interactive polls and find out what other show fans think
"u2714 Want to say what is on your mind? Invite friends into your own private party for real-time group chat in multiple shows - now you can be in many places at once!

Get yap.TV, Fan's Best Friend!

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My Local TV

By My Local TV released on: 2010-12-20T08:00:00Z

My Local TV brings you the best in local television news from stations across the country. Gain access to news video, top headlines, weather, sports and more directly from your local TV news team. If you are ready to get the news where you live when you want it, wherever you are, My Local TV is for you.

See a complete listing of our station partners by visiting:

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Infinity TV

By Infinity TV released on: 2010-12-21T01:48:09Z

Streams UAE based Infinity TV live to your iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.

Download the app and access Infinity TV live coverage on any wireless connection.

INFINITY TV offers entertaining, educational, and appealing programs that suit every taste and preference, and bring laughs and giggles to every home.

Movies, sitcoms, documentaries, musical, children and sports programs are broadcasted by the channel to provide infinite entertainment to all.

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n-tv iPhone edition

By n-tv Der Nachrichtensender released on: 2009-11-03T11:56:46Z

Die aktuellesten Nachrichten und neusten Videos von n-tv immer und "u00fcberall!

Einfach die kostenlose n-tv mobil App auf das iPhone oder den iPod Touch laden und sofort haben Sie Zugriff auf Nachrichten, B"u00f6rsenkurse, Videos und Vieles mehr.

Die n-tv mobil App bietet neben Topmeldungen auf der Startseite Zugriff auf s"u00e4mtliche News aus den Bereichen Politik, Wirtschaft, B"u00f6rse, Sport, Panorama, Leute, Auto und Technik sowie auf Hintergrundberichte, Bilderserien mit Beschreibung und Videos des Nachrichtenportals

F"u00fcr einen individuellen und schnellen Zugriff k"u00f6nnen Sie sich einfach Ihre eigene Menuleiste per drag and drop selbst zusammenstellen - ganz nach Ihren Interessensgebieten.

Die Highlights der n-tv mobil App:
- Breaking News mit Push-Funktion
- Live-Fu"u00dfballticker 1., 2. und 3. Liga
- B"u00f6rsenticker mit Charts der wichtigsten Indizes
- Wetter mit Ortsfestlegung
- Wettervorhersage mit 5-Tagesvorschau
- Suchfunktion f"u00fcr jeden Artiken der n-tv Website
- Download-to-go Funktion: Speichern Sie sich interessante Artikel einfach ab
- Videos im Wifi, Edge oder 3G-Netz
- Artikel per E-Mail weiterempfehlen
- Update per Sch"u00fctteln oder Knopfdruck

Anregungen f"u00fcr Erweiterungen und Verbesserungen nehmen wir gerne "u00fcber unsere Website entgegen. Einfach auf den Support Link klicken.

Sprachen: Deutsch
Voraussetzungen: Erfordert iPhone OS 3.1.3 oder neuer

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What's On TV? From Zap2it

By released on: 2008-08-30T02:34:11Z

Need something to watch? What's On? can help!

Find out what's on TV right now, when your favorite shows are on next and what's playing in theaters! A complete entertainment guide, What's On? makes it simple to find something to watch.

What's On? 2.5 features:

- iOS 4 Multitasking Support
Gorgeous, hi-res interface and Retina Display graphics
Find what's on TV in the grid customized to show only your favorite channels
- OTA favorites, location and channel list syncing to other iOS devices with a What's On? account
- 'Tune in' to TV shows and movies on ScreenTribe, the Social TV app, inside What's On? and earn points and prizes
- Find movies playing in theaters nearby
- Favorite TV shows and movies and customize to show only New or HD episodes
- Push notification reminders for your shows about to start
- All the latest news on your favorite actors, TV shows, movies and more in "The Buzz" from Zap2it!
- Live browse filters for Movies, Sports, News and New Episodes
- Subscribe to What's On? Pro for an ad-free What's On? experience
- Custom channel lists to show only your favorites
- Multiple location support with unique providers and channel lists for all your favorite TV viewing spots!

Be sure to follow us on twitter at

Have a feature you would like to see in a future version? Email!

If you have any questions or suggestions, head over to the FAQ section of our website at

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By My Local TV released on: 2009-05-12T07:00:00Z

ABC2NEWS.COM is now on your iPhone and iPod touch providing you with the latest news and information for Maryland. You can also get Baltimore's Most Accurate Weather Forecast anywhere, anytime, on your schedule!

Get the latest Headlines, Video, Weather Forecast, Radar, Traffic and Sports updates from the WMAR newsroom.


-See the Latest News and Video from Maryland
-Get Baltimore's Most Accurate Weather Forecast
-Drag and Drop Custom Menu

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TV Time (Tv,TV \ud3b8\uc131\ud45c,\uc54c\ub78c)

By KillDoS released on: 2010-01-14T08:38:47Z

Appstore Top #1 "ub2ec"uc131!! "uc5ec"ub7ec"ubd84"uc758 "uc131"uc6d0"uc5d0 "uac10"uc0ac"ub4dc"ub9bd"ub2c8"ub2e4.
*MBC "uc0dd"ubc29"uc1a1 "uae30"ub2a5 + "uac01"uc885 "ubc29"uc1a1"uad6d "ud3b8"uc131 "uc815"ubcf4 "uc81c"uacf5 "uc571"ub2c8"ub2e4.*

* "uc2e4"uc2dc"uac04 "ubc29"uc1a1 "uc9c0"uc6d0!! *
"uc9c1"uc811 m3u8"ud30c"uc77c"uc744 "uc774"uc6a9"ud55c "uc778"ud130"ub137 "uc2e4"uc2dc"uac04 "ubc29"uc1a1"uc744
"uc2dc"uccad "ud560 "uc218 "uc788"uc2b5"ub2c8"ub2e4.

