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Designers HQ

By Creative Intent released on: 2011-03-10T10:54:23Z

Designers HQ is a resource website for web designers, developers, SEO experts, freelancers and more.

We provide resources, tutorials, tips, tricks and free stuff from different blogging websites around the web.

Whether you're a website designer looking for some inspiration, or a developer looking for a particular snippet of code, you'll probably find it on the DesignersHQ website.

We feature posts from Smashing Magazine amongst other large blogging websites.

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Clients From Hell Free

By MetaLab released on: 2010-09-23T11:13:16Z

A cult phenomenon among those who work in graphic, print and web design—and those lucky enough to have discovered the blog—Clients from Hell has been bringing readers to tears with unbelievable and always hilarious anecdotes from the twenty and thirty-somethings on the frontlines of design.

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Rajput Online Menu

By Creative Web Designers (I) Pvt. Ltd. released on: 2011-03-14T11:18:03Z

App for to order food online from RAJPUT INDIAN CUISINE and get 10% discounts from all the orders done from APP.

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Worldlight Media Web Design Blog

By Nathan Hangen released on: 2010-11-06T05:31:16Z

Get the latest news and updates from the WorldLight Media Web Design Company, as well as industry insights, commentary and reviews.

Small business owners, web designers, entrepreneurs, techies, online marketers, and geniuses will all find something of value using this app for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

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e-Task: Web Designer Edition

By Emagine Web Consulting released on: 2010-03-23T03:41:05Z

e-Task Web Design Edition is a simple, yet robust online and mobile project management tool for freelancers and web design companies.

The app syncs to an online account (created automatically by the app) so you can manage all of your information from the website as well.

Features include:

Maintain your Websites' information (urls, ftp info and more),
Track your sales Leads,
Maintain Client information,
Manage your Projects,
Track your Tasks and Time,
Establish and maintain employee Timesheets,
and More.

The app automatically syncs your data to your online account which enables you to run real time reporting and customer invoicing as well.

The app comes with your first 30 days of for free and you can create your account in less than 60 seconds right from the app.

e-Task is right for any company - from a one may show to large groups, e-Task will help you run your business better, relieve your stress of trying to remember what you were supposed to do, and help you bill more efficiently.

In groups, e-Task is a great collaboration tool, allowing the project manager to create employees, assign tasks, set email notifications, view timesheets, and much more.

For individuals, e-Task is an easy and efficient way to manage your own and your clients' web projects and tasks.

We hope you enjoy using e-Task as much as we do!

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By Webeffect released on: 2011-03-13T06:25:57Z

ModaLisboa Application for iPhone and iPad.
ModaLisboa / Lisbon Fashion Week app with event information, interactive maps and schedule of the fashion shows, news, videos and photo gallery.
This application was developed by Webeffect - technology producers

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By Wyld Web Designs released on: 2011-01-25T10:27:26Z

The GingerScraps App will keep you up to date on the latest, fresh baked goodies from the friendliest place in digiland. Created for the beginner or experienced digi scrapper and packed full of tips and tutorials along with the latest product raves and reviews!

Never be without your scrapbooking information again. You will be able to keep up with what is happening in the GingerScrap kitchen with just a click of the button. Anywhere you are, we are too!

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By Jason Workshop released on: 2010-01-26T11:39:57Z

Palette show the color map with HTML Hexadecimal color code for webpage designer.

- Double tap or drag with two fingers to zoom in / out.
- Allow users copy the color code.

Palette "u80fd"u986f"u793a"u4e00"u7cfb"u5217"u5e38"u7528"u7684 HTML "u984f"u8272"u78bc, "u4f9b"u7db2"u9801"u6216"u5e73"u9762"u8a2d"u8a08"u8005"u4f7f"u7528.

- "u4ee5"u624b"u6307"u6216"u96d9"u6309"u4f5c"u7e2e"u653e"u52d5"u4f5c.
- "u7528"u6236"u53ef"u8907"u88fd"u8272"u677f"u4e0a"u7684"u984f"u8272"u78bc.

