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CloudReaders pdf,cbz,cbr

By Cloud Readers released on: 2010-04-08T03:48:14Z

CloudReaders is a free book/comic viewer, fully optimized for iPad (and now supports iPhone/iPod touch too!). It supports PDF, CBZ, ZIP, CBR and RAR format, and p2p file faster between iPads/iPhones via Bluetooth.

You can switch between western-style (left to right) and eastern-style (right to left) easily.

[NEW in 1.20] Peer-to-peer file transfer between iPad/iPhone/iPod touch directly over bluetooth.

[NEW in 1.14] PDF/Comic Annotation using neu.Notes (Tap the "Pen" icon on the toolbar).

[NEW in 1.12] High-fidelity rendering of PDF documents.

[NEW in 1.11] Version 1.11 supports external display. It means you can use CloudReaders to make presentations! (1) Convert your Powerpoint files into JPEG files, (2) ZIP them into a single file, (3) transfer it to CloudReaders, (4) connect you iPad to a projector using iPad Doc Connecter from Apple, and (5) make a presentation.

[NEW in 1.10] Version 1.10 allows users to add one or more tags to each book, which is way more powerful than folders. This version also has a beautiful icon designed by David Lanham (thank you, David!).

[NEW in 1.05] Version 1.05 offers more immersive reading experience in portrait mode by centering the page, and hiding next/prev pages. It also comes with a bug fix of CBR-page-ordering bug.

[NEW in 1.04] Version 1.04 has a brightness control for night reading, and handles large-image CBR/CBZ files much better.

[NEW in 1.03] Version 1.03 supports CBR/RAR files along with PDF/CBZ/ZIP. It also deal with PDF files with large images much better.

[NEW in 1.02] Version 1.02 allows you to directly transfer media files over USB cable, which is 100 times faster than WiFi!

It allows you to read any book/comic files in either PDF, ZIP/CBZ or RAR/CBR format transferred from your PC/Mac or downloaded from the Internet.


CloudReaders also comes with a "cloud bookshelf", where you can download public domain books and comics for free (the number of books is small at this moment, but we are going to add a lot of books soon).

Those books on "cloud" bookshelf are books prepared by volunteers and supporters, which include public domain PDF books optimized for iPad screen as well as free or sample publications provided by authors and publishers.

If you are interested in participating to this "cloud bookshelf" effort, please contact (or just send PDF files).

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PDF/Comic/eBook Reader Bookman

By Takashi Kato released on: 2010-05-04T02:32:22Z

Bookman is the fastest eBook reader supporting PDF and Comic Archive files.

Bookman has many useful features to read eBooks more efficiently.
Large thumbnails, Double-page browsing type which is best for comic, Keyword search, URL detection, Bookmarks with a folder function, History function which allows you to go back to the page you read. Moreover, our built-in web browser allows you to browse websites without quitting the application, so you can do web search or go Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube freely while you are reading a book.

The built-in web browser also allows you to download eBooks easily from the internet.
Give it a try to download eBooks you like using eBook publish service such as Feedbooks. You can also download files from online storage service such as Dropbox.

Bookman displays each eBook beautifully like a real book in a bookshelf. You can create new bookshelf according to your taste and classify files in categories, such as comics, novels, magazines, etc.

Just put many books into Bookman and take it anywhere you go; when you travel, to your workplace, or your favorite cafe, etc.

Enjoy Reading Comfortably - When you Want, Where you want!

What's New in Version 2.6.2:
★Added support for the Table of Contents in a PDF.
★Fixed an issue that black out the screen when memory issue occured.
★Fixed an issue that didn't reflect the setting of the default page direction in a PDF.
★Fixed an issue that crashes every time when resumes a file that requires more memory.
★and other minor enhancements.

What's New in Version 2.6.1:
★added an option to lock the Screen Orientation.
★Fixed an issue that FTP server fails to download files with two consecutive spaces.

What's New in Version 2.6:
★Universal build supporting iPhone, iPod touch and iPad.
★New bookshelf that can switch between the beautiful bookshelf and the list of files.
★Bookshelf list that allows you to switch between bookshelves quickly.
★Double-tap to Zoom.(customizable)
★Resuming the last file you read.
★Auto-reload files after syncing with iTunes.
★Scroll mode from right to left in portrait.
★Improved rendering quality. (It will be available if you clear the cache data.)
★and other minor enhancements.

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Manga Rock - The ultimate manga viewer

By Not A Basement Studio released on: 2010-04-20T06:25:46Z


" Manga Rock is a great way to view and download manga ... and every otaku should at least download the free version."
- ★★★★ -

"Manga Rock .. streams and downloads issues beautifully, and is probably the best comic reader on the iPhone — bar none."