"uc990"uaca8"ubcf4"ub294 "ub4dc"ub77c"ub9c8,"ud504"ub85c "ub193"uce58"uc9c0 "ub9c8"uc138"uc694! "uc6d0"ud558"ub294 "ubc29"uc1a1"uc744 5"ubd84"uc804"uc5d0 "ubb38"uc790(PUSH)"ub85c "uc54c"ub78c"ud574 "ub4dc"ub9bd"ub2c8"ub2e4! *"uc88b"uc740"ud3c9"uac00 "ubd80"ud0c1"ub4dc"ub824"uc694~*

iPhone"uc5d0"uc11c "ud55c"uad6d"uc758 "uba54"uc774"uc800 "ubc29"uc1a1"uc0ac"uc758 "ud3b8"uc131"ud45c"ub97c "ubc14"ub85c "ud655"uc778 "ud560 "uc218 "uc788"uc2b5"ub2c8"ub2e4!

* "uc8fc"uc758 *
"uc544"uc774"ud31f "ud130"uce58"uc5d0"uc11c"ub3c4 "uc0ac"uc6a9 "ud560 "uc218 "uc788"uc9c0"ub9cc, "uc778"ud130"ub137"uc774 "ub418"uc5b4"uc57c"ub9cc "ubc29"uc1a1"uad6d"uc758 "ud3b8"uc131"ud45c "ub370"uc774"ud130"ub97c "uc218"uc2e0 "ud560 "uc218 "uc788"uc2b5"ub2c8"ub2e4.


- "uc6d0"ud558"ub294 "ubc29"uc1a1"uad6d"ub97c + "ubc84"ud2bc"uc744 "ub20c"ub7ec "ucd94"uac00 "ud560 "uc218"uc788"uc2b5"ub2c8"ub2e4.
- "ubc29"uc1a1"uad6d"uc744 "uc6d0"ud558"ub294 "uc21c"uc11c"ub300"ub85c "uc815"ub82c "ud560 "uc218 "uc788"uc2b5"ub2c8"ub2e4.
- "uc6d0"uce58 "uc54a"ub294 "ubc29"uc1a1"uad6d"uc740 "ud3b8"uc9d1 "uae30"ub2a5"uc744 "uc774"uc6a9"ud558"uc5ec "uc0ad"uc81c "ud560 "uc218 "uc788"uc2b5"ub2c8"ub2e4.
- "ud604"uc7ac "ubc29"uc601 "uc911"uc778 "ud504"ub85c"uac00 "ubb34"uc5c7"uc778"uc9c0 "uc544"uc774"ucf58"uc73c"ub85c "ud45c"uc2dc "ud569"ub2c8"ub2e4.
- "ud2b8"uc704"ud130"ub85c "uce5c"uad6c"ub4e4"uacfc "uacf5"uc720"ub97c "ud560 "uc218 "uc788"uc2b5"ub2c8"ub2e4! - "uc815"uac80"uc911
- "ubc29"uc1a1 "uc9c4"ud589"ub960 "ud45c"uc2dc

TV Time"uc744 "uc774"uc6a9"ud558"uc5ec "ubcf8"ubc29 "uc0ac"uc218"ub97c "ud558"ub294"ub370 "ub9ce"uc740 "ub3c4"uc6c0"uc774 "ub42c"uc73c"uba74 "uc88b"uaca0"uc2b5"ub2c8"ub2e4.

"uae30"ud0c0 "ubb38"uc758 "uc0ac"ud56d:
"ud2b8"uc704"ud130 : @KillDoS
"uba54"uc77c :

"ub9ce"uc740 "uc758"uacac "ubd80"ud0c1"ub4dc"ub9ac"uaca0"uc2b5"ub2c8"ub2e4.

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Navigate YouTube - free

By Active-TV Technology released on: 2009-12-02T03:01:15Z

An easy to use iPhone and iPod touch App that enables both new and advanced YouTube users to get the best from YouTube.

Browse Videos, Categories, Channels and Playlists. Then organize new videos into your own favorites and playlists. Make playlists private or public. Subscribe to other user's playlists and video collections for future viewing. Subscribe to videos matching search-words.

See the activity history of friends. Look at publicly viewable favorite videos, playlists and subscriptions based on your YouTube friends, family and contacts. Send and receive video recommendations with YouTube contacts via YouTube video messages, email, Facebook or Twitter.

Search for new videos tagged for your language or geographical region, using local keyboard. Explore for new videos via easy switching of user ID to the owner of interesting videos - then explore their world.

All actions are kept in sync with PC, Mac or Apple-TV access to YouTube.

You are able to test all the application features with this free version of Navigator for YouTube. However, menu entries are limited to 5 and video viewing is limited to WiFi networking. Enjoy the benefits of an unlimited version of Navigator for YouTube, visit the iTunes store and buy the great-value upgrade.

Review the activity history of friends in your YouTube contacts list. See what they have added as favorites, new friends, subscriptions and more.

Use Twitter or Facebook to send and receive video recommendations.

Watch full length movies and movie trailers.

View video Categories: Music, News, sport, etc.

View standard video: Top Rated, Most Viewed, etc.

Change geographical region: United States, France, Japan, Brazil, etc. Then view Categories and Standard Feeds for the region.

Enter search-words and find new videos with matching description. Subscribe to videos matching search-words - new videos are found without reentering search-words.

Create and edit Playlists or Favorites. Make Playlists private or public. Arrange the order of video in a playlist.

Search for other user's Playlists, and subscribe for easy future viewing.

Search for Channels published by National Geographic, BBC or other YouTube uploader. Subscribe to Channels for easy future access and keeping up-to-date with their latest uploads.

View your subscription to Channels, Playlists, video matching search-words or other users' Favorites. View a summary of latest video added to your video subscriptions.

Add or remove other YouTube users to your list of contacts.

Easy access to YouTube video messages received from contacts. Send an interesting video to a contact, and add a short message.

Switch User ID to one of your contacts to access their publicly viewable Favorites and Playlists. Switch User ID to the ID used by an interesting video uploader.

View video YouTube has recommended for you.

