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Everywhere Exercise - EvEx Stealth

By Everywhere Exercise released on: 2011-01-12T01:23:21Z

Sample 5 Free Stealth Exercises (sssh no one can see you toning!)

MAY 2011 ***WHAT'S HOT*** in HEALTHCARE AND FITNESS in Chile and the Dominican Republic

* INCLUDED in "TOP 5 DIET APPS: Lose Weight This Year For Free!" iPhone App Cafe UK

About Everywhere Exercise - EvEx:

Everywhere Exercise was designed to work with your existing exercise routine or to help you begin to integrate more movement into your daily life.

These simple, subtle moves require no special clothes or equipment. Do them while waiting in lines, traveling or watching television.

Visit us and contact us at

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Body Fitness FREE - ULTIMATE Exercise Journal, 320+ Exercises

By Ticklish Turtle LLC released on: 2009-12-10T12:27:52Z

Body Fitness is the Top FREE Fitness App in over 35 countries - USA, UK, Canada, Italy, Germany, France, Australia... download Body Fitness and get into shape today!!

From the creators of Bill Pal and Nutrition Genius, comes a revolutionary app that will change the way you workout at the gym!

Body Fitness is a comprehensive exercise journal that provides clear pictures, detailed instructions, clean user interface, all within the palm of your hands.

With over 320 exercises, separated into Core, Lower Body, Arms, Chest, Shoulders, Back and even Cardio categories, you'll be hard pressed to find an exercise that isn't included. And if it isn't, email us with your exercise and we'll be sure to include it within the next update.

But it isn't just about the quantity of the exercises, we're here to provide quality as well: Each individual exercise provides clearly drawn pictures along with detailed instructions on how to perform it accurately. If that isn't enough, the pictures animate through each step all the while describing how to do it right above, all this on one screen.

Getting started is as easy as 1-2-3. Pick the target region you want to workout on: Core, Lower Body etc.. Pick an exercise and get to it. It's really that easy.

"u00b0 Gorgeous Calendar UI makes progress tracking so easy
"u00b0 Exercises categorized into target regions
"u00b0 Over 320+ exercises each with detailed instructions and pictures
"u00b0 Professionally drawn exercise pictures
"u00b0 Animations with Play, Pause capabilities
"u00b0 Easy logging, no more fumbling through multiple screens
"u00b0 Create any number of your own customized workouts from the Favorites Tab
"u00b0 Built in weight tracker with multiple daily weighings

Body Fitness is the ONLY fitness app with a beautiful calendar based user interface that makes everything a cinch. View by month, view by Day, it's all up to you.

For support and/or questions. Contact us at and we'll be glad to help.

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SixPack App Free - Fitness, Exercise & Yoga

By Pocket Cocktails Inc. released on: 2009-07-23T11:50:25Z

★ Over 2 MILLION downloads of SixPack App worldwide!
★ Featured on "THE DOCTORS" TV show. ★ Featured in Men's Journal "The Strongest Apps"

SixPack App is the only app that features a "SIXPACK" for each exercise...SIXPACKAPP.COM

1) Before and After studio quality Pics
2) Step-by-step Instructions
3) Great Information about the exercise
4) Helpful Tips & Tricks
5) Detailed Muscle Illustrations
6) "DONT" - What NOT to do!

This app sources amazing content from a top-selling weight training book which was supervised by a Certified Athletic Therapist and Personal Trainer.

Features over a hundred of today's most popular exercises, many that don't require any equipment!

SixPack App is divided into helpful categories: Chest, Shoulders, Back, Legs, Biceps, Abs, Triceps and Stretches, even a bonus section of Yoga Exercises!

Includes dumbbell, barbell, exercise tubing, exercise ball, body weight (no added weight) exercises and many core exercises.

Contains a generous variety of workout routines including beginner, intermediate, circuit training, travel routine, push/pull and upper/lower body splits.


Please consult with a physician before performing any exercise or pose or starting any exercise program.