"iPhone-using manga-enthusiasts, rejoice! Manga Rock is a fantastically superb resource for any manga reader .. even the free version. Heavy users might want to consider investing in the in-app purchase."
- ★★★★ -

A spanking new version of Manga Rock featuring:

"u2714 An extensive manga library from with over 3000 manga
"u2714 Multiple reading modes (landscape & portrait) with pinch to zoom, double tap to zoom make reading on the iPhone easier than ever
"u2714 Multiple & background manga downloads
"u2714 Recent keeps track of what you read & let you get back right where you left off
"u2714 Favorites lists all of your beloved manga
"u2714 Share your manga via Facebook, Twitter, or emails
"u2714 The best reading experience on the iPhone. Hand down.
Note: premium features such as Download, Favorite, Recent requires in-app purchase.
Like us on Facebook http://www.facebook/notabasement
Follow us on Twitter @notabasement
Read our blog

Remember to check out our other apps:
"Manga Rock MF" for iPhone
"Manga Rock Unity" for iPad

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Digital Comics

By Madcap Studios, inc. released on: 2010-04-30T07:00:00Z

Featuring fully automated comics from Top Cow, Antarctic Press, and Indy, with more to come!

"With Digital Comics, Madcap Studios has developed a fantastic comic book reading experience for the iPad and iPhone." -

"Madcap Studios' Digital Comics app enriches your comic-reading experience with features like automated panel-by-panel reading and action animations." -

5/5 - "Digital Comics is a great app that does exactly what it says it does!" -

5/5 - "One of the coolest apps I've ever used!" - Random App Store Review


Digital Comics by Madcap Studios brings Comic Books to life in a way never before possible! Unlike other apps, Digital Comics is not a simple image viewer; but was built as a Comic Reader from the ground up, with innovative features like automated viewing that make reading Comic Books better and easier than ever.

Exclusive to Digital Comics, Panel Mode automatically guides you from panel to panel, on a timer, or at the tap of a button; no more finicking with manual panning and zooming (although Digital Comics also provides fantastic manual navigation as well). As gunshots fire, and explosion go off in the comic, you'll see the screen shake and even feel the device vibrate in your hand. It's clean interface allows for full screen comic viewing, flipping pages with a swipe, or with a single tap a scrollable in-line page picker provides a thumbnail of each page.

Digital Comics also features a custom in-app store, making it easy to discover and purchase new content, allowing you to store your whole digital comic library in one place!

For more info on Digital Comics, please visit our website:

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XKCD Comic Reader

By Craig Belpedio released on: 2009-09-21T06:12:17Z

XKCD Comic Reader allows users to view the XKCD webcomic over a cellular (iPhone only) or WiFi network without Safari. The comic title, image, number and mouseover are displayed on the main page of the application in an organized, easy-to-read manner.

The main page also features navigation buttons to progress forward or backward by one comic, or to jump to the very first or most recently added comic. Shaking the device will display a random comic.

The flip page allows the user to input the number of a specific comic on the website and view that exact comic.

This application is not affiliated with Randall Munroe, creator of the XKCD comic, but his work is accessed by permission.

An internet connection is required to use this application.

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By Bitcartel Software released on: 2010-01-23T12:19:09Z

ComicBookLover lets you read comics, manga and graphic novels on your iPad, Phone and iPod Touch.

ComicBookLover, the premier digital comic app for Mac OS X, is now available on iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch. ComicBookLover lets you take your digital comics with you, giving you the freedom to read and enjoy your favorite stories and characters, any time, any place. Free comics are included to get you started.

If you're a Mac user, enjoy the ultimate digital comic experience by using both ComicBookLover on your desktop, and ComicBookLover on your iPhone!

Windows and Linux users can transfer comics over by using FTP software such as FileZilla.


- Twitter and Facebook support
- Read comics with a familiar user interface
- Manga mode
- Intelligent zooming
- Lock orientation
- Screen brightness
- Transfer and open comics via apps like Safari and Mail
- Transfer comics via iTunes, WiFi or FTP
- Transfer comics vis ComicBookLover for Mac OS X Desktop App
- Resize comics for better viewing on iPhone and iPod Touch
- Support for comics in both CBZ and CBR format

We want to give you the best digital comic reading experience with ComicBookLover. Your feedback is important, so let us know what you want in a comic reader, and help shape the future of ComicBookLover. Get in touch now!


