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By MotionAppsreleased on:2009-12-20T01:08:34Z is the easiest and fastest way to record phone calls on your iPhone and to transcribe them to text.

Key features:
"u2714 Record phone calls from your iPhone / iPod Touch / iPad
"u2714 Transcribe your recordings into text
"u2714 Take quick voice notes
"u2714 Record both outgoing and incoming phone calls
"u2714 Not limited to US - works anywhere in the world
"u2714 Share your recordings via email, Twitter or Facebook
"u2714 Download recorded calls on your computer as MP3 files
"u2714 Full support for iOS 4 multitasking
"u2714 Access your recordings from any device: record calls on iPhone, listen to recordings on computer

Here are some of the cases you might want to use for:
"u2714 Record important phone calls and save them for future reference.
"u2714 Record a conference call with your co-workers and use transcription features to get accurate meeting notes. Then share them with others.
"u2714 Turn your iPod Touch or iPad into a phone.
"u2714 Quickly take a voice note or record voice memos.
"u2714 Dictate a letter, memo or note and transcribe it to text.
"u2714 Interviewing someone over the phone? Use to capture all details of an interview, then post the transcribed text on website/blog and attach MP3 file as podcast.
"u2714 Use it on the road to capture important calls. When you are back, you will find all your calls on your iPhone and on your computer.
"u2714 Use any WiFi hotspot to make phone calls and avoid roaming charges while on a trip outside the country.

This app works with the main service and is not intended as a stand-alone product. If you do not have account yet, you can create it from the application on your iPhone.

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Cogi Recorder

By Cogi, Inc.released on:2010-01-21T10:48:13Z

Record and share recordings of ANY length, transcription, and audio highlighting.


- Create and share recordings of any length
- Get transcripts of highlights or entire recordings (requires premium subscription)
- Play back local recordings or recordings from your online portfolio
- Mark audio highlights
- Pause and resume recordings
- Automatic sync with online Cogi portfolio
- Listen to recordings from online portfolio via real-time streaming
- Add notes to shared recordings
- Listen to recordings shared with you
- Upload recordings into your portfolio using Cogi's website

Unlike other recording apps for the iPhone, Cogi Recorder lets you share even long recordings easily right from your iPhone. That's because Cogi Recorder stores your recordings on your phone and also within your included online Cogi portfolio. When you share a recording, your friends and colleagues receive a link to the recording, any notes that you added to the recording, and can listen to it on their iPhone or on the web. Recordings are stored remotely for 30 days. Unlimited storage requires a premium subscription.

If you sign up for a premium Cogi account, you can get a transcript of just the sections of your recordings you thought were important, or you can transcribe the entire recording. You can read your transcript right on your phone, in your online Cogi portfolio, or in Cogi's notification email that is sent to you when the transcript is ready for your review.

Cogi Recorder is the first recording application that lets you tap a button to mark the important points within a recording. Let's face it . . . if you record an hour long meeting, how much of that recording is really valuable? With Cogi Recorder, you simply tap the highlight button to mark a 30 second section of the audio. This is ideal for capturing board resolutions, deal points, action items, or other important facts and figures - any point where you thought about jotting down a note. You can press the "u2018lock' button to mark a longer section. Once you have marked the highlights, you or your friends can easily listen to just the important segments of any recording.

NOTE: iPod Touch 2nd Gen users will need an Apple headset with microphone to use Cogi Recorder

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Phone Gangster

By TelTech Systemsreleased on:2010-04-01T03:36:27Z

Imagine an app that made every day as fun as April Fools day. Phone Gangster delivers the ultimate prank app exclusively for the iPhone. This full featured app delivers realtime voice changing and call recording capabilities in the palm of your hand. How funny will it be when you prank your friends and sound like Darth Vadar? How about pranking your boss as a chipmunk?

Think you're pretty good at pulling off hilarious prank calls like the ones on Howard Stern or Crank Yankers? Maybe you think you're the next Jerky Boys? Now you can let the world be your judge! Just press a button and share the phone call with friends, or the entire world, on Facebook, Twitter or MySpace.

Great for April Fools day, ticking off your girlfriend or having a laugh at the office! Phone Gangster is guaranteed to remind you how fun crank calls can be!