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iMapMyFITNESS - Running, Cycling, Training, Diet, GPS, Fitness, Exercise, Calories

By MapMyFitness released on: 2008-12-09T08:00:00Z

★★★★★ Just read the reviews! ★★★★★

Everything you need from tracking runs and rides to logging gym workouts. This is your personal training log and friend.

Automatically sync with your free account on

The new iMapMyFITNESS makes tracking your outdoor fitness activities and adventures easy.

iMapMyFITNESS uses the built-in GPS technology of your iPhone to enable you to track your outdoor fitness activities and gets you closer to achieving your health and fitness goals. Step out your front door, hit the road or trail, and this app will effortlessly mark out your path along an interactive map and record essential metrics including duration, distance, pace, speed and elevation. Once you finish your workout, save your data and it automatically uploads to where you can view your route, workout data, and a comprehensive workout history. Plus, the new iMapMyFITNESS gives you the ability to easily share your workout data with friends and family via email and Twitter.

The new iMapMyFITNESS boasts all of these great features:

"u2713 Real-time tracking that measures and displays time, distance, pace, speed and elevation.
"u2713 An interactive map that lets you view your current location and exactly where you have traveled along your route.
"u2713 Synchronization with your online 'Training Log' on
"u2713 Manual entry of workout data directly from the app so you can easily record your indoor activities like gym workouts and cardio sessions on the treadmill.
"u2713 Twitter integration that enables you to tweet your workout data to friends and family.
"u2713 Voice Feedback detailing distance, pace, or speed information. Get your run data in real-time through your headphones.
"u2713 And iMapMyFitness is FREE.
"u2713 Now with ANT+ support:
Monitor your heart rate during workouts and track results over time
Power, Stride, Cadence and other Ant+ sensor types also supported.

Download iMapMyFITNESS today and get the tools and motivation you need to reach your health and fitness goals.

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CalorieTrack - Diet, Exercise, Weight Tracker b...

By released on: 2011-04-13T02:21:19Z

- Intelligent calorie budget calculator creates a custom budget based on your current weight/height and your target weight
- Want to track nutrients? Sure, set budgets for cholesterol, sodium, protein, carb etc..
- See your daily progress visually through bar graphs and user friendly charts
- Search through an extensive database of over 100,000+ foods and 200+ exercise activities
- Create and customize your own food and/or exercise activity

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Brain Exercise Lite with Dr Kawashima

By Namco Networks America Inc. released on: 2009-08-29T07:25:38Z

Enjoy this FREE version of Brain Exercise with Dr. Kawashima featuring a selection of puzzles designed to test and stimulate your brain, now available for iPhone™ and iPod touch"u00ae.

Brain Exercise Lite presents a selection of puzzles which have been designed to test and stimulate your brain, supervised by the world famous Dr. Kawashima. Flex your mental muscle with daily brain training and monitor your progress with the calendar feature to track your daily improvement.

Upgrade to the full version and you can unlock more exciting minigames, play a bonus Sudoku puzzle, challenge friends in multiplayer mode, upload your score to Facebook and compete on a global leaderboard.

For more information on the Brain Exercise Facebook Application go to

To try more great games from Namco, go to

iPhone OS 3.0 Support

English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Japanese

Compatible with iPhone and iPod touch
Requires OS 2.2.0 or later


- Garters & Ghouls
- Mr. Driller
- Solitaire: Deck of Cods
- Worst-Case Scenario

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Exercise Tracker

By Foundation HealthCare Network released on: 2008-10-16T10:18:59Z


This app is now under new management!

We will be addressing bugs and extending
features. We have made this app FREE, and
will continue to keep it free. We hope you
enjoy our updates and encourage everyone to post their suggestions and ideas to make this app your favorite exercise tracker!

The Exercise Tracker iPhone application allows users to easily track their exercise activity and weight on a daily basis. The application allows the user to enter activity by date, the type of activity (running, biking, walking, or swimming), the physical level of the activity (light, moderate, less than 5 miles and hour, etc.), the distance (feet, miles, yards, meters, steps), and the time in minutes. In addition to the above, the application calculates your calories burned for each entry.

