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By WeeAppsreleased on:2009-04-14T07:00:00Z

Love, Life and What iWore - your life in fashion.

This season, every time you get all dressed up and go out is a photo op. Make fashion history of your own with iWore. Turn your phone around and capture you out on the town, having fun, dressed your best and create your own chronicle of fashion.

iWore lets you file photos so you can keep track of what you wore, where you wore it, and who you saw. It's your fashion life -- past, present and future -- all in one place on your phone.

Simply access photos from camera roll or take new photos from iWore and file into categories and events: Spring, Parties, Black Tie, Little Black Dress, Big Date, Holiday 2010, RTR, Work, Interviews. Add your own categories such as Shoes or Wish List (for photos of your fashion hopes and dreams).

Instantly email friends for fashion feedback or post to Facebook to show not just what you wore, but how you wore it.

Add who saw you from your address book or enter new contacts so you're never caught wearing the same thing twice.

Plan what to wear by filing your favorite star-rated photos under upcoming events or by date.

By the end of season, you'll have a photo journal full of Love, Life and What iWore.

In iWore, you can:
1. Use photos from camera roll or take new photos
2. File photos into categories/events/fashion trends or create your own categories
3. Share to Facebook or email
4. Add who saw you from address book or type in
new peeps
5. Rate favorite outfits 1-5 stars
6. Access looks by category, date, outfit, peeps, stars
7. Add multiple outfits per day
8. Easily change photos if you find a better shot

iWore - Make fashion history of your own.

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ClosetByMiva Lite

By Kaming Lireleased on:2010-01-12T06:39:55Z

Display your wardrobe savvy with this iPhone/iPod touch application. Tag and search your clothes. Plan and create outfits for the week. Enjoy the closet organization experience today!

**Note** This lite version only allows adding up to 20 items. The full version allows unlimited items.

Suggestion to maximize your experience using the outfit templates in the lite version: add at least 2 tops, bottoms, dresses, accessories, shoes, purses, and begin creating some outfits!

Become a fan on the ClosetByMiva Facebook page for the latest ClosetByMiva news, photos, discussion board, and support.

ClosetByMiva is a personal closet organizer. Once your clothes are added to the application, you can create outfits on the bus, at work, or sitting on the couch. This organizer can help you visually discover outfits in your closet.

This lite version:

- add up to 20 articles (full version allows UNLIMITED articles)
- create UNLIMITED outfits
- add UNLIMITED articles to each outfit
- create UNLIMITED lists
- add UNLIMITED articles and outfits to each list
- add UNLIMITED articles and outfits to each day in the Daybook-Planner

The full version allows adding unlimited number of articles.


1. Store front and back images of your clothes. Images are selected from your device's Photo Albums. Use the predefined categories and your own tags to categorize and organize the closet. View images in different sizes. Add your clothes to the Daybook-Planner. Send pictures of your clothes to friends.

2. Use the built-in outfit templates to visualize and create outfits. Take snapshots of outfits and send to friends. Each template has pre-configured slots to show articles from different categories and body sections. The Category and Body information for an article can be set at any time. Tags can be used to filter articles inside a slot. Swipe up and down inside a slot to move to a different article. The slot's setting can be changed at any time inside the outfit template.

3. Add outfits to the Daybook-Planner.

4. View and plan your weekly wardrobe in the Daybook-Planner. Track the number of times an item has been used, and view the list of dates the item was used or to be worn in the future.

5. Was there a time you wanted to wear a particular blouse but you couldn't remember which pair of pants that looked good with it? You can use the "Matches" feature to link items together. Matches allows you to visually see which items go together, such as uniforms, suit jacket with matching pants and skirts, etc.

6. Create lists to help you get things done. You can add outfits and individual articles to a list, and then view the list of distinct articles you need to pack for a trip. Add a note to the list to remind yourself of other things that you need to get done. Example of a list: Spring Break 2010, Best Friend's Wedding, My Birthday Wish-list, Spring Cleaning and Donation, etc.

7. You can use the Purchased From to remind yourself which website or store you bought it from, and how much you spent on the item. The amount you enter for the item is used by the application to calculate the combined cost of an outfit, list, and set of items when they are viewed as a group. Or you can use the Purchased From as a note field.

8. Email outfit snapshots or individual items to friends.

9. Search the closet by tags.

10. See outfits in which a clothing item is used.


Need help? See the ClosetByMiva discussion board on Facebook.

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Clozette Mobile - Your Personal Closet On The Go

By Clozette Pte Ltdreleased on:2010-12-03T05:12:44Z is a social networking & e-commerce portal that serves a universe of fashion conscious ladies who love all things beautiful & unique.

Heading out? Clozette Mobile is your perfect companion that allows you to stay fashionably connected even when you're out and about.

Clozette Mobile allows you to:
- Create and organize your very own online closet; take photos of your closet items or new purchases using your iPhone and upload - it's that easy!
- Browse your closet to decide what to wear
- Browse your closet while shopping to check if what you're shopping for will go with what's already in your closet
- Upload your Look of the Day photos so you can remember what you wore to those special occasions
- Socialize & share your closet beauties & styles with fellow members
- Share fashion finds, your desired items and get members' opinions - to buy or not to buy?!?

Whatever you do at Clozette Mobile will be synchronized real-time on the portal

Explore more cool features like Dress Up on and check out the Clozette Shop for beautiful and unique fashion that we have picked out just for you.

Begin your affair with Clozette today! - Organize, Socialize, Shop! Fashion has never been so FUN!

Contact us at, we look forward to your ideas and suggestions!

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