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Accounting and Finance Test

By Intersogreleased on:2009-02-25T05:38:24Z

Accounting and Finance Test simplifies complex finance and account concepts through a series of engaging and challenging interactive tests. These tests will not only provide a working knowledge of finance and accounting issues, concepts and strategies, but will provide a basis for applying this information to real-world situations. Specifically designed for decision-makers without a direct financial background, Accounting and Finance Test is an indispensable resource for entrepreneurs, sole proprietors and managers at all levels.

Tests include:
1.Accounting, Finance and Types of Analysis.
2.Forecasting cash Needs, Short-Term and Budgeting Decisions.
3.Financial management and managing inventory.
4.Cost Control and Variance Analysis, Time Value of Money.
5.Managerial and Department's Performance, Financial Health.
6.Leasing, Loans; Short-Term and Equity Financing.
7.Financial Data and Accounting Conventions.

Explanation of Right and Wrong Answers
Save Test Results
Shuffle Questions
No Internet connection required

Accounting and Finance Test is developed by INTERSOG based on the work of Professor and best-selling author Dr. Jae K. Shim.

This app is based on an ebook available for FREE online. You can find this ebook and related resources at

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Finance: Made Clear & Simple (Accounting - The Balance Sheet)

By Mirai LLPreleased on:2009-12-23T08:00:00Z

Do you ever read the financial pages of a newspaper and wonder what some of the terminology means? Do you invest your money in stocks or mutual funds, and want to understand the financial reports of the companies you are investing in? Or are you a student learning finance, accounting, business, or economics?

If you answered "Yes" to any of the above, then this app is for you. "Finance: Made Clear & Simple" explains finance and accounting jargon in simple English. Using audio and text explanations, in a Q&A format, learning essential financial terminology is made easier and more enjoyable.

The app explains over 70 basic finance and accounting terms. Over 200 audio files have been produced to create a fuller learning experience for you. In addition to the audio explanations, there is a full vocabulary list with clear and concise definitions.

The app has a neat feature: the text moves in synch with the audio. Just sit back, relax, hit the playback button, and increase your comprehension of finance effortlessly and pleasantly through the moving text and clear audio explanations.

This app covers the "The Balance Sheet". Updates are coming up in the future with further topics from the field of finance and accounting. We hope you thoroughly enjoy this app! Download it for free today!

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iXpenseIt Lite (Expense + Income = Cash flow & ...

By FYI Mobileware, Inc.released on:2008-11-16T12:11:00Z

★ "Best iPhone apps" - CNN Money Magazine

★ 50 Most Useful iPhone Apps (Best Expenses App) - LAPTOP Magazine.

★ "Best iPhone Apps: Office and Personal Productivity" - PC World

★ "UK CNET's Home Screen Awards: Best Finance App"

★ "10 MustSee Finance Apps for the iPhone" -


★ "Turn your iPhone into a productivity powerhouse" - Investment Executive, Canada's newspaper for financial advisors

★★★★★Featured in Apple TV commercials.

iXpenseIt Lite is limited to 100 expense records (including recurring records). All records created in the iXpenseIt Lite version can be transferred to the iXpenseIt full version using the NEW "Post to iXpenseIt" data and setting transfer at anytime.

iXpenseIt simplifies daily expense tracking and monthly budgeting. With iXpenseIt, it's never been easier to stay current on your budget or for business users, to get faster reimbursements. Store photo receipts is a snap. Enter expense data anywhere, anytime within seconds. Powerful reporting provides insight to where your money went and find new ways to save.

Take control of your money today with iXpenseIt!

Key Features:
"u2666 Password Protection - Protect your personal financial data and the ability to recover password if forgotten.
"u2666 Data safety - Backup and Restore your financial data without worries.
"u2666 Visual indicator of monthly budget vs expenses.
"u2666 Overview of Today's spending vs daily spending average.
"u2666 Expense Summary - Know your total monthly expense, average expense per day and top expense of the month instantly!
"u2666 Repeat Expenses - One time setup for all recurring expenses such as Monthly rent, Mortgage, utility bills, etc.
"u2666 Simple/ Detail / Custom Budgets.
"u2666 Store digital photo receipts.
"u2666 Instantly generate graphical reports.
"u2666 Dynamic reports view: Specify reports by criteria such as report by payment, by vendors, etc.
"u2666 Mileage / Kilometer Tracking with customizable reimbursement rate.
"u2666 Supports VAT/GST input.
"u2666 Customize icons for categories and subcategories.
"u2666 Customize Expense Type, Payment and Vendor.
"u2666 Full Text Search: Powerful search to easily locate expense records.
"u2666 .CSV and HTML data import/export via Email or Wi-Fi.
"u2666 Records export with photo receipt attachment for quick expense approval/reimbursement.
"u2666 Complete world currency list.
"u2666 Build-in international currency conversion utility.
"u2666 Available in 12 Languages.