The application has been written to synchronize with site which has been created by Healthy and Fit Communites (www.healthyandfitcommunities) but can also be used as a standalone application.

Exercise Tracker allows for multiple users to setup profiles per device which are all PIN/Password protected. The user can set goals related to weight management and view their progress.

Registered users of the above web site will enter their username and password which will tie their username in the Exercise Tracker to their account on that particular site. Please note that this is not a requirement to use the application, but the charts on the phone will only show if the user has an account on (a free web site).

Anytime an exercise activity or a weight log is entered on the iPhone, it is automatically transmitted to the website. It also works in reverse so that if someone was to login to and enters their exercise activity weight log, or make a change to their goals, the changes would be reflected the next time the iPhone Weight Tracker was started.

NOTE: Calories burned are affected by your recorded weight in the application. Please be sure to keep your weight updated.

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Nutrition Genius FREE - Calorie, Exercise & Weight Tracker

By Ticklish Turtle LLC released on: 2010-05-17T09:03:41Z

From the creators of the wildly successful bill tracking app, Bill Pal, comes a major breakthrough in calorie, exercise and weight tracking.

Nutrition Genius FREE has the BIGGEST in-app food database with over 75,000 unique items, 540+ Restaurant Menus, and 7,000+ common grocery items.

PLUS 160+ exercise items with low, normal, and high intensity intervals.

★Beautiful UI interface as if built by Apple themselves
★One glance view with Calendar Glance
★Track your calories and food score
★Custom Edit food calories/score if you have even more accurate values
★75,000+ unique food items
★540+ Restaurant Menus (BIGGEST in the app store)
★160+ Exercises Categorized by type with low, normal, high intensity intervals
★Largest in-app database items, no internet connection required unlike many others
★Custom select kg/lb or cm/inch for units
★Calculates your suggested daily calorie intake based upon your BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate) when you provide age, gender, height, current weight and job type.
★Calculates day until your reach your goal weight based upon the chosen weight loss plan.
★Track your weight with multiple weighings/day support

Nutrition Genius FREE is the ONLY nutritional app with a beautiful CALENDAR VIEW where you can get a quick and easy glance of your progress all from one screen! Say NO to those confusing lists.

Nutrition Genius FREE will make sure that you're on top of your daily food intake, exercise and weight tracking and help you reach your goals of being healthier.

The screenshots speak for themselves. We know you'll be happy after purchasing Nutrition Genius. If you have any suggestions/comments plea

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Everywhere Exercise - EvEx Flies Coach

By Everywhere Exercise released on: 2011-02-11T01:17:21Z

Sample 6 free simple and effective exercises to do IN FLIGHT. Improve your circulation, tone, and burn more calories with these subtle moves. Increased movement may help relieve stiffness, backaches, fatigue, and jet lag.

Try EVERYWHERE EXERCISE - EvEx for more exercises to do in your coach seat and other everywhere places.

Everywhere Exercise was designed to work with your existing exercise routine or to help you begin to integrate more movement into your daily life.

These simple, subtle moves require no equipment or special clothes. Do them while waiting in lines, traveling or watching television.

Visit us and contact us at
Like us at

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FitMind Exercise Motivation

By Banzai Labs released on: 2009-12-16T11:11:18Z

FitMind Exercise Motivation uses scientifically engineered brainwave synchronization programs designed to match the frequency of your brainwaves with a positive, motivated, energized and confident state of mind; the ideal mental state for exercise.

*** The Science Behind FitMind Exercise Motivation ***

FitMind Exercise Motivation synchronizes your brainwaves to a specific frequency by sending two different audible frequencies to each ear, which after being processed are perceived as a low frequency tone matching human brainwaves. Studies have shown various states of mind to be associated with these low frequencies, ranging from an alert and focused state to deep sleep.

