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Free Wi-Fi Finder

By JiWire Inc. released on: 2009-03-09T06:14:20Z

Instantly find FREE Wi-Fi Internet hotspots wherever you are in the world online or offline!

JiWire's Global FREE Wi-Fi app uses your iPhone's GPS and network triangulation capabilities to locate free Wi-Fi Internet access.

★ Over 145,000 Free locations worldwide
★ "Near me" search based on your current location
★ Search specific geographic regions
★ Filter by location type (Cafe, Library, etc..)
★ Phone numbers and address info
★ Bookmark your favorite locations

New locations are added on a daily basis, so you always have the latest hotspot data at your fingertips.

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Wi-Fi Finder

By JiWire Inc. released on: 2009-01-07T09:32:33Z

Over 465,000 locations in 140 countries worldwide!

Quickly and easily find FREE or paid Wi-Fi when you travel with the JiWire Wi-Fi Finder for iPhone and iPod Touch. Download all of the locations offline, so you know how to stay connected when you are on the road.

Using the GPS function on your iPhone, the Wi-Fi finder will tell you exactly where the closest Wi-Fi hotspot is, and how to get there.

If you prefer certain providers such as Comcast, you'll be able to see which hotspots are served by those providers. You can also filter by location type (restaurant, cafe, hotel, etc..). When you find the location you want to use, you'll be given a phone number and directions on how to get there.

JiWire works closely with the top pay and free service providers in the world to give you the most accurate and up-to-date information available.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact the developer. We appreciate all of the awesome feedback!

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Offline WiFi Finder FREE

By iVanya released on: 2010-12-23T02:21:22Z

The app will help you find internet access via Wi-Fi in any US state. The app contains 12,000 hotspots for more than 3,700 US cities. The most exciting thing about the app is that you don't need internet to find the nearest Wi-Fi location!

In a particular city you can search hotspot by location name, street name or zip code of the area near you.

Try it and it will work! ... and please add new Wi-Fi locations if you know one in your neighborhood:)

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WiFi Get Lite

By WiTagg released on: 2010-03-22T11:43:23Z

We have created WiFiGet, the ultimate tool for iPad/iPhone/iPod users to find WiFi networks. WiFiGet is a powerful WiFi Hotspot Finder and LAN Scanner. It comes with the following features:

"u2727 Local Network Scan - Powerful, Helpful
* Scan your LAN to discover other devices in the same network
* Display IP address, hostname, machine brand and more
(Note: You must connect to a WiFi network first to use this feature)
"u2727 Hotspot Search - Easy, Flexible
* Covers over 200,000 Free and Paid WiFi locations worldwide
* Provides easy to use search options: by current location, address, or city
* Built-in offline database.
* Updates online databases daily

"u2727 Community Collaboration - Sharing, Growing
* Users discover and share new locations
* Users update existing hotspots

No matter you are online or not, WiFiGet will help you to find a hotspot nearby or near any given address. Our online directory is updated daily based on user inputs. Users can contribute to the directory by submitting new locations using the 'Add Hotspot' function. These new locations are then shared with other WiFiGet users. The built-in offline database allows users to use when they are offline, a great feature for iPod users.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please email us at We appreciate and welcome any feedback.

WiFi Signal Scan function is prohibited by AppStore. This app won't provide this function.

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Wi-Fi FastConnect

By The Cloud Networks released on: 2010-04-01T12:41:10Z

This FREE APP CAN SAVE YOU MONEY on your mobile data bills.

Download the FastConnect app to access free, unlimited broadband on your iPhone or iPad 3G at thousands of Cloud locations across the UK, Germany, Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Norway.

If you are an O2 user, the app will do all the work for you, auto connecting to Cloud Wi-Fi wherever it is available. You will never need to remember a username and password again and you can make the most of this free, unlimited service without having to think about it - helping you avoid running up mobile data bills. For customers of other mobile operators, this is a great Wi-Fi finder and internet access at lots of our hotspots is free.

What else does it do?