Visit for FAQ, user guide and online video tutorials

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Study Now! Finance and Accounting Edition

By Obvious Apps, LLCreleased on:2010-08-26T02:46:05Z

***Back-to-school special - free for a limited time!***

Ever need to quickly access vital information for a Finance or Accounting class, such as equations, formulas, variable definitions, theory explanations, and more? Well now you have access to the QUICKEST and BEST way to access the information you so desperately need.

If your currently a Finance or Accounting student, this app will BE YOUR LIFELINE.

If your thinking about being a Finance or Accounting student, how about getting a leg up on your soon-to-be peers? You'll be ahead of the curve and will have a much deeper understanding of your new field from day 1.

If your a Finance or Accounting professional, then this app allows you to quickly access those pertinent equations that you need at your fingertips daily.

***We will be constantly adding new material, so if there is something you'd like included let us know!***

Now get to studying with Study Now! Finance and Accounting Edition by Obvious Apps!

This is the FIRST in the Study Now! series by Obvious Apps

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Easy Books

By Geode Softwarereleased on:2009-12-28T10:53:02Z

Easy Books is professional business bookkeeping and invoicing in your pocket.

The app comes with a demo business and 120 transactions so you can see if you like it. You can update the app to have limitless transactions for all your businesses. Note there is a one off charge for this. We like this model because you can add features you need using in-app purchases without paying for the features you won't use.

Easy Books is Ideal for small businesses and 'one man bands', this app allows you to keep track of all your accounts, including bank accounts, sales and purchase invoices, expenses, earnings and assets (including depreciation). For bank and credit card accounts, you can reconcile your statements in the app.

A full double-entry accounting package that not only maintains the accounts, but also performs financial reports such as:

* Profit and Loss
* Balance Sheet
* Trial Balance
* Audit
* VAT return (cash, standard and flat rate)
* Customers' and Suppliers' Aged Debt
* Monthly breakdown and budget analysis
* Cash Flow Statement

For those businesses registered under the Cash Accounting VAT scheme, the app performs adjustments for unpaid customer and supplier balances as part of the VAT return. You can also select a mixed Cash+Standard scheme, used in Ireland where adjustments are made on sales only.

You can add any number of sales and purchase VAT accounts, each with a specific rate. Easy Books automatically calculates the amount of VAT given the account.

Entering amounts is easy and the app features an in-built calculator.

Transactions can split over many lines if you require, so for example, if you raise a sales invoice for a customer, you can add a separate line for each item on the invoice. This then feeds nicely into the built-in customer invoicing feature.

Customer invoices and delivery notes can be generated in PDF format and emailed either to yourself for printing, or direct to your customer. You can set the company logo, addresses, reference, payment terms and so on to customise the invoice for your business. Sending the invoice by email is available by making an in-app purchase for "Customer Invoicing". Once purchased, there is no restriction on the number of invoices you can send. Oh, and you can also prepare your customer statements and email them too.

Track time spent working for different customers. Set your billing rates and the app will generate a sales entry for your customer as well as keep a record of all your hours worked and what you were doing. This optional extra comes with 10 entries to try it out. If you don't need it, its easy to turn off completely to keep the user interface clean and simple.

You can save time entering similar transactions by duplicating an existing transaction and editing the date.

You can also set recurring transactions to match your standing orders (such as pay day). Easy Books automatically creates these transactions as they become due according to your schedule (weekly, every two weeks, monthly and so on).

Lock the Easy Books app using a four-digit pass-code. This is useful if you want to lend your phone to someone, but you don't want them to use Easy Books.

Backup and restore your books. Backing up is easy, simply tap the backup option and send the data file to yourself in an email. This file is just as easy to restore in iOS4: just tap and hold the attachment to open in Easy Books.

All reports can be exported from the app by email. The output format is HTML which can be imported into other applications such as Excel.