FitMind Exercise Motivation recreates these frequencies, allowing your mind you to relax and synchronize with the desired state. It achieves this using a unique process called Progressive Brainwave Entrainment.

*** Progressive Brainwave Entrainment ***

- Composite Binaural Frequencies that stimulate multiple brainwave frequencies are used to create combination experiences, such as confidence and motivation.

- Progressive Brainwave Programs - Each program goes through a progression of brainwaves, each for a specific period of time sufficient to synchronize your brainwaves with the binaural tones. This ensures a more effective brainwave entrainment experience.

*** Features ***

- 5 scientifically engineered programs, each designed to be used at a different time of the day.

- Advanced binaural sequences to take your mind through a series of binaural frequencies to achieve your desired state of mind.

- Adjustable Brainwave signal intensity: Adjust the brainwave signals independent of the background ambient nature sounds to your comfort level. Your preference will be saved for the next time you use the app.

- Multiple program durations (5 min, 10 min, 15 min, 20 min, 25 min, 30 min, 35 min, 40 min, 45 min, 1 hour)

- Soothing background sounds including: Ocean Waves, Storm, Rain, Waterfall, Stream and Forest sounds. Your brain will process the binaural frequencies played over these background sounds.

- Tested on both iPhone and iPod Touch.

*** Binaural Exercise Motivation Programs ***

- Morning: A sequence of brainwave frequencies designed to gently bring you from a sleepy state to a focused, high-energy state of mind. It's designed to get your mind and body going for the day.

- Mid-day: An energizing, mood boosting sequence to put you in a positive, confident state of mind, that ends with a energy boosting gamma frequency sequence.

- Afternoon: Very high energy brainwave sequences to keep you awake, focused, motivated and alert in the afternoon.

- Evening: Begins with a deeply relaxing low theta wave sequence to help you unwind and decompress, before gently bringing you back up to a steady alert, motivated, focused state.

- Late Evening: Helps you fall asleep and rebuild using a sequence that begins in the low alpha range and descends into the low delta deep sleep range. Getting a good night's rest is essential physical performance and having the energy to exercise the next day.

Supports 1st and 2nd Generation iPhone and iPod Touch running OS v2.2.1 and v3.0

If you have any prior medical conditions such as seizures consult your physician before using any binaural brainwave entrainment application.

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By ExerciseTV LLC released on: 2010-03-11T08:00:00Z

Your mobile phone just became your personal trainer! Workout daily with ExerciseTV's FREE iPhone App. Everyday, you'll get a new free, full length workout video (between 10-45 minutes) from ExerciseTV's extensive library as featured in the Wall Street Journal, US Weekly, Self and on

ExerciseTV is the #1 digital fitness network and is the solution for all your fitness, personal training and nutrition needs. ExerciseTV is available via your television, online and now on your iPhone! Each day, open your ExerciseTV App and your new free workout will appear. Workout categories range from abs, cardio, Pilates, yoga, boot camp, dance, strength training and more! All from top ExerciseTV personal trainers and exercise coaches!

Viewers that use the ExerciseTV workouts at least 30 minutes a day, 5 days a week, have reported losing between 10 to 75 pounds! There's no gym membership necessary - just download the free App and get started working out every day with a new free workout!

Features Include:

- 5 categories of circuit workout moves featuring 10 short videos
(between 1-3 minutes). Categories include Abs, Yoga/Stetches, Upper Body, Lower Body and Total Body.

- Free, full length workouts (between 10-45 minutes) daily

- Ability to directly purchase workouts from your iPhone for as low as $1.99

- 7-day advance workout calendar

- Professionally certified trainers

- 1 free episode each month of the web entertainment series, The Skinny

- Preview of what's hot on demand each month

Download FREE workouts plans at

Fan us on Facebook at

Follow us on Twitter at

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CalorieMinder Calorie, Nutrition and Exercise tracker

By, Inc. released on: 2009-03-27T01:02:14Z

Recent research shows that dieters who record the food that they eat lose twice as much weight. CalorieMinder makes it easy to for you to record your daily food and exercise using your iPhone with no monthly fees.

