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Speed Anatomy Lite (Quiz)

By Benoit Essiambre released on: 2010-02-18T03:20:37Z

How fast can you point to your liver or gall bladder? Do you know the difference between, the sacrum and the manubrium? Speed Anatomy is an addictive game that tests your speed and challenges your knowledge of human anatomy!

"This game is a blast! If you are at all fascinated with the way the human body works, Speed Anatomy is a must!" -

See what reviewers had to say about other games in this series:

"Speed Bones MD is a lot of fun and a cheap way to learn a bit about the 200 bones or more that make up your very own skeleton"

"For just 99 cents, much less than a Medical Degree, Speed Bones is a fantastic game that contains dozens of images and helps you learn as you play."

Impress your doctor with your cunning intellect on your next visit after playing Speed Anatomy!

-Earn points for precision and speed.

-Compare high scores with your facebook friends using OpenFeint.

-A magnifying glass appears when holding your finger on an image allowing you to achieve more precision and higher scores.

This games is fun for everyone and it makes life easy for those tackling anatomy for high school, university or medical school. Practice mode allows you to learn specific regions without doing all the previous levels. Review mode lets you replay all the mistakes you made in the last game.

Try Speed Anatomy the full version which contains close to 300 labeled parts from all the main regions of the body!

Contains English, French and German version.

Also try Speed Bones MD, Speed Muscles MD and Speed Angiology MD for more in depth levels of bones, muscles and the circulatory system!

The free Speed Bones Lite is also available.

*If you enjoy this game, please rate it in the app store. I greatly appreciate your support!*

I'm open to suggestions so don't hesitate to send me an e-mail if you find something is missing.

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Musculoskeletal System - Anatomy Quiz (Free)

By, LLC released on: 2010-03-17T11:55:21Z

All questions use an unique image that fades down to reveal a highlighted part - the user then has to name this highlighted part from 4 possible answers. If answered incorrectly - the correct answer will be shown before moving on to the next question.

This is an extremely useful tool for anyone interested in or studying anatomy. The user is asked to identify superficial muscles and bones. In each quiz, twenty questions are chosen at random from a pool of questions. Each question is multi-choice with options chosen from a pool of possible answers. This means that the user will never be offered the same quiz twice, ensuring all learning is cognitive rather than by rote. Within the app users are offered the option to add additional questions.

High-quality 3-Dimensional anatomical images.
All questions have an image which fades down using a sequence to reveal a highlighted part.
Compete against the clock with the Graphic Timer option.
Use the Speed Timer to earn more points.
Illustrative sounds for correct and incorrect answers.
Randomized questions and answer options.

At the start of the quiz the user can decide:
(1) to turn on/off the speed timer.
(2) to turn on/off the sound.
(3) to purchase additional questions.

For each question the onscreen anatomical image fades down to reveal a muscle or bone with 4 possible answers beneath it. Choose the right answer within the time limit and win points based on the speed of the response. Answer incorrectly and the button will go red and then the correct answer is highlighted and the app moves on to the next question.

At the end of the quiz the user is shown their score with 'Time Bonus' and their highest score to date.

NOTE: Additional questions can be purchased within this app using the "in app purchase" feature. Alternatively these questions are included in the larger, paid 'Musculoskeletal System - Anatomy Quiz' app.

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Anatomy Body Facts

By Michael Quach released on: 2010-07-30T06:35:06Z

The human body is a complex machine, with intricate parts & highly evolved functions.

This cool app gives you hundreds of fun, odd, weird & useful anatomy facts & trivia.

Learn about the brain, heart, liver, bones, blood, muscles, skin, hair, etc...

You can email these anatomy body facts or copy them to the clipboard!

If you have an iPhone running iOS 4.0 or later, you can also SMS these anatomy body facts!


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Anatomy Pronunciations Lite

By Hipposoft released on: 2009-08-26T12:23:02Z

**Accurate pronunciations of over a hundred important anatomy terms at your fingertips!!**

**Try before you buy with this FREE lite version!**

-Lite version has 100+ pronunciations.

-Full version has 700+ pronunciations!

"Anatomy Pronunciations LITE" is a simple application that will play back audio of the correct pronunciations of many of the anatomy terms you have trouble with!
Anyone who has taken an anatomy course can tell you how challenging it can be to pronounce the names of those complicated anatomical terms! Now you will have instant access to the proper pronunciations of all of the important anatomical terms. Stop mispronouncing the names of your body parts and download our application today!

Who can benefit from our application? Anyone taking a human anatomy course or who works with the human body, whether they be:




-Medical students

-Nursing students

-Physician assistants

-Medical techs

-Pre-med students

-Foreign health professionals

The list can go on and on!

-Accurate pronunciations of 100+ important anatomic terms you may run across. (Full version has over 700 pronunciations!)

-Simple, easy to use, intuitive interface.

-Internet access is NOT needed to listen to the pronunciations!

-Continuous FREE updates for new terms and user suggested terms.

-Integrated web browser with direct links to wikipedia and google for additional information.

1. Browse the selection or enter the term of interest in the search field to narrow your list.

2. Select your term and press PLAY. It's that simple!

3. To listen again press "Back" and select your term again.

4. For additional information about the selected term, press the "Google" or "Wikipedia" buttons to open an integrated browser.

5. If your term is not listed, submit it through the provided submission page and we promise to include it in future updates!