Auto-play of the next video in a playlist is not supported in this free version; the play button must be pressed between each video. An auto-play feature is included in the next update of the purchased version, available shortly.

If a Youtube member restricts viewing of their uploaded video, it may not play on the iPhone or iPod! These videos are marked [Limited Syndication] or [Restricted]. There is currently no work-around to this problem.

Some reviewers have reported that the app is broken or want play video and we should "fix the problem". In all cases, these reports have been traced back to videos which have viewing restrictions imposed by their YouTube uploader. The app indicates such videos are restricted - their is no bug requiring fixing.

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By My Local TV released on: 2009-02-19T08:49:43Z is now providing the latest news, weather and information directly to your iPhone or iPod Touch.

WALA FOX 10 has the latest local updates from across Mobile, Alabama; Pensacola, Florida and surrounding areas of the Gulf Coast. We also have the latest national, international, entertainment and other news available right here.

Download it for free.

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By Comcast Interactive Media released on: 2010-11-15T08:00:00Z

Find your favorite shows and movies, control your TV, and schedule DVR recordings—all with the XFINITY TV app. You can also play your favorite shows and movies on your iPad. "u2028The XFINITY TV app puts a world of entertainment right at your fingertips!

"u2028"u2028Find what to watch using a few taps:
"u2028"u2028- Browse TV listings customized to your area
- Browse an On Demand library featuring thousands of titles
- Search TV listings and On Demand for any show or movie
"u2028- Filter content by genre, network, HD, free and much more "u2028"u2028

Control your TV and DVR: "u2028
- Conveniently change channels right from the app "u2028
- Tune directly to On Demand programs to watch on your TV
"u2028- Schedule DVR recordings of your favorite shows, series, and movies "u2028"u2028

Watch your favorite TV shows and movies:* "u2028
"u2028- Stream TV shows and movies from select channels—including the premium cable networks—over the Internet to your iPad*
- Enjoy content with peace of mind using parental controls

"u2028"u2028* Playing content on your device requires an iPad and Wi-Fi Internet connection. "u2028"u2028A strong Wi-Fi signal will provide the best performance.

"u2028- iPad, iPhone (3G, 3GS or 4) or iPod touch (2nd, 3rd or 4th Generation) with iOS 4. (Playing content on your device requires an iPad. It will not work on an iPhone or iPod Touch at this time.)
"u2028- Changing channels, recording to your DVR, and starting OnDemand require a Wi-Fi or 3G Internet connection. Playing content on iPad requires a Wi-Fi Internet connection.
- XFINITY TV or Comcast Digital Video service. You will also need a subscription to one or more eligible channels to play content.**"u2028
- Compatible cable/set-top box (for TV and DVR control). Please see for more details.
"u2028- Comcast ID or Email Address (and Password) "u2028"u2028
- Some restrictions may apply. Not available in all areas.

Initial Setup Notes: Please be at home with your TV and cable boxes turned on. Messages will appear on your TV screen to help you name your boxes for easier identification and control.

"u2028"u2028*** Playing content on iPad requires a Wi-Fi Internet connection.

*** Xfinity TV app supports many-but not all-Comcast set top boxes. Specifically, Scientific Atlanta set top boxes are not yet supported. Please see this page for details about currently supported set top boxes.

*** Please follow @XfinityTVApps on Twitter for tips and product information.

*** Having trouble with the Xfinity TV App? Contact our support team via email: We cannot respond directly through iTunes but would love to hear from you.

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MoSS: Mobile Live Stream Station (TV, Cam, Radio)

By WalnutSoft released on: 2009-12-22T10:23:16Z

Ranked #1 Free App in Korea.

MoSS is a mobile live stream station. You can watch live TV, Cam, and listen to radio stations.

What you can do with MoSS?
- Add your own live stream to your Favorites list.
- Watch your streams in full screen.
- Browse and watch recently added streams to MoSS.
- See most watched streams on MoSS (upgrade to full version to watch them).

Please be aware that some streams may require higher cpu (i.e. iPhone 3GS) for playing.

Disclaimer: WalnutSoft does not host any stream server. All the streams available on MoSS are either added by users or by WalnutSoft. Streams on MoSS may change or may be withdrawn without prior notice. If it so happens, no refund will be given.

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By My Local TV released on: 2009-12-29T03:13:51Z

Channel 7's is now on your iPhone and iPod Touch, providing you with the latest news, weather and traffic for metro Detroit and all of Michigan.

View breaking news, the latest headlines, video, weather, traffic and sports 24/7. Check school closings and traffic before you hit the road. It's 7 Action News On Your Side - anywhere, anytime!

- Watch the latest news and video
- See current weather conditions and video forecast
- Check traffic before you hit the road
- Submit breaking news from wherever you are
- Drag and drop custom menu

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Willow TV

By Willow TV Inc. released on: 2010-05-19T08:24:19Z

Willow TV, the leader in Online Cricket, now brings all the action of the cricketing field to your iPhone. Stay up to date with exclusive and interactive videos, live commentary, a video scorecard and more. Access the library of past matches and see all video highlights.

Here is what the application does:
- Show all live scores
- Show recent matches and results
- View ball by ball video commentary
- View an interactive video scorecard
- See popular videos of exciting moments in recent matches
- Access scoreboards and complete video highlights of past matches

Coming soon:
- Live streaming of matches
- All news, gossip and off the field videos from the cricketing world
- Detailed match report for all matches

Willow.TV is the world's leading portal for live Internet streaming of all Cricket events worldwide, and has been providing live streaming video of every major cricket series since 2003

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By Local TV LLC released on: 2009-06-13T11:29:29Z

Want Oklahoma News, weather and sports on your iPhone? go4it! go4it is the NEW iPhone app from KFOR-TV in Oklahoma City. The app provides you with the latest Oklahoma News, Oklahoma Sports, and up to date 4Warn Weather.

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Movies You Demand

By BIGSTAR tv released on: 2010-08-12T01:33:39Z

Movies You Demand by BIGSTAR

Global access to thousands of unique movies and entertainment.