Some simple shortcuts for you:
- Tap once to show or hide the controls
- Tap the left or right hand side of the screen to move between pages
- Double-tap to zoom in or out
- Pinch to adjust the zoom level
- Drag to move between pages (when not zoomed)
- To delete a comic, swipe on a comic in the library



iTunes File Sharing is available for iPhone (iOS 4.0 or later) and iPad ( iOS 3.2 or later).

1. Connect your computer to your iPhone/iPad using the USB cable.
2. Launch iTunes on your computer.
3. In the Devices section of the left-hand menu, select your iPhone/iPad.
4. Click on the Apps tab and scroll to the bottom of the page.
5. Select ComicBookLover and then drag and drop CBZ/CBR comics to the document list. Alternatively, click on the 'Add...' button.
6. In ComicBookLover on your iPhone/iPad, select Transfer, iTunes File Sharing, and then click the 'Add to Library...' button.

MAC USERS (With ComicBookLover for Mac OS X Desktop App)

To transfer comics to your iPhone or iPod Touch you will need to have a Mac running OS X 10.5 or 10.6.

1. Download for free, ComicBookLover for Mac OS X (you can run in Demo mode and do not need to register the application)
2. Download for free, ComicBookLover Sync, a tool to help transfer comics from ComicBookLover on your Mac, to your iPhone or iPod Touch.
3. Launch both applications.
4. Turn on WiFi on your iPhone and launch the ComicBookLover App. Select the 'Downloads' tab.
5. On Mac OS X, drag and drop a comic from ComicBookLover to the sync tool to transfer it.


Transfer comics by using FTP software on your computer. For example, FileZilla.


To get ComicBookLover and the iPhone transfer tool, or simply find out more about digital comics, please visit:


Let us know what you want in a comic reader, and help shape the future of ComicBookLover for iPhone and iPod Touch. Get in touch now!





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iComic Viewer

By kukfa released on: 2009-11-09T05:49:17Z

iComic Viewer lets you view CBZ, ZIP, CBR, RAR files on iPhone/iPod Touch.

1. There are 2 ways to import CBZ, ZIP, CBR, RAR files :
- Input the URL of the CBZ/ZIP, CBR/RAR files
- Enable iPhone/iPod Touch to receive CBZ, ZIP, CBR, RAR files from WIFI connection. You just need to open the URL address on the web browser in your desktop and upload the file to the device.
2. Extract comic files.
3. Ready to view the comic.

"u2028- supports reading of CBZ and ZIP files. "u2028
"u2028- supports reading of CBR and RAR files. "u2028
- support bookmark
- support folder
- supports full-screen mode.
- supports zoom in/out either by pinch gestures
- startup view position (left-top,right-top or last position) can be set which is useful if you are reading western comics or eastern manga.
- zoom ratio can be kept between pages.
- swipe gesture to navigate pages
- double tap to zoom in/out

Quick Help
- Double Tap the screen to enable or disable full screen mode.

The app will be run smoothly if the height and the width of the images is under 1600 pixels. If the size of the images are larger than that size, the app will optimize the size of the files for best viewing.

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ExtraLife Reader

By XIII Media released on: 2009-12-09T04:32:06Z

**ExtraLife Reader has been featured as a Staff Favorite on AppStore**

ExtraLife Reader lets you browse Scott Johnson's renowned web comics from

View the latest comics with auto download and save your favorites - or use the random feature to retrieve one of the hundreds of available comic strips.

Find out more about XIII Media on;
or "XIII Media" on Facebook

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i Manga X Free + (Manga web browser)

By Brandon Gray released on: 2009-12-10T06:41:04Z

iMangaX Free Plus is a simple way to read manga for free.
This version of the app is the same as the paid app but has ads.
iMangaX is the true #1 manga app in the app store and on the iPhone & iPad.

iMangaX is the fastest most reliable manga reader available in the app store. We hope that you enjoy the app.

If you don't know, manga are comics from Japan. This app is a comic book reader.

Manga owned by Viz Media and Yen Press have been removed at their request.

iMangaX is the most feature rich manga reader available.

Quickly read your favorite manga instantly, no waiting for an entire chapter to download.

Features include:
- Favorites browser, now you can bookmark your favorite manga.
- Swipe through menus (no nave buttons)
- Fast chapter load, loads pages fast.
- Screen dimmer, for reading at night.
- Pinch Zoom
- Rotation lock (for reading laying down).
- Fast UI loading.
- Forum for all things manga.
- Smooth screen transitions.
- Great UI for simple and fast navigation.
- Over 1000 manga to read and counting.
- Landscape and portrait modes..
- Use with Anime Update to get instant updates for all manga and anime.