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By JZM Web Designs released on: 2011-02-03T11:10:50Z

Cockney rhyming slang has become increasingly prevalent in modern society. You will find traces of the cockney dialect throughout modern cinema and terrestrial television.

iCockneyDialect is a handy application that will provide you with over 800 translations of everyday words and phrases into the famous cockney rhyming slang.

Gone are the days when the patter of Pearly Kings and Queens is unfathomable to the average Joe: simply reach for the iCockneyDialect application and you will soon find yourself conversing in their native tongue.

The 800 plus translations are easily accessible through the index.

Watch out for updates to the application and further additions to the iDialect suite of applications.

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By JZM Web Designs released on: 2011-03-05T01:08:55Z

The scouse dialect is one of the most distinguishable in the whole of the United Kingdom.

With Liverpool been a major, vibrant city it is no surprise that the distinctive dialect has worked its way into the social consciousness and become very popular.

This does not, however, help you when you are trying to translate the heavily accented soliloquy of a native Scouser!

Enter iScouseDialect, the latest addition to the iDialect suite. You have immediate access to hundreds of scouse terms and phrases that will help you decipher even the most ardent Liverpudlian.

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By Cherrypicks released on: 2010-07-12T07:00:00Z

Newwebpick is inspiration in your pocket, making a creative buzz available whenever you need one. You can stimulate your mind with collections of stunning visuals created by professional designers all across the world, no matter where you are or what you're doing.

Newwebpick lets you read one of the world's most reputable magazine anytime, anywhere, like 4 million readers across 155 countries are doing through internet.

Get Newwebpick now, and you too can follow the latest innovations in international design.

Newwebpick is a joint innovation contributed by Newwebpick, one of the world's most reputable design collection magazine and Cherrypicks, a world class mobile application and marketing innovator.

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By Design Extensions, LLC. released on: 2010-08-13T10:01:23Z

The Design Extensions app provides news and information about web design, graphic design and internet marketing. It also provides a look at our portfolio of work, a quick connection to our twitter feed, and an easy contact form.

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A List Apart Reader

By Copley Designs released on: 2010-08-12T06:23:32Z

The FREE version of A List Apart Reader lets you read the latest blog from A List Apart and see how the app works before you upgrade to the full version where you can read all of the blogs from the A List Apart Blog!

The A List Apart Reader connects you directly with the minds behind A List Apart as you read their online blog. The RSS feed is sent directly to your phone in the custom for iPhone interface!!

The A List Apart app is FASTER to load than the A List Apart blog website, easier to navigate and has a history of all of their blog entries along with remembering which entries you have read so you know when you have read them all!!

You can even shuffle to read random entries from the A List Apart blog.

★★★★★ "By far the best blog reading experience on the iPhone!" - Kathy Smith

★★★★★ "Better than even the XKCD app, great interface for the A List Apart content!" - Jacob Brahce

★★★★★ "This app brings a whole new edge to my iPhone!" - Jennifer Woods

This app is not affiliated with A List Apart.

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By BeeMix released on: 2010-08-30T07:00:00Z

"MixColorLite" is the application that can search a color code and a color sample easily.
HTML making ,WEB design, graphic
"MixColor" will be useful in a scene with a color

[function of "MixColorLite"]

color list
The color data of the Lite version is 100.
the full version is 1175.
[color sample][color code], [color name], [RGB], [CMYK], [HSV] are displayed.

When you select the list to view detailed information.
"SAVE" button and touch, the color of Favorites can be added to.
Favorites, you can register up to eight.

Enter your search criteria for more, you can find the color you are looking for.

The selected items, sort the list screen.
[HISTORY] button is a history feature. Sorts recently, starting from the chosen color.