Watch foreign films, independent movies, film festival movies, cult favorites and more!

Unlimited movie viewing on almost any Internet-connected device, including iPhone, iPad and many more!

If you're looking for Hollywood movies this app isn't for you. If you love alternatives to the typical Hollywood flick, check us out!

Get a 30 day Free trial and $4.99 a month after that!

If you cancel your membership before the 30 days is over you will not be charged. If you like our service, simply do nothing and your membership will continue.

***When you sign up for our free trial, your card is authorized but NOT charged. Some banks may show this authorization on your statement but you are not charged. Any questions, feel free to contact us at 888.67.FILMS(34567)

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By, Inc released on: 2009-01-19T11:27:44Z

Ustream powers live interactive video that enables anyone to watch and interact with a global audience of unlimited size.

With the Ustream app, go live and follow your favorite broadcasters anytime, anywhere! The Ustream app now combines the best of broadcasting and viewing into one convenient app for devices running iOS 4.1 and newer:
-Broadcast and interact with your audience through chat and poll
-Discover the hottest Ustream content showcased in a Featured carousel
-Follow your favorite shows by joining Ustream Crowds and getting alerts for events
-Share with your friends on Twitter and Facebook when you broadcast and discover content
-Customize the menu with your most used features

*Known issues:
-Major bug fix for iPhones on the Verizon network on its way. Thanks for your patience!
-Under poor network conditions, video may switch to an audio-only stream which is currently a blank screen. This will be fixed with the iOS 4.3 update.

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\ub2e4\uc74c tv\ud31f 2 - Daum tvPot 2

By Daum Communications Corp. released on: 2009-09-19T12:02:50Z

tv"ud31f"uc740 "uc544"uc774"ud3f0"uacfc "uc544"uc774"ud31f "ud130"uce58"ub97c "ud1b5"ud574 "ub2e4"uc591"ud55c "ub3d9"uc601"uc0c1"uc744 "ub9cc"ub0a0 "uc218 "uc788"ub294 "uc5b4"ud50c"ub9ac"ucf00"uc774"uc158"uc785"ub2c8"ub2e4.
tv"ud31f "uc6f9"uc5d0"uc11c "ub9cc"ub0a0 "uc218 "uc788"ub294 "ubc29"ub300"ud55c "ub3d9"uc601"uc0c1"uc744 "uc2e4"uc2dc"uac04 "uc778"ucf54"ub529"uc744 "ud1b5"ud574 "uc6f9"uacfc "ub3d9"uc77c"ud558"uac8c "ube60"ub974"uace0 "ud3b8"ub9ac"ud558"uac8c "uc774"uc6a9"ud560 "uc218 "uc788"uc2b5"ub2c8"ub2e4.
"uc778"uae30 "uc601"uc0c1, "uac8c"uc784 "ub9ac"uadf8, "uc601"ud654 "uc608"uace0"ud3b8 "ub4f1 "ub2e4"uc591"ud55c "ub3d9"uc601"uc0c1"uc744 "ubb34"ub8cc"ub85c "uc774"uc6a9"ud560 "uc218 "uc788"uc73c"uba70 "uac15"ub825"ud55c "uac80"uc0c9"uc744 "ud1b5"ud574 "ubcf4"uace0 "uc2f6"uc5c8"ub358 "ub3d9"uc601"uc0c1"uc744 "ubc14"ub85c "uac10"uc0c1"ud560 "uc218 "uc788"uc2b5"ub2c8"ub2e4.

- "uc624"ub298"uc758 "ucd94"ucc9c, "ubca0"uc2a4"ud2b8, "ud14c"ub9c8, "uc601"ud654, "uac8c"uc784 "ub4f1"uc758 "uba54"ub274"uac00 "uc81c"uacf5"ub429"ub2c8"ub2e4.
- "uac80"uc0c9"uc744 "ud1b5"ud574 tv"ud31f"uc5d0"uc11c "uc81c"uacf5"ub418"ub294 "ubaa8"ub4e0 "ub3d9"uc601"uc0c1"uc744 "ubcfc "uc218 "uc788"uc2b5"ub2c8"ub2e4.
- "uac01 "ub3d9"uc601"uc0c1"uc5d0 "ub300"ud55c "uc378"ub124"uc77c"uacfc "uc815"ubcf4"uac00 "uc81c"uacf5"ub429"ub2c8"ub2e4.
- "ub9e4"uc77c "uc5c5"ub370"uc774"ud2b8"ub418"ub294 "ub3d9"uc601"uc0c1"uc744 "ub9cc"ub0a0 "uc218 "uc788"uc2b5"ub2c8"ub2e4.
- "ub3d9"uc601"uc0c1"uc744 "ubcf4"uba74"uc11c "ub313"uae00"uc744 "ubcf4"uac70"ub098 "ucd94"ucc9c"uc744 "ud560 "uc218 "uc788"uc2b5"ub2c8"ub2e4.

- "uc544"uc774"ud3f0 "uc6b4"uc601"uccb4"uc81c "ubc84"uc804 3.0 "uc774"uc0c1"uc5d0"uc11c"ub9cc "uc774"uc6a9"ud560 "uc218 "uc788"uc2b5"ub2c8"ub2e4.
- Wi-Fi"uc640 3G "ud658"uacbd"uc5d0"uc11c "ubaa8"ub450 "uc774"uc6a9"ud560 "uc218 "uc788"uc2b5"ub2c8"ub2e4.
- "ub2e4"ub9cc 3G "uc774"uc6a9 "uc2dc "ub370"uc774"ud130 "uc694"uae08"uc774 "ubc1c"uc0dd"ud560 "uc218 "uc788"uc2b5"ub2c8"ub2e4.
- "uad00"ub828 "ubb38"uc758"uc0ac"ud56d"uc740 Daum "uace0"uac1d"uc13c"ud130"ub97c "ud1b5"ud574 "ubb38"uc758"ud558"uc2dc"uae30 "ubc14"ub78d"ub2c8"ub2e4.