For a full user guide to Easy Books, visit our web site;

We are developing more features in response to user's requests; think of Easy Books as your app. So if you have any questions, comments or suggestions of your own please email us from our feedback form on the web site:

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Jumsoft Money

By Jumsoftreleased on:2009-08-20T12:52:31Z

Jumsoft Money

Jumsoft Money is an easy-to-use but effective tool for finance management on the iPhone OS 3.0 and iPad platforms. It has everything you need to keep track of your financial transactions as well as create and maintain budgets. On top of that, it is free of charge!

Adapted from Money 3
The first version of Money for Macintosh was released in 2003 and has gained wide popularity among small businesses and home users of the Mac. Fans of the latest version of Money appreciate the combination of high usability and effectiveness for finance management. From now on, iPhone and iPad owners will be able to enjoy these benefits on the go.

Broad range of use
Jumsoft Money is designed to meet the accounting needs of home users, small businesses, clubs, associations, or the self-employed. It is functional yet user-friendly and does not require special accounting knowledge.

Different types of accounts
Instead of double-entry bookkeeping, you can create separate accounts for your cash, bank accounts, credit cards, and investments in order to keep track of transactions to, from, and among them.

Maintaining a budget
Set budgets for a variety of income and spending categories. Maintain them with Budget Monitor.

Scheduled transactions
Indicate scheduled or regular transactions; the Bills section will remind you of amounts due to be paid.

Smart reporting
A report capability displays the key information about your spending in graphs and tables, thus facilitating analysis of past income and spending while pinpointing areas for improvement.

Syncing with desktop Money
You can have your financial data both at work or at home and on the go with the synchronization feature between Jumsoft Money for iPhone and iPad and desktop Money.

Stylish design
All of the useful features are wrapped in Money's trademark classy design and easy-to-use interface.

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Mobile CS

By Tax & Accounting, a Thomson Reuters businessreleased on:2010-08-01T07:00:00Z

Manage your firm from anywhere.

Take an advanced look at Mobile CS—the iPhone app exclusively for tax and accounting professionals. Download the app now and see how this exciting tool works with trial data. The option to synchronize with your Practice CS data will be available in the near future. With Mobile CS, you can access important firm, staff, and client data 24/7 from anywhere to make smart business decisions on the spot. Review client interactions before an important meeting, check staff availability while you're out of the office, view the status of a project, and much more. Stay connected and in control of your bottom line.

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Expense2GO for Salesforce

By Model Metrics, LLCreleased on:2008-07-11T07:00:00Z

Expense2GO enables the ability to create expense reports and synchronize with Salesforce CRM from Every task associated with creating expense reports has been addressed and simplified, such as using iPhone's camera to capture receipts and attach them to the expense record.

Expense2GO features the familiar, easy to use iPhone user interface. Instead of spending 30 minutes filling out reports, making copies and scanning receipts, the whole process can be completed in 5 minutes or less and synchronized with Salesforce wirelessly.

*Please note that to link with Salesforce, you must download a component from's AppExchange. Please contact us for help at or at 312-587-3037 x2. If not a current customer of Salesforce, please contact us for limited use pricing.

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By Twitxrreleased on:2008-09-19T06:26:53Z

Track your spending on the go with the iphone client.

Moneytrackin' is a free online webapp that allows you to track all your expenses and income easily and without effort, thus allowing you to have a clear view of your financial situation. It intends to be a simple yet powerful online budget management tool.

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Less Accounting

By Less Everythingreleased on:2009-04-18T06:27:35Z

Expense tracking with Less Accounting.

This is the iPhone version of With it you can:

* Take pictures of your receipts and upload them to Less Accounting.
* Create and edit expenses.
* View the balances for you bank accounts.
* What more do you need?

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There are more than 300,000 iphone/ipad apps for just about any category you can think of including Accounting you looking for.

We belive for every paid Accounting app out there there is a equivalent free Accounting app that can be downloaded from itunes free of charge. If you do not like that app you can always uninstall it without paying for it or worring about losing the money you paid for app you do not use.

Try out the free Accounting apps to see if you like it before purchasing the more expensive versions of it.
- There are thousands of iphone developers daily release free iphone apps.
- Explore different Accounting apps with free iphone apps and see if you like it before you pay for it.
- Just like trial software for non mobile operating systems, free iphone Accounting apps let you explore similar tools before you purchase the more expensive version.
- For those of you looking for particular Accounting app specific to a professional decipline search apps by Apps Popular Among Professions.

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