Favorites to display colors.
Details screen [SAVE] button and touch, My Favorites can be registered.
Favorites to be removed from the case, [DELETE] button on the touch.

Note: Using color and value in this app is the approximate colors or approximation.
It might be different from an actual color and the value.

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London Web Development

By Nathan Hangen released on: 2010-10-09T06:32:48Z

We @ Ferrowtech aim to help you get the most out of your investment into your website. We will give your website a professional makeover, utilise the most technologically advanced methods to not only make it work the best and retain its visitors, but also make it most visible for all the popular search engines and directory services to make sure that it attracts large numbers of new visitors daily!

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itikkit webfinder fashion

By pb released on: 2010-03-09T10:22:05Z

Search, browse & organise your favourite websites on your phone
search for your favourite sites
add a visual book mark (you can zoom in & crop) to the site or a particular page
add a rating (so you can sort by your favourites)
view in image scroller or switch to sortable list view
we've given you a few suggestions to get started but customise as you will!

la recherche, brouter, & organiser vos sites internet pr"u00e9f"u00e9r"u00e9s sur votre t"u00e9l"u00e9phone
la ricerca, curiosa, & organizza i suoi siti web preferiti sul suo telefono
la b"u00fasqueda, hojea, & organiza sus sitios web predilectos en su tel"u00e9fono
Zoektocht, grasduin, & organiseer uw favoriete websites op uw telefoon
Suche, braust, & organisiert Ihre Lieblingswebsites auf Ihrem Telefon
"u641c"u7d22"uff0c"u6d4f"u89c8"uff0c & "u5728"u4f60"u7684"u7535"u8bdd"u4e0a"u7ec4"u7ec7"u4f60"u7684"u7279"u522b"u559c"u7231"u7684"u7f51"u7ad9
"u0438"u0449"u0438"u0442"u0435, "u043f"u0440"u043e"u0441"u043c"u0430"u0442"u0440"u0438"u0432"u0430"u0439"u0442"u0435, "u0438 "u043e"u0440"u0433"u0430"u043d"u0438"u0437"u0443"u0439"u0442"u0435 "u0432"u0430"u0448"u0438 "u043b"u044e"u0431"u0438"u043c"u044b"u0435 "u0432"u0435"u0431"u0441"u0430"u0439"u0442"u044b "u043f"u043e "u0432"u0430"u0448"u0435"u043c"u0443 "u0442"u0435"u043b"u0435"u0444"u043e"u043d"u0443
s"u00f6kning, bl"u00e4ddrar, & organiserar din favoritwebbplatser p"u00e5 din telefon

follow us on

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By JZM Web Designs released on: 2011-01-18T01:37:26Z

The local vernacular of God's own county has been the constant source of confusion. As tourists at any of the great attractions that Yorkshire has to offer you will have no doubt been left bewildered by an uncomprehensible muttering or a seemingly alien declaration from a local.

Enter the iYorkshireDialect app! With over 350 different words and phrases you should be able to acquaint yourself with the intricacies of the great Yorkshire dialect.

Scroll through the list of phrases and words and make yourself familiar with the language that it is littered throughout conversations in Yorkshire.

Please keep on the lookout for updates.

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There are more than 300,000 iphone/ipad apps for just about any category you can think of including Web Designers you looking for.

We belive for every paid Web Designers app out there there is a equivalent free Web Designers app that can be downloaded from itunes free of charge. If you do not like that app you can always uninstall it without paying for it or worring about losing the money you paid for app you do not use.

Try out the free Web Designers apps to see if you like it before purchasing the more expensive versions of it.
- There are thousands of iphone developers daily release free iphone apps.
- Explore different Web Designers apps with free iphone apps and see if you like it before you pay for it.
- Just like trial software for non mobile operating systems, free iphone Web Designers apps let you explore similar tools before you purchase the more expensive version.
- For those of you looking for particular Web Designers app specific to a professional decipline search apps by Apps Popular Among Professions.

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