Daum tvPot is the ultimate UCC video contents service for the iPhone and iPod touch and it's free.
Quickly and easily play with famous, themes, movies trailer and online game league video UCC contents.

( ** OS Version 3.0 Only ** )

Features include:
- View UCC video contents on the Hot, Best, Themes, Movies, Games sections.
- View overview and thumbnail information per each content.
- View all or only new content.
- View UCC video contents that updated daily.
- View UCC video contents from Daum tvPot Service.(

Additional Features in the version 2
- provide whole of UCC video upon tvPot service.
- see comment of that video on the play time
- see information of that video
- can vote WOW

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W.TV \u624b\u673a\u7535\u89c6

By Chongqing Rumtel Communication Technology Co.,Ltd released on: 2009-06-24T07:19:28Z

W.TV Mobile TV is a client SW embedded in iPhone, based China Unicom Sichuan. Developed by Rumtel Communications Technology CO.Ltd. It carriers a variety of streaming contents: includes TV program from most provincial TV stations, popular Movies and updated Drama in China.It is easy to use and support H.264 codec. It provides massive VOD contents and everyday updated overseas and domestic news; you will have very unique and video experience from W.TV.You will have very unique and fantastic audio and video experience from W.TV.

1. Browse featured videos
2. Live videos
3. Browse categoried videos
4. DVD videos
5. Topic videos
6. Search videos
7. Download videos for off line watching"uff08support resuming interrupted downloads"uff09
8. Write the review for video
9. original videos function

Tel: +86-028-66453388

W.TV"u624b"u673a"u7535"u89c6"u662f"u6210"u90fd"u878d"u7279"u901a"u4fe1"u6280"u672f"u6709"u9650"u516c"u53f8"u8054"u5408"u4e2d"u56fd"u8054"u901a"u56db"u5ddd"u5206"u516c"u53f8"u57fa"u4e8e"u8054"u901a"u6d41"u5a92"u4f53"u5e73"u53f0"u5f00"u53d1"u7684"u4e00"u6b3eiPhone"u624b"u673a"u7535"u89c6"u5ba2"u6237"u7aef"u8f6f"u4ef6"u3002 "u672c"u5ba2"u6237"u7aef"u8f6f"u4ef6"u627f"u8f7d"u4e86"u56fd"u5185"u90e8"u5206"u7701"u7ea7"u7b7e"u7ea6"u7535"u89c6"u53f0"u53ca"u76f8"u5173"u70ed"u95e8"u7535"u5f71,"u7535"u89c6"u5267"u53d1"u884c"u516c"u53f8"u63d0"u4f9b"u7684"u89c6"u9891"u6d41"u5a92"u4f53"u5185"u5bb9"uff0c "u64cd"u4f5c"u7b80"u5355"u65b9"u4fbf"uff0c"u5b8c"u7f8e"u652f"u6301H.264"u9ad8"u6e05"u7f16"u7801"u683c"u5f0f"u3002W.TV"u624b"u673a"u7535"u89c6"u4e3a"u4f60"u63d0"u4f9b"u4e86"u6d77"u91cf"u7684"u89c6"u9891"u70b9"u64ad"u8282"u76ee"uff0c "u6bcf"u5929"u66f4"u6709"u5927"u91cf"u6700"u65b0"u7684"u56fd"u5185"u5916"u91cd"u5927"u89c6"u9891"u65b0"u95fb"u64ad"u62a5,"u4f60"u5c06"u4f1a"u5728W.TV"u624b"u673a"u7535"u89c6"u4e0a"u83b7"u5f97"u524d"u6240"u672a"u6709"u7684"u4e2a"u6027"u5316"u89c6"u542c"u4f53"u9a8c"u3002

1. "u6d4f"u89c8"u63a8"u8350"u89c6"u9891
2. "u7535"u89c6"u76f4"u64ad ("u90e8"u5206"u7535"u89c6"u76f4"u64ad"u53f0"u6b63"u5728"u8fdb"u884c"u9ad8"u6e05"u6d4b"u8bd5"uff0c"u656c"u8bf7"u671f"u5f85"uff01)
3. "u6d4f"u89c8"u5206"u7c7b"u89c6"u9891
4. DVD"u89c6"u9891
5. "u4e13"u9898"u89c6"u9891
6. "u641c"u7d22"u89c6"u9891
7. "u4e0b"u8f7d"u89c6"u9891"u79bb"u7ebf"u89c2"u770b("u652f"u6301"u65ad"u70b9"u7eed"u4f20)
8. "u4e3a"u89c6"u9891"u6dfb"u52a0"u8bc4"u8bba
9. "u539f"u521b"u89c6"u9891


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TV Remote

By Samsung Electronics CO.LTD. released on: 2010-04-07T07:00:00Z

This application is Wi-Fi remote control of Samsung Internet@TV for 2010. If both your iPhone and TV were connected to the same access point, your iPhone is linked with TV automatically and you can use your iPhone like general remote.

- Models supported
All SAMSUNG TVs working Internet@TV 2010 (Model code'C')

e.g. U E 5 5 C 6 5 0 0

L N 4 6 C 6 5 0

LED 6500 SERIES Higher
(Model code starts with 'U')
LCD 650 SERIES Higher
(Model code starts with 'L')
PDP 6500 SERIES Higher
(Model code starts with 'P')

- description
. TV Remote : The basic remote control operations are available. With dragging gesture like up/down/left/right, Direction or CH/VOL can be adjusted whatever background is.

. Gesture Remote : CH/VOL can be adjusted with touching the screen and tilting the device.

. Keyboard : If you need typing like when you use Internet@TV, you can input letters readily by using this controller.

. Game Remote Control : This controller gives you comfortable UI for games at Internet@TV.

. Manual : Explanations on appplications are shown.

. Settings : Enables users to modify setting for the TV model, response time for gestures and sensitivity of touchpad.