- iMangaX doesn't host any manga or scanlations, it was built merely to provide a friendly and optimized interface for iphone users.

- iMangaX is a web browser and all manga that is viewed is online and is not stored on the iPhone.

- iMangaX is a web application, internet connection is needed.


All manga, characters, and logos belong to their respective copyright owners.

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comic view

By JinSan Yang released on: 2010-12-20T04:37:59Z

V-Comics are available on the iPhone and iPod Touch support for ZIP file is a comic viewer.
using the http protocol weppeurawoojeo jeonsonghalsu file is transmitted wirelessly from the file browser can be downloaded from.
I look at images in the Preferences screen, support for split-view approach to one page is scanned, and dupe the comics can be viewed without difficulty.
Also, the way we pass the right bookcase to the left, is freely selectable.

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GrassGames' Comic Reader

By GrassGames released on: 2010-11-19T08:00:00Z

Read your own PDF, CBR and CBZ comics easily with GrassGames' Comic Reader.

Simply upload any comics you have on your computer to the App with iTunes and you're ready to go.

You can download thousands of comics freely from here:

Supports all rotations, and intelligent fit to screen modes for maximum viewing pleasure.

Comes with 3 free sample comics.

One universal app - purchase once and have it for both your iPhone and iPad.

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Cryptozoic Comics

By Cryptozoic Entertainment released on: 2011-03-14T08:50:37Z

Cryptozoic Entertainment proudly presents its comic book reader for iPhone and iPad.
Download and read your favorite comics and manga.

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By ePubChina released on: 2011-01-26T06:39:40Z

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ComiBoku Comic Book viewer

By Mogmo inc. released on: 2010-04-21T01:57:20Z

Digital comics viewer for service. New awesome experience in mobile comic book reading! Top quality books meet cutting edge viewer technology to deliver the most exciting look and feel ever available for iPhone and iPod Touch users.

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Father Sterling Comic

By Dapper Gentlemen released on: 2010-01-20T01:40:18Z

The Father Sterling Comic Reader is a collaborative art project. Each frame of the comic is created by a different artist, so the story can go in any direction.

Future updates of this app will include more issues of the comic as more frames are submitted.

The app was created by The Dapper Gentlemen, and this app is a non-profit art project.

To submit future frames for the next issue of the Father Sterling Comic, visit for more information.

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Comicstrips Lite Comics Viewer

By Zompf released on: 2009-11-03T09:55:34Z

Comicstrips Lite is FREE and its the best way to enjoy your comic books on the go. It comes with TONS of comics included!

Purchase Comicstrips and upload your own comics.

The experience of reading comics using Comicstrips has been optimized for ease of use and for quality.
Enjoy high-resolution renderings of comics wherever you are!

The reader presents to you a full-page display in the way the comic creators intended.
Using the intuitive interface, you can:
* Double tap or pinch to zoom, and scroll around pages.
* Rotate your device to read in landscape or portrait modes.
* Swipe your fingers to change pages.
* Easily find your way around comics by using the page-flipper.
* Get back to where you were the last time you read comics with the bookmarking feature, activated whenever you leave the application or go back to your in-device comics library.

Comics are included and are downloaded upon the first time you synchronize your device.

Comics you can read right after downloading the app:

* Black Dawn #1
* Obsession Graphic Novel Preview
* 10 Classic Illustrated issues:
- The Three Musketeers
- Ivanohe
- The Count of Monte Cristo
- The Last of the Mohicans
- Moby Dick
- A Tale of Two Cities
- Robin Hood
- Arabian Nights
- Les Mis"u00e9rables
- Robinson Crusoe
* 25+ Webcomics and growing, including:
- Bearnuts Comics
- Least I Could do
- Diesel Sweeties
- ...tons more!

Works on iPhones and iPod Touch with OS versions 2.2.1 and above!

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There are more than 300,000 iphone/ipad apps for just about any category you can think of including Comic Readers you looking for.

We belive for every paid Comic Readers app out there there is a equivalent free Comic Readers app that can be downloaded from itunes free of charge. If you do not like that app you can always uninstall it without paying for it or worring about losing the money you paid for app you do not use.

Try out the free Comic Readers apps to see if you like it before purchasing the more expensive versions of it.
- There are thousands of iphone developers daily release free iphone apps.
- Explore different Comic Readers apps with free iphone apps and see if you like it before you pay for it.
- Just like trial software for non mobile operating systems, free iphone Comic Readers apps let you explore similar tools before you purchase the more expensive version.
- For those of you looking for particular Comic Readers app specific to a professional decipline search apps by Apps Popular Among Professions.

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