Lists the nearest Cloud hotspots, type of venue and displays a map showing how to get there. Tug down on the list to search for hotspots across Europe by name and address.
No need for an internet connection to search for hotspots using venue name and address. We'll automatically update your map to keep you in the loop as new hotspots appear.
The app helps you register for FREE Cloud Wi-Fi from anywhere with an internet connection.
Tell your friends you are at or on the way to a hotspot — with Facebook, Twitter or email...
Touch a hotspot to see its details and see the sharing buttons.

Designed for iPhone and the iPad 3G, the app also works a treat with the iPod touch and iPad Wi-Fi (though any device without GPS needs an internet connection to find your current location).

Cloud Wi-Fi (in all hotspots, including PayGo sites) is included FREE of charge, in mobile broadband subscriptions with O2 in UK, Telenor in Sweden and Norway, and for Tele2 Sweden. Please contact these operators for additional information about your subscription.

Happy Surfing!

The Cloud Team


2010-12-02 15:10 GMT -- We've fixed the hotspot update. Try again and it should be fine.

There was a fault with the hotspot update that was causing the app to crash. We've updated the offending data and it's all working now. Sorry for any inconvenience.

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Total Hotspots - Find Nearby WiFi

By Rummble Ltd. released on: 2009-01-28T04:24:14Z

*** WAS $4.99 / "u00a32.99, NOW FREE ***

As featured on The Gadget Show, ABC News, TechCrunch, TheNextWeb and VentureBeat. Here what some of our users have to say:

"It saved my life more than once! Good for finding free wifi too"

"Thank you for making work easier"

"Didn't realise at first how useful this would be but then found myself on the hunt for wifi..."


Want to know where all the free and paid wifi hotspots are nearby? With a vast global database containing over 250,000 connected locations, Total Hotspots is your answer.

Total Hotspots joined forces with Rummble, the popular local recommendations service, to build the most sophisticated, easy-to-use, hotspot locator for iPhone.

- Quickly find all the best paid and free wifi hotspots, not just the ones within wifi signal range.

- Locate nearby wifi hotspots automatically using the iPhone GPS, or search for any worldwide address, place name or city.

- Easily filter results to find your perfect hotspot using any combination of tags for "free", "paid", "venue type" and "service provider".

- View results on an interactive map.

- Receive personalised recommendations, based upon your unique Rummble "trust profile" that learns your tastes!

- Rate, review and add cool new wifi hotspots, in a flash; you can even upload a photo straight from your iPhone camera.

- Share hotspot tips with your friends on Facebook and Twitter.

In addition, your user profile will work on both Total Hotspots and Rummble, making it easy to discover other exciting new places; find local attractions, funky eateries, clubs, pubs, art galleries, walks and much more.

Happy Hotspotting! :-)

Note: Data connection is required in the current version. Location and search bookmarking is scheduled for a future release.

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\u00cele sans fil - WiFi Montr\u00e9al

By Ze Agence released on: 2010-03-26T12:04:01Z

Why pay for Wireless Internet? Ile Sans Fil's application has been created to help you find free hotspots
quickly and easely for the greater Montreal area.

Map: Geolocation of ISF hotspots nearest you from your actual location.
Off line mode: presentation of access points in list format
Realtime display of ISF hotspots connected or not.
Detailed information of ISF hotspots with postal codes and telephone coordinates.
Direct directions to each ISF hotspot.
Search for Ile sans fil (ISF) hotspots by name of street name
Share hotspots on Twitter and Facebook

News section about the latest happenings at Ile Sans Fil.
Comments sharing, Twitter, and other social network media.
Push notification to automatically alert on the last
News "u00cele Sans Fil
News Twitter "u00cele Sans Fil

Adds the ability to bookmark access points and access them in a new favorites tab.

The application is totally free.
No intrusive advertising.
This application is open source and reusable under the Apache 2 license.

Ile Sans Fil is a nonprofit organization which develops innovatitive technology with a mission to position itself as a leader in the wireless industry.

With more than 200 hotspots in less than 7 years of existance, exclusively volunteer based, Ile Sans Fil has truely shown how its uniquiness in the wireless internet industry. Today more than 165,000 Quebecers are using this free service.