** Directions
- Make sure "WIreless Remote Control" listed under "Setup" of TV "Menu" is on.

- If "Wireless Remote Control" cannot be found, the TV Remote function is not available.

- Connect the TV LAN port to the Wireless Router using a Cat-5 cable or Connect the Samsung Wireless LAN Adapter to the TV USB port.

- Connect your iPhone to the Wireless Router.

The functions of TV Remote Control can be tested by activating Demo Play in Discovery menu without connection to SAMSUNG TV.

*** Set your region information in "Settings" menu.

"ubcf8 "ud504"ub85c"uadf8"ub7a8"uc740 2010"ub144"ub3c4 "uc0bc"uc131 Internet@TV"uc758 Wi-Fi "ub9ac"ubaa8"ucee8"uc785"ub2c8"ub2e4. "uc0bc"uc131 TV"uc640 "uac19"uc740 "uacf5"uc720"uae30"uc5d0 "uc5f0"uacb0"ub418"uc5b4 "uc788"uc73c"uba74 "uc790"ub3d9"uc73c"ub85c TV"ub97c "ucc3e"uc73c"uba70 "uc811"uc18d"uc744 "ud558"uba74 "uc77c"ubc18 "ub9ac"ubaa8"ucee8"uacfc "uac19"uc774 "uc0ac"uc6a9 "ud560 "uc218 "uc788"uc2b5"ub2c8"ub2e4.

- TV Remote : "uae30"ubcf8"uc801"uc778 "ub9ac"ubaa8"ucee8 "ub3d9"uc791"uc744 "ud569"ub2c8"ub2e4. "uc0c1/"ud558/"uc88c/"uc6b0 "uac19"uc740 "ub4dc"ub798"uadf8"ub85c "uc0c1"ud669"uc5d0 "ub530"ub77c "ubc29"ud5a5"ud0a4 "ub610"ub294 "ucc44"ub110/"ubcfc"ub968 "uc870"uc791"uc744 "ud560 "uc218 "uc788"uc2b5"ub2c8"ub2e4.

- Gesture Remote : "ud654"uba74"uc744 "ud130"uce58 "ud6c4 "uae30"uae30"ub97c "uae30"uc6b8"uc774"uba74 "ucc44"ub110/"ubcfc"ub968 "uc870"uc791"uc744 "ud560 "uc218 "uc788"uc2b5"ub2c8"ub2e4.

- Keyboard : "uc778"ud130"ub137TV"ub97c "uc0ac"uc6a9"ud560 "ub54c"uc640 "uac19"uc774 "ubb38"uc790"uc785"ub825"uc774 "ud544"uc694"ud55c "uacbd"uc6b0 "uc774 "uae30"ub2a5"uc73c"ub85c "ubb38"uc790"ub97c "uc785"ub825"ud560 "uc218 "uc788"uc2b5"ub2c8"ub2e4.

- Game Remote : "uc774 "uae30"ub2a5"uc740 "uc778"ud130"ub137TV"uc758 "uac8c"uc784"uc744 "ud3b8"uc548"ud558"uac8c "uc990"uae38 "uc218 "uc788"ub294 UI"ub97c "uc81c"uacf5"ud569"ub2c8"ub2e4.

- Manual : "uc5b4"ud50c"ub9ac"ucf00"uc774"uc158"uc5d0 "ub300"ud55c "uc790"uc138"ud55c "uc124"uba85"uc744 "ubcfc "uc218 "uc788"uc2b5"ub2c8"ub2e4.

- Settings : TV "ubaa8"ub378 "uc124"uc815 "ubc0f "uc81c"uc2a4"uccd0/"ud130"uce58"ud328"ub4dc "uc18d"ub3c4"ub97c "ubcc0"uacbd"ud560 "uc218 "uc788"uc2b5"ub2c8"ub2e4.

** "uc0ac"uc6a9"ubc29"ubc95
- TV"uc758 "uc124"uc815(Setup) "uba54"ub274(Menu)"uc5d0"uc11c "ubb34"uc120"ub9ac"ubaa8"ucee8(Wireless Remote Control)"uc774 "ucf1c"uae30(ON)"ub85c "ub418"uc5b4 "uc788"ub294"uc9c0 "ud655"uc778"ud569"ub2c8"ub2e4. "ubb34"uc120"ub9ac"ubaa8"ucee8(Wireless Remote Control) "ud56d"ubaa9"uc774 "uc5c6"uc73c"uba74 TV Remote "uae30"ub2a5"uc744 "uc0ac"uc6a9"ud560 "uc218 "uc5c6"uc2b5"ub2c8"ub2e4.
- LAN "uc120"uc744 "uc774"uc6a9"ud574 TV LAN "ub2e8"uc790"uc5d0 "uc720/"ubb34"uc120 IP "uacf5"uc720"uae30"ub97c "uc5f0"uacb0"ud558"uac70"ub098, TV"uc758 USB"ub2e8"uc790"uc5d0 '"uc0bc"uc131 "ubb34"uc120 LAN "uc5b4"ub311"ud130'"ub97c "uc5f0"uacb0"ud558"uc138"uc694.
- "uc720"ubb34"uc120 "uacf5"uc720"uae30"uc640 iPhone"uc744 "uc5f0"uacb0"ud558"uc138"uc694.

- "uc9c0"uc6d0 "ubaa8"ub378
2010"ub144"ub3c4"uc5d0 "ucd9c"uc2dc "ub41c "Internet@TV" "uae30"ub2a5"uc774 "ud0d1"uc7ac "ub41c "uc0bc"uc131"uc758 "ubaa8"ub4e0 TV("ubaa8"ub378 "ucf54"ub4dc C)"ub97c "uc81c"uc5b4"ud558"uc2e4 "uc218 "uc788"uc2b5"ub2c8"ub2e4.