The user interface has been carefully designed to minimize typing, and is intensely user tested. You can enter each meal in seconds.

The database has over 7000 foods and 32 kinds of exercise. You can add your own custom foods and exercises. You can also add complete meals that you can then access with just two taps.

You will get detailed nutrition reports, including calories, fat, carbohydrates, protein, fiber, saturated fat, sodium, potassium, cholesterol, calcium, water etc. You can identify which foods are supplying the most fat, calories, carbs etc. in your diet. You can send reports by email for printing or forwarding. You can see a graph of your weight over time.

CalorieMinder is web-based, so new features and bug fixes will be available regularly without any software updates. You can use your computer to print weight charts and add new custom foods using a full keyboard. No data backup is required. Network access is required for some operations, but entry of your favorite foods and exercises is cached and can be done while network access is not available.

Food names and units in CalorieMinder are oriented to the USA. (28 grams of biscuits in the U.K. is an ounce of cookies in the USA!)

CalorieMinder is not available for iPod Touch, and is not recommended if your network access is limited.

Visit for more information and a list of the latest new features.

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Freestyle Exercise Workouts

By Easysource Hong Kong released on: 2010-10-09T07:03:01Z

Twins and professional dancers Polly and Sophie will guide you through a fun series of freestyle fitness exercise workouts.

Part 1. Warm Up
Part 2. Core Strengthening
Part 3. Arms
Part 4. Freestyle Routine
Part 5. Get On The Floor
Part 6. Routine Talkthrough
Part 7. Bonus Dance

This is a great way to get and stay fit. There is no better way than exercise to tone and firm the body and to keep your weight where it should be.

Also included are ten fully editable youtube links where you vcan add other workouts on youtube and maintain your own title, rating and clip notes.

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Exercise Motivation

By Bug Spray released on: 2011-02-15T01:12:08Z

Exercising can be a dreadful chore. You don't do it because you're not motivated. With Exercise Motivation you will be encouraged to exercise, learn exercise techniques, time your workouts, access thousands of healthy recipes to keep you in shape, and even learn facts about your body and health in the process!

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Nike Training Club

By Nike, Inc. released on: 2009-01-15T08:15:23Z

Nike Training Club is a training app that gives you your own personal trainer, anytime, anywhere. Get lean, toned and strong with over 60 custom-built workouts, including new training regimens from five professional athletes, while you earn NTC reward workouts from Lea Michele and Rihanna's personal trainer, Ary Nu"u00f1ez.

Inspired by world-class athletes and developed by Nike professional trainers, this comprehensive training app combines years of Nike training research and expertise in one personalized experience. Dynamic drills build on the fundamentals of functional fitness training. Detailed instruction and audio guidance keeps your training on track. Set to your own music and goals, Nike Training Club gives you the most efficient and effective workout to fast-track your results.

-Complete redesign of the Nike Training Club application.

- Full-body workouts for 30 or 45 minutes. Targeted and professional athlete workouts for 15 minutes. Set a favorite workout as your Quick-Start.

- Exclusive rewards including workouts from Rihanna's personal trainer, professional athletes, Lea Michele, yoga instructors and more.

-90+ multi-dimensional, multi-directional drills build on the fundamentals of strength, cardio, interval and core training.

-Simple functionality optimizes every workout. Select your goal and fitness level, then choose from a list of workouts that meet your criteria.

-Set your workout to albums and playlists from your own music library.

-Audio guidance keeps you on track and motivated while working out.

-Access step-by-step instructions and video demonstrations for every drill at any time.

-Track details of your workout history and training progress.

-Share workout and reward status on Facebook and Twitter.

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DailyBurn - Calorie, Workout, and Fitness Companion

By DailyBurn released on: 2010-09-28T06:21:45Z

Get in the best shape of your life with DailyBurn.

