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World Leaders (Lite) UK Prime Ministers

By Rob Pearson released on: 2010-08-27T09:32:26Z

The World Leaders application provides a handy reference to past and present leaders of the world.
Information is sourced from Wikipedia and presented in a familiar "Contacts" style.

★ Who was in charge the year you were born? ★
Browse or use the powerful search to find a name or year in office.

★ Need more information? ★
Use the built in browser to view Wikipedia (without leaving the application) or launch a Google search in Safari.

This free version covers the following leaders:
- United Kingdom : Prime Ministers

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Millionaire Upgrade

By Enterprise Leaders Worldwide released on: 2010-04-23T11:49:40Z

Get Millionaire Upgrade on your iPhone... for FREE!

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to sit next to a self-made millionaire, and take notes as they share with you their inner secrets of business success.

Well now you can... with the best-selling business book: Millionaire Upgrade.

Inspired by a true story with Sir Richard Branson, and based on interviews with over 50 self-made millionaire entrepreneurs, Millionaire Upgrade is a master class in entrepreneurial thinking, and is your fast-track ticket to business success.

Now the spoken-word audio-version of Millionaire Upgrade is available on the iPhone - and for a limited time, is FREE for you to download.

In the audio book you'll be introduced to the entrepreneurial success principles of IBELIEVE, and in the 'quick read' summaries, you can learn exactly how to use IBELIEVE to achieve extraordinary results in your own company.

Join tens of thousands of other entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs around the world who have already experienced Millionaire Upgrade.

Download the app right now and enjoy your journey...

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Leadership Lite

By Benjamin Holfeld released on: 2009-12-21T10:36:43Z

Rules for Leaders

Important knowledge from MBA classes on how to be a successful leader.

Try also "Leadership Gold" with 365 Rules for Leaders!

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Enterprise MENTOR Lite

By Enterprise Leaders Worldwide released on: 2010-04-30T08:16:30Z

As a CEO, VP, Director, Head of Department, or executive responsible for delivering business results, your focus is never far away from your customers and teams.

Getting the best from every employee in your company, so they deliver the greatest experience for your customers will always be one of your key challenges.

It's not an easy challenge, but it's one that 'mentoring' can help with.

Here's how and why...

Mentoring has long since been the development tool of choice for senior executives.

But bringing in an external 3rd party mentor is expensive, and for that reason, mentoring is usually only made available for CEOs and other senior executives.

However, there is a way to take mentoring out of the boardroom and into the workforce... and that's through Enterprise Mentoring, and more specifically, through our proven digital employee development programme which has now been re-engineered from the ground up for the iPhone and iPod Touch.

Enterprise MENTOR takes some of the best-of-the-best thinking from leading entrepreneurs and business owners, and makes this mindset available in easy to digest mentoring modules, which ALL employees and managers in a company can access.

In this 'lite' version of Enterprise MENTOR, you have access to three sample modules from the full 20 module mentoring programme.

In the app, you'll also learn how you can use Enterprise MENTOR for your own personal development, or how you can bring Enterprise Mentoring to your entire workforce to help:

:: increase revenues
:: increase profits
:: increase customer service levels
:: increase employee engagement
:: increase morale and motivation
:: increase innovation
:: increase communication
:: increase team spirit
:: and much much more.

Download a 'lite' version of this app today and see for yourself how you can use Enterprise MENTOR to grow your business (through your people).

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By Havos released on: 2009-08-29T08:24:57Z

FameListFree is the free version of our program FameList. It allows anyone to try out all the features of FameList for free.

FameList is designed to help you easily find famous people of interest. The free version of the program contains the details of world leaders from the past and present, including Presidents, Prime Minsters, Kings and Queens. Every US President is included, plus every monarch from England/United Kingdom. The full version of this program, FameList, contains details of more than 30,000 people from all manner of professions, including actors, scientists and sports people.

FameList is not just a long list of peoples names, it provides filters to allow anyone to quickly locate a person of interest with just a few clicks.

It is useful for general knowledge questions, crosswords, school or college work, quizzes, or just for interest.

If you can not remember the name of some American Actor born in the 1970s, then FameList can help you find the name. Or if you need the names of three 18th Century Italian Artists for an assignment, again FameList will give you a relevant list in seconds.

Having located the person of interest, a simple click will take you to the wiki page of that person.

The basic details of each person, namely their full name, profession, nationality, and year of birth/death, are included in the program, so no network connection is needed to view this. A network connection is needed to view the person's wiki page.

Other Keywords: crossword, quiz, education

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Women Lead The World

By Stone Creek Entertainment LLC. released on: 2010-04-07T07:00:00Z

Welcome to Women Lead The World. Challenge your inner leader by comparing your leadership instincts with women who made the tough calls and became a leader. Find out what decisions famous women have made in the present and throughout history and discover how they lead their part of the world! You may learn some things about how you make decisions and be inspired by their choices.

Features in Full Version:
6 Categories of Women Leaders:
Fictional Females
Other Leaders
Women from History
Women in the Arts

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Business Upgrade

By Enterprise Leaders Worldwide released on: 2010-12-15T05:20:21Z

Business Upgrade is the introductory audio book which accompanies Enterprise MENTOR -- a rich and entertaining mentoring programme for companies with 10 to 10,000+ employees.

Business Upgrade tells the story of Lucy Robinson who has 21 days to find out why Amroze Technology, the company she works for, is failing.

In just 3 short weeks, Lucy must deliver a report to her new CEO identifying the problems with Amroze and suggest how to turn things around.

In this spoken-word audio book (which has been turned into an app) you'll discover Lucy's proven strategies to increase:

: revenues
: profits
: customer service
: employee engagement
: morale and motivation
: innovation
: communication
: team spirit

Follow Lucy as she journeys through Amroze Technology and turns an under-performing company into a market leader.

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Desperation Band

By Integrity Music released on: 2010-03-25T04:59:47Z

Integrity Music brings you the essential iPhone application for fans of Desperation Band, featuring the new album "Light Up The World."

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