"uc608) U N 5 5 C 6 5 0 0

L E 4 6 C 6 5 0

LED 6500 "uc2dc"ub9ac"uc988 "uc774"uc0c1"ubaa8"ub378
LCD 650 "uc2dc"ub9ac"uc988 "uc774"uc0c1"ubaa8"ub378
PDP 6500 "uc2dc"ub9ac"uc988 "uc774"uc0c1 "ubaa8"ub378

- "uc0bc"uc131 TV"uc640 "uc5f0"uacb0"ud558"uc9c0 "uc54a"uc544"ub3c4 "ucd08"uae30 "uc811"uc18d"ud654"uba74"uc5d0"uc11c Demo Play"ubc84"ud2bc"uc744 "ub204"ub974"uba74 TV Remote "uae30"ub2a5"uc744 "ud14c"uc2a4"ud2b8 "ud560 "uc218 "uc788"uc2b5"ub2c8"ub2e4.

- "ud55c"uad6d "uc0ac"uc6a9"uc790"ub4e4"uc740 "Settings" "uba54"ub274"uc5d0"uc11c "TV Model""uc744 Korea"ub85c "uc120"ud0dd"ud558"uc5ec "uc8fc"uc138"uc694.

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theChanner - TV goes social

By theChanner Plans SL released on: 2010-06-14T07:00:00Z

Love TV? theChanner is the way to enjoy live Internet TV and take part in it.

Choose from an incredible variety of channels: FoxLA 11, BBC, Nasa TV, Bloomberg...

Discover your next favorite song watching NRJ Hits and tweet it! Watch and compare news from a different perspective with Press TV and France 24, and share your opinion on Facebook.

Give your say to a broadcaster, tag a channel, and write a better profile to help the community identify each channel. Or, just follow your financial news with Bloomberg or enjoy watching TV Scuba and Massive Mag Xtreme Sports.

TV goes social and theChanner is a mobile Internet TV tuner where you influence the television for the future.

We love TV. Welcome to theChanner!

How it works:
theChanner works as a tuner to browse streaming TV channels on the Internet and show them live on your phone.
A broadband Internet connection is required. Your experience may vary depending on your Wi-Fi / 3G / Internet provider.

For the list of TV channels go to:

For broadcaster's tool access go to:

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TV-Guide USA

By Jersey Productions released on: 2010-01-21T07:14:50Z

Fast and easy TV listings for the US market. Quickly get an overview of what's on right now - the shows, the movies and the sports events.

The app currently covers all the channels in the whole US. TV-Guide is currently distributed FREE of charge, so try it out today.

- TV-Guide includes over 12 000 channels in the US
- Pick your own Satellite / Cable / OTA provider
- Quick overview of what's on TV right now, no more zapping!
- Overview of all the sports events on TV for a given day
- Overview of all the movies on TV for a given day
- Active team of developers and frequent updates

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Peel - Personal TV Show Guide

By Peel Technologies, Inc. released on: 2010-10-15T07:52:15Z

Peel is a free guide that learns TV shows you like and suggests top picks to watch on TV.

The free Peel app features:
A beautiful guide to see what's available to watch on your TV
Separate views for TV shows, movies, and sports
Show summaries including episode information, cover art, viewing times, and the channel number for your provider
Highlight your favorite programming, and over time, Peel tailors its top picks to your preferences
Find shows and sports from only the channels that are actually available to you, including optional premium channels
A simple search interface for finding exactly the show you want
Share what you're watching on Facebook and Twitter in one easy step
Current and future time slots - see up to a week ahead
Set alarms so you never miss an upcoming show

Peel universal control, which is $99 and now available at the Apple Store, adds the ability for Peel to control your whole entertainment system.
Learn more at

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TBN: Watch TV Shows and Live TV for Free

By Trinity Broadcasting Network released on: 2010-02-05T07:14:08Z

Access SEVEN live television channels 24 hours per day, 7 days a week on EDGE, 3G, or WiFi.

Application features award-winning programming, children's TV shows, music videos, and much more! Channels available in English, Spanish, Farsi, and Arabic.


The world's largest religious network and America's most watched faith channel. Commercial-free inspirational programming that appeals to people in a wide variety of Protestant, Catholic and Messianic Jewish denominations.

The Church Channel
Where America Turns For Faith. Featuring some of the best church service programs from multiple denominations.

America's Premier Faith-based Youth Channel. Cutting edge programs and music videos for 13 to 29 year olds.

Smile of a Child
Where Faith is Fun for Kids. Entertainment and educational programming for pre-school to 12 years old, helping children develop positive social and spiritual skills. Smile of a Child brings the best moral and biblical teachings to children through fun and constructive television.

TBN Enlace USA
Bringing Faith to the Hispanic Community. The best inspirational programs from Latin America and the most popular programs from TBN, all in Spanish.

TBN Nejat TV
Reaching the Heart of the Middle East in the Farsi language.

The Healing Channel
Bringing Good News for the Middle East in the Arabic language.

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Ustream Live Broadcaster

By, Inc released on: 2009-12-09T05:47:37Z

Easily stream live moments from your device and share with your friends, family, fans, followers and others -- anytime, anywhere!

*** NOTE: If your device supports iOS 4.1 or newer, please check out our new "Ustream" app which combines the best of both broadcasting and viewing! Search for "Ustream" in the App Store to get it now. ***

Ustream is the leading live interactive broadcasting platform that enables anyone to quickly broadcast to a global audience of unlimited size.

-Notify your Twitter and Facebook social networks as you start your broadcast so that they can join you.
-Interact with viewers during your broadcast using Ustream's Social Stream, which integrates a live feed of Twitter and Facebook messages, plus polling.
-For those who missed your broadcast, no problem--the broadcast is recorded and can be shared later!
-Full-screen broadcasting view with option to display device status bar/network quality
-Record to your phone and upload and share later
-Front/back camera switching (when supported by device)

Ustream Broadcaster now supports additional devices, including the iPod touch (fourth-generation), and works over 3G and WiFi. Your device must have built-in camera support to run this application.