"u2713 Male/Female Voice Changer
"u2713 Call Recorder
"u2713 Send Calls Straight To Person's Voicemail
"u2713 Detailed Call Logs
"u2713 Recording Playback
"u2713 Share Recordings by email, Facebook, Twitter & MySpace
"u2713 Contacts Integration
"u2713 International Calling!

Phone Gangster is able to offer a voice changer and call recording by passing your calls through our servers. Phone Gangster acts much like a prepaid calling card. Minutes start at just $4.95! 5 FREE MINUTES WITH EVERY INSTALL!

★ From the developers of SpoofCard & SpoofApp! ★

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By iClickreleased on:2010-09-01T09:39:26Z

For use with eClinicalWorks EMR only. Don't yet have eClinicalWorks? Request a demo at:

Use eClinicalWorks from your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch. iClickDoc gives you complete control and fast access from anywhere.

And now . . . EaseMD brings you an iPad App created specifically for physician interaction with eClinicalWorks: iClickDoc.

Try it before you buy it! Download this free demo app to test drive iClickDoc with eClinicalWorks. The app costs $550 when you decide to purchase and connect to your patient records.


Finally! Have your eClinicalWorks wherever you go!

Now it can all be done with iClickDoc:

"te-prescribing (or fax)
"tprogress notes
"tcharge capture
"tlab/imaging results and review
"tpatient histories, allergies, current meds, problem list, etc.

"u2028Fully gesture based for maximum screen space

Easy Specifications

At minimum:

"tAny Apple iPad (recommended), iPhone or iPodTouch


"tWith Apple iPad, iPhone or iPodTouch Wi-Fi you have access through any Wi-Fi hotspot
"tWith Apple iPad, iPhone or iPodTouch Wi-Fi + 3G you have access through any Wi-Fi hotspot PLUS AT&T 3G Coverage (requires AT&T data plan)


"tConfiguration begins with a quick phone call with our installation expert. We will need your windows login information (login must have remote desktop privileges), and quick access to install a server-side software agent. (Establishes a secure connection from your iPad to the your Server)

*Powered by iTap mobile.

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By ezVoicereleased on:2010-12-17T10:53:36Z

O ezRec - Hive Edition "u00e9 um aplicativo que permite acesso ao centralizador de gravadores distribu"u00eddos (Hive).

O ezRec - Hive "u00e9 um servidor hospedado no Datacenter da ezVoice Telecom ou Datacenter propriet"u00e1rio do cliente que centraliza grava"u00e7"u00f5es telef"u00f4nicas de diversos servidores remotos chamados de Drones provendo um servi"u00e7o de Cloud Computing (Computa"u00e7"u00e3o Distribu"u00edda na Nuvem) no modelo IaaS (Infrastructure as a service).

Este servidores ent"u00e3o, enviam as grava"u00e7"u00f5es junto aos respectivos metadados ao centralizador (Hive), onde tais grava"u00e7"u00f5es ficam dispon"u00edveis para consulta remota (escuta, envio por email, etc...) atrav"u00e9s de um web browser compat"u00edvel ou um cliente m"u00f3vel, como esta aplica"u00e7"u00e3o para iPhone, iPod Touch e em breve iPads.

A Hive, tamb"u00e9m mant"u00e9m informa"u00e7"u00f5es de monitoramento em tempo real de todos os servidores remotos (Drones) como: Estado da Rede, Conectividade com a VPN, Espa"u00e7o em Disco (SSD), Uso de CPU, Uso de Mem"u00f3ria, Temperatura da CPU, Estado do hardware de telefonia, Velocidade dos FAN's, etc...

Esta vers"u00e3o do ezRec Hive, permite ao utilizador se conectar "u00e1 Hive e utilizar os seguintes recursos:

- Monitoramento da Hive ( Quantidade de grava"u00e7"u00f5es, estado de rede, etc... )
- Monitoramento Remoto dos Drones ( CPU, Mem, SSD, Ventiladores, etc...)
- Informa"u00e7"u00f5es detalhadas dos drones ( Contato, Telefone, Localiza"u00e7"u00e3o ( com mapas ))
- Informa"u00e7"u00f5es sobre sincronismo e grava"u00e7"u00f5es dos drones.
- Pesquisa de grava"u00e7"u00f5es por Drone / Data
- Escuta de grava"u00e7"u00f5es ( com player embutido )
- Envio de grava"u00e7"u00f5es via e-mail ( utilizando o aplicativo padr"u00e3o de email do dispositivo )
- Multitasking
- Pronto para iOS4

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