This is the ONE app you need to manage your diet, fitness, and exercise. Finally a free app that combines world-class training plans with best-in-class food and calorie tracking. Fully backed by DailyBurn: the top fitness community on the web. Manage your fitness and health goals on your iPhone and your data is automatically synced to our top-ranked website for more analysis, tracking at your computer, and more.

"u27a4 You have seen DailyBurn on ABC, The Today Show, FoxNews, CNET, NYTimes, Washington Post, Lifehacker, Gizmodo, Mashable, and TechCrunch.

Why is DailyBurn better than the competition?
"u2713 We are the only app to have the FoodScanner: use the iPhone camera to scan the UPC barcodes of the foods you eat. Quick logging without typing!
"u2713 Food database of over 350,000 foods with actual pictures, full nutrition information, and food analysis. No cartoons - this is the real thing.
"u2713 New to fitness? We can help you find a Training Plan that is perfect for you. Already an expert? Use our tools to track what you already do.
"u2713 Track your workouts and foods while offline and sync when you get an Internet connection.
"u2713 Complete backup and analysis on
"u2713 Simple, easy-to-use, but useful. Fitness tracking doesn't need to be hard. We make it fun!
"u2713 Trainer Inbox: Take your fitness to the next level by interacting with certified trainers.

Nutrition and Calorie Tracking Features
"u2713 Complete database of 350,000 foods with pictures, nutritional information, and macronutrient breakdown
"u2713 Track Calories, but also protein, fat, carbs, fiber, sodium, etc.
"u2713 Set individual goals based on your fitness goals, age, weight, gender, activity level, and more - we help you know how much you should eat and exercise!
"u2713 Customized diet plans for weight loss diets, low carb diets, low fat diets, and bodybuilding
"u2713 Save your favorite foods for quick entry
"u2713 Quickly and easily add new foods to the database
"u2713 Scan foods for auto tracking with FoodScanner
NOTE: If you have previously purchased the FoodScanner iPhone app and installed the latest update, then you will get the FoodScanner upgrade for free. See the Support section in app for help.

Workout and Training Plan Features
"u2713 Find a Training Plan based on your goals: weight loss, cardio training, muscle building, and more
"u2713 Build custom workout routines on and track them on your iPhone
"u2713 Track individual exercises outside of a plan: Running, Swimming, Biking, Weight Lifting... 400 trackable exercises and growing daily!
"u2713 Store your favorite exercises for quick access and tracking
"u2713 Detailed instruction of how to perform the exercises properly - you don't need a trainer!

Other Features
- Full screen graphs of body weight, daily calories, and more
- Set custom check-in reminders to weigh-in, log your food, etc.
- Invite your friends using Facebook, Twitter, or Email.

What our users are saying...
"The best app on my iPhone!!!" - Jojo10566
"This app is awesome. Makes adding food logs easy and fun! I can't stop scanning!" -
"The long needed and awaited link between the brilliance of the iPhone and food tracking" - Alldaraon
"Off the CHART awesome!" - Sunny Days Only

Try DailyBurn app today and we think you will say that this is the easiest-to-use, yet most robust diet and fitness app in the App Store. Your goals are within reach!

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There are more than 300,000 iphone/ipad apps for just about any category you can think of including Exercise you looking for.

We belive for every paid Exercise app out there there is a equivalent free Exercise app that can be downloaded from itunes free of charge. If you do not like that app you can always uninstall it without paying for it or worring about losing the money you paid for app you do not use.

Try out the free Exercise apps to see if you like it before purchasing the more expensive versions of it.
- There are thousands of iphone developers daily release free iphone apps.
- Explore different Exercise apps with free iphone apps and see if you like it before you pay for it.
- Just like trial software for non mobile operating systems, free iphone Exercise apps let you explore similar tools before you purchase the more expensive version.
- For those of you looking for particular Exercise app specific to a professional decipline search apps by Apps Popular Among Professions.

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