Check out other Ustream apps for your iOS device at

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By released on: 2011-03-07T02:10:14Z

Socialcam is the easiest way to share videos with friends. It makes sharing video from your phone as simple as uploading photos to Facebook. With a few clicks, you're able to record, tag, and share videos as well as browse, like, and comment on your friends' videos.


- Unlimited video length and storage
- Upload video while you are recording for fastest possible upload
- Record video offline and it uploads later when you have Internet
- Tag your friends in videos
- Instant notification when you are tagged in a video
- Browse, like, and comment on your friends' videos
- Share videos with Facebook, Twitter, Email and SMS


We welcome your feedback! Please email us at with your comments, suggestions and feedback.

Note: Socialcam currenlty requires a Facebook account to sign up. Currently video capture not supported for the iPhone 3G and older.

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TV-Listings USA

By Jersey Productions released on: 2010-06-17T06:27:12Z

Fast and easy TV listings for the US market. Quickly get an overview of what's on right now - the shows, the movies and the sports events.

The app currently covers all the channels in the whole US. TV-Guide is currently distributed FREE of charge, so try it out today.

- TV-Guide includes over 12 000 channels in the US
- Pick your own Satellite / Cable / OTA provider
- Quick overview of what's on TV right now, no more zapping!
- Overview of all the sports events on TV for a given day
- Overview of all the movies on TV for a given day
- Active team of developers and frequent updates

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TV Show Quizzle\u2122

By Broken Thumbs Apps released on: 2010-09-20T06:59:02Z

Name the TV Show. Talking dog. Talking baby. Seth Green. MacFarlane.

With over 800 questions our TV Show Quizzle™ is the perfect app for TV enthusiasts. It includes Open Feint global leaderboards and achievements, a Prize Center where you can redeem your tickets, a blog, and much much more.

And, the more 5-star ratings we get, the more questions we'll add!

If there are any features you would like added to this Quizzle™, please let us know in your review.

If you have any feedback or suggestions, or just want to let us know what your favorite episode is, email us at We'd love to hear from you!

Twitter: (no 's')

If you liked this app, please also check out Name That Movie Quizzle, Zombie Duck Hunt, Emily's Girl Talk, MASH :), and more!

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Tivit Mobile TV Viewer for DVB-H

By Valups Corporation released on: 2009-11-30T06:56:53Z

This application is a tool to view mobile TV on your iPhone or iPod Touch. To use this program, you need a device called "Tivit", which receives DVB-H mobile broadcast signal and transmit it to your iPhone or iPod Touch via Wi-Fi network.
With the device connected, you can view the channel list and program description, view TV content, change channels, adjust volume and screen size.

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Current TVs Bar Karma

By Current TV, LLC released on: 2010-12-21T10:00:33Z

Season started! With several more episodes to create!

Bar Karma: the first community-developed television series ever... Now's your chance to make better television from the ground up, as part of the world's first community developed sci-fi series. Help tell the story of a mysterious bar that moves through time and space, by contributing story ideas and images right from your iPhone!

The Story So Far

When one door closes, another one opens. And when that door opens into the most mysterious bar in the universe, strange things begin to happen. Bar Karma, a mystical watering hole that travels through time and space, pops into its patrons' lives when they need more than a stiff drink.

Every happy hour, the Bar Karma staff guides one lost soul through a crossroads in his or her life, using eerie glimpses into the past, present and many possible futures. Some think it's destiny, others believe free will brought them to the bar. But none of them will pass through the Bar Karma doors without being changed forever.

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Real Magic TV (RMTV)

By Real Magic TV LLC released on: 2010-07-27T03:22:55Z

Real Magic TV features exclusive, out-of-the box video content, with billboard-chart-topping musicians including: Jason Mraz, Evanescence, John Mayer, Paramore, Linkin Park, All-American Rejects and Maroon 5, as well as actors such as Dan Aykroyd and Kevin Bacon. Watch and interact with world renowned magician Jonathan Real, as he performs magic and interviews top musicians and celebrities. The RMTV App is a gateway to all things Real Magic. It gives users the ability to watch, share and interact with RMTV while on the go.


RMTV presents a revolutionary mobile video streaming application. A handful of RMTV's most recent exclusive videos are available daily. Users are able to watch the videos formatted specially for iPhone's built in Quicktime Player and view/post comments on each video.

Users can submit questions for RMTV upcoming guests through a text submission form, or by leaving a voicemail for the guest through the RMTV App.

Real Magic TV broadcasts online and to the iPhone every Wednesday night at 10PM EST (plus special times from backstage). The broadcasts are a way for you to interact with the producer of the show, request videos, and get a behind the scenes look at the production. Live shows also feature a host of musical guests, magic segments and more!

RMTV is constantly touring and producing new episodes on the road. This feature allows fans to see where we'll be next. The tour posts are integrated with google maps, giving users turn-by-turn driving directions to all of the public taping locations. Users can stay up to date with all of the latest news and special events through this news portal.

UP AND COMERS (New Music + Streaming MP3s)
Each week Real Magic TV features a new "up and coming" artist on the site. Users can check out and stream these new musicians' songs from anywhere! Photos and information on each band is also included. Users are invited to submit their own bands for free on the application.

Users can enter free to win autographed items signed by celebrities on Real Magic TV.

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Imgo TV is the VOD platform which belongs to Hunan Golden Eagle Broadcasting System.
Imgo TV is in a leading position of Internet, cell phone 3G, cable digital TV, mobile TV and so on. Using computer, cell phone and TV as its broadcast of termination, to provide high quality service at anytime and anywhere to our customers, to create NO.1 Entertainment Web TV is our target.
Imgo TV with full range of Hunan's satellite TV and other 8 channels at its content"uff0cincluding entertainment"uff0cnews documentaries, television dramas, movies, MV. For offering exciting entertainment video feast to hundreds of millions of mobile phone user.

You are free to order programs such as Happy Base Camp, Day Day Up, also you can choose Meteor Shower and Ugly Wudi, as well as other smash hit which has won unprecedented acclaim with us.
You can find Blockbuster film, HD MV refresh daily.

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