We always strive to deliver the highest quality products and although we are very confident in the accuracy of our pronunciations, everyone makes mistakes! If you find a pronunciation that you disagree with, please let us know via email ( and we'll be happy to look into it. Thank you!

Check out our website for medical pronunciation access from your home computer!

Other Hipposoft applications:

Drug Pronunciations

Microbiology Pronunciations

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Junior Animated Atlas of Human Anatomy and Physiology (Medical Animation from Focus Medica)

By Expanded Apps released on: 2010-12-22T12:02:29Z

This app contains free previews of medical animations and a description of the topic. Each full animation is available through an in app purchase for $9.99.

This application includes previews of animations and descriptions from the first Animated Atlas of Human Anatomy and Physiology. In this enjoyable animated anatomy atlas from Focus Medica, the human systems are graphically explained through animation supported by a clear narrative in English to help one explore the human anatomy, identify organs, learn where these organs are located and what they do. The breathtaking animations reveal the Skeletal and Muscular System, the Nervous System, the Circulatory System, the Respiratory System, the Digestive and Excretory System and the Reproductive System through a medium that is very easy to use and comprehend for both kids and adults. Age: 8 + up

Health information has never been so easily understandable or more accessible
Take a virtual tour of the human body through extremely accurate and high quality animations
Created with the expertise and support of internationally reputed opinion leaders

App Features: iPhone /iPod/iPad:
Realistic animation explaining the human systems
Transcript with links to important terms for more information
Notes pages for each of the main sections covered in the video

Additional Features in iPad version:
Draw lines on the video, making it easy to point out areas for discussion

Application Topics:
Skeletal and Muscular System
Nervous System
Circulatory System
Respiratory System
Digestive and Excretory System
Reproductive System

User Reviews:
"This was so awesome, I learned a lot." -- User Review

"I just wanted to let you know that my children - 3 and 5 years old - love it! They were sitting with the iPad in their laps and just watching. It is a great app! I wish there were more like it!"-- User Review

"Very nice!!" -- User Review

"Very good!" --User Review

"Awesome videos...I'm a medical
student." --User Review

Focus Medica Clients:
Boehringer International, Roche, MSD, Norgine, Novartis, Nycomed, Sanofi Pasteur, Otsuka, Dr. Reddy's, Ranbaxy, Sun Pharmaceutical Industries, Ltd., Wyeth, Janssen-Cilag Pharmaceuticals, Allergan, Schering-Plough, Banyu, Cipla, Glenmark, Zydus, Sanofi-Aventis, GlaxoSmithKline, Pfizer, Bayer, Astra-Zeneca, Piramal Healthcare, Wockhardt, Unichem Laboratories Ltd., Lilly, Torrent.

DISCLAIMER: The information provided through these applications are only intended to be informative and should not be construed as a substitute for medical advice.

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Free Primal Anatomy Quiz

By Primal Pictures Ltd released on: 2010-01-03T08:00:00Z

Free Anatomy quiz for self testing, contains 100+ questions on three body systems. Respiratory, cardiovascular and digestive

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Monster Anatomy Lite - Knee

By Monster Minds Media released on: 2010-03-27T07:02:47Z

Monster Anatomy - Knee is the free version of Monster Anatomy - Lower limb, an interactive lower limb radiology atlas presented at the 2009 Radiological Society of North America annual meeting.
It only contains knee images.
The application was developed in the Medical Imaging Department of the University Hospital Center of Nancy, France, under the supervision of Professor Alain Blum.

This application is designed for healthcare professionals (Radiologists, General Practitioners, Orthopedists, Surgeons, Physiotherapists among others) as well for students, as a reference and learning tool. It contains 82 contiguous knee MR slices (4-5 mm thickness) in the three anatomical planes.


- Intuitive navigation with multiple shortcuts.
- Fluid display of images in the three anatomical planes.
- 3D Image volume (VR) allows precise location of slice position.
- Labels in accordance with the "Terminologia Anatomica" and current literature references.
- The five different display modes available (bones, joints, muscles, blood vessels and nerves) facilitates label visualization.
- High image quality with a zooming tool.

Once the application is installed no network connection is necessary.

You can download the full version on the AppStore : "Monster Anatomy - Lower limb"

Don't hesitate to give some feedback on the application and to rate and comment on the AppStore!

NB : Monster Anatomy - Knee is designed for trained healthcare professionals. This application is not intended as a substitute of patient/healthcare provider interaction or as a replacement of professional judgment.

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Instant Anatomy Podcast 23 - The Heart

By Andrew Whitaker released on: 2010-07-15T01:05:21Z

This application contains podcast 23 on the Heart and Pericardium by

The podcast will play and the relevant diagrams will appear in time with the audio.

You can zoom in on the images with the pinch gesture as the audio plays.

There are some revision questions to answer after watching the podcast.

The diagrams are aimed at anyone who is studying human anatomy. They are ideal for medical or nursing students, biological studies students and physiotherapists or doctors looking to refresh their knowledge.

You will find the other anatomy applications in the App Store by searching for Instant Anatomy.

The material is presented by Dr Robert Whitaker who spent his clinical career as a paediatric urological surgeon. Since retiring 20 years ago he now teaches clinically applied topographical anatomy to first-year medical students at Cambridge University, in the UK. He also teaches clinically applied anatomy to surgical, radiological and other speciality trainees and is an examiner for the MRCS at the English and Edinburgh Colleges of Surgeons.

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- For those of you looking for particular Anatomy app specific to a professional decipline search apps by Apps Popular Among Professions.

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