Ile sans fil, my wireless community in Montreal

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Rest Area Finder

By Clean Micro, LLC released on: 2009-10-13T09:50:02Z

This Free application automatically finds your location and displays nearby rest areas. The rest areas are displayed on a map along with your current location. In addition to rest areas, scenic vistas and welcome centers are also shown on the map. The rest areas are displayed with different colored hot air ballon icons. To find out more information about each place you simply click on the hot air ballon icon. When you click on an icon more information such as amenities are given to you.

As you move, the application will notice your location has changed and automatically update the map. There is a settings icon on the bottom right of the map that allows you to change how far out (from your current location) you want to look. You can change this from 100 to 500 miles.

It's really easy to figure out the distance from current location to the rest area.

We have thousands of rest areas for you to discover, however some close, some new ones pop up. So we've included a button to leave your comment or you can send us email if some of the information is not correct.

Currently only rest areas in the US and CA are covered.

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Bitbuzz hotspot finder

By Bitbuzz released on: 2009-08-10T01:07:54Z

Find your nearest Bitbuzz hotspot in Ireland, Northern Ireland or the UK. Use your free O2 Ireland Wi-Fi plan in our hotspots.

- Location-aware display of your nearest hotspots
- Full directory with addresses, phone numbers and URLs
- Directory search by location name or address
- Directions to your nearest hotspots

NB: This app is for Bitbuzz users in Ireland and the UK only. It does not show other hotspots.

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ChatTalk (with matchmaking)

By released on: 2010-06-04T07:03:53Z

This is a very simple application that allows users to communicate across multiple devices using Gripwire's Playfield multi-device protocol and matchmaking system.

On iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad, start the app on more than one device.

After viewing the splash screen, wait a few seconds and each device will appear within a list.

Choose the device that you want to connect to by clicking the field.

On both devices, switch to the "Chat" tab.

Click on the device that you want to chat with on both devices.

Begin typing and then send.

Message will appear on both devices.

There are many ways to use this application:

1. Connect up to 20+ devices together using wifi, bluetooth, and Edge/2G/3G/Internet.

2. Chat with a group of friends who might not all be in the same room, on the same network, etc.

3. Test wifi, bluetooth, and internet connections across multiple devices.

For other examples of Playfield applications and libraries that use this matchmaking concept, please send an email to

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FON finder

By Oilshock Apps released on: 2011-02-12T03:50:47Z

FON finder"u306f"u30bd"u30d5"u30c8"u30d0"u30f3"u30afWi-Fi"u30b9"u30dd"u30c3"u30c8"u306a"u3069"u3067"u4f7f"u308f"u308c"u3066"u3044"u308bFON"u30b9"u30dd"u30c3"u30c8"u304c"u8868"u793a"u3067"u304d"u308b"u30a2"u30d7"u30ea"u3067"u3059"u3002

"u9ad8"u6a5f"u80fd"u7248"u306eSpot finder"u3082"u662f"u975e"u30c1"u30a7"u30c3"u30af"u3057"u3066"u304f"u3060"u3055"u3044"u3002



iPad"u5bfe"u5fdc"u306e"u30e6"u30cb"u30d0"u30fc"u30b5"u30eb"u30a2"u30d7"u30ea"u306f"u9ad8"u6a5f"u80fd"u7248Spot finder"u3092"u3054"u5229"u7528"u304f"u3060"u3055"u3044"u3002

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There are more than 300,000 iphone/ipad apps for just about any category you can think of including Wi-Fi Finders you looking for.

We belive for every paid Wi-Fi Finders app out there there is a equivalent free Wi-Fi Finders app that can be downloaded from itunes free of charge. If you do not like that app you can always uninstall it without paying for it or worring about losing the money you paid for app you do not use.

Try out the free Wi-Fi Finders apps to see if you like it before purchasing the more expensive versions of it.
- There are thousands of iphone developers daily release free iphone apps.
- Explore different Wi-Fi Finders apps with free iphone apps and see if you like it before you pay for it.
- Just like trial software for non mobile operating systems, free iphone Wi-Fi Finders apps let you explore similar tools before you purchase the